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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Episode 4.4

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 4, Day 4.

Episode summary text are courtesy of Angelica. Thank you so much!

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Today's episode features the 'Bear Kita' date of Gian and Pauleen. The show starts off with Luis and Anne introducing Gian and Pauleen's date and describing how Gian is shy around Pauleen... and so he should make a good impression because all of the Philippines (and TFC!) is watching.

Gian is first seen taking a shower with his cousin at his home in Cavite. He takes his shower 'provincial-style,' with a hand-operated water pump. Next, he goes back to his home to change and prepare for his date.

Meanwhile, Pauleen is back at her own home chatting with Mommy Chat about her date with Gian. Her mom tells her: 'Dapat hindi magulo, hindi aggresive, wag mag papahalik...' :)

Gian bids his family in Cavite goodbye and boards a taxi to head for Manila. On the way to Pauleen's house, he stops by a floral market to buy flowers for Pauleen and her mom. Gian finally picks out a bouquet of pink and other different colored flowers to bring to Pauleen's house as well as another single blue flower.

Before long, he is standing at Pauleen's gate, nervous, and trying to practice what he will say to her mom. He greets Pauleen's mom and presents the flowers to her and gives Pauleen the single flower. Pauleen's mom tells Gian he should take good care of Pauleen because they don't let just anybody take her out.

Pauleen and Gian board the taxi on the way for their first destination of the date. Pauleen questions him as to where they are going and he tells her just to ride with him. She asks him if he is nervous because she is beside him... and they sing along to the Qpids theme song (Dito sa Puso Ko).

Eventually, they arrive at a church, and Pauleen learns that Gian has done his research and learned that Pauleen is a religious person, and that the best way to get to know her is in the church. She is touched and surprised by his gesture for her.

Before they pray, he presents her with a birthstone rosary and a prayer booklet about the rosary in english and tagalog. They kneel and pray together to God to help them make the right choices about their loveteam and Gian personally prays that Pauleen not regret that he's her loveteam. Pauleen says that she saw something different in Gian, 'he's not like those other guys -- MMM: mayaman, mayabang, masakit sa ulo.'

After they pray, they go outside the church to a stand that sells fish balls because Gian did his research and learned that Pauleen loves fish balls. Pauleen asks how he knew, and Gian says that he found out from Carla. Gian says that it's important that he knows what her favorites are.

Afterwards, they walk to the next part of their date. Gian takes Pauleen's bag and says that he should hold it because the next part of their date might be a little difficult for her. Pauleen is a little confused, and then is shocked because she realized that Gian will be asking her to eat vegetables (which she does not eat at all).

Pauleen and Gian arrive at a small eatery and he surprises her by cooking fish and pinakbet for her. Pauleen is touched by Gian's 'simple yet extraordinary' efforts for her because she says it's rare for a guy to know how to cook.

Pauleen at first worries because she does not know how she can possibly eat the vegetables. Then Gian says he'd like them to share one plate while eating, because he knows that she would like to do that on her "dream date". They looked quite cute feeding each other the dishes that Gian prepared.

Afterwards, Gian and Pauleen are back in the taxi and Gian presents her with a unique gift -- a statue of St. Michael, in relation to a song lyric --'i will be the man who will fight for your love.' Then Gian segues and admits that he has feelings for Pauleen. Soon afterwards, his head begins to hurt, and he feels nauseated... to the point that the cab has to pull over so he can vomit.

Gian says that the heat, his cooking, and all the tension of going back and forth caused his nausea in the taxi. Pauleen comes out and checks up on him. When he asks for candy, she walks quite a distance to find some for him, and when she returns, Gian is very appreciative.

Finally, they make it back home to Pauleen's house, where Gian gets up the nerve to ask Pauleen for her cellphone number.

Afterwards, Gian in his interview says that the day was difficult, and yet he was happy at the same time. It was hard because he came a long way, yet he was happy because he got to do what he wanted to do. Pauleen says that she was really surprised today and that she had never told him anything about her "dream date" ideas, yet he did his research. She says that it doesn't matter that the date was simple because she isn't the type of person to be impressed with fancy dates, and that even though you're not very rich you can still be a good person. During the interview, Gian texts Pauleen for the first time and she texts back. She says that Gian has relaxed and they have gotten close.

As the interviews take place, we see scenes from when Pauleen first competed in ClashDance at ASAP Fanatic, where Gian was loudly cheering her on.

Pauleen says she they have now made a pact that they will help each other.


Anne and Luis close the episode by asking everyone to watch out for Jill and Alwyn's date tomorrow.


  • At 17/6/05 12:57 PM, Blogger _bebe said…

    is there any recapp sa date nila pauleen and gian??? i really want to see dem togther coz' i think der so kyuteee together!! =)

  • At 17/6/05 11:20 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Sorry that the recap for this episode was later than usual. My internet connection was down for almost two days, so couldn't upload the summaries and screenshots even though ready na.

    Thanks everyone, for your patience.

  • At 18/6/05 10:10 AM, Blogger von said…

    kilig to the max itong epi na to.. ;) go PauGi..

  • At 18/6/05 8:27 PM, Blogger spikey said…

    Hep!!hep!! hurray!!
    PauGi fanatic are very happy for their date.. Kakaiba ang date nila, kaysa ibang loveteam. Modernized makaluma, its the reality type, pangmasa ang dating. They have the original date for loveones. Di tulad ng iba, pang mayaman, tipong akala mo magagawa ng karamihan yung ganun\. Go PauGi

  • At 23/6/05 6:43 PM, Blogger Mae said…

    damn! this date was awesome. i mean even though it was really simple & many ppol may not have liked it well to me that's reality forealz. i loved their date cuz simple is better. everything that gian did was so amazing & memorable. i liked how he bought a bouquet 4 pauleen's mom then they went to church, gave her a rosary then prayed together. after that they ate fish balls then he cooked for her. i liked how he researched everything about her like how she is religious, loved fish balls & didn't eat vegetables. damn, i liked the fact that he learned everything about her so, she'll knoe that he's really sincere of courting her. there's only couple guys who does those kind stuff for girls. gian worked so hard to make their date perfect which he succeeded. i enjoyed their date & i tink they are cute together. good luck & best wishes. =)


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