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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Episode 2.2

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 2, Episode 2.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The show opens with a short recap of last night's episode, then takes us to the Jest Camp, where all the charmings have managed to catch up with one another, but are having difficulty finding the flag marker!

The Note. After a lot of searching, back-tracking, and trash-can flipping, Marc A. is finally the first to find the flag marker, and retrieve the pink, heart-shaped note placed below the flag.

The note reads: Sa gitna ng kawalan, kaya mo bang silbihan ang love princess mo? Patunayang maabilidad kayong mga prince charming sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng apoy. Hanapin ang master jungle guide para magpaturo at kumain ng... isang surprise treat! And the surprise treat turns out to be... frogs!

Misguided. The rest of the charmings soon find the marker and read the instructions, but unfortunately, TJ, Marc A., Gian, Alwyn, Carlo, and Janus end up asking for help from the wrong guides!

Luis (voiceover): Eto naman sila ni Janus, kulitan parin ang inaatupag.

Anne (voiceover) Parang nagpipiesta. Mali naman ang pinuntahan nilang guide.

Anne (voicever): Finally, sinabihan sila na mali ang kanilang pinuntahan, kaya naman, nagka-riot.

Janus: Akala namin, yung pinuntahan namin yung tamang jungle... tarzan... firemaker. Na-windang kaming lahat.

Luis: Ayan, sige... hindi kasi ninyo hinanap ng mabuti. Tabla na uli ngayon ang lahat ng magka-ribal na prince charmings. Silang lahat ay nasa tamang guide na.

Lighting the Fires. As the charmings work feverishly to light their fires and cook their frogs, the princesses arrive to visit them, and offer support and encouragement.

Frog Eating. Carlo was the first to get his fire going, and the first to complete the frog-eating task and leave for the beach. At that point, the Love Princesses also left to return to the beach and await the return of their charmings.

Soon after, Marc B., Marc A., Jawe, and Gian completed their frog-eating assignments, but Gian's van encounters engine trouble and would not start.


As the show ends, our hosts ask: Who will be the winners in this Race of Hearts? as we see scenes from tomorrow's episode, back on Nabasan beach.


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