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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Episode 14.0

The Qpids Episode for Week 14 is entitled "Taguan". Today's show is the first installment of the Qpids Dramaserye for the remaining 4 Qpids Loveteams.


Prologue -- 1996

In this episode's prologue (via Alwyn's voiceover), we learn that Alwyn, Janus, Mikel, and Mhyco are childhood friends who grew up together in the same neighborhood. We see them as four young boys, playing hide and seek (taguan) together near the coffee shop that is owned by the parents of their friend Paula.

Their friendship was forged when one day, two men attempted to rob the coffee shop of Paula's family. The boys figured that they could help thwart the robbery by letting the air out of the tires of the robbers' cars. The police were able to arrest the robbers thanks to the boys' brave act.

As a token of appreciation, one of the police officers gave them the tire they had deflated. Not only did the tire become their makeshift swing (when tied to a tree branch), it also came to symbolize their friendship.

Unfortunately, despite their commitment to stay together as friends, Alwyn had to leave for the US with his mother, and it is only 9 years later that he gets a chance to return and reconnect with his friends.

The Present -- 2005

Alwyn and his mother arrive at their house and are greeted by Alwyn's father and second wife (who happens to be the sister of Alwyn's mother). We learn that they have arrived in time to attend the debut of Hazel, Alwyn's sister; the debut is scheduled for the next evening, and at his father's request, Alwyn agrees to be Hazel's escort.

Hazel joins them in the living room, but she shows no enthusiasm whatsoever at the return of her mother and brother, and even less interest in her upcoming debut. She rushes to leave the house, saying she is late for school.

While the family is still gathered in the living room chatting, Janus arrives to greet his long lost friend. Alwyn at first does not recognize Janus, but he is happy when he realizes that it is Janus. Janus then asks "O... kamusta na ba 'yan? Okay na ba yan?" while pointing at Alwyn's chest. Alwyn says, "Eto, may turnilyo sa loob, pero okay pa naman, tumatakbo pa naman." Alwyn then invites Janus upstairs to chat and catch up while he's changing.


The two friends go to visit Mhyco, as he is out at a nearby ranch tending to horses. Alwyn is excited to see his friend, but there are a few awkward moments, as Mhyco is embarrassed about his job and economic status, but both Alwyn and Janus show that they're more interested in Mhyco's friendship than Mhyco's (lack of) money.

Alwyn learns that life has been tough for their friend. Mhyco's family suffered financial losses, and so they had to move out of their subdivision, and Mhyco is now working as a stable boy in one of the ranches.

Alwyn says that he just got back because it will be his sister's debut the following evening. Mhyco asks about Hazel -- they apparently know each other but it has been a while since they've been in touch.

Alwyn asks Mhyco how he is, saying that it's been a while. Janus pipes in remarking that it seems like Mhyco has been avoiding him. Alwyn takes the opportunity to invite Mhyco to attend his sister's debut. Mhyco at first says no, but he finally relents and agrees.


As Alwyn and Janus are in the car driving back, Janus tells Alwyn that he has lost touch with Mikel after the latter moved to Manila. He says they're no longer close, even though they're still friends. He had last heared that Mikel had joined a company and was a manager somewhere.

As they drive along, Alwyn points out their old hangout, which has now closed and has a sign "Coffee King -- soon to open" displayed prominently in front. Janus tells Alwyn that it has been purchased by the Coffee King chain. Janus jokingly says he even rallied against the purchase. He also shares that their old childhood friend Paw (Paula) was worried about the soon-to-open coffee shop, because it will be competing directly with her family's coffee shop business.

Just then, Alwyn temporarily loses control of the car when a pink bandana flies onto his windshield and blocks his vision. They pull over to the side and get out of the car to retrieve the bandana. Just then, Jill drives up in a little scooter and Alwyn is almost immediately lovestruck when he sees her. Jill apologizes about the bandana, and attempts to retrieve it. Alwyn attempts to flirt with her by asking for her name, but Jill ignores his advances and simply retrieves her bandana. She bids Janus farewell and hops back on her scooter. Alwyn tries to interrogate Janus about Jill, but Janus evades giving definite answers by cracking a few jokes, saying he'll tell Alwyn more about her later, if Alwyn will buy Janus a cup of coffee at Paw's coffee house.


At the coffee shop, Paw is busy at the counter, and we see a newly arrived customer sitting at a table. He teases Paw, saying some miracle must have happened because she's so pretty all of a sudden. Paw is confused when the customer teases her with their old childhood taunt... but she eventually realizes that it's Mikel.

Mikel orders a cup of coffee, and Paw as Paw prepares it, Mikel remarks that he's amazed at the longevity of the shop. Paw says the store has been there since 1908, and she brags about the quality of their coffee... saying that it's unlike all the other stores which serve everything "instant".

