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Friday, July 08, 2005

Episode 7.5

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 7, Day 5.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica.


Today's episode showcases all the 'kilig-senas' from the 7 loveteams, plus the final ultimate 'kilig-sena' at the end of the race.

First, the scenes of the Binondo loveteams are recapped, to set the stage and provide background on the characters of Pinky and Raymond. Pinky works at the noodle house, where Raymond is the son of the owner.

In the first kilig-sena, Raymond is making noodles while Pinky criticizes his noodle-making skills and says that if the son of the owner catches him, he'll be reprimanded. She also insinuates that she and Sir Raymond are really close.

PawEl is shown acting out their version of the scene. Paw says that it wasn't that hard because it coincided with what they were doing.

Janus and Carla are then shown performing the next part of the scene, where Pinky pushes Raymond aside and takes over making the noodles.

We also see Dominic and Andrea act out their version of the scene.

Finally, Jill and Alwyn perform a new part where Alwyn is placing the noodles in the noodle maker. Jill comments and says that they really had to learn their lines quickly and Alwyn says she had harder lines than he did.

The next 'kilig-sena' continues the story as Pinky was forced to resign from the noodle house and now works at the LGA Fast Foods restaurant. Raymond, having a huge crush on her, follows her to the restaurant. She explains to him that Sir Raymond got her fired. Then Pinky manages to convince Raymond to help her sell some frog soup to a random customer in the restaurant.

First, Janus and Carla perform their version of the scene, where Pinky explains her story to Raymond.

Next, Dominic and Andrea act out their version of the scene, where Pinky convinces Raymond to help her sell the soup, and Pinky gives Raymond a hug.

After, Paw and Mikel try their hand at selling the soup to a customer.

Then, Jill and Alwyn's version of the scene is shown.


Finally, the 4 Binondo groups perform their final ultimate 'kilig-sena.' Mr. Qpido gives them a short time to go over their scripts. Paw and Mikel play Pinky and Raymond; Alwyn and Jill play Sir William and his wife. Janus and Carla are the 'texting couple' and Dominic and Andrea are the 'sweet couple.'

Mikel says it was a lot of pressure because it was the lead role. Janus says that their bit part was okay -- it was like 'Lovers in Paris' because it was a small role but they will manage to make it good.

In the final 'kilig-sena,' Raymond admits to Pinky that he has feelings for her, and also that he is the one who got her fired from the noodle house. Raymond walks and sits next to Pinky on the park bench, and she asks why he has been following her.

He tells her that he has been lovestruck and takes her hand. He tells her that she has a lot of faults, and she looks at him funny. So, he stands on top of the bench, and tells her that he will shout it to the whole Philippines that he loves her so much!

A sweet couple sitting in the distance (Domrea) yells at them and tells Pinky to accept him already because he is so loud and might cause a commotion.

Pinky sits Raymond back on the bench and tells him to stop. He then reveals to her that he is Raymond, and asks her if he can court her. She is surprised, and says that he was the one who got her fired from work. Raymond asks her who will take care of her mom, and siblings, and her cat -- her cat, by the way, is still in Chinatown.

Then, Raymond's parents, Sir William and his wife, come and meet them. Sir William says he is Raymond's father and gives him a hug. Sir William asks Pinky to forgive his son, and his wife says that they're both 'pasaway' but they like them both.

Soon a texting couple (JaRla) comes out of nowhere... and the girl is chasing after the boy, running around the 2 lead couples. Pinky, Raymond, Sir William, and his wife try and contain their laughter.

Raymond asks Pinky if he can court her and she says it's not necessary... and then he spins her around and carries her, while she grabs her food and they run off.

Then, the loveteams comment on their performance.

Alwyn: Even though Janus was good at distracting us, it was still okay.

Dominic: It was okay because it came with the consequence... we could have tried harder to get the lead role, but it's okay.

Mikel: For them it was okay, but... it wasn't enough.


Next, the Hong Kong loveteams recap their 'kilig-senas.' Their scene involves William and Grace, two childhood friends who run into each other while in Hong Kong. They had a love-hate relationship when they were younger, and they get into a little quarrel when they meet at Kowloon Park.

William called Grace Miss Biik [?] when they were small. Grace walks away from William, and he asks her what she's doing in Hong Kong, she says that she's on vacation. She asks him what he's doing, and he says he's wasting time. Then, she asks him to accompany him around since they're both alone.

First, Pauleen and Gian are at Kowloon Park to act out the scene, where Grace asks William to take her picture and they realize that they know each other.

Next, Mhyco and Hazel act out another part of the scene.

Then, Carlo and Vanessa act out their version of the scene while they sit at a fountain in the park.

