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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Episode 6.4

These are the episode highlights for Week 6, Day 4.

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Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica.


The episode starts with an introducing the 8 remaining loveteams -- JillWyn, PauGi, JarLa, CarVane, MhyZel, PawEl, DomRea, and GabRel -- through images on the big screens while MYMP sings their song "Tell Me Where It Hurts."

Luis and Anne then come out and Anne goes over the mechanics of the new elimination criteria. Ranking will be based 50% on votes and 50% on the Love Council's decision from their 'kilig-sena,' their reenactment of scenes from Lovers in Paris and Meteor Garden. She also says that the attitude and professionalism of the cast throughout the taping was also taken into consideration.

Anne then introduces the members of the Love Council for this week.

They are:
  • Bb. Joyce Bernal -- acclaimed romance movie director
  • Mr. William Martinez -- acclaimed actor and successful love-team partner of Ms. Maricel Soriano
  • Direk Lauren Dyogi -- Mr. Qpido himself!
Luis then calls the first group of loveteams to be judged -- Mhyco&Hazel, Gabb&Karel, Carla&Janus, and Carlo&Vanessa.
  • Mhyco and Hazel's scene from Meteor Garden is shown and they are the first to be critiqued.
    Bb. Joyce -- Si MhyZel, sila ang pinaka-consistent sa likod at harap ng camera; gustong-gusto ko ang tingin ni Mhyco kay Hazel, gusto ko rin ang tingin ni Hazel kay Mhyco.
  • Gabb and Karel's part of their scene in Meteor Garden is shown next.
    William Martinez -- Sa akin naman, yung dalawa, they're very good as individual actor at actress, yung problema ay mag-connect as a team, nag-karoon ng fault kasi dapat bilang mag-asawa. Parang mag-kaibigan lang. Supposedly this is a loveteam contest, dapat mag-connect.
  • Janus and Carla's scene from Lovers in Paris is shown next.
    Mr. Qpido -- Janus is a very powerful actor, alam natin yun diba? Carla, very expressive ang mga mata mo. Kaya lang kapag nagbibigkas ka ng Tagalog na linya, lumalabas ang insecurity mo. So, work on that. Pero, okay ang tandem.
  • Carlo and Vanessa are the last pair in the first group. Suprisingly their scene shows them portraying the lead role from the Lovers in Paris, which we had not previously seen before.
    Bb. Joyce -- Syempre, magaling pa rin si Carlo, pero kung minsan na man kahit magaling ka at serious actor ka... sa romantic comedy, relax. Relax Carlo, ngumiti ka, damdamin mo pero wag masyado. Pero si Vane tinapatan niya si Carlo. So, okay sila sa akin.

Then the loveteams learn their fate.

  • Hazel and Mhyco. William Martinez asks them to go and stand in front of the blue heart, because he'd like to see how they look standing there. After they reach the steps in front of the blue heart, he then says that they don't look like they belong there, so he asks them to go over to the Red Heart.
  • Karel and Gabb. Bb. Joyce says that since they're both wearing blue tonight, then they should both go to the Blue Heart.
  • Carla and Janus, Vanessa and Carlo. Mr. Qpido reveals that Janus and Carla belong to the Red Heart, while Carlo and Vanessa go to the Blue Heart.
Anne next introduces the last 4 loveteams of Pauleen&Gian, Dominic&Andrea, Paw&Mikel and Jill&Alwyn.
  • Pauleen and Gian's scene from Lovers in Paris is shown.
    Bb. Joyce -- Pau and Gi, mas maganda ang ginawa niyo behind the scenes kesa sa harap, pero nakilig ako sa inyo.
  • Dominic and Andrea's scene from Lovers in Paris is shown next.
    Mr. Qpido -- DomRea, Dominic and Andrea... individually, meron kayo na kakayanan nagiging magaling na artista. Kaya lang, hinahanap ko pa ang connection niyo sa isat-isa, pero alam ko na kayanin yun.
  • Paw and Mikel's scene from Lovers in Paris is shown next.
    William -- Yung PaWel, ang swerte nila kasi may connection. So kahit anong acting pa ng eksena, may connection sila, so nagkakaroon ng relevance yung story... it's very good.
  • Finally, Alwyn and Jill's scene from Lovers in Paris is shown.
    Bb. Joyce -- Alwyn at Jill... Si Alwyn, napaniwala niya ako na siya si "Carlo", nagwapohan ako sa kanya. Si Jill, natapan siya ni Alwyn, kinilig ako sa kanilang dalawa.
Then, the last 4 loveteams learn their fate.
  • Pauleen and Gian. Bb. Joyce says to Pauleen and Gian that their fans want them in the Red Heart, but unfortunately, they have to be in the Blue Heart.
  • Andrea and Dominic. William Martinez says that there's no other color for Dominic and Andrea so they have to go in the Blue Heart.
  • Paw and Mikel, Jill and Alwyn. Mr. Qpido reveals that Paw and Mikel are the last loveteam to be in the red heart, which leaves Alwyn and Jill to go to the blue heart.
Then, Anne and Luis award the immunity bear to the strongest loveteam, who will be safe from elimination at the next Heartbreak Night. The winner of the Immunity Bear can be any loveteam in the Red or Blue Heart.