Just then, Alwyn and Janus friends arrive at the coffee shop, with Janus announcing that he has a surprise for Paw. As they walk in, they notice Mikel there sitting at a table, waiting for his coffee. The three friends greet each other heartily, and Mikel reveals to his friends that he will be managing the soon-to-open Coffee King branch, much to Paw's dismay.

She becomes upset when Mikel says that he'll be having coffee at her coffee shop while his own store isn't open yet. When she starts berating him, Mikel reminds her that he's a paying customer and even leaves a P500 bill to pay for his single cup of coffee, telling Paw "keep the change, darling."

Janus stops Paw from hitting Mikel, and as Mikel is about to leave, Alwyn stops him in time to invite Mikel to his sister's debut the next evening. Mikel at first tries to decline, but with Janus' insistence, Mikel finally agrees.

As Alwyn is standing at the door of the coffee shop, he sees Jill riding by on her scooter. He smiles and waves at her, and Jill looks surprised as she rides past.


The following day, Janus is at the coffee shop with Paw, and Paw is still upset about Mikel coming to "spy" on their coffee shop. Two of Paw's aunts are there, and one of them wonders out loud if the curse against their family is finally coming true.

Janus remarks that they obviously believe in the curse because Paw's two aunts chose not to marry. Paw's aunt then points out to Paw that their bad luck in business began when Paw and her boyfriend TJ became a couple. Paw looks shocked and worried, but is unable to deny her aunt's remarks.


The scene shifts to what appears to be Hazel's bedroom, and Jill is there with her dressed in a pink robe. Jill excitedly admires at Hazel's debutante gown, which Hazel complains as being "masyadong pa-tweetums". Jill tries to encourage Hazel to try it out, but Hazel is disinterested; she tells Jill she can try it out if she wants. Jill removes her robe and pulls on the dress.

Just then, Alwyn walks past Hazel's open bedroom door and sees Jill putting on the dress. He leans against the doorway and says to Jill that the dress suits her. Upon hearing his voice, Hazel gets up and slams the door in his face, saying "Sorry, no boys allowed!"

Alwyn then leans against the door to listen to the girls' conversation, just as Jill asks who that guy is. Jill is surprised to learn he is Alwyn, Hazel's older brother. Jill says it's weird but she has seen him twice already today... and she's amazed to realize that he is her best friend's brother.

Outside the door, Alwyn is happy to realize that his "mystery girl" is the best friend of his sister.

Inside the room, Hazel tells Jill to stay away from Alwyn, because all boys are the same, if they're not insensitive, they're selfish... otherwise they're liars...

Jill says that if she ever gets to know the guy who turned Hazel into a manhater, she will beat him up. Hazel responds that if ever she sees the guy, she'll be the one to beat him up personally.


Back at the coffee shop, Janus is complaining to Paw about her aunts superstitious beliefs. He says that if they were not such great tippers, he would have revealed long ago that he's straight (because they apparently think he's gay). He says he will no doubt get a lot of ribbing from Alwyn and his friends if they learn about his situation.

Just then, one of Paw's aunts enters the coffee shop, and Janus switches right away to his gay mode, greeting her good morning and paying her compliments. She leaves and returns to the back room, and right away Janus returns to normal.

Just then, Carla enters the coffee shop and orders some coffee from Paw. Janus immediately sits up straight on his seat and stares at her lovestruck as she moves into the room. We learn via Alwyn's voiceover that Carla is the only daughter of Congressman Loren, and that she's also Janus' "one great childhood love".

Janus introduces himself to Carla, and he is smiling broadly as they exchange handshakes, and it takes him some time to release her hand. Just then, Paw's aunt returns to the room with Janus' cup of coffee, and Janus is forced to return to his gay mode.

The situation turns for the worse for Janus when Paw's aunt goes on to ask for Janus' opinion on her hair, asking if a perm would be good for her.

When Paw's aunt leaves the room, Carla remarks that since Janus is a beautician, she wanted to ask if he would be available that night for home service, since she will be attending Hazel's debut. Before Janus can answer, she says that he is probably fully booked.

Janus tries to grab the opportunity to tell Carla that he is not actually gay, but unfortunately, Carla cannot hear him because just then, Paw starts to grind the coffee beans that Carla has come to buy. As Paw finishes grinding the coffee beans, Paw's aunt returns to the room, and Janus is forced to return to his gay mode before he can reveal the truth to Carla.

Left with no other option, Janus tells Carla that he's actually available that night, and Carla is delighted. They agree to meet at 7pm, just as Paw finishes wrapping up the coffee beans for Carla. Carla then leaves after reminding Janus of their appointment.


