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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Episode 17.0

Today's episode is called "Tumbang Preso," and it is the final part of the drama loventure for the 4 loveteams.

CF's Note: Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!



Janus (voiceover): Nung bata pa kami, simple lang ang patakaran sa buhay. Tamaan mo yung lata, panalo ka.

The episode opens with a scene from the past, with four young boys running around playing Tumbang Preso, when suddenly, young Alwyn collapses and everyone rushes to his side.

Janus (voiceover): Pero sa buhay na 'to, may mga laban talaga na hindi maipapanalo... minsan pa nga, ikaw ang matatamaan at matutumba.

Paw's aunt comes rushing out from their shop, and she screams. Everyone struggles to carry Alwyn away to find help.

Janus (voiceover): Dumating na yata ang araw na yun para sakin...


The Present

The scene shifts back to the present, where Janus and Carla are nervously waiting at her house for the arrival of her parents, Congressman and Mrs. Loren. Janus asks Carla if she's okay, and if she really thinks this is the right time for him to be meeting her parents.

She hesitates and smiles, and then gets up to fix his hair. Janus asks her also if his sideburns look fine. Then, they spot her parents and their entourage of bodyguards. They run up to her parents, Carla greets her father with a kiss, and her mother with an embrace. She introduces Janus to her parents; Janus and her father shake hands, but as soon as she reveals that he's her boyfriend, her father lets go.

Janus (voiceover): At ngayon, baka ako naman nainatake sa puso sa kaba...


Later that evening, Janus meets with Alwyn, Mikel, and Mhyco, and tells them not to miss the party tomorrow night, because he's counting on them for moral support. They all say yes, and Alwyn chimes in that Carla approached him and invited his whole family to the party, including his sister Hazel. He also lets it slip that he asked Carla if Jill was invited too.

Mhyco teases Alwyn about his "bulok" style and how he's just trying to find ways to be with Jill, and Alwyn responds that Mhyco has been trying to get close to his sister, but it just left him with a lot of bruises. Mikel and Janus joke that he's like a 'rape victim' and laugh. Alwyn laughingly suggests to Mhyco that he should just say it straight to Hazel how he feels so if the world ends tomorrow, then at least he'll have said it.

Mikel then asks them why when he went past the 'Barako ni Manang' it was closed. Janus reveals to him that Paw's aunts lost the lease of their shop to the bank, and now their new shop is located right outside their house. Mikel pauses, and Janus smiles and asks him why he's worried. They all begin to tease him and laugh. Mikel says that Paw has TJ who is a Councilor, while Janus is in love with a Congressman's daughter -- he concludes by saying it's really hard to battle against people in politics.


Meanwhile, Jill and Hazel are sitting in Jill's living quarters on the hotel roof. Jill is looking at her passport while holding her pink bandana, when Hazel comes up from behind and snatches the passport from her hand. They go at it as Jill tries to get it back, and Hazel excitedly asks her when her visa got approved.

Jill replies that it was a couple of days ago, as she takes the passport and says to Hazel that the people in the foundation told her that in about a week it will be fully processed and she'll be able to go to America and finally find her American father.

Just as she bends down to pick up the bandana she dropped, Alwyn comes up and tries to pick it up with her, and says good morning. He holds the bandana and mentions that he remembers how he and Janus almost got into an accident when he first saw it.

Jill replies that she's embarrased to see them there, and asks them why they came. Alwyn informs her that Carla's having a party for everyone, and she and Hazel are invited. He winks at Mhyco, and Hazel confirms that Carla did issue the invitation.

Seeing Mhyco, Hazel bids Jill goodbye; when Mhyco realizes she's leaving, he makes up a fake excuse to Alwyn to leave also, and calls out to Hazel saying maybe they can walk together. Hazel tells him whatever, and says goodbye again to Jill.

Alwyn says to her that Hazel and Mhyco really "ma-ga hal-gal' each other, and says he'll finally get to see her home. He tries to walk in, but Jill panics and tries to stop him from entering. Without thinking, she holds out her hot iron to stop him, and she accidentally burns Alwyn on the chest. Alwyn screams in pain.

