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Friday, June 17, 2005

Episode 4.5

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 4, Day 5.

Episode summary text are courtesy of Angelica. Thank you so much!

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Today's 'Bear Kita' date features Alwyn and Jill. The episode begins with Luis and Anne introducing the date and asking -- what surprises does Alwyn have in store, and will Jill be able to forget her forme prince charming Carlo Aquino?

Jill is patiently waiting for Alwyn and wondering where he is... because she is excited for the date to start. Alwyn is on the way to Jill's house to visit her at her house without her knowing. Jill shows everyone around her room. Her dad says that he always voted for Alwyn in the beginning.

Meanwhile, Alwyn is now near Jill's house putting on the big Qpids bear costume. While he puts it on, the diaper of the costume falls, and Alwyn laughs. Alwyn walks to Jill's house wearing the hot suit.

Jill greets him, thinking the whole time that it is Kuya Manny, who usually wears the costume. Then, a version of the Qpids theme song plays with different lyrics Alwyn made especially for Jill.

Oh Jill, pumunta sa waling-waling
naghihintay ang guapo mong prince charming
tumingin ka sa iyong bintana
sasakyan ay nag-aabang sa'yo
dahil eto, eto na ang simula nito
one special day handog para
sa iyooooo ..
oh jill sakay ka na
nag hihintay na siya
na magkapiling kaaaaa ..
dito, dito sa puso ko
nag-iisa ka lamang kay Uytingco
wag sana mag-alala sinta
araw na 'to marami pang sorpresa
dito, dito sa puso koooo..
nag-iisa ka lamang kay Uytingco
wag sana mag-alala sinta
araw na 'to marami pang sorpresa
dito, dito sa puso ko ..

Afterwards, Alwyn takes off the costume, satisfied that Jill didn't know that it was him. He gets ready for the next part of their date, while Jill gets into the van and heads on her way to 'Waling-Waling', the Waling flower shop. Jill tries to get the driver to tell her where they're going, but he won't say.

Jill arrives at the flower shop and tries to look for Alwyn. He calls her on his cell phone and tells her that she can pick out any flowers she wants and he'll pay for it all. She picks out many roses and carnations and the person at the flower shop inserts a note into the bouquet of flowers that Jill picked out.


Ano, ayos ba? Hoy mahal 'yan ha, kaya ingantan mo. Ok?
Ps. simula palang 'yan .. kaya sakay ka ulit sa van may suprise pa ako sa 'yo.

- Alwyn

Now, the van takes Jill to the Marikina sports complex for the last part of the date. She arrives at the sports complex and is told to keep walking straight. When she arrives inside, the field is filled with balloons and confetti and a band playing for her. Alwyn hides in a large gift box in the field.

She walks straight towards the box wrapped up and tied with ribbon that says, 'open me.' She unties the ribbon and Alwyn walks out and hands her a big bunch of balloons. The band begins to play 'crazy for you' and Alwyn sings to her. He says that this time, he'll be the person she thinks about when she hears this song. Soon they sing along together.

Alwyn wears a baseball jersey that says 'Bear Kita Jill' and then he tells her to turn around and a bunch of people wearing jerseys turn around with letters on their shirts that spell out, 'Bear Kita Jill.' Alwyn then hands Jill a bat and glove and for the last part of their date, Alwyn teaches her how to play his favorite sport, baseball. He helps her to hit the ball and they have a fun time together.

Later on, Alwyn and Jill sit together and talk. He reveals to her that he was the one in the costume, and she asks why he didn't reveal himself. Then, he apologizes for everything he's done, for annoying her, and she reveals that she had a crush on him and he didn't know. So, his annoyances because he liked her were actually 'nakakilig' to her.

He then asks her why she had a crush on him. She says that he's good at dancing, he's good at playing the guitar, and finally because he's handsome. Next they make a promise to each other. Jill explains that when they greet each other, they have to dance. Whoever doesn't dance has to give a kiss and a hug. Alwyn jokes that if someone doesn't do it, the viewers should text so they might win 10,000 PESOS!

Next, Alwyn is about to present Jill with a gift. He first kisses her on the cheek as another way of saying sorry, and then gives a hug for not revealing that he was the qpids bear. He then presents her with a lepoard print bag. Then they play a game filled with hugs.

Jill says that she wants to tell Alwyn sorry for not giving attention to him because she was actually 'nahihiya'. Alwyn wants to say to Jill thank you for appreciating the efforts that he put into their date and to keep their promise. He says he's happy that he got to show Jill the 'other side' of himself besides his playfulness, which is a sign that he likes her.


Luis and Anne conclude the show by reflecting on Jill and Alwyn's date. Luis calls them 'romantic comedy,' and that even though it was hard for Alwyn to do all he did, it was worth it to make your special someone happy. They then invite everyone to watch again next week !


  • At 18/6/05 2:46 PM, Blogger sasa000 said…

    kilig tlga tong date na toh!!!sobrang m.u. cla!saya!!!ang romantic ni alwyn kay jill!!!shikes!kinikilig ako!

  • At 18/6/05 4:12 PM, Blogger karina said…

    meron po ba recapp yung date ni jill&alwyn? i really want to see it.. please paki lagay namn!! =)

  • At 18/6/05 4:18 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Karina, may recap nang naka-post, ah. Na-confuse ako sa comment mo. :(

    Screenshots malamang tomorrow pa. Real life keeps getting in the way.

  • At 19/6/05 6:45 AM, Blogger c0ryhart said…

    cutiez talaga!! kiligness!

  • At 19/6/05 8:07 AM, Blogger von said…

    kiLig... astiG

  • At 19/6/05 6:30 PM, Blogger sasa000 said…

    ano po nauna sa tatlong i2:
    -kaya mo ba toh taping
    -itong date nla jill nd alwyn
    -flores de mayo thingy
    pki sagot po...

  • At 19/6/05 6:37 PM, Blogger CF said…

    From what I know, Flores de Mayo was taped on May 1.

    Jill and Alwyn's date was taped two weeks ago (according to QPIDS at PinoyExchange).

    I dunno when the Kaya Mo Ba 'To episode was taped.

    I suggest you visit the Qpids thread at PinoyExchange and post your question there. :D

  • At 23/6/05 6:51 PM, Blogger Mae said…

    i loved their date. oh nah alwyn is one of a kind huh? i can't believe he actually used the bear suit jus for jill then made her go to florist and made her pick the flowers she wanted then let her meet him at the baseball field which was so romantic. damn, this was one of a kind date. i really enjoyed especially when she opened the box which alwyn was in then suddenly he sang her favorite song then they played baseball. damn that was sweet and cute. i loved it when they had their one on one talk their so cute together. theirs never a dull moment when you watch these two jus like carla & janus. alwyn's plans were well planned & was successful. good luck & best wishes. =)

  • At 25/6/05 6:49 PM, Blogger vera jane said…

    GRABEHH NA TO! alwyn uytingco ANG KA-DATE MOH!? GOSH! talaga!sana maulit muli! sana makadate q rin si alwyn!

  • At 26/7/05 8:53 AM, Blogger wimmie said…

    Grabe!!! Kakainggit tlaga tong c JILL!! napaka-romantic kz ni alWyn!

  • At 31/7/05 11:44 AM, Blogger jeny velasco said…

    ang cute tlaga ni alwyn grabeeeeh....................


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