Later that evening, we see a montage of scenes as Janus arrives at Carla's home and proceeds to fix her hair and apply her make-up. Carla is extremely happy with the result, and when she asks how much his services cost, Janus says he won't be charging her for his service because artistic types like himself get enough fulfillment from seeing the beautiful results of their work. He is surprised and kilig when Carla hugs him to thank him.

He begins to gather up his equipment and just before he leaves, they find themselves staring at each other. Janus breaks the stare by saying "Grabe ka tumingin" and turns away to pick up his equipment. They have another awkward moment where Janus says goodbye, holds out one arm as if to hug her, but he changes his mind, and bids her goodbye again as he leaves the room.


It's now the evening of the party, and we see Carla talking to Alwyn, then Mikel and Janus arrive. As Alwyn goes off to greet the other guests, Carla turns and sees Mikel and Janus together. She then waves and both Mikel and Janus wave back. Janus goes to greet her, but Carla walks past him to greet Mikel. Janus pretends to greet someone else, but the lady pushes him away and he crashes into a nearby waiter. LOL.


Later that evening, Jill introduces Alwyn as Hazel's 17th rose. The siblings dance together, but Hazel is still stone-faced and unhappy about the debut. When Alwyn mentions that he finds Jill interesting, Hazel warns him to not try his playboy routine on her friend. Alwyn replies that he's just interested in getting to know Jill. Hazel still looks annoyed as she tells him that if he had not left for the States, he would have met Jill long ago.

Jill then announces the 18th rose, Hazel's father. They start dancing together, and Hazel's father is all nostalgic and emotional, but Hazel still looks stone-faced as she assures her father that she's happy.


Still at the party, Carla is greeted by Councilor TJ Ramos, who tells her he's not surprised to see her at the party, since it's the perfect venue for networking, with their constituents all gathered there. Carla tells him she's just there to have fun, then quickly changes the subject by introducing her good friend, Mikel and her beautician Janus.

Janus says he knows TJ already, since he's the boyfriend of his bestfriend, Paw. Janus and Mikel trade a few friendly insults, then TJ introduces Paw to Carla. Carla replies that she actually knows Paw since she's a regular customer of Paw's coffee business. Carla then tries to escape TJ by saying she will go to get a drink, but TJ insists on joining her.

Janus rescues her by saying that he'll join her since she looks like she needs her make-up retouched. Carla gratefully takes his arm and compliments him on being so professional. When TJ tells Paw he intends to go after Carla, she is dismayed and asks how TJ can leave her alone with Mikel, whom she finds arrogant, but TJ says he needs to talk to the congressman's daughter.

Left alone, Paw takes a seat only to have Mikel tease her about her "nice boyfriend".


The scene shifts to Mhyco dressed in a suit, talking with a horse. He is debating whether or not he will enter the party. Just then, Hazel climbs through one of the fences towards Mhyco. She is apparently escaping the party to smoke, and she asks Mhyco if he has a lighter. She is upset when she accidentally bumps into him and breaks the cigarette she is holding.

Mhyco tells her she should really not smoke since it's bad for her health, and she snaps back telling him it's really none of his business.

She pulls a cellphone out of the bodice of her dress, then asks Mhyco if he can help her escape the ranch. Mhyco asks her if she can ride a horse, and in desperation, Hazel says yes. Hazel returns her cellphone to the bodice of her dress and pulls it out a few more times, as Mhyco prepares the horse. He also eyes her debutante gown with some skepticism. The two then get on the horse.


Back at the party, Alwyn is looking for Janus, dismayed at the way his reunion is turning out. He then approaches Jill, and compliments her on her hosting skills. He tells her she caught everyone's attention, including his. Jill thanks him, but starts looking for Hazel because she needs to go home. Alwyn asks her why she's in a rush to go home when it's only midnight, but Jill says she really must go home.

Alwyn offers to drive her home, saying that he heard Jill lives at a penthouse... he teases her about being a rich girl. Jill is uneasy and asks him how he found out, and Alwyn says he learned the info from Hazel. Jill then apologizes and runs off before Alwyn can stop her.


Still at the party, Paw reaches for a glass of water on the table, only to have Mikel snatch it out of her hand. Paw tries to wrest the glass out of his hands, saying that it was TJ's glass, but Mikel gives her a hard time. The two of them are still fighting over the glass when Janus, Carla, and TJ return.

TJ takes his leave, saying he's being called away. He asks Janus to take Paw home, then leaves after kissing Paw.


Meanwhile, Mhyco and Hazel are still on the horse heading home, but Hazel impatiently insists on being let off the horse, since it's walking so slowly. She complains that she can get home much faster by just walking. They both get off the horse, and Mhyco offers to escort her as she walks home, because it's so dark. He also asks her why she's in a rush to leave the debut, and wouldn't the debutante feel bad about her guests leaving?