In the next scene, Jill is applying an ointment on a shirtless Alwyn, saying it's a good thing that the burn isn't too big. She notices a long and thick scar running down the middle of his chest and asks him what caused it. Alwyn hesitates then tells her that it started out as a small wound that became itchy, and that he just kept scratching it so that's how the scar got so big.

Jill doesn't believe him, and Alwyn tells her that he'll reveal all to her tomorrow at the party, so now she has to go. Jill responds that she doesn't know how she's going to face everyone, especially after they found out about her secret, and she's really embarrased. Alwyn scolds her and tells her that he and Hazel explained everything to everyone and she has nothing to worry about.


That night, Carla is at Paw's house, excitedly inviting Paw to come to her party, as everyone is going there and her parents will meet with Janus' Pappys. Paw tells her that she'll try and make it as soon as she finishes up at home, and also her aunts are away in the province trying to borrow some money.

Paw then comments on how hard Janus is working to make his and Carla's relationship work, and Carla mentions that she's scared because her father isn't one who trusts so easily -- it's like he doesn't even trust her.

Just then, Janus arrives and greets Paw -- "breasty!" and greets Carla with a kiss, saying "Hi Babe!". Mikel is with him, and Janus calls out to TJ, who is there helping to move supplies and equipment from the coffee shop to its new location.

TJ is coughing badly, and Paw suggests him that he should go home and get rest. Mikel seconds the motion, and offers to stay and help out. Paw hesitates at Mikel's offer, but Mikel insists, and she accepts and smiles. TJ bids Paw goodbye and goes off to leave. Janus mocks him from behind, and Carla playfully stops him.


The next night, everyone gathers for the party at the house of Congressman Loren. Janus' Pappys, Carla's parents, and Hazel and Alwyn's parents sit with Janus and Carla at the main dining table.

Pappy Nelson laughs heartily and remembers how Janus and Carla used to play together as kids while he and Pappy JR would do home services, and who knew they would be an item! He mentions that maybe they'll soon be married, and Janus chokes on his food.

Janus quickly says that his Pappy was just joking and that they're not thinking about that because they're still young. Carla carefully reassures her parents also, and says that she has other things to do, like more projects.

Her mother compliments her Fashionista project and mentions how the poverty level is so high nowadays. Pappy JR recalls how in his youth he said that 'Poverty is bad' when he participated in Ms. Gay Balara 1984 and then asks Carla's mom what the essence of being a woman is. They laugh, and toast their glasses.

Janus hesitantly shares his thoughts, and says that hardship is a state of mind -- if you think your life is hard, then you'll be sad and it'll be harder. Carla's father catches him off guard and interrogates him about R.A. 8425, an act that reduces poverty through the creation of an anti-poverty commission.

Janus uneasily looks down, not knowing what to say, while his Pappy says that he'll support it because he likes it.

Just then, Hazel comes to get food from the table, and Andrea and Mhyco walk up also. Andrea tries to feed Mhyco food from her plate but he hesitates. She tries again and he finally eats it. Hazel sees them and accidentally drops food onto Congressman Loren's shirt. He blows up and Hazel apologizes, and the table goes silent. The congressman excuses himself to change his shirt.

As he comes down later in the evening, he sees Janus' Pappys dancing the night away with Carla's mom and Hazel's mom. Janus and Carla sneak away to the front garden, and he spots them and follows them there.

As they stand outside, Janus comments how the Congressman was really serious with his 'tiger' look. Carla replies that her dad's just strict, and unknown to them, the Congressman has appeared at the front doorway and is silently listening to their conversation.

Carla reveals to Janus that ever since she was little, her father has been training her to go into politics, and she feels almost like his robot. But, she loves her father and only wishes that he would act more like a father sometimes instead of a congressman.

Janus then asks her that if her father disapproves of him, will they still be a couple? Caral reassures him to not take what her dad thinks so seriously -- her father has done enough with dictating her work; when it comes to love, she intends to follow her heart. She playfully touches his nose to reassure him.

