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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Episode 3.2

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 3, Day 2.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The show opens with a recap of yesterday's parasailing and jetskiing activities.

Hazel, Mhyco, and Dominic. Mhyco is shown getting on a jetski in a jealous fit and leaving Hazel behind on the beach. Turns out he headed back to join Andrea. Luis and Anne were there, and took the opportunity to ask them how they felt. Both Mhyco and Andrea admitted to being confused by the situation.

Dominic stayed with Hazel until Mhyco returned. And after another heated exchange of words, Hazel and Mhyco finally went through with their date on the jetski. Dominic, left standing on the beach, expressed his disappointment at not being able to go jetskiing with Hazel. Afterwards, Hazel said she really appreciated Dominic more after today's events because she could feel his care and concern for her.

Paw, TJ, and Mikel. The next pair to go on their date were Paw and TJ, with their alalay Mikel in tow. Mikel was a good sport and abided by the "no talking" rule. Paw expressed some concern about parasailing, but she and TJ really enjoyed the experience and Paw in her interview says it was an opportunity to spend quality time alone together. Mikel in the meantime, just spent the time sleeping on the boat.

Jill and Alwyn. While Carlo was occupied with Vanessa, Alwyn spent quality time with Jill. In his interview, he says he didn't even feel that being a muchacho was such a bad experience.

Jill in her interview admits to being "in like" with Carlo, but says she can see that Carlo really prefers Vanessa. We then see a clip of Jill watching Carlo and Vanessa's parasailing date, and asking why it's taking half an hour when it's supposed to only be 10 minutes.

Vanessa, Carlo, and Marc C. Vanessa in her interview says she felt that Carlo was bored and just wanted to leave to go jet-skiing with Jill. Vanessa says that she talked to Jill, and that Jill says Carlo is also sweet to her. Tearfully, Vanessa says she really doesn't know whether or not to believe what Carlo tells her.

When asked, Vanessa says she's not in love with Carlo, but she admits to having feelings for him. Carlo in his interview says: "Kung ano lang ako, yun rin ang pinapakita ko eh. Babae yun eh, dapat mahalin mo yan eh, kasi babae yan". Marc C. accompanied Carlo and Vanessa on their parasailing date, and Vanessa in her interview admits to feeling a bit bad about not paying enough attention to Marc.

CF's Note: We do not see footage of Jill's date with Carlo.

Carla, Mikel, and Janus. While waiting for her date Mikel, Carla is with Janus. In her interview, Carla says she figured she might as well make the most of the time, and her devilish side showed itself. She started pretending to be super maarte and kept thinking up things for Janus to do.

Janus in his interview said he didn't expect that Carla would be asking him to do all sorts of things. He even became a human umbrella and he also washed her feet.

Janus: "Siguro sa lahat ng princesses, sa akin yung pinaka-extreme na parusa. Pagtulakin ka ba naman ng jetski? (laughs) May makina naman yan eh". Carla in her interview says: "Isipin niyo po... diba? Ang dami niyang inaasar, ang daldal niya... tapos nagawa niya ang lahat na yan para sakin without any reklamo, kinarga niya ako... di ko pa alam yun word, pero sobrang na-?? ako, yun nga, nung nakita ko 'tong side ni Janus".

Finally, Mikel arrives from his alalay duties and he and Carla go off together on the jetski for their date. As they leave, Janus is seen standing on the shore, saying he thinks he scored a lot of points while Mikel was occupied with Paw and TJ.

Pauleen, Gian, and TJ. Meanwhile, Pauleen and Gian are impatiently awaiting the arrival of their alalay, TJ, who was on his parasailing date with Paw. Finally, TJ arrives and Pauleen and Gian are able to go off on their jetskiing date. Gian in his interview says he was very impressed with the way Pauleen handled the jetski.

After all the reward dates, it's back to bonding time on the beach for all the princesses and charmings. Hazel and Mhyco are happily back together. Andrea and Marc B. are shown wading together on the beach and before long, Mhyco joins them. Isabel and Gabb are together while Felix is lying around on a lounge chair and refuses to join them. Gabb asks Felix if it's true that he really has a crush on Isabel, because Isabel wants to know, but Felix does not respond.

