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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Episode 1.3

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 1, Episode 3.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The episode opens with a recap of the previous night's episode. We see scenes where the Love Princesses choose their Prince Charming, the Love Bus, and scenes from when everyone was arriving at the Zoobic Safari.

Some of the cast members share their thoughts about that surprise gathering.

Alwyn -- we thought that it was all over and that they were meeting us to give us our final words, but it turns out there will be a twist.

Paw -- when I first saw them I thought they were dancers (laughs), because they were all on stage and some of them had colored hair.

Mikel -- I wasn't expecting them to be there, and then I saw Alwyn and Janus clowning around.

Marc C -- when I saw the 'losers', I was wondering what they were doing there... and then I realized -- it meant they still had a chance.

Luis then greets the 9 couples and says -- I'm sure you're wondering why you're all here. Your love princesses may have chosen you, but the question is -- are you really the best choice for them? Only one person can answer that question... and he's about to arrive.

Mr. Qpido arrives. We see the black jaguar with "Mr. Qpido" on the license plate pull up in front of the safari, and someone gets out of the car.

As Mr. Qpido walks in, Luis says -- Now everyone, please welcome acclaimed director and starmaker expert, our Qpido, Direk Laurenti Dyogi!. Direk Lauren enters the room to the cheers of the cast and crew.

Direk Lauren then announces -- Mga love princess at prince charming. Nagsisimula palang ang inyong love stories. The pairs that we created last night are not final. In showbiz, just because you like each other doesn't mean you're a perfect match. So today, we'll be giving each prince charming a chance to bond with our princesses.

In their interviews, the cast members share their reaction...

Janus -- I was shocked. I was in awe. Nagulat ako. Siyempre, akala ko uuwi na ako, pero hindi pa pala.

Karel -- Okay lang sa akin yan, kasi we had our own choice as to sino ang lalaking feel namin. But we trust Direk also and alam naman namin na may balance yan.

Vane -- 'Di ako masyado happy, pero okay lang. Pero kinabahan ako. Baka iba ang magustuhan niya para sa akin.

Tiger Safari. Luis then explains that Direk Lauren will joining them on their next LOVEnture. To prepare for the LOVEnture, everyone will take turns riding a jeep through the tiger safari. During this safari, Direk Lauren will be observing everyone and based on what he sees, he will decide which two princes will join each princess in the next LOVEnture.

Direk explains why -- in romantic movies, one of the highlights is always a situation where the leading man and the leading lady are placed in a tight, confined space -- like the safari jeep. Then suddenly, there will be tension, like the arrival of the tiger. We were hoping we would get to see if there are romantic sparks and reactions from any of the princesses and princes.

Mr. Qpido divided the group into three batches. For each batch, each of guys will have their chance to sit next to the princesses.

Batch 1 - Karel, Carla, Vanessa, Carlo, Gian, Marc A., Jawe, Janus, and Cholo.

Batch 2 - Pauleen, Hazel, Isabel, Mhyco, TJ, Marc B., Arron, Gabb, Michael


The episode ends with a sneak peak into tomorrow's episode, where we will see the adventures of Batch 3, and Direk Lauren announces the princes that he chooses for each of the princesses.

CF's note: Today's episode has been the shortest so far, approximately 25 minutes in length including commercials, opening credits, and segue shots. Also, we don't see our co-host Anne at all today.


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