Just then Paw's aunts arrive with TJ. They call out to Janus, "Vaklush!" and Janus asks them why they don't go to get manicures at his Pappys anymore. He stops in mid-sentence when he realizes that the Congressman has been listening to him. Paw's aunts and TJ greet him and enter the house.


Meanwhile, the rest of the barkada is in the living room playing truth or consequences / spin the bottle. On the first spin, the bottle points to Andrea. They ask her, "truth or consequences," and she picks truth. Jill asks -- who among the men would she accept if they were courting her. Hazel looks disinterested, and Andrea responds by saying that she would accept the guy that she has known the longest among them -- Mhyco. Everyone giggles, and Hazel gets up and leaves.

The bottle spins again, and this time it points to Paw. She picks consequence and Alwyn directs her to kiss Mikel. Alwyn pulls Mikel up from the couch, while Jill pulls Paw out of her seat. TJ walks in just in time to see Mikel kiss Paw on her forehead. Everyone cheers, but Paw looks worried as she sees TJ in the doorway.

Janus' Pappys introduce Paw's aunts to Carla's mom and Hazel's mom, and TJ angrily pulls Paw away from the group. Andrea gets up to leave and Mhyco accompanies her out the door. TJ and Paw walk out another exit, and Mikel follows them. Janus' Pappy begins to dance around with one of Paw's aunts to the accompaniment of loud ballroom music.

Meanwhile, still outside of the house, Congressman Loren coldly demeans Janus's profession. He mocks Janus and asks him if he intends to feed Carla acetone and cutex. Carla defends Janus and says that Janus's profession is decent. Janus adds that he knows that he and the congressman come from such different backgrounds, and would have said more if he was not interrupted by a loud crash from inside the house.

Inside, Paw's aunt and Janus's Pappy Nelson had been dance, and in the course of dancing, Paw's aunt inadvertently knocks over an expensive-looking vase sitting on a side table. Congressman Loren, Janus, and Carla rush in to see what has happened.

Janus' Pappy apologizes and offers to replace it, but the Congressman snaps back and asks him where he's going to get a 50-year old vase. Everyone stands around silently, and Carla tries to appease her father and say that they didn't mean to break it. He interrupts her and orders her to send everyone home, NOW.

Janus' Pappy says to the Congressman that it's not really appropriate to get mad at Carla in front of them, but the Congressman snaps back that he'll do whatever he wants in his house. He quotes from Article 152 of E.O. 206, the Family Code and everyone falls silent.

Finally, Pappy Nelson tells Janus that he's of age so he can make his own decisions. The two Pappys exit, and Hazel and Alwyn's parents follow. Carla's mom tries to get them to stay, but Alwyn and Hazel's father shakes their hand and leaves.


Outside, Hazel sits by the pool and Mhyco approaches her, saying that he's been looking for her. She says coldly that it's none of his business, and Mhyco jokes that the Congressman wasn't too thrilled about what happened.

Hazel gets defensive and replies that she didn't mean to do it, and orders him to leave because Andrea probably doesn't have any company. Mhyco informs her that Andrea left a while ago, and she tells him to go away and join her.

Mhyco tries to touch her and she shoves his hand away. He asks her if she's still mad at him and if she's jealous of Andrea. Hazel sharply denies it, and Mhyco reminds her that he and Andrea are just friends and nothing more.

Hazel stops him and tells him not to explain because it's not her business, even if they're in love, it's none of her business. Mhyco responds that he's just trying to clear everything up, and Hazel gets up to leave. He grabs her hand and repeats himself, and reveals that she's the one he really wants. Hazel stands, surprised, and Mhyco says to her, "ma-ga hal-gal ki-gi ta-ga." She stands silent again and then walks away from him. Mhyco calls out to her and follows her back inside.


As Mhyco and Hazel leave the poolside, TJ and Paw emerge from another room inside the house. He forcefully grabs Paw's arm and pulls her towards the pool. He asks her if he should be feeling thrilled after seeing his girlfriend get kissed by another guy.

