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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Episode 4.3

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 4, Day 3.

Episode summary text are courtesy of Angelica. Thank you so much!

Note to fans and fansites: Please make your own copies of these images if you intend to post them on your site or on message boards. A link back to this blog will also be appreciated. Thanks!


The show begins with Luis and Anne introducing Karel and Gabb's date by commenting how people were impressed by the off-cam romance that was developing between them.

VJ Karel arrives at the Myx set to tape the first episode for the fake show "Myx Haller." On this fake show, people can write letters to request songs, and the letter sender also gets to come and visit in person. In her show introduction, Karel also says that the singers of 'Boogaloo' will also be there (but they're not) and she has no idea at all that this is a "LOVEventure" that has been setup. Three people come to the show with their letters -- a girl, a Qpids editor posing as a letter writer, and of course the third letter sender is Gabb, hiding in the nextdoor dressing room.

After meeting with the first two letter senders, Karel starts reading the third letter, which requests the music video of her own song, Pangarap. She reveals that she's quite kilig about the letter because it was so beautifully done.

The letter reads:
Hi sa lahat ng VJ ng Myx. This is the first time i'm writing to your show... i really enjoy watching Myx, lalo ng yung OPM at Mellow Myx. Anyway, I would really like to request the video of 'Pangarap' by Karel Marquez -- pagkasama ko kasi siya laging masaya, walang dull moment. Nakaka-relate kasi ako sa meaning ng song kasi feeling ko isa lang siyang pangarap.

When it's time to reveal the letter sender, Karel is completely surprised to see that it's actually Gabb, and that he's there to whisk her away on their Bear Kita date.

They both get into the car and drive off to their destination. During the trip Karel continually asks where they are going but Gabb always says 'Secret!' She tries to guess, thinking it would be some kind of mall, but he tells her it's one of her favorite places.

They are quite cute together in the car, and sing together to make the trip go by faster.

Unfortunately, events are conspiring against their date. Heavy traffic and poor weather slow them down; they run low on gas; and they even get pulled over for violating the traffic reduction color-coding scheme!

A very long drive later, they arrive at their destination, Lago de Oro, which turns out to be where Karel loves to go wakeboarding. Unfortunately, it is already night by the time they arrive, and the wakeboarding facilities had already closed at 5pm.

Thankfully, Gabb has a lovely outdoor dinner planned and the venue has been beautifully prepared. The two of them enjoy dinner, learn more about each other, and Gabb reveals to Karel that he really likes her.

Karel says that Gabb is mabait, giving, always there, and good looking... so it's very easy to fall for him. She says she is really happy that he's there.

After dinner, the couple enjoy their first dance together. Karel and Gabb share the headphones of his music player. They are very sweet and close and enjoy the dance... however, Karel soon backs away and wants to sit even though Gabb pleads with her to finish the song. She says that she was 'nahihiya'... and that she never really danced solo with anyone except maybe at prom. Karel promises to finish the entire dance at their next date.

Gabb later presents Karel with a gift, saying he wants to give it to her "para hindi ka na mahirapan". Karel is initially apprehensive, but she is thrilled when Gabb eventually opens the box to reveal a replacement stylus for her phone!

Gabb also reads to her a poem that he wrote, entitled "Karla Isabel".

The first time I saw you,
I wondered how it could be
to have you as my company.
And I wondered how it could be
to always have you beside me.

I feel so happy when I'm around you.
I can't stop thanking God that I've found you.
I woke up one day and suddenly I seem to find
that I just can't get you out of my mind.

I can't describe how much I care;
When you need me I will be there
To make you smile when you are frowning,
To wipe your tears when you are crying

Now I'm wondering what to do,
Whether to tell you or not
that I'm beginning to fall for you.

Karel thanks him for everything, for being there, for always supporting her, for being there when she's down. She tells Gabb that she will always be there for him as well.


  • At 15/6/05 7:00 PM, Blogger czarpotter said…

    yipie! i get to post a comment here first! well, what can is say? this day is going to be the first and the last day that i would miss qpids (yeah, i missed it due to heavy traffic! shucks!).. anywayz, while reading the teaser, i'm really so kilig to the bones!!! go keep it up karel and gabb! i'l b suporting ur loveteam ol d way!!! :) tcic! mwaaaaah!

  • At 16/6/05 9:04 AM, Blogger kristine said…

    well.. well...the things dat i cud say is dat dy r swit,,2gether!!,,i really really luv karel nd i'm very thankful that she found gabb who really willing 2 give his best 4 karel, to be happy...go karel nd gud luck 2 both of u..qpids is a great work 4 all of us,..

  • At 16/6/05 10:38 AM, Blogger kgqpidsfan said…

    They look good together. Soooo sweet. You can see the sincerity in gabbs eyes. Natamaan talaga si karel sa poem na binasa sa kanya. May kilig talaga!!! I'll support you guys all the way! Keep it up!!!

  • At 17/6/05 1:17 PM, Blogger jay_cute said…

    keep up the good work guys!!! remember that were olweiz here to support you... gud luck sa luv team nyo... kayo ang best luv team!! i luv you vj karel!!! 4 ever!!

  • At 18/6/05 11:44 AM, Blogger ButterCup said…

    hindi ko eto napanuod...
    salamat kay cf at nagpost sya ng mga screencaps!!

    go karel n gabb!!

  • At 23/6/05 6:21 PM, Blogger Mae said…

    it's sweet wat gabb did for karel on their date. i enjoyed watching their date it was well planned.

  • At 23/6/05 6:32 PM, Blogger Mae said…

    their date was romantic and well planned. they're so cute together. i enjoyed watching their date & i could tell that gabb is starting to like karel but karel is jus being careful. good luck to the both of you & best wishes. =)

  • At 15/7/06 3:54 PM, Blogger mykarel said…

    selos naman ako... like na like ko kc si karel


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