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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Episode 5.2

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 5, Day 2.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!!

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Today's 'bear kita' date features Carlo and Vanessa. Luis and Anne introduce the show and mention how Vanessa's pet nickname for Carlo is 'cutie.'

The date begins with Vanessa heading to the Prive II salon to prepare for her date with Carlo. Vanessa gets her hair curled and her makeup done. She says she doesn't know what's planned for her date yet.

Vanessa excitedly changes into her outfit for the day and waits for Carlo to arrive... but he's late. She tries to call him but he's not answering and she starts to get a little upset about waiting.

Since Carlo was already running very late, the Qpids staff told Vanessa they have no choice but to go to the next location of the date, which is a coffeeshop. Vanessa buys coffee for the both of them while she waits for him.

Carlo finally calls Vanessa from the talent center and she asks why he didn't text or call her. He says he has bad news -- he spoke with Mr. M and he was told that he has to leave Qpids because he is getting a new show with a new love team who he doesn't know.

Vanessa is obviously upset, shedding tears but she tries to hide it on the phone. Carlo goes on to say that at the Union of Hearts that Mr. M found out she was disappointed that he was her partner so he changed it.

Vanessa heads back to ABS-CBN to meet with Carlo for the last time though she doesn't feel like going because he's not her partner anymore. She fixes herself up because she doesn't want Carlo to see that she was crying. She says that maybe it could have been his choice too to leave Qpids, and if she really loved him she wouldn't cry and she would be okay. She goes on to say that she's kind of annoyed about it because she's all about believing in magic and he was supposed to be her prince charming.

They lead Vanessa to an auditorium by herself, for closure and privacy about it all. Vanessa says she just wants to go home now, and she doesn't know what to say yet.

Suddenly, the lights go off and the curtains open to reveal a band as it begins to play. A spotlight shines on Carlo, who is sitting behind her, and he begins to sing.

He leads her to the stage of the auditorium hands her a bouquet of flowers, and he puts on a guitar and sings to her. Then, he takes off the guitar and they share a sweet dance together. Then he sings some more.

Then, Carlo and Vanessa go back to sit down in the seats of the auditorium. She is all smiles and very happy. She reads the card that is placed in the bouquet of flowers. 'Hope you like it. Alam mo, the first time I saw you na in-love ako sa 'yo. And sana talaga, someday, maging tayo.'

Vanessa smiles with all delight. She says that they're compatible because she talks a lot and he's quiet. Carlo just smiles at her.

They go out and ride in the van and Carlo drives Vanessa back to her house. Carlo fixes the back of the van and they eat pizza together. He presents her with a gift -- a scrapbook that says 'bear kita Vane.' she reads the letter in the scrapbook..

The letter reads: 'Hello di ko alam how to start. Well.. sana nag enjoy ka sa ginawa natin today. Sorry kung marami akong arte, gusto ko lang naman ma-gusto mo sa lahat na iniisip ko for our date. I wanna say sorry rin na medyo nagiging distant ako sa yo kasi i heard union of hearts na lungkot ka cuz you wanted marc for you. Nakakalunkot naman. Akala ko okay tayo na. Well don't worry babawi na lang ako sa yo. I'll take care of you promise. Kung kailanang mo ako, i'm here lang, just a text away. Smile for me always, cuz there's something about that smile that just melts my heart.'

Vanessa says she's so happy and she might be in love because no one's done anything like that for her. Carlo says that Vanessa is pretty and sweet and says what's on her mind, and also she is fun to be with. He is happy that she appreciated what he did for her.. while Vanessa is happy as she reads over the last part of the letter.

The show ends with Luis and Anne recapping the show, and a preview of tomorrow's date with Carla and Janus.


  • At 22/6/05 1:53 PM, Blogger ms. body beautiful said…


  • At 22/6/05 2:19 PM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    gosh ang sweet nmn ni carloo...sana ganun din bf ko! =p
    ahehehe.. i wana know wut carlo sang to vane? wut is called pls tell me? =)

  • At 22/6/05 3:29 PM, Blogger irEne said…

    haAy nkU..i luV carlo tLga!eversince pa..
    kaya dapat magIng dEserVing yang c vAne kei carlo..
    do her all best!
    mOre power Qpids!

  • At 22/6/05 8:35 PM, Blogger erika said…

    sobrang sweet ni carlo.. grabe! to yung fave date ko!

  • At 22/6/05 9:10 PM, Blogger Jonahlyn said…

    Sweet talaga ni Carlo no wonder maraming girls ang gsto siya maging loveteam and im glad na si Vanne ang naging loveteam niya ksi bagay sila tahimik si Carlo outspoken naman si Vanne sa akin and pinaka sweet sa date nila beside's noong kumanta si Carlo is yung kumain sila nang pizza sa backseat nang car ni Carlo dapat........Ang sweet talaga kinilig ako

  • At 22/6/05 10:33 PM, Blogger merc said…

    sweet talaga si carlo

  • At 23/6/05 5:56 PM, Blogger Mae said…

    their date was so memorable & romantic. i wish a guy would do that for me hehe... keeding. but carlo is such a sweetheart & he's also adorable. i can't believe he actually sang live for vane then they danced on the stage then ate in the backseat of his van. so sweet & romantic. i think they really match big time i hope they go out one day. also i like how carlo made her a scrapbook to keep for remembrance & they can use that to write letters to each other. aww so romantic. good luck to carlo & vane i'm going to support their loveteam til the end. =)

  • At 25/6/05 11:19 AM, Blogger Lhica said…

    0mG.... I so so so so love Carlo talaga... swerte mo naman vanessa at nakuha mo c carlo... superduper sweet, gentleman and charming nya..... i love u carlo.... super sweet mo talaga at talagang pinagisipan mo ung date nyo... sana ganyan din ung mangyari sa akin.... too bad that i'm here at new york and i can't really vote for you... if we can .... i'll vote maybe more than 20 a day.... love 'ya...

  • At 26/6/05 4:17 PM, Blogger cris said…

    can anybody tell me the song that carlos sang to vanessa? heres my email ... c_sison@yahoo.com


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