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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Episode 4.2

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 4, Day 2.

Episode summary text are courtesy of Angelica. Thank you so much!

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Today's date showcases the Roco twins, Felix and Dominic, in their "Double Bear Kita" date. They are going on their first dates with their respective love team partners Isabel and Andrea chaperoned by none other than their dad, Mr. Bembol Roco!

Anne and Luis open the show talking about their own first dates and Luis presents Anne with some flowers.

The twins plan to surprise their love team partners with an all expenses paid day trip to the Enchanted Kingdom amusement park.

On the way to pick up the girls, Daddy Bembol has a heart-to-heart talk with his two boys. He asks them...
  • if they know what to do on a date... then gives them advice -- 'you should be gentlemen, treat your ladies as ladies (konting gestures lang) pulling out chairs, opening doors'
  • who is better looking (to which Daddy Bembol suggests that Felix start lifting because he is 'less macho' than Dominic),
  • what they think of their respective partners.
First, they go to pick up Isabel... she says her mom woke her up early and made her put on makeup and dress up and she didn't really know why but now everything made sense. As they get back into the car Daddy Bembol starts to interview her. She says that he's like a young guy who's kind of serious and that he's nice to talk to.

Next, they go to pick up Andrea.. she comes down from her room and is surprised to see everyone at her house. Andrea's parents prepare something to eat for her guests, which gives time for the twins' dad to get to know Andrea's parents.

Afterwards, everyone gets back into the car on the way to Enchanted Kingdom. Daddy Bembol gives some cute trivia about his sons, much to the amusement of the girls. 'sino sa kanila ma hilig mag hubad noon bata pa sila?' he he he.

Finally they reach Enchanted Kingdom. At the park, there are signs that say 'bear kita Isabel' and 'bear kita Andrea'. They go on some rides, Anchors Away, the ferris wheel, the swings, and the log flume water slide. Andrea felt really uncomfortable with the 'anchors away' ride and was screaming a lot. Everyone including Dad rode on the ferris wheel.

Then, the two pairs split up for some alone time with their respective dates.

Dominic presents Andrea with three red roses, a closet organizer, and a pillow that says "Bear Kita... Dominic, Andrea", which she appreciates. They talk with each other and get to know each other a little better .. she says that hopefully he won't be 'nahihiya' to her anymore and he says that he'll try not to be and that they should would work together as a couple.

Meanwhile, Felix and Isabel are together on a swan-shaped paddle boat and he presents her with a mini bonsai tree with 2 little figures on it that represents them. He tells her that they can take care of it together. When she asks him if he 'loves' her, he says that he does and since they're loveteam, then of course he should 'love' her.


The show ends with Luis and Anne describing tomorrow's date of VJ Karel and Gabb visiting her on the set of Myx and as the 'letter sender.'


  • At 18/6/05 4:50 PM, Blogger DeLLemaDz said…

    grabe!!! nakakakilig yung date nila dominic-andrea and felix-isabel....nakakakilig parehas!!! ang cute nila dominic and felix!!! ang ganda din nila andrea and isabel...sana mag-click both loveteam...

    sana rumami projects niyo!!!!


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