Paw responds that it was just a game and he shouldn't have taken it so seriously. TJ coughs again and tells her that he saw the way that they looked at each other inside. Was it wrong to feel something when he saw that?

Mikel appears behind them and silently watches their confrontation. Paw tells TJ that it's not true. He grabs her arm again and questions her about her feelings for Mikel. She turns her back and walks away from him, and he tries to grab her and she falls to the ground. Mikel approaches them and rebukes TJ, and TJ comes at him and punches him in the face. Mikel falls to the ground, and Paw tries to get between them to prevent the fight. TJ yells at Mikel to stay out of the situation because Paw is his girlfriend.


Inside, the Congressman goes upstairs and Jill, Carla, Alwyn, and Janus hear TJ and Mikel yelling and fighting outside. Everyone rushes out to see Mikel and TJ going at it. Janus pulls TJ back and Mhyco pulls Mikel away. Alwyn gets in between them and shouts at them to stop it.

TJ and Mikel continue to shout insults at each other and Paw steps next to Alwyn in between them and tells them to stop. Janus lets go of TJ and he goes over and confronts Paw -- he angrily says to her that suffered through 6 years with her, and now they're done. After TJ leaves, Mikel goes to Paw but she pushes him away and runs to the girls, who have gathered together nearby.

As Mhyco and Janus ask Mikel what happened, Alwyn has one hand on his chest and slowly falls forward to his knees before collapsing completely on the ground. Jill spots him and shouts, running to his side. Everyone realizes what has happened and they try and help Alwyn.


At the hospital, Alwyn and Hazel's parents are in the room with Alwyn, watching over him.

Janus, Mhyco, Mikel, Paw, her aunts, Jill, and Hazel all wait outside for the news. Janus tells the two boys that the Congressman dissapproves of him, the dinner was ruined, and now this had to happen to Alwyn.

Mikel replies that he also had a bad night, and as he looks up to Paw, she turns away. Paw's aunt reveals that she couldn't find anyone to loan her money in the province, and now they don't know what to do about their business.

Mikel gets up and tries to apologize about what happened earlier, but Paw stops him.

Just then, the doctor walks in and Jill hurriedly asks him for news. The doctor reveals that Alwyn's blood pressure has stabilized and that he's safe for now. Jill embraces Hazel and they cry for joy while everyone smiles in relief.

The next morning, Alwyn wakes up and sees Janus sleeping at his bedside. He weakly wakes Janus, who in turn wakes Mhyco and Mikel. They arise from the cot they were sleeping on and sit near Alwyn.

Janus tells Alwyn not to put them through that again because they might have a heart attack. He reveals to Alwyn that when he collapsed, Jill was the first one to see and started yelling. He points to another cot and Jill is there, sleeping. She wakes up at the sound of their voices, and as she sits up, the three boys excuse themselves to get some coffee, leaving Jill alone with Alwyn.

She goes to sit beside him, asking him why he didn't tell her before. He responds weakly saying that he didn't want her to worry because he loves her. He closes his eyes to sleep and Jill whispers to him that she loves him too and kisses him on the cheek.


Sometime later, Janus and his Pappys are in a clothing shop and Pappy JR complains about the poor behavior that the Congressman exhibited yesterday. Unexpectedly, Carla rushes into the store and embraces Janus. He says that he thought she forgot about him, but she replies that her father has forbidden her from seeing him and she escaped her guards to tell him that her parents are trying to send her off to London.

She urgently tells him that she thinks they should elope, but Pappy JR tells her that they're still really young. Pappy Nelson tells Pappy JR that they can decide for themselves since they're not minors anymore.

Before Janus can decide what to do, Carla's bodyguards can be heard approaching, call out to her. Carla urgently whispers to Janus that she left a letter for him with Paw. As her guards arrive, she steps back and pretends to break up with Janus, saying he's "lupa" while she's "langit".

With her guards standing behind her, she silently mouths an apology to him and reminds him to see Paw. She then turns and walks away, calling to the guards to leave with her. As Janus and his Pappys watch her walk away, Pappy JR commends her acting.


