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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Episode 2.3

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 2, Day 3.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The show opens with Alwyn at the Jest Camp, trying to get the master guide to lower the number of frog legs he needs to eat. :)

The Race Continues. Then the focus shifts to Gian and TJ who have both finished eating their frogs, and are now rushing to return to the beach.

Gian returns to his van first, only to find out that the engine will not start. He gets out and with the help of another man, pushes the van so his driver can successfully jumpstart the engine.

In the meantime, TJ runs to his van in his bare feet and snags his foot on one of the iron gates. He ignores the pain and finally arrives at the van, only to find that his foot is bleeding.

Mhyco finishes eating his frogs just moments before his rival, Marc B., and gets ready to leave.

Back on the beach, Luis is interviewing the princesses, and asking them who they would prefer to win the race.

Carla says she's got simple tastes, and that she'll be happy with either partner because they're both romantic.

Back at the Jest Camp, Mikel starts eating his frogs, while Janus continues to have difficulty lighting a fire.

On the beach, Andrea says she prefers Mhyco to win over Marc B., but she also expresses uncertainty as to Hazel's reaction if that happens. The scene shifts to the vans, and we see that Mhyco has gained a slight lead over Marc B.

Karel says she thinks Jawe will win because he's more rough / sturdy... so she was surprised and happy that Marc A really put in the effort.

Pauleen says she prefers Gian to win the race because he's mapursige.

Jill says she likes both Carlo and Alwyn equally, because they're quite different. Carlo is quiet while Alwyn is talkative and funny, and both of them are mabait.

Anne then reveals that the charming that most princesses find attractive is Carlo. We then hear soundbites from Andrea, Jill,and Pauleen explaining why.

Back at the Jest Camp, Mikel finally completes the task and heads back to the beach.

Janus: Mikel, madaya! Kung hindi ako napilayan, nakagawa ako ng apoy.

Gian is the first charming to arrive back at the beach. We then learn that the charmings must each take a kayak out to a buoy floating offshore and claim three flags from the buoy. From there, they can claim their final clue, return to the beach, then claim their prize.

TJ arrives at the beach while Gian is still out on the kayak.

Carlo arrives at the beach while his rival, Alwyn is still at Jest Camp with Janus.

Marc A. arrives first on the beach, ahead of rival Jawe.

Gian's lead over TJ proves to be insurmountable, and he returns to the beach to claim his prize -- the chance to kiss princess Pauleen... on her foot!

TJ arrives soon after, and is the first charming to officially be pronounced the loser of the race.

Carlo arrives at the beach and has no difficulty taking the kayak out to the buoy to retrieve the final instructions. He returns to the beach, gallantly gets down on one knee and kisses Jill's foot.

Marc A. finishes the race ahead of Jawe and after some hesitation, kisses Karel's foot.

Mhyco and Marc B. are neck-and-neck in their race, but Mhyco returns to the beach first to kiss Andrea's foot.

Mikel is the last winning prince to arrive, and he too, gets down on one knee to kiss the foot of princess Carla.

Meanwhile, back at the Jest Camp, Alwyn and Janus finally complete the task of eating the frogs, and together, they finish the last leg of the race and arrive at the pitstop.

The Race, Part 2. Now it's time for the second set of charmings to begin the race. This time, the location of the flag marker was changed to avoid giving Mhyco, Mikel, TJ, and Carlo and unfair advantage over their rivals.

First, we see Gabb and Felix compete for a date with Isabel, with Felix losing the joust and waiting out the five-minute penalty.

TJ and Mikel face off for Paw's affections, and TJ wins the joust.

Mhyco and Dominic compete for a date with Hazel, and Mhyco wins the joust.

Marc C. and Carlo fight for Vanessa, and Carlo slips off the beam, much to Vanessa's dismay.

Mikel's five minute penalty ends, and he's off to the Jest Camp to chase after rival TJ.


As the show ends, we see scenes from tomorrow's episode, where Carlo is dismayed to realize his driver has no idea where the Jest Camp is... and Felix loses his temper with Gabb.


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