For the second week in a row, the immunity bear goes to Hazel and Mhyco, and they win another 40,000 pesos.

Then, the show ends, and everyone has to wait for the Friday episode to learn the fate of the loveteams in the Danger Zone. Anne also said that a shocking twist will be announced in tomorrow's episode.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Episode 6.3

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 6 Day 3.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!!

Note to fans and fansites: Please make your own copies of these images if you intend to post them on your site or on message boards. A link back to this blog will also be appreciated. Thanks!


Today's episode showcases the acting scenes for the last 2 groups, who are both doing scenes from Lovers in Paris.

First, Jill & Alwyn, Carlo & Vanessa, and Marc C perform their scene near the pool. Jill and Alwyn take the lead roles as Carlo and Vivian, while Carlo and Vanessa play a security guard and a maid. Marc C plays the role of the pool boy.

Alwyn and Jill rehearse their lines and Marc tries to annoy them by splashing water on them.

Alwyn says he didn't really want the lead because it was a lot of pressure and they have to portray the characters right so the Love Council will be impressed.

Carlo and Vanessa have a minor tiff when Carlo noted that Vanessa spends a lot of time with Marc C, but it doesn't last and they are very quickly friends again. Marc tries to amuse Vanessa while they are rehearsing.

Carlo says he's not jealous. Vanessa, on the other hand, says she's good friends with Marc.

The weather turns bad during Alwyn and Jill's take as Carlo and Vivian so the boys while away the time in the pool.

When the weather clears, it is already night time, and Direk Lauren gives Alwyn some pointers on how to portray the role of Carlo. Alwyn has some difficulty connecting with his character, because it is difficult for him to balance the seriousness and lightness of someone twice his age.

Finally, Jill and Alwyn perform the scene, where "Vivian" tells "Carlo" she does not know how to swim, before falling into the pool. "Carlo" despite his sprain, jumps into the pool to try and rescue "Vivian," who does not actually need rescuing.

When Jill and Alwyn leave the poolside, Carlo and Vanessa then enter the scene as the security guard and the maid. They quickly shed their clothes and jump into the pool.

After completing the take, Carlo and Alwyn both go after Marc C and throw him into the pool. LOL.

Next we see a clip from Carlo and Vanessa's interview, where they talk about their turn as "Vivian" and "Carlo". Vanessa says that she's confident, but that this is her first experience with a leading role; unlike her partner Carlo who she says is a winning actor.

Alwyn and Jill in their interview later say that Vanessa seemed to be having difficulty with Tagalog because she's an 'export.' He then says that he grades his and Jill's performance as 70%, and Jill ups it to 75%. They hope that the Love Council will like their performance.


Finally, the fourth group -- Carla & Janus, Paw & Mikel -- perform their scenes from Lovers in Paris.

Their segment of this episode opens with Luis explaining via voiceover that Paw and Mikel would have the lead role of Vivian and Carlo, while Carla and Janus would be in a supporting role portraying a male and female passerby.

We then see both couples walking through their rehearsals with Direk Lauren, and learn that former Qpids Prince Charming Mike Agassi is the special guest who will participate in their performances.

Carla in her interview said that since Paw and Mikel were already in the Red Heart (safe) zone, she and Janus needed this opportunity to prove that they are also worthy of being in the Red Heart zone.