Later that day, Alwyn is discharged from the hospital and is being wheeled out by Jill as Mhyco and Carla walk with them. Mikel meets them at the hallway and asks about Janus, who rushes in behind him asking why Mikel has called for an emergency meeting.

Mikel reveals that the Coffee King is moving him to Manila. Mhyco asks him why he had to tell them that news, and Janus asks if he's leaving because of Paw. Alwyn tells Mikel that he doesn't have to go because he's sure that Paw will forgive him, like before. Mikel admits that he loves Paw, and Mhyco asks him why he doesn't just tell her. Mikel says that Paw still has TJ, to which Janus tells Mikel he can't be too sure about that.

Mikel responds saying he doesn't want anyone to get hurt; he would prefer to get hurt himself instead. He asks for their support and Alwyn mentions that he thought the barkada wouldn't have to be apart after he came home. Janus finally agrees to Mikel and tells him to text and call and keep in touch, and that they should all pose for pictures later. He goes on to remind Mikel to wear loose clothing so they can see him in the picture. LOL.


That night, Paw hands Janus the letter that Carla left for him, which details their elopement plan. Paw adds that she's going to miss her bestfriend, and Janus unintentionally lets slip that he's not going to be the first one to leave the group.

When Paw asks him what he means, he realizes his error and tells Paw that she was supposed to be the last to know that Mikel left for Manila.

Just then, TJ comes walking and Janus tries to leave, but Paw urges him to stay. Paw sternly asks TJ why he's there, after he embarrassed her in front of everyone. TJ tells her he realizes how they're meant for each other, so he forgives her for kissing Mikel. Paw angrily responds that she has come to realize what type of person TJ really is -- and that he only courted her because he thought she would make the ideal trophy wife. TJ denies it, and Paw tells him that it's over between them.

TJ responds by saying he was right in thinking that she had feelings for Mikel. He angrily calls her a liar and walks away. Janus embraces an annoyed Paw and tells her that he knew she was a fighter, and raises her hand up as the winner.


Later that day, Hazel and Jill are at Jill's house as Jill packs for her impending trip. Hazel asks Jill about advice concerning Mhyco and Andrea, and Jill reassures her to believe in their love. Hazel asks Jill why she didn't tell her Alwyn that her visa got approved.

Just then, Alwyn enters and Hazel hurriedly leaves, wishing Jill luck. Alwyn asks about the half-packed luggage and asks who's leaving, and Jill replies that she has something to tell him.

She begins to cry and reveals to Alwyn that it's been her dream since she was a little girl to go to America and see her father and work to support her family. Alwyn is saddened, but he tells her to go. She says she doesn't know how she can go because of everything that has happened to him. He replies that he doesn't want to be selfish about her dream, because of his condition. She continues to cry and he reassures her that they'll see each other again. He promises to wait for her and tells her to remember that she'll always be in his heart. They embrace each other amid a sea of tears.


Janus is with his two Pappys dressed in drag waiting, just as Carla runs in dressed in boys clothing, wearing a baseball cap and sporting a fake mustache. Janus asks her how she was able to get away and she tells him that she got their housemaid to put sleeping pills in the drinks of the guards.

Just as they pick up their things are prepare to leave, Carla's parents walk in with their entourage of bodyguards and assistants. Congressman Loren threatens to file kidnapping charges against the two Pappys if they leave.

Carla asks how he found out, and the Congressman reveals that there's a security camera in their house.. not only that, but the maid that she conspired with confessed the plot. The Congressman scolds Carla for trying to throw her life and their dreams away to be with Janus, but she angrily defends Janus and accuses her father of having a stranglehold on everyone at his household. She defends her decision, saying that while he may think she is making a mistake, she is doing what she believes is right, and is following her heart.

As the congressman absorbs what she has said, Janus adds that while he may not look very credible right now, he promises to take care of Carla because he loves her very much, and he's prepared to protect her the rest of his life.

Carla and her father embrace, and her father finally says that because he loves Carla, he will make an attempt to accept Janus. However, the congressman warns Janus that he has a long way to go before he will win the congressman's approval. Janus agrees, and then Carla embraces her mother in remorse.