Marc A. leaves Karel on the beach to join Carlo in the water. Karel starts singing "On My Own"... LOL.

Gabb then admits to having a crush on Karel, because he finds her angelic, charming, and down-to-earth. "She's not plastic. She doesn't pretend in front of the camera."


As the episode ends we see scenes from the upcoming episode and it looks like the final 9 loveteams will be revealed soon.


  • At 7/6/05 9:21 PM, Blogger BARBIEDOLL said…

    mhyco and hazel please settle ur problems ok kc nakakalungkot pag nagaaway kayo eh ur so bagay kc hmppp

  • At 7/6/05 9:29 PM, Blogger sasa000 said…

    bat di pinakita ung date nila jill and carlo?un lng inaabangan ko...awa ko kay jill kasi umiyak din sya...di lang c vane ung umiyak over carlo,c jill din...aww...wawa jill...anyway, CF, do u have pics and details about carlo and jill's date???please email them to me...sasa_dlsu@yahoo.com...thanks!!!good summary by the way...

  • At 7/6/05 10:11 PM, Blogger marla said…

    hazel anne and mhyco aquino i tynk ndi nila type ung isat isa ngyn pero plsss magbati kayo kc pag ndi kayo ang naging pair sa qpids sayang ang chamestry nyo maraming malulungkot 4 sure!!!

  • At 7/6/05 10:28 PM, Blogger l3ny said…

    ahm im a fan of mhyco aquino and hazel anne mendoza i notice somting kay hazel para syang inlove na hindi maintindihan and si mhyco naman para siyang ano uhm hirap iexplain eh basta in short astig sya un sya para siyang si papa binoe kung magsalita magkikikilos at mag alaga un lng i love u mhyco and hazel
    4 lyf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 7/6/05 10:39 PM, Blogger spikey said…


    For me super cute si TJ, Gian, Mark Butler, if ever man sa tatlonh ito ang matatanggal sana mapasok parin sila sa wildcar kung meron man? sana meron..

  • At 7/6/05 10:41 PM, Blogger spikey said…


    Napanuod ko yung guesting ni Gian sa Kaya mo Ba To? at masyado syang affected sa situation regarding kay Pauleen. Siguro talagang love na nya si Pauleen..

  • At 7/6/05 11:08 PM, Blogger XuaGraM said…

    yeah kainis wala nga ung carlo and jill argh! madaya. well this episode really amde me cry i dunno why... pero tama c van sa sabi nia sakin, i shouldnt miss this episode. well van tenx for telling me. heheehehe. hugz to all qpids girls :)

    tenx cf wala pang caps ill check it na lang tom have to sleep na...

  • At 8/6/05 11:33 AM, Blogger acdm said…

    dito na lang ako nakakakuha ng updates sa qpids.. hindi ko na kasi napapanood kc late na ko umuuwi from office.. andami kasi soap dito

  • At 8/6/05 11:37 AM, Blogger acdm said…

    walang itulak kabigin sa 2 charmings ni paw, parehong bagay sa kanya.. sweet si mikel and cute si tj..

  • At 8/6/05 12:33 PM, Blogger Shuttlehux said…

    Mhyco and Hazel mas bagay kyo sa isa't isa. Sana naman magkabati na kayo. I don't like Andrea for Mhyco pero di bali nalang. Wawa naman si Hazel. Sayang naman yung chemistry nyo. Sana kyo nlang and mag luv team. Hazel you're sooooo cute tlaga.

  • At 8/6/05 8:29 PM, Blogger trixiee said…

    mhyco and hazel, sayang nman! nag away pa kaio.. bgay na bgay pa nman kaio.. u look sooo cute 2gether.. sayang lng lhat ng e4ts nio kng mag aaway lang kau!! please magbte na kau!!!

  • At 8/6/05 9:05 PM, Blogger gian said…

    qpids is so COOL!! im in Ireland so napapanood ko lng ung Qpids sa internet.. ang astig.. gusto ko sina hazel and mhyco. they're so cute 2geder!!


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