Luis in his voiceover asked how comfortable Carla would be acting in a scene with her former prince charming Mikel. Carla responds: "I'm very confident. Alam ko magaling umarte si Janus. Lalaban kami."


We then see Janus joking around in front of the camera, saying he's KSP and he asks if he can get some foster parents. His antics prompt Direk Lauren to call him aside and tell him that he's being KSP.

Direk Lauren: "E paano, kahit wala ka sa eksena, gumagawa ka ng eksena."
Janus responds: "E siyempre, paano ako mapapansin? E ang gwa-gwapo ng mga kalaban ko eh." LOL.


The scene then shifts to Janus and Mikel apparently having an argument.

Janus in his interview says: "Inaamin ko naman, gusto kong mabago yung bad temper ko. Kasi, bihira ako magalit, pero pagmagalit ako talaga... kailangan huwag niyo akong lapitan... kasi... " At this point, Carla leans in and says: "Maniwala kayo."

Mikel in his interview says that Janus is upset with him because Direk Lauren had caught Janus smoking in one of the bathrooms.

Direk Lauren noted the number of cigarette butts on the floor and started asking the others in the room who else had smoked.

When no one else confessed to the deed, Janus angrily said, "O sige, ako na ang nagyosi ng lahat na yan, pati yung lights."

Despite repeated questioning by Direk Lauren, no one else admitted to smoking in the bathroom. Mikel in his interview said he had not been smoking, that he was just lying in bed at that time.


Finally, it was time to rehearse and shoot the scenes. Janus says that Mikel and Paw are sweet to look at and they are sweet to each other, as if there's something happening behind the scenes.

We then see Paw and Mikel's segment being shot. "Vivian" and "Carlo" are walking through the park talking, and we see "Carlo" trying to hug "Vivian" as he claims that he feels like crying.

"Vivian" resists the hugs, and then complains when "Carlo" calls her "Baby." She replies, "I'm a woman" and pretends to walk away in anger, but she is smiling.

In their interview, Paw says that she loves the character of "Martin" and Mikel pretends to get jealous. After their take, Paw asks Mikel how their scene went and he says that he should have done better.


Finally, it was time to rehearse and shoot the scene of Carla and Janus, where this time they would be portraying Vivian and Carlo walking together in a park.

During their interview, Janus and Carla laughingly talked about their experience working with Mike Agassi, whose mission was apparently to try to distract them both during rehearsals.

Turns out Mike had been trying to distract them by asking inane questions, and by coming into the scene at the wrong times.

Before long, it was time to shoot the actual scene. Carla and Janus (portraying Vivian and Carlo) walk together through the park, and after sitting together, "Carlo" hands "Vivian" a piggy bank, saying: This is our baby, please take care of it and don't let it go hungry.

"Vivian" sets the piggy bank down to one side and starts opening her bag, saying that she has something to give to "Carlo." At that point, Mike enters the scene and tries to snatch the piggy bank. "Carlo" goes after him and wrestles with him until Mike eventually drops the pig.

"Vivian" seizes the opportunity to rescue the piggy bank, then starts to run from the scene.

She eventually realizes that "Carlo" is not behind her, and returns to where the two men were still wrestling on the floor, then starts to hit Mike on the head with her bag. "Carlo" finally manages to wriggle out of Mike's grasp, and together, "Vivian" and "Carlo" make a run for it.

They're both laughing in their interview as they describe the scene that follows. Mike gets up and starts running after Janus, completely ignoring the piggy bank which was still with Carla.

The two men chase each other around the garden, but eventually stop when Janus slips on the grass. Janus is laughing in his interview when he says the editors will no doubt replay the scene of him slipping on the grass a few times (which they did. LOL).

In their interview, Mikel says it's fun to see Janus being beaten up by Carla, and Paw says: "Para sakin talagang maganda ang Janus-Carla tandem. Kasi... for a change... kasi, lahat kami dito, sweet-sweety. Sila yung iba. Sila ang nagpapaiba ng mode... happy-happy."

We then get to see the final versions of the scenes for Group 4's loveteams.


The episode ends with Direk Lauren meeting everyone once again at the living room of the house, where he reminds them that 50% of the elimination criteria is dependent on how they performed during this loventure.