That night, Paw stands outside her home, and her aunts come from behind and tell her she should go to Manila. They tell her she should go after Mikel. Her aunts also reveal that they feel bad for her and that they found out from Aling Pekwa (the fortune-teller) that Mikel is her true love. Since true love is what will keep their shop in business, they want Paw to go after him.

She stands up and embraces her aunts in response. As they urge her to get a move on, Mikel appears. He apologizes, but Paw says it's okay. She says that it's good that he came back -- back to her, and they embrace.


In the next scene, all 8 friends are gathered together at Paw and Mikel's joint venture coffeeshop called "Barako King." Paw thanks everyone for being there and says she hopes the "Barako King" will last a long time, like their love for each other, and their friendship with everyone there. Everyone raises their coffee cups and says "Cheers!"

Then, Mhyco gets up on a chair and says that since they're on the subject of love, he doesn't want the day to go by without telling the love of his life that he loves her. They've been fighting for the past couple of days, and he asks for forgiveness from Hazel. He says 'ma-ga hal-gal ki-gi ta-ga'. As everyone laughs and hoots, Hazel says to him that he had to go and use a code that everyone knows.

She gets up and moves to stand beside Mhyco, and tells him 'ma-ga hal-gal din-gin ki-gi ta-ga', and they embrace happily. Everyone cheers and they all gather together to toast their coffee cups.

As the episode begins to wrap up, we hear Janus' voiceover...

Janus (voiceover): Sabi nga nila, ang buhay ay isang laro. Minsan ikaw ay panalo, at may mga panahon naman na ikaw ang talo.

We see Janus and Carla together happily with the congressman, and Janus is giving her father a manicure.

Janus (voiceover): Ang importante... huwag kang bumitaw sa laban.

We see everyone together at the airport, tearfully seeing Jill off as she goes to America to look for her father. Alwyn and Jill embrace for the last time.

Janus (voiceover): Dahil makukuha at makukuha mo rin ang nasa puso mo.

At Paw and Mikel's shop, they happily embrace as they prepare coffee. Mikel slowly slips an engagement ring on Paw's finger, much to her happy surprise.

Then the scene shifts to the Barako King, where seven of the friends are gathered together, dressed in black, mourning.

Janus (voiceover): Isang taon pagkatapos ng reunion, pumanaw si Alwyn. Hinintay lang niya na bumalik si Jill at nagpaalam na siya sa amin. Pero kahit wala na siya, tuloy pa rin ang buhay. Dahil alam kong nandito lang siya sa paligid.

The camera focuses on each of them, and for a moment, we see Mikel holding Paw with his hands over her stomach, implying that she might be pregnant.

Finally, we return to a scene from the past; we see the friends as young kids again, having fun at a party and gathered around a table.

Janus (voiceover): At ang masasayang alaala ng kahapon ay permanente nang nakaukit... dito, sa puso ko.


  • At 11/9/05 8:57 PM, Blogger trixiee said…

    as usual, kilig parin! xempre.. with mhyzel 'ir, tlagang kiligness!! pero i was really wonderin why they had very little scenes together.. most of the time pa, they're fighting.. nyway, khet ganun i was still satisfied!! bsat mkita ko cla, okei na ko.. by the way, the scene by the pool was one of the best! super kinilig ako dun! naiinis na nga sken ung mga ppol hr sa haus e.. nyway, anything for mhyzel nman e! ung fave ko nman, ung nag hug cla.. i really felt it.. pero i still think the poolside scene was the best!

    the other loveteams did very well din.. they have already proved themselves worthy.. xempre mhyzel din! lets just hope for the best sa eliminations!! bsta bet ko ang MHYZEL!! they're the best!! woohoo... go MHYZEL!! lov yaw!!

    QPIDS 6 to 2366
    or dial
    1-908-77437-05 then 1 tpos 06!!

    vote nman po taung mga mka MHYZEL.. they really nid our support!! go go go MHYZEL!!