The next 'kilig-sena' of William and Grace is at the Kowloon ladies' market. They continue to quarrel as William tells Grace not to walk too fast, because he said that she asked him to come with her. Grace's sister texts her to meet up with her at the airport and Grace becomes annoyed. William says she's just mad because no one is courting her.

First, Carlo and Vanessa act out their version, where William follows Grace into the Market.

Next, Mhyco and Hazel act out their version of the scene, where Grace gives William a gift for coming with her, and he says that she has feelings for him.

Then, Pauleen and Gian act out their version of the scene.

Finally, the 3 Hong Kong loveteams act out their final 'kilig-sena' ultimate scene. Pauleen and Gian get the lead roles as Grace and William, Carlo and Vanessa play 'peeping extras' and Mhyco and Hazel play another 'sweet couple.'

A sweet couple walks in while Grace and William are meeting at the top of Victoria's Peak. William asks Grace if she knows why he kept annoying her all these years. Grace asks if it's because she's like a pig, and William reveals that he did it so that she would notice him.

She asks why, and he kisses her on the cheek. Grace gets up and takes off her jacket. William runs after her and tells her that he loves her. Then, as they are standing close together, someone pushes William from behind.

Carlo and Vanessa are acting out facial expressions as a director calls out different scenes.

Then, another behind-the-scenes as we see Mhyco and Hazel getting into a misunderstanding. Mhyco later says that he was surprised at how brave and resourceful Hazel was and he believed in her.

Pauleen says that in this loventure she and Gian learned how to be resourceful because it's been 2 weeks that they're in the blue heart and it's a big accomplishment to win a loventure.

We see some other sweet moments of Carlo and Vanessa, and she says that she's happy that they're close friends and she hopes they'll be friends forever.


CF's Note: The complete version of this episode aired on TFC, while viewers in the Philippines did not get to see the entire episode because it was pre-empted by breaking news during the ultimate kilig-sena of the Binondo teams.


  • At 9/7/05 6:39 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    OMG, ang galing ng MhyZel! kahit 2nd role lang, kilig pa din ako! ASTIG! sna cla mnalo. i wish dem the best!

  • At 9/7/05 7:06 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    hay naku... bakit hindi ko napanood ung ginawa nila mikel and paw... sila pa naman ung bida nakakaasar... sana ipalabas un sa heartbreak night nila sa sunday!!! PAWEL forever!!!

  • At 9/7/05 7:58 AM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    sayang tlg ung episode..sna mpanood natin un... HBN panman sa sunday... sna ipkita nla ng buo ung scenes n ginawa ng mga loveteams.. gusto ko rin mpanood ung sayaw nla na gya nung sa rejoice commercial... un ang pinakanakakatuwa s lht... PAWEL FOR ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 9/7/05 9:24 AM, Blogger sherry said…

    sana cla MhyZel parin ang makakuha ng imunity bear alam ko kayang kaya nila un,ur the best talaga guys i wish them the best.

  • At 9/7/05 10:46 AM, Blogger MHYZEL F0REVER.. said…


  • At 9/7/05 11:16 AM, Blogger cOoLet said…

    hay nko... asar nman ndi k nkta ung kilig n eksena ng mhyzel... npu2l kc bcoz of d breaking news... haayy!!! syang tlga! pero ok lng... i knw n super nka2kilig p dn ang mhyzel... nko HBN n s sunday! hhmmm... cno kya maeelimin8?? im sure ndi mhyzel un! safe n cla eh dhl cla nkakuha ng immunity bear last wik! sna ds HBN cla ult mkakuha! go MHYZEL!!! u're d best tlga!

  • At 9/7/05 1:03 PM, Blogger mari said…

    bakit ba may advisory warning sa tfc na last episode na ito ng qpids?? bakit if there is another one on sunday?? im confused sana hindi last episode!!! i like qpids i don't want them to cancel it and noone even won yet!!

  • At 9/7/05 2:36 PM, Blogger Jeran said…

    mari, i think they meant, they're not doing daily episodes now, but are going to be shown weekly instead

  • At 9/7/05 4:22 PM, Blogger yours truly said…

    yey! PAWEL!! cute ni mikel.. sobrang pretty ni paw.. awesome together po!!

    pero.. nakakakilig rin sila CarVane.. i think its real feelings na between the both of them.. ang cute!!


  • At 11/7/05 12:19 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    grabe, nakakaloka ang MhyZel...! kahit 2nd role lang ung napunta sa kanila e mas kinilig ako sa kanila... grabe... hayyy... basta, ang galing-galing talaga nila... kilig to death...!

    go MhyZel go...!

  • At 11/7/05 5:18 PM, Blogger paw-mikel said…

    go pawel! sayang di napanood kilig-sena nyong dalawa nung fri. bagay na bagay talaga kayong dalawa. PAWEL d BEST!!!!


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