Direk says: Okay, maraming nangyari sa araw na 'to. This loventure, hindi ko alam kung puro love ang nangyari. May mga awayan, oncam and offcam; may mga nasita na pinagmulan ng pag-aaway. This is a test, not only of your acting abilities, but also of your relationships with each other bilang loveteam and bilang magkakaibigan.

He continues: The love council will review your performances. 50% of your scores will be based on the love council. The other 50% will be based on the votes. The one who will receive the immunity bear will be revealed at Heartbreak Night on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Episode 6.2

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 6 Day 2.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!!

Note to fans and fansites: Please make your own copies of these images if you intend to post them on your site or on message boards. A link back to this blog will also be appreciated. Thanks!


Today's episode showcases the acting scenes for four of the loveteams.

First, the team of Andrea&Dominic, Pauleen&Gian, and JE perform a scene from Lovers in Paris. Andrea and Dominic take the lead roles as Vivian and Carlo, while Pauleen and Gian are supporting roles as Carlo's parents. JE plays the role of a butler.

Pauleen says she's sure JE is going to mess up the scene. She really wanted to be Vivian, but she said she still wanted a way to give the scene a touch of Pauleen.

Mr. Qpido watches from behind the scenes as the pairs act out the scene. Pauleen brings on the comedy as she dramatizes Vivian's mom.

JE tries to mess up the scene as he feeds Pauleen and Gian gets a little annoyed. Luis notes in his voiceover that Andrea is having a hard time. Mr. Qpido comes out to critique Dominic's performance by comparing him to his dad. But, Dominic says that, standing alone, he knows he's good. Take after take comes as the group perfects their performance.

In another take, JE tries again to mess up the scene as he stands closer to Pauleen. Gian gets more annoyed and tells JE to stay away, and plays his frustration into the role by asking Pauleen where the shotgun is.

JE says he doesn't know if he went too far and that he didn't expect Gian's reaction to be so violent. He presents a bottle of wine in the scene, and Gian says they didn't ask for anything. Then, he and Gian exchange a high-five, just as JE kisses Pauleen on the shoulder and hurries away.

Gian wipes her shoulder and runs after JE. Then Pauleen follows to try and resolve the situation. It seems that Gian and JE had a little tussle, and finally Mikel pulls JE away.

Finally, the group finishes their scene by acting out the dancing part of the scene without incident.

JE had a final bit and asked to dance with Pauleen as Gian sat and watched. He and Gian shake hands as JE promises not to do any of this again. Gian tells him to apologize to Pauleen for disrespecting her.


Next, the team of Hazel&Mhyco, Karel&Gabb, and special guest Joseph Bitangcol perform a scene from Meteor Garden. Hazel and Mhyco take the lead as Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si, while Karel and Gabb play the parents of Shan Cai. Joseph plays the best friend of Shan Cai, Ching Hu.
Karel has returned from another commitment to tape her scene. Mhyco was also able to return from his dance rehearsal.

During one of the scene breaks, Mhyco looks at the real food props and picks up a piece of spicy wasabi. Hazel tells him it's yummy and he eats it. He spits it out in disgust as everyone laughs really hard at him.

Mhyco said that he saw the green thing and said it looked like a soft yummy piece of bubble gum. But when he ate it, smoke came out of his nose. Hazel laughs and says she was sorry because she didn't think he would actually eat it. Karel continues to practice her pan-hitting and Gabb eats up the food.

Then Joseph comes in for his part and kisses Hazel and Karel on the cheek. Joseph says that he didn't really talk to them after he tried to annoy them and he wasn't sure how seriously they took his behavior. But he says Hazel is okay and she's still nice. Mhyco eyes Joseph but Joseph says he's Shan Cai's type and it's okay to visit.

Direk Lauren comes out at one point to remind Mhyco that he's not portraying Robin Padilla. During their interview, Hazel said that Mr. Qpido told them their acting wasn't enough but that there was a certain kilig factor there by the way they looked at each other.

Karel and Gabb said they did their best, and hope that they get to be in the Red Heart zone now.

Finally, just before the show ends, Mhyco in his interview expresses his frustration at Joseph getting to kiss Hazel twice, when he hardly ever gets a chance to kiss her. He manages to sneak in a couple of kisses on Hazel's cheek and rejoices.