  • At 11/9/05 10:19 PM, Blogger qpidsmhyzel said…

    vote nman po taung mga mka MHYZEL.. they really nid our support!! go go go MHYZEL!!

  • At 12/9/05 7:47 AM, Blogger anonymous said…

    ya , bakit parang inapi ung scene ng mhyzel. ooooooyyyyyyy d maganda yan a..... its so unfare po a....alam nyot alam ng lahat na madaming ngmamahal sa mhyzel namin. grabe d ako satisfy sa episode kahapon. well free naman po taung mgsabi ng filings dba sana naman po walang magalit samin. kc wala naman po kaming cnasaktang or sinasabihan ng bad na ibang couples so. un lng po ayon sa nakikita namin. bakit parang d pantay pantay ang scene kahapon, sana namn po mgkaroon ng fare na laban para naman po bago matapos ung qpids e. masaya lahat ng taong ngsupport sa show nato. well its ok masama lng talaga loob naming mga suporters ng MHYZEL.....
    im sure maraming nasasaktan ngayon sa napanuod nila kahapon. but anyway thats life ganun talaga... well support parin till the end sa aming mga minamahal na MHYZEL....
    keep on voting to them. WE LOVE U SO VERY MUCH OUR MHYZELIANS AND MHYZEL ANGEL...............

  • At 12/9/05 5:09 PM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    im happy sa episode khit prang bitin.... as usual, cute nla mhyzel together...prang aso't pusa n plging nag-aaway....

    cympre, kilig pa rin cla pawel.... kwawa nman c mikel dhil sinuntok xa ni tj...

    bkit nmannla pinatay c alwyn sa story... sad tuloy ang ending....

    kelan po ba ang grand finals?

    mhyzel forever!

    pawel for eternity!

  • At 12/9/05 7:01 PM, Blogger kai said…

    on my opinion naman, kahit pa inapi ang MHYZEL sa story kasi konti lng ung scenes nila, para sa akin, sila pa din ang pinakakinakiligan ko! ang cute cute nila talaga, kahit nagaaway ung scene, nakakakilig talaga! i;m really rooting for them! MHYZEL FOREVER!

  • At 12/9/05 7:05 PM, Blogger kai said…

    astig pa rtalaga ang MHYZEL! kahit anong gawin nila, nakakakilig kahit konti lang ung scenes nila, sila pa rin ang nangunguna on my list. ASTIG talaga!

    go MHYZEL go!

  • At 12/9/05 8:46 PM, Blogger trixiee said…

    agree ako sa mga cnasbe niong lhat mga mka MHYZEL!!!!! hyaan nlang natin cla.. its wat dey want! bsat alam mnan natin na mhyzel ang mnanalo.. hehe.. support nlang ntin cla.. and yeah! kahit anong scene nila, kilig! mei little info nga me bout that e.. kaso pag cnabe ko, bka magkagulo.. nyway wag ntin clang pansinin.. importante, support pren natin mhyzel!

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    kaya ntin toh mga MHYZEL supporters..!! we can do this.. anything for MHyzel

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    promote ko lang po mga site ng nhyzel.. its fpr the benefit of d ppol na nde pa alam.. nde po me gwa nian.. ung mga ANGELS poh! tnx po s knila!



    tpos ung forum po:


    tpos ung mga PEx thread po pki tignan nlang sa mga website.. 3rd thread na poh.. nde nga po pla me gumawa ng mga yan.. other ppol po.. tnx po s knila! come visit!!
    haha.. kakakilig ung mga pix.. hehe..

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    tnx!! lov yah mhyzel..

  • At 13/9/05 1:31 AM, Blogger jayni said…

    guys, mas naapi ang jilwyn dahil pinatay si alwyn. okay na nga ang mhyzel eh dahil they ended up together din diba.

  • At 13/9/05 5:33 AM, Blogger angelica said…

    tear* it's almost over. =(

  • At 14/9/05 1:56 PM, Blogger eve-mhyzel said…

    ok lng kahit banda dulo lng mgkasama mhyzel... kilig pa rin... and the best part yun ng qpids...
    i love mhyzel...
    i hope manalo ang karapatdapat... at cyempre mhyzel un... GODBLESS
    QPIDS 6 to 2366...

  • At 14/9/05 2:42 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    haaaaay....ang kilig ng qpids... i'm happy that ang dami nangyari dis week..daming kilig, daming drama...i love JILWYN kakilig sila at kahit sad ang ending nila.. it goes to show that they can really still have kilig moments and sad moments whether they are together or not. Ganda ng acting ng lahat pero of course JILWYN is the best...like ko rin ang JARLA story... na notice ko lang though through out everything it was JILWYN and JARLA who had the lead while others like PAWEL and MHYZEL had supporting...but either way it didn't really matter..everyone shined in all the episode. I can't wait to find out who wins..

    GO JILWYN!!!!!!!
    GO JARLA!!!!!!!

  • At 15/9/05 11:16 AM, Blogger cOoLet said…

    hi s mga mhyzelians d2... grabe ang sad ng wikend k kc ndi k npanood ung qpids pero atleast i got to read d episode p dn... kilig p dn ako s mhyzel... sna tlga cla mnalo n luvteam i knw dey are really deserving... kya sna icontinue ntn ung pgvote pra s knila...

    text QPIDS 6 name,address send to 2366

    call 1908-QPIDS-05 press 1 then press 06

    go go go mhyzel!

  • At 15/9/05 12:55 PM, Blogger JapoyLuvzMe said…

    hayyyyyyyyy..kakakakilig tlaga..

    my gosh bagay tlaga na maging "BAKLUSH" si Janus.at Bagay rin cla ni Carla.

    ..buntis c paw??my god..kasal na ba cla ni mokel duon sa story..or premarital sex lng un?

    *xenxa na mejo malalalim ang pinunto q sa loveteam nila..

    sad nmatay c alwin..pero ok lng...d nmn xe un 22o!

    4.MHYZEL -
    grabeee!!bket c andrea lng ung ginest?dpat cnama c dom..pero saya..kilig!certified!

    sana GABREL would also guest in one of the epi..lyk LEXBEL..kaso ala eh..

  • At 15/9/05 2:31 PM, Blogger mhyzel_the best said…

    mhyzel pa rin ang the best miski konti lang ang scene..at xempre as always nakakakilig pa rin..di naman importante kung maliit o malaki ang scene nila basta magaling umarte at talagang nakakilig ok na un!!basta keep supporting our beloved mhyzel..

  • At 15/9/05 8:10 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    kahit ano talagang gawin ng MhyZel... nakakakilig talag sila... and kahit saan mong anggulong tingnan, ASTIG talaga...! and kahit sabihin nating konti lng exposures nila kaysa dun sa iba, sa kanila pa rin talaga ko pinka kinilig... grabe talaga...! ibang level...! next toi highest...! handsdown talaga ko sa MhyZel...! hnd ako nagkamali n pinili ko kayo...!

  • At 16/9/05 1:39 AM, Blogger qpidsmhyzel said…

    hehehe,but denelet ung comments ko,natamaan siguro kau anu.hahahah wawa talaga kau.pasinsya na nga lang sa inyo hndi na ako mag comments ng maaanghang na salita laban sa may ari ng bumubuong ito kasi baka e delete na naman.mabuhay kayong lahat.and still mhyzel forever.gudlak sa mhyzel we love them for lyf.

  • At 16/9/05 1:48 AM, Blogger qpidsmhyzel said…


  • At 16/9/05 10:13 AM, Blogger CF said…

    qpidsmhyzel, this blog observes a comment policy... ilang buwan na po naka-post 'yan.

    The policy applies to the fans of all the loveteams.

  • At 19/9/05 10:27 AM, Blogger kai said…

    MHYZEL talaga ang gusto ko kahit anong mangyari, kahit p medyo konti ung scenes nila dito, para sa min sila pa din ang nagstand out. iba sila, kahit walang effort, sila p din ang sobrang napapnsin ng madami. iba sila! MHYZEL talaga ng the BEST!


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