Hazel reveals to him that SHE is the debutante, and Mhyco realizes who she is, and calls her by name. Hazel asks how he knows her, and he tells her he is Mhyco Aquino. He asks her if she remembers him, just as Hazel repeats his name, then starts hitting him. As he runs away from her, Hazel screams at him telling him to stay away from her or else she'll kill him.


The scene shifts to the parking lot of the ranch, as Paw, Janus, and Mikel are leaving the party. Paw is determined to ignore Mikel, but he grabs her and Janus tries to get her to let them take her home. Paw replies with No thanks, and says she would rather walk. Mikel lets her go and says it's just business and that she's taking things too personally. Paw tells him that unlike her, he's only concerned about money and doesn't appreciate sentimental value. She tells him to get ready because she's determined to fight him in business. Mikel tells her she's welcome to walk home if she wants, or better yet, wait for her boyfriend, who seems to have forgotten to return for her.

Paw starts walking away but Janus asks her to wait for him. Janus then approaches Mikel and tells him to think things through next time because he's no longer funny and is being hurtful. Janus places his bag in the front passenger seat of Mikel's car then goes to talk to Paw. He is surprised when Mikel gets into the car and drives off, leaving Paw and Janus standing in the parking lot.


The scene shifts to Hazel's home. They are all gathered in the living room, and Hazel's father is angrily reprimanding Hazel for her behavior. Hazel's step mom tries to reason with Hazel, saying she and her father have tried everything to get close to Hazel. Hazel's mom says at that point that it obviously wasn't enough. Hazel's step mom then accuses her sister of leaving her responsibilities behind, to which Hazel's mother angrily replies that her sister knows full well why she had to leave for America.

Hazel's mom goes to Hazel and reassures her that everything will be alright, since she is now back and they are now all together. Hazel stands up and angrily asks her mom why she bothered to come back. Everyone is stunned into silence and Hazel leaves the room.

As Alwyn tries to leave, his mom asks where he is going, and he responds that he needs some fresh air, as does the rest of the family.


The scene shifts to the entrance of the soon-to-open Coffee King. Alwyn finds Janus sitting there on the sidewalk, alone. As Mikel steps out of the store, Janus angrily accuses Mikel of being rude to Paw, then says he only came to retrieve his knapsack. Mikel hands it to Janus, saying that all his make-up equipment is there. He then sarcastically asks Janus about the book that's in the knapsack -- a diary?!

It looks like the two guys are about to come to blows, but Alwyn stops them. Janus says he's upset because Mikel acts like he has forgotten everything they've gone through together. Mikel apologizes and reminds Janus that he even offered Janus financial help if he needed it.

Alwyn breaks the tense silence by cracking a few gay jokes, and the two other guys start horsing around, just as Mhyco walks up to join them. Mhyco complains to Alwyn that Hazel beat him up and that he almost lost his horse in the process. Alwyn laughs and asks why Hazel would beat Mhyco up. Mhyco says he has long ago told Alwyn that Hazel is a bit crazy. But Mhyco admits that as he was escorting Hazel home, being with her brought back memories of their many childhood misadventures. He asks for their understanding, saying that he's just embarrassed about his current situation.

Janus then reveals that he has a surprise for all of them. He pulls out a scrapbook from his knapsack and says it's full of photos and assorted knick-knacks from their childhood. Alwyn and Mhyco are excited to see, and Janus looks meaningfully at Mikel as he tells his friends that he's not the type to forget.

Mikel gets up and enters the Coffee King store leaving the three friends go over the scrapbook. He returns to throw a tire in front of his surprised friends. He asks them if they remember that tire, then says that he chose to open the Coffee King store at that location because it was their old hangout. He says he had to retrieve that old tire because it was too important a part of their friendship. He then tells Janus that he hasn't forgotten. The two friends exchange high-fives and hugs.


As the episode closes, we hear Alwyn's voiceover: Kahit malaki na tayo, para pa rin tayo naglalaro ng taguan. Pero ngayon, iba na ang mga pinagtataguan natin...

Alwyn: Responsibilidad...
The scene shifts to Carla talking on her cellphone: Yes Dad, don't worry. Di ko kayo papahiya... as she picks up one of many file folders marked "Projects of Congressman Loren".

Alwyn: Katotohanan...
The scene shifts to Jill entering a building and taking an elevator to emerge at a rooftop. There, she enters a small room on the roof, and puts on what appears to be a maid's uniform.

Alwyn: Kalaban...
The scene shifts to Paw sitting inside her coffee shop, looking worried as she eyes the soon-to-open Coffee King store across the street.

Alwyn: o bumabalik na nakaraan...
The scene shifts to Hazel sitting alone in her bedroom, crying as she holds a photo of Alwyn and her mother.

Alwyn continues: Parang taguan nga ang buhay, 'no? Pero di gaya ng iba, gustong-gusto ko maging taya nung bata pa ako. Dahil kahit gaano man katagal o kahirap kong hulihin ang mga kalaro ko, ayos lang, dahil alam ko naman, na bago matapos ang araw, makikita at makikita ko rin ang hinahanap ko.


  • At 22/8/05 10:43 AM, Blogger michelle said…


  • At 22/8/05 1:19 PM, Blogger cOoLet said…

    helo guys... musta n pla mga mhyzelians d2??? hhmmm... we stil rockzz devah??!! grabe ganda ng sory ng mini serye ng qpids... "taguan"??? hhmmm... i wonder y... im sure mdami png kiligsena ang remaining 4 luvteams pero syempre iba p rn ang kilig factor ng mhyzel.. d best tlga cla! saling ng acting ni hazel and also mhyco.. kht n bgo plng sya s pgarte... we can see tlga n my effort s part nya pra mgampanan ng mbuti ung role nya... ang galing nla mhyzel tlga! d best couple... sna all d mhyzelians will support them til d end.. sna tlga mnalo cla mhyzel... deserving nman cla eh.. bsta GO MHYZEL!!! d best tlga kyo! gudlak s luvteam nla...

  • At 22/8/05 1:35 PM, Blogger wimmie said…

    hay!! salamat at maganda na rin ang role nila jilwyn nd jarla... mukhang magiging maganda ang performance nila dito...YAHOOOO!!!


  • At 22/8/05 1:49 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    Taguan...at first i wondered what kind of title that was but in the end i realize that taguan...lahat sila may tinatago at may secret na tinatago and nag tatago from finding out the real truth of who they really are..That was great and a nice twist..ndi really twist sya pero i guess staff na ng qpids ang nakakita na dere must be spaces between the loveteams...so why not...put all the ppl that ppl think don't get along and make them so close to each other that its hard to hate.. diba... mhyzel and jilwyn and jarla and pawel...ganda..i can't wait for the next episode.. I'M SURE EVERYONE WILL IMPROVE.. GANDA TALAGA KAKAKILIG... i like the part where mhyzel beat up mhyco...i like the part where paw was nice to mikel and den got mean.. i love the part where janus was putting make up on carla.. and on top of that trying to play bakla pero ndi naman sya bakla... I Love the Part yung nakatitig si Alwyn kay Jill tapos Jill look back but before that I love the way jill played the mystery person... Nakakilig lahat sila...but of course love ko si JILWYN...ano kaya ang rason kung bakit sya umalis...ano kaya ang talagang nangyari kay jill..kelan kaya sasabihin ni Janus na ndi sya bakla kay carla...love this week can't wait till next week...

    GO JILWYN!!!!!
    GO JARLA!!!!!!

  • At 22/8/05 2:47 PM, Blogger rahamaya said…

    muzta mga guys???
    wat's up w/ mhyzelians there???
    we have no choice nmn kc mhyzel is the best among them all??? d b?????

  • At 22/8/05 3:52 PM, Blogger kai said…

    MHYZEL is on the top of them all! ASTIG talaga sila! ang galing galing, nakakakilig kahit saan mo tingnan! i know they can make it, MHYZEL the best!

    go MHYZEL go!

  • At 22/8/05 4:05 PM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    eversince pa lang, MHYZEL na talaga ng gusto ko. ewan ko ba basta first time ko pa lang sila nakita together, i know na malayo mararating nila, and i'm right. hanggang ngayon kasi going strong pa din sila. ang dami dami na nilang pinagdaanan pero andyan pa din sila. ang galing galing talaga nila. i know they can make it. i believe na malayo talaga mararating nila. hayyy basta, kahit anong mangyri, MHYZEL talaga ang number 1. nakakakilig sila! the best! ASTIG!

  • At 22/8/05 6:39 PM, Blogger grasya said…

    I like the story and also their role, talagang bagay sa kanila. Especially MHYZEL. Ganda talaga umarte ni Hazel! and also Mhyco! ASTIG!!!! Sana they will make it on top.

  • At 22/8/05 11:00 PM, Blogger cellie said…

    kamusta kau. im an avid fans of MHYZEL hir in davao, ang galing naman ng MHYZEL dun sa drama special ng qpids lalo na nung sumakay sila sa kabayo im soooo kinilig talaga sa kanila, actually ok naman lahat e.kaya lng iba talaga ang kilig factor ng MHYZEL, u know nakita ko sila sumayaw sa davao,grabe ang daming tumili sa kanila grabe talaga mga tao ddito ngwala nung lumabas sila sikat na sila dito.ang daming tao ang gustong gusto sila at u know what d kami ngkamali ng pgpili sa fav loveteams ang galing ng MHYZEL .
    alam nyo inspiration namin kau kc iba dating nyo dito dami nyong fans talaga dito. at qpids gustong gusto namin.pero prang gnaya kau ng kapuso kc my love stuck na sila , pero alam namin mas the best syempre ang orig db. kaya dito parin kami sa orig syempre....
    abscbn the best kau dito sa mga davaoeneous. the best kapamilya.....
    MHYZEL 4eva.

  • At 23/8/05 12:00 AM, Blogger yayo said…

    hi to everybody hir, for me galing ng mhyzel, well i belive kay nica nica, i tink shes a person wd the gud personality. kc wala syang pinipintasan at nilalait. khit na d mhyzel ang fav nya she respect our fav loveteam. kc she believe na the top4 ang may mga magagaling parang ako. mhyzelians din ako pero i respect the other love team na gusto ng iba. kc i believe din na deserving silang lahat. so sana mgtuloy tuloy na ung mga ibang fans na iba iba ang fav loveteam dito. sana maging magkakaibigan taung lahat gaya ng mga fav loveteam natin. like hazel ang jill. nabalik na ung friendship nila. sana ganun din taung mga fans kaya pls wala ng siraan ng love team na fav natin ok.lahat naman sila ok e. galing lahat. basta iba iba lng tau ng gusto ganun lng un dba ms,. nica nica.
    kaya sa mga love team na top4 dito sa qpids keep up all the gud works lahat kau magaling alam ko un.
    to my fav loveteam MHYZEL we love u so very much.galingan nyo asahan nyo ang support namin sa inyo til the end. ok babu.....
    ganda talaga ng qpids.panalo abs cbn sana magb tagal pa kau.....

  • At 23/8/05 12:10 AM, Blogger dindin said…

    hi to my MHYZEL, ang galing nyo talaga the best . d ko kinaya ang power nyo sa killlliiiiig talaga kau wala kaung kakupas kupas.
    no.1 loveteam na the best talaga. ang gallliiinnng gggaaallliiinnnggg
    nyo talaga.
    ur the no.1 weloveu MHYZEL

  • At 23/8/05 1:39 AM, Blogger mhyzel_the best said…

    hayyy pag nakikita ko MHYZEL para kong nasa heaven...para kong lumilipad sa sobrang kakiligan...sobrang saya ko pag nakikita ko cla...grabe ang galing galing ng MHYZEL asahan nyo suporta ko...at ung milyong milyon nyong fans...MHYZEL the BEST kayo sa lahat ng LOVETEAMS

  • At 23/8/05 3:04 AM, Blogger AY NIPSTER! haha said…


  • At 23/8/05 5:20 AM, Blogger ktisten said…


  • At 23/8/05 8:46 AM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    go PAWEL!! and also mhyzel!!!

    just do ur best sa lht ng mga pinapgawa sa inyo... believe in urself!

    gud luck to pawel and mhyzel...

    mhyzel forver!

    pawel for eternity!!

  • At 23/8/05 9:12 AM, Blogger empress said…

    woots!! mhyzeL the best!!!!!! ahaha... brabe! kiling na kiling akoh about mhyzeL... hahha... luv na luv koh si mhyZel.... they rock my world!!!!!!

    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!
    u can do it mhyzeL!! we know u can!!

    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!
    i know u can do it mhyzeL...!!!!!!'

    hahah... lol...


  • At 23/8/05 9:41 AM, Blogger jilwyn rocks said…

    ang gling2 tlga nla jilwyn grabe nkkkilig d best tlga umarte....
    keep on supporting jilwyn guys
    qpids 2 name,address send to 2366
    1908-77437-05 press 1,then 2
    we labs u guys....jilwyn rules....
    go! go! go! jilwyn....

  • At 23/8/05 9:41 AM, Blogger sephmel said…

    galing talga ng MHYZEL.........prince n' princess of the night........

    mhyzel #6 2366

  • At 23/8/05 9:42 AM, Blogger sephmel said…

    mhyzel rockz!!!!!!!!

    we believe ur talent....

  • At 23/8/05 10:13 AM, Blogger cOoLet said…

    wow, ang saya nman bsahin ng mga comments ng mga tao d2... kramihan mhyzelians tlga! d best kc tlga ang fave luvteam nn devuh guys??? sna tlga dey'l mke it... sna cla ung mnalo n luvteam dey really deserve it nman... bsta we hav 2 continue support dem pra 2loy2 ang pgi2ng d best ng mhyzel... gudlak n rn s lhat ng luvteams especially mhyzel!

  • At 23/8/05 1:09 PM, Blogger eve-mhyzel said…

    oh my goodness.... fave ko ung nasa kabayo cla MHYZEL!!!!! parang prinsesa at prinsipe.... c MHYCO... knight in shining armor....waaahhhhh.... parang fairytale...ang ganda ni hazel... ganda ng gown nya...

  • At 23/8/05 1:12 PM, Blogger eve-mhyzel said…

    go qpids... love ko kyong lahat... i hope after ng qpids... lahat kyo mgbloom ang career...
    and to mhyzel... i love you so much.... i'll be here for you always...

  • At 23/8/05 2:40 PM, Blogger pussypink said…

    loveteams MHYZEL and PAWEL reli do good in their mini series...i reli lyk der tandem...their my 2 bet in the coming finals night...both 2 pairs hve chemistry....MHYZEL through their eyes they can catch up viewers attention..nakakakilig...PAWEL they act so simple as in "there not OA..they only show kung sino tlga sila..totoong tao tlaga ang MHYZEL and PAWEL loveteam...gud luck

  • At 23/8/05 3:51 PM, Blogger dimples said…

    ang galing talaga nila jarla sana next time kayo naman ang makareceive ng immunity bear.janus gwapo ka at wag kang mainsecure kahit kanino wag kana rin sana magcigarettes.wag mo laging itukso si jarla at paaminin na gusto nya si mikel kasi kahit hindi nya na gusto yun sasabihin nya na gusto kasi iyon ang pinipilit mo kakukulit mo kahit hindi na talaga sasabihin na lang nya yun para pagbigyan ka sa gusto mong marinig kahit ang totoo ikaw na ang gusto nya.Bakti wala po nung august 21 hindi ko pa naman napanood yun.

  • At 23/8/05 3:57 PM, Blogger dimples said…

    nakakakilig sina jarla continue nyo lang. Hazel wag ka sana magalit kay jill kasi sila ang nakareceived ng immunity bear they deserved it. sana sina jarla naman janus gwapo ka okay at sigurado na papasa ka kay carla okay

  • At 23/8/05 5:49 PM, Blogger jo said…

    GO PAWEL!!!!

  • At 23/8/05 8:57 PM, Blogger mhyzel4ever said…

    Siyanga pala gusto ko muna kumustahin ang friend ko sa Riyadh si SAYE! Musta ka na? Itong friend ko na ito love na love ang MHYZEL! Halos umiyak pa yan nung hindi nakuha nila Mhyzel ang immunity bear. Pero ok lang yun... hindi pa naman natatapos dun ang lahat... Makikita na lang natin sa Grand Finals yan... kaya MHYZEL GALINGAN PA NINYO! NANDITO KAMING LAHAT SUSUPORTA SA INYO! GO MHYZEL! GO MHYZEL! GO MHYZEL! GO! KAYA-KAYANG NIYO YAN!

    Vote for Hazel & Mhyco
    Text QPIDS 6 to 2366.

  • At 23/8/05 10:18 PM, Blogger clarisse said…

    ang daming mhyzelians d2 ah! hehe.. i love you mhyzel! well.. ang galing galing umarte ni hazel! but wala masyadong rapport pa sa kanila in the first episode... haaaay! im just wondering kung bakit si alwyn ang parang host... it isnt so fair.. but i like jillwyn naman eh. but i LOVE mhyzel. go go go! u can make it 2 the top.. please, dont disappoint us...

  • At 24/8/05 12:10 AM, Blogger mhyzel_the best said…




  • At 24/8/05 12:25 AM, Blogger anonymous said…

    wow ang daming fans ng mhyzel dito wow sikat na mga fav loveteam natin a. ang galing nila halos maka mhyzel pala ang blog nato grabe. im happy dahil dami parin nilang fans at isa kami dun wow galing talaga nila.
    goooooooooo MHYZEL sa tingin ko sila talaga mag uultimate loveteam...

  • At 24/8/05 1:10 AM, Blogger mhyzel_the best said…

    oo nga noh..dami fans ng MHYZEL...xempre sure na sure na isa na ko dun..number 1 fan ako nila mhyzel..in fact I'm sooooo ADDICTED to MHYZEL...grabehh..KAKAKILIG ANG MHYZEL AS IN SUPER..SANA LANG TALAGA KAYO ANG MANALO....PERO KUNG HINDI OK LANG..MERON NAMAN KAYONG GNP..AT 4 SURE LALO PA KAYONG SISIKAT..GALING NYO KC...guys don't 4get to vote..

    QPIDS 6 name,address send to 2366


  • At 24/8/05 8:48 AM, Blogger GuMMI3bear said…


    Go Pawel u ppl have to luv pawel ! Mikel is so HOTt! will umarry me mikel!jkjk! vote for paw and mikel they have gud chemistry! PAWEL FOREVER!


  • At 24/8/05 10:35 AM, Blogger gurlluvu said…

    Go Pawel
    Go pAWel

    wowwwwww. ang galing ni paw
    umarte....ang cute talaga ni MIkel and PAW............bagay sa kanila ang rOle........sana guyz sopportahan natin ang PAWEL..
    para sa akin Pawel 4ever.......win or lose ....pawel solid grabe hehhehehehheehehheheheh


  • At 24/8/05 11:55 AM, Blogger LEN said…

    gudluck pawel....u can make it.....gling nyo tlga........!!!!!!!!

  • At 25/8/05 12:19 AM, Blogger bblaine said…

    woooowww .. mhyyyzzeelll isss thaaaa bessstt .. 4 meee ;D
    nakakaakilliggg sila graaabbiii ;D
    heheee . i hopee they will win!!! sanaaa tuluy tuluy pa kayooo ;D hehe

  • At 25/8/05 2:40 PM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    MHYZEL ang galing galing nyo talaga! bagay na bagay sa inyo ung mga characters nyo, nakakakilig kayo.

  • At 25/8/05 2:42 PM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    go MHYZEL go! kayo ang the BEST!

  • At 26/8/05 5:40 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    MhyZel ang galing-galing nyo...! kilig na kiligtalaga ako sa inyo...! ASTIG kayo...! bagay na bagay sa inyo ung mga roles nyo, and kahit ano p man ang characters
    n ibigay sa inyo, nagagawa nyo talaga ng maganda...! THE BEST talaga kayo...! i'm a forever MhyZel's Angels...! i really love MhyZel...!

  • At 26/8/05 5:42 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    go MhyZel go...! ang galing galing nyo...! ASTIG talaga...! nakakakilig kayo...! kahit walang effort kayong magpakilig, nakakakilig pa din talaga...! i really really hope that you guyz will win...! you really deserve it...! handsdown ako sa inyo...!

    MhyZel forever...!

  • At 27/8/05 11:08 AM, Blogger angelica said…

    yeayee now i'm all caught up. ^_^

  • At 27/8/05 3:28 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    wow, sabado na naman tapos bukas ay lingo...yes makikita ko nanaman ang fave kong loveteam na sina JILWYN can't wait what will happen to them next. I can't wait to be kilig and to laugh and to see what will happen next. Can't wait...

    GO JILWYN!!!!!!!!
    GO JARLA!!!!!!!!!

  • At 29/8/05 2:34 AM, Blogger tihntin said…

    jilwyn ako!!! cute nila lang dalawa!! bagay cla!! kakilig pa cila!! ahh!!! pogi mo alwyn!!

  • At 29/8/05 11:09 AM, Blogger trixiee said…

    haayyy... nakakakilig po ang mhyzel!!! after watching them parang lumulutang na ko sa air!! ahehe.. im so hapi na marami taung mhyzelians na nagsusuport sa love team natin!! so, wat r we w8in for?? lets text QPIDS 6 [ung name and adres po b pwede lng s mga nka register ng until august 18 dba?]to 2366!! mamamatay na ako sa kakavote!! kau din!! lets go mhyzelians!!

    go mhyzel!! you can do this!! were here to support you all the way!! woohoo.. we love yah mhyzel!

  • At 29/8/05 11:48 AM, Blogger gurlluvu said…

    go pawellllllllll
    go pawellllllllll

    ang galing nang pawel ang cute nila........yung acting nila pawel hindi OA ....grabe !!!they both simple acting simple ..hindi pareho sa iban parang sobra na yata ang acting super OA na!!!!!!!!!by da way I love pawel !!!!!!!!supportahan ko cla kahit matalo or manalo!!!!!!!!!!solid yata toooooo..........

    go pawelllll ang cute mohhhhhhhhhhh
    i luv da way u smile .........wen u smile ...u make my heart soft as a pillowwwwwwww..naksssssssssssss ehhehehehehehh........

    pawelllllllll solid
    pawelllllllll 4ever
    go pawelllllllll
    go pawellllllll

  • At 29/8/05 2:44 PM, Blogger kirbz said…

    jilwyn rocks!!
    go jilwyn!
    i'm crazy for you!

  • At 31/8/05 10:41 AM, Blogger michelle said…


  • At 4/9/05 1:51 PM, Blogger anonymous said…





  • At 9/9/05 6:41 AM, Blogger wimmie said…

    Ganda tlaga ni Jill lalo na nung nag-model cya hehehehe titig na titig c alwyn dun...hehehehe
    Grbe kakilig tlaga dun sa scooter scene nila JILLWYN...arrrrggggghhh

    Can't w8 4 sunday!!!


  • At 12/9/05 10:43 PM, Blogger maypee said…

    favor nman poh! pktapos ung story ng "TAGUAN" pkipost nman poh d2.. need q ung copy ng kwen2.. iccompile q lng poh.. please!!!!!!!!


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