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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Episode 7.2

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 7, Day 2.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica.

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Today's episode continues the Hong-pin loventure race of the 7 remaining loveteams.

The 3 Hong-Kong teams (PauGi, MhyZel, and CarVane) are making their way to the Haiphong Road Mosque. In an interview, Pauleen explains PauGi's strategy in the race -- she does all the talking, while he takes care of all the belongings to make sure nothing gets lost.

Luis (voiceover) comments that CarVane seems to not be in a hurry at all. MhyZel and PauGi manage to get on the same train.

Pauleen makes use of the time to explain their situation to some fellow commuters, with the hope to getting some money.

Meanwhile, Carlo and Vanessa are still at the train station, trying to figure out how to buy tickets.

The leading teams arrive at the Kowloon station. Pauleen charms the person working at the desk while asking for directions and scores free tickets for her and Gian. Meanwhile, CarVane have figured out the train system and are also on their way to the Kowloon station.

Mhyco tells Hazel to look for someone who speaks English to get some directions. Pauleen and Gian luckily run into a Filipino while on the shuttle bus and he helps them by giving them directions. He gives them 100 Hong Kong dollars to help them along in the loventure. Pauleen is so happy she gives him a hug.

PauGi gets to the mosque first and completes the first assignment, which is to have their photo taken together in front of the mosque. In the meantime, Mhyzel stops pedestrians on the street to ask for directions.

PauGi has reached the next stop, Kowloon Park, where they act out their first kilig-sena. The scene features William and Grace, 2 childhood friends who meet again after a long time in Hong Kong.

Mhyzel has found the mosque and completes the first task of having their photo taken.

CarVane, having figured out the train system, eventually arrive at the mosque as well.


Meanwhile, in Binondo, PawEl is the first loveteam to reach the church and gets the next clue.

"Pumunta sa lugar kung saan maraming mga kalesa at hanapin mo ang kalesa na may bear flag." However, the twist is that there's only 2 carriages with bear flags, so only 2 loveteams can go at a time.

PawEl gets the first carriage and rides off, and we see very quickly see JaRla still enroute to Binondo.

Felix, who is behind the scenes and running with Jill and Alwyn, spots his brother and Andrea... and the two loveteams (Domrea and Jilwyn) sprint for the next clue.

In the meantime, Paw and Mikel arrive at the kalesa area and claim the first carriage with a Bear Flag.

Dominic and Andrea get to the clue box first, but Alwyn runs from behind and grabs Dominic's arm, and grabs a clue at the same time. He and Jill immediately run off to find the carriage with the bear flag, and are soon hot on the trail of PawEl in their own carriage. While on board, Alwyn wonders out loud where Janus might be.

Andrea and Dominic have no choice but to wait for one of the kalesas come back, and we catch a glimpse of Janus and Carla getting off the train, as Janus says: "Naligaw tayo".

PawEl arrives at the next cluebox and proceeds to the Masuki noodle house. They must make their own noodles while performing a 'kilig-sena' featuring the characters, Raymond and Pinky. Raymond is the son of the owner of the noodlehouse that Pinky works at, however they don't know each other yet.

We then see PawEl perform the scene. Afterwards, Paw and Mikel say that the scene wasn't so hard to do because it went well with the task that they had to do. In the meantime, Jill and Alwyn have arrived at the noodle house, and have no choice but to sit and wait their turn.

Janus and Carla have finally alighted from the train and Janus says that they still don't really know where to go. Dominic and Andrea are finally in the carriage on the way to the Masuki noodle house.


Meanwhile, MhyZel is on their way to the Kowloon Park while PauGi is back on the train headed to the next stop.

MhyZel act out their scene in Kowloon Park and are soon on their way to the train to the next stop.

PauGi arrive at Prince Edward and as per their instructions, they go to the Flower Market. To complete the task, they must buy flowers worth 10 Hong Kong dollars.

Carlo and Vanessa arrive at the Kowloon Park and perform their 'kilig-sena.' Vanessa in her interview says she's working on her acting, because she's not fluent in Tagalog yet. She says that Carlo helps her too, and Carlo says that's the way it is -- they help each other.

Finally, we see Mhyco and Hazel together on the train, and Mhyco asks Hazel when they are going to eat. Hazel pulls out a piece of candy from her pocket and tells him that they need to sacrifice. She goes on to say that even though they're the strongest team and they have the immunity bear they shouldn't depend on it. Mhyco comments again and Hazel walks off.

Gian manages to find flowers that are worth 10 Hong Kong dollars, and PauGi prepares to moves on to their next stop, the Kowloon ladies' market where they each have to buy something that they feel is special to each other, which doesn't cost more than 10 Hong Kong dollars. As they prepare to leave, they see MhyZel just arriving to start the Flower Market task, and they can't help but smile as they walk past MhyZel.


Back in the Philppines, Dominic and Andrea are in the carriage on their way. They still seem to be in a little of a bad mood because of Alwyn's actions. Dominic sings a little song: "Where is Janus? Where is Janus?"

Meanwhile, Janus and Carla run to board a jeep, and Carla asks a fellow passenger about the fastest way to get to the Binondo Church.

Dominic and Andrea get their next clue and meet up with Jill and Alwyn, and Alwyn greets them with a smile. Dominic is not too happy with him and throws a piece of paper at him.

Paw and Mikel finish making their noodles, and are given their next clue. "Pumunta sa estero at hanapin ang cluebox na may Bear flag." They learn that they must go to the LGA Fast Foods, 2 blocks away, to get their next clue.

As they leave the noodle house, Mikel tells Jillwyn and Domrea (who has arrived also) that the task was difficult.

Janus and Carla are really hurrying to get their next clue, and Carla is able to negotiate with a tricycle owner to lower his price down to P20.00

Finally, the JaRla team arrives at the fountain area in front of Binondo Church, and it becomes apparent to them that they're the last team to arrive because only one clue is left.

In the meantime, Jill and Alwyn start making the noodles as they perform their 'kilig-sena'.

Paw and Mikel arrive at the next stop and prepare to perform their next 'kilig-sena.' In this scene, Pinky and Raymond meet each other at the new new restaurant where she works.

As part of the scene, they have to convince a customer of the fast food restaurant to eat some frog soup. They encounter some difficulty because most of the people have already eaten, and one customer was too scared to eat.

Carla and Janus take the kalesa as ordered and alight at the designated location and read the instructions.

However, before going into the noodle house, Janus takes a few moments to beg for more money.

As the episode ends, JaRla are shown leaving for the noodle house, where Andrea and Dominic are still waiting for their turn. We also see JilWyn leaving the noodle house, hoping to catch up with PawEl, who are still in the lead.


  • At 6/7/05 7:45 AM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    MhyZel... the best...! ang cute...!

  • At 6/7/05 7:46 AM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    nakakaloka ang MhyZel... kahit anong gawin nila... kahit mag-away, kahit magkalapit lang, magkaholding-hands, magka-akbay, or basta kahit ano na magkasama sila e talagng nakakakilig sila...! hayyy... sana hindi na sila magkalayo... MhyZel rocks...!

  • At 6/7/05 9:00 AM, Blogger gilxlo said…


    I hope they make it far...even though i know they wont win :(

  • At 6/7/05 10:05 AM, Blogger ChArMs said…

    Carla ang Janus GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    MhyZel GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


    Lov da 3 of them

  • At 6/7/05 10:07 AM, Blogger ChArMs said…

    wawa naman c MhyZel hungry na. You can do it.

  • At 6/7/05 10:31 AM, Blogger Jeran said…

    Lol, this idea of mixing the amazing race with qpids is fun to watch. In my opinion, as long as the teams found the right person to partner up with, thats already a win for them, winning the competition is just an added bonus.

    But anywho... Go MhyZel, JilWyn, PauGi!

  • At 6/7/05 11:20 AM, Blogger sweet_MhyZel said…

    MhyZel ur the best talaga guys ang cute...nyo pa!grabe na 2 kakakilig kau sobra hayyy...sana kau na gooooo...MhyZel

  • At 6/7/05 2:03 PM, Blogger LEN said…


  • At 6/7/05 2:18 PM, Blogger kris-tee-na said…

    i love jilwyn!!! kaya niyo yan

  • At 6/7/05 2:59 PM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    GO MHYZEL!!! =D
    and i think DOMREA der both cute together! so GO DIN KAYONG DALAWA!! =)

  • At 6/7/05 3:36 PM, Blogger CF said…

    JaRla, you may be in last place in the Binondo Loventure, but you're always first in my heart. :D

  • At 6/7/05 6:44 PM, Blogger grasya said…

    Sayang d me nakanood! Okay lng I'll support MHYZEL all the way!!! Kaya nyu yan! GO GUYS!!!!AJA!!!

  • At 7/7/05 7:12 AM, Blogger 001iii said…

    Pauleen and Gian parin. Hay mas malakas physically ang dalawa.

  • At 7/7/05 7:20 AM, Blogger shawty said…


  • At 7/7/05 12:32 PM, Blogger kai said…

    go MhyZel go!
    grabe ang cute-cute nyo talagang dalawa kahit nagaasaran kayo. i know u guyz really deserve to win. kakakilig kayo!

  • At 7/7/05 8:05 PM, Blogger yours truly said…

    PAWEL! all the way yea.. :))

  • At 17/7/06 9:51 AM, Blogger =domrea n mhyzel fan= said…

    mhyzel and domrea

    SOLID!!!all da way


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