The episode ended with a sneak peak into tomorrow's Romantic Comedy Loventures with Carlo, Vanessa, Jill, and Alwyn.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Episode 6.1

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 6 Day 1.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!

Note to fans and fansites: Please make your own copies of these images if you intend to post them on your site or on message boards. A link back to this blog will also be appreciated. Thanks!


Today's episode begins with a recap of last week's Heartbreak Night. Luis hosts the show via voiceover, and the remaining 8 couples are shown entering a house to begin their next loventure.

They all sit together in a living room, waiting for instructions. Gabb says that he is nervous because they don't really know what they are going to do.

Then enters Mr. Qpido, Direk Laurenti Dyogi, along with his 'alipores' (JE Sison, Marc Cortez, Joseph Bitangcol, and Mike Agassi) to explain the rules for the next loventure. Dominic said he wondered why Marc Cortez was there because he's 'pasaway'... and that for a moment, he thought that he might be replaced.

Mr. Qpido explains that in this new LOVEnture, they will be asked to act out a scene from a romantic comedy. This new LOVEnture will test their strengths as actors and actresses because this loveteam search is not all about being 'lovey-dovey'.

Mr. Qpido goes on to say that the romantic comedy is mostly based on a script and acting, and is not as dependent on ad-libs since everything is in the script. Hazel in her interview says that she prefers to do drama, so she was a little nervous.

Mr. Qpido goes on to recap the new elimination criteria -- 50% of the decision comes from the Love Council and 50% of the decision is from text/PLDT votes, and that text/PLDT votes are a bad way to measure how good someone acts. The Love Council will award the immunity bear to the strongest team based on the acting LOVEnture, and that team will be safe even though their votes are really low.

Next, Mr. Qpido reveals that the 8 loveteams will be re-enacting scenes from Meteor Garden and Lovers in Paris. There are a choice of scripts and he presents a plate of rolled papers, which he throws into the air, and the Love Princesses have to pick at random. Each script has 4 parts, one pair will have the lead, while the other pair has the supporting roles. Direk Lauren also says that it is more favorable to get the lead role so that they will be able to showcase their talents. The twist is that 4 people in the group have to decide who gets what role among themselves.

He divides everyone into 4 groups (2 loveteams per group, one team from the red heart and another team from the blue heart), along with his male guests.
The groups are:
  • Paw & Mikel, Carla & Janus, with Mike Agassi
  • Jill & Alwyn, Carlo & Vanessa, with Marc Cortez
  • Mhyco & Hazel, Karel & Gabb, with Joseph Bitangcol
  • Pauleen & Gian, Dominic & Andrea, with JE Sison
3 groups pick Lovers in Paris, while one group picks Meteor Garden. The groups then separate and have 30 minutes to rehearse and decide their roles.


Carla, Janus, Paw, Mikel and Mike are in their room trying to decide who should play 'Carlo' because 'Carlo' is the lead and has a loveteam part. Mike suggests that Mikel play 'Carlo'. Carla says that she and Janus are more of a comedic tandem, while Paw and Mikel are more serious. Paw says that if Carla and Janus have the lead, then Carla and Janus would be overly noticed while she and Mikel would not. But, if she and Mikel have the lead, then Janus and Carla will still be be noticed. Janus asks Mikel if he wants to be the lead, and they very quickly agree on their respective roles.

Mikel, Paw, Carla, and Janus start rehearsing their parts, and everyone offers Mikel advice on how to portray 'Carlo.' They tell Mikel that 'Carlo' is serious-sweet, and he's like the real Carlo Aquino. Mikel seems to get annoyed, and Janus demonstrates and explains the line to Mikel.

Everyone says that Mikel was right for the role, and that he should try to focus on it. Everyone continues to advise Mikel on his role, and they point out that if one person looks bad, it makes the other partner look bad. Carla tells Mikel that everyone knows he can do it.


Meanwhile, Carlo, Vanessa, Jill, Alwyn, and Marc are deciding on their own roles. Carlo says that since they already went to the red heart, Jill and Alwyn should have the lead so they get a chance, because they were in danger before. Alwyn asks Carlo if it's really okay with him, and Carlo says yes, while Vanessa says it's not okay with her but she was joking. They joke with Marc, and he tries to talk a lot with Vanessa, and then he says in an aside that they [Carlo, Vanessa and Marc] would make a good love triangle, and that if they ever have a teleserye, to let him be in it with them. Vanessa says that she missed talking to Marc and that he was being funny, and that Carlo didn't really talk to her much during the rehearsal. Carlo says the opposite, and even reminds her that he gave her a seat at one point so she wouldn't get tired.

Marc continues to be 'pasaway' to their group, and Jill says for him to be serious or else they will get out. Alwyn seems nervous to be in an acting role again. They all rehearsd and then comment on each other's acting.


At the same time, Gabb, Karel, Mhyco, Hazel, and Joseph have assigned their own roles, but Karel has to leave because she has another acting job to go to. She says she was really scared of Direk Lauren to ask him if she could go because the Direk was saying that it was a hassle to plan around Karel's schedule. But Karel says she has no choice but to leave, and then she texted the Qpids staff because she thought they might think she's not taking the show seriously.

Mhyco also has to leave because he has a dance rehearsal, but he instead stayed... maybe because Joseph was flirting with Hazel. Mhyco says that Joseph's supposed to be his 'bestfriend', and even though it was in the script, he seemed to be getting more and more annoyed with the way Joseph was acting with Hazel.

Joseph continues to sidetrack his group and says that Karel is a pretty VJ... and Gabb says that Mhyco looks like he didn't want to leave because if he does, Joseph will be partnered with Hazel, and that Mhyco and Joseph fought a little bit... which Gabb thinks was Joseph's mission. Mhyco says this is where his and Joseph's best friendship ends as he pulls Hazel to sit closer to him. Mhyco says he's not jealous of Joseph, that Hazel to makes him strong, and that he wanted to stay to be with her, but in the end he had to leave because there was nothing he could do.


Meanwhile, Dominic, Andrea, Pauleen, Gian, and JE are still trying to decide who should play 'Vivian' in their Lovers in Paris scene, because both Pauleen and Andrea would like the opportunity to portray the role. Pauleen noted that Andrea is already in the red heart, and so she needs the role more. Andrea on the other hand, said she would like the opportunity to show people that she can act, because she had not done acting before.

The discussion continued for quite some time, so finally, Dominic asked JE for his opinion, and JE says that Andrea should get the lead to give her a chance to act, because Pauleen can deliver an award-winning performance for her supporting role. Pauleen agreed and said she will make the most out of her role. Finally, they rehearse.


The show ends with a sneak preview into the tomorrow's episode, where we get to see the groups performing.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Qpids Sunday Loventures 2

In today's episode of Qpids Sunday Loventures, we saw:
  • behind-the-scenes footage of the First Heartbreak Night
  • the actual ranking of the 9 loveteams based on text/PLDT votes
  • additional scenes from the Bear-Kita dates, and
  • a sneak preview into the week's upcoming episodes, where the loveteams go through a romantic comedy acting loventure.
The actual ranking of the 9 loveteams based on text/PLDT votes are:
  1. Hazel & Mhyco
  2. Andrea & Dominic
  3. Paw & Mikel
  4. Vanessa & Carlo
  5. Carla & Janus
  6. Karel & Gabb
  7. Jill & Alwyn
  8. Pauleen & Gian
  9. Isabel & Felix

Qpids Qties go Western

The Qpids Qties competed once again on Fanatic All-stars, performing a Western-inspired dance number.

This week's performance featured Hazel, Pauleen, Vanessa, Andrea, Gabb, Alwyn, Janus, and Gian.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Episode 5.5

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 5 Day 5.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!

Note to fans and fansites: Please make your own copies of these images if you intend to post them on your site or on message boards. A link back to this blog will also be appreciated. Thanks!


Today's epsiode is the continuation of yesterday's heartbreak night.

The five remaining loveteams in the blue heart zone are about to learn their fate. Luis and Anne are together and open the show, and Luis talks to Anne about how he missed her yesterday and how sad she must be feeling knowing that one loveteam has to go tonight. They recap about what happened yesterday and about who was already in the red heart zone.

Luis and Anne then call forward the loveteams two at a time, to announce the result. With Gabb & Karel, Jill & Alwyn on stage, they announce -- Jill & Alwyn advance to the Red Heart (safe).

Gabb and Karel are asked to stay onstage, then Carla & Janus are called forward -- and Carla & Janus advance to the Red Heart (safe)

Gabb & Karel once again remain on stage, then Isabel & Felix are called forward. This time, Gabb & Karel advance to the Red Zone (safe).

Then, Luis and Anne call upon Mr. Qpido, Direk Laurenti Dyogi, to come on stage and share his final message and reveal which loveteam would be eliminated. Direk Lauren asks Pauleen and Gian to join Isabel and Gabb... then tells the loveteams that if they are eliminated, this doesn't end their career in showbusiness.

Direk Lauren says to Isabel and Felix that they have a lot of time because they are still young . They should take their time with showbiz as well with falling in love. He says to Gian and Pauleen should understand that this is both their fight and if it doesn't work, it's because someone didn't support the other.

Then Anne and Luis reveal that next week, the elimination criteria will now be 50% Text/PLDT votes, and 50% will be the decision of the Love Council (to be headed by Direk Lauren).

The two remaining loveteams were then given an opportunity to share their final messages to each other in case they get eliminated.

Gian says that he'll still be there for Pauleen, and even though they get eliminated he'll still be there for her. Pauleen thanks Gian for everything that he did for her and always understanding her and her moments. Then they hug.

Felix says to Isabel that even if they get eliminated, he'll still be there for her and support her all the way. Isabel tearfully thanks him for always being there for her, and that even if it's over, she hopes that they'll still be friends. Then they hug.

Anne and Luis then informed the last 2 loveteams that as a final token of appreciation, the eliminated loveteam will get to share a final dance with each other before they go.

Finally, Mr. Qpido reveals the weakest love team based on votes. Between Isabel & Felix, Gian & Pauleen -- Gian & Pauleen advance to the Red Heart (safe).

Isabel & Felix are the first loveteam eliminated from the show.

Pauleen and Gian are the first to give them a hug goodbye, then the entire Qpids cast comes down from the platforms to bid loveteam farewell; the girls and few of the guys come over to comfort Isabel, while the other guys go over to be with Felix. It is an emotional moment as everyone fights tears, including Anne.

Then Isabel and Felix embrace and share a final dance together as scenes of them together appear on the large screens behind them.


Here are a few more pics from our Qpids Blog Field Reporter, Margaux.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Episode 5.4

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 5 Day 4.

Many thanks to Angelica for sending in additional details for this entry.

Warning: Please do not go beyond this point if you have not yet watched this episode. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.


The episode was broadcast from Studio 1 of the ABS-CBN Compound.

Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go opened the show with their rendition of Dito Sa Puso Ko (the Qpids Theme Song), as Luis called each loveteam on stage (by loveteam number).

Each loveteam walked to the front, waved to the audience, then moved to the back of the stage, where a platform had been prepared for them.

After the song number, Luis appeared on stage and said that Anne could not join them for this episode because of work.

Luis also explained the concept of the Immunity Bear. This bear will be given to the loveteam that was determined by a special 'Love Council' to be the strongest that week. The couple that receives the immunity bear will be safe from elimination the following week, no matter how low their text/phone votes will be. The first couple to receive the immunity bear was Hazel and Mhyco.

Luis then announced that it was time to divide the 9 pairs into two groups. The 4 pairs that received the most votes will get to sit in the Red Heart area, where they would be safe from elimination. The remaining 5 pairs will have to stay in the Blue Heart area, which is the danger zone.

The couples were called forward and their standing was announced in this sequence:
  • Paw and Mikel -- Safe [red heart]
  • Pauleen and Gian -- Danger [blue heart]
  • Isabel and Felix -- Danger [blue heart]
  • Hazel and Mhyco -- Safe [red heart]
  • Carla and Janus -- Danger [blue heart]
  • Vanessa and Carlo -- Safe [red heart]
  • Jill and Alwyn -- Danger [blue heart]
Then the last 2 loveteams stepped forward, and Luis revealed:
  • Andrea and Dominic -- Safe [red heart]
  • Karel and Gabb -- Danger [blue heart]
The episode ended before the loveteam with the least number of votes was announced. We'll all have to tune in to Part 2 of Heartbreak Night to find out whose lovestory will be coming to an end.


Photos from our Qpids Field Reporter, Margaux.