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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

For First Time Visitors

Welcome to the Qpids Blog, a site dedicated to collecting information about ABS-CBN's reality dating show, Qpids.

Things that you can do here while you're visiting:
  • Read up on the latest Qpids news
  • Browse the profiles of the cast by clicking on their names in the sidebar
  • Contribute info about the cast by leaving a comment on the cast member's blogpage
  • Share your comments or feedback about the cast members or about Qpids events
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This blog is maintained by fans and is not affiliated with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.

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Unrelated remarks include spam and comments whose only purpose is to advertise another website or another blog which is not related to the show.

Other comments that will get deleted:
  • comments which are just the name of one loveteam repeated over and over
  • