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Monday, May 30, 2005

Episode 2.1

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 2, Episode 1.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The show opens with a recap of last week's highlights and offers a sneak preview into the coming week's episodes.

Mr. Qpido reveals his remaining choices.

Her choice --> Carlo. Mr. Qpido's choice --> Alwyn

Jill reacts: Kaya ko siya gusto, dahil super funny siya.
Alwyn: Si Jill? Mabait, makulit, magaling makisama.

Her choice --> Felix. Mr. Qpido's choice: Gabb

Isabel: Okay naman.. parang Jericho and Kristine. Tisay and moreno. Parang ang ganda ng tambalan. Kasi nga... parang na-aliw ako... kasi parang gusto kong anuhin si Felix eh... pero... kausapin mo naman ako! Hindi niya ako kinakausap eh.

Her choice --> Marc B. Mr. Qpido's choice: Mhyco

Andrea: Siyempre hindi ko ine-expect. Hindi ko naman siya kasama sa pictorial. So nagulat ako, bigla nalang nag-enter si Mhyco.

Her choice --> Mhyco. Mr. Qpido's choice: Dominic

Dominic: Sana we spend more time with each other para we get to know each other better.

Her choice --> TJ. Mr. Qpido's choice: Mikel

Paw: Nakyu-kyutan nga ako. Parang bagay naman kami ni Mikel. Hindi ko naisip nung-first.
Mikel: Parang... that just boosted my confidence... just a bit.

Four princes bid goodbye. Aaron, Cholo, Mike, and Timmy each take turns sharing their thoughts as they bid goodbye to the show.

ABS-CBN chooses. Hosts Anne and Luis then explain that ABS-CBN Management will be making the final decision as to which prince gets to be the final choice for each princess. When only 9 pairs are left, viewers will then determine the ultimate loveteam via text votes.

In the meantime, the charmings have to prove themselves worthy of their princess via another series of LOVEntures.

The Race of Hearts. Anne and Luis are shown standing on the beach as they explain the mechanics of the next LOVEnture.

In this race, the princes must compete for the opportunity to have an exclusive date with their Love Princess. Because some of the Charmings have more than one loveteam partner, they will have to perform the race twice. They'll have the advantage of knowing the race better the second time around, but they'll also be more tired.

The winner of the race gets a date with his love princess. The loser becomes the alalay of the princess and her winning prince.

The Love Combat. The race starts at Nabasan beach, then moves to the Jest Camp, and then returns again to the Nabasan beach.

At each of the three stops, there is a LOVEnture that the Charmings must complete. The first LOVEnture is a measure of Strength -- the Love Combat.

In this test, competing charmings are taken offshore where a beam is floating on the ocean. The charmings must get on the beam and use jousting sticks to throw their opponent off balance. The winning prince can then claim a rose from the end of the beam and return to shore, where he must give the rose to his princess to obtain instructions for the next step. The loser gets a 5-minute penalty and must wait in the water by the beam before claiming his rose and returning to shore to get the next clue.

TJ vs. GIAN --> TJ wins

Pauleen: We were expecting Gian to win because he's bigger, but TJ won.

MARC B. vs. MHYCO --> Mhyco wins

Andrea: I enjoyed the LOVEnture because it added spice to the contest.

JANUS vs. MIKEL --> Janus wins

Carla: Yung mga prince charming... medyo naging hindi charming... dahil nagsalpukan sila.
Janus: Naghahampasan kami ng mga higanteng cotton buds. Tapos, tinamaan ko siya sa face. Tapos sabi niya -- #@$@! ka! Tapos nung natamaan ko siya sa face, nasira daw yung shades niya.

MARC A. vs. JAWE --> Marc A. wins

Karel: Si Marc... kitang kita ko from the start, na siya ang parating on the go, siya talaga ang gustong manalo.

ALWYN vs. CARLO --> Carlo wins

Jill: Kawawa si Alwyn, kasi 5 minutes siyang nakababad muna dun sa tubig.

The Drive to the Jest Camp. After claiming the instructions from their Love Princess, the charmings race to the parking lot where vans await to take them to The Jest Camp. But it seems that most of the drivers have no idea where the camp is.

Despite the time difference of five minutes, the charmings all eventually meet up at the Jest Camp because they got lost on the way, and then had difficulty looking for the flag marker.


As the show ends, we see sneak previews into the next episode, where our Princesses pay a visit at the Jest Camp.

CF's Note: It was great to see Anne again! Total runtime for this episode (without commercials) was around 18 minutes.


  • At 31/5/05 5:07 PM, Blogger st.glynis said…

    totoo po bah na toni will be replacing anne sa qpids?xe nga daw po anne will be very busy for kampanera..k lng din po qng c toni ang papalit,luis n toni luk smart and gorgeous 2gdr..aabangan tlga namin iyan!kay anne naman po,she's a very beautiful lady,more power to her!

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    .'gRabEeH pOw tlga Qpids...harhar..:) kakaklg tlga d bst haha..yah lng kulng sa tym kakabitin!!!sna mjo habaan ung airing!!!haha:) god bles,,, gud luck 2 d show & more power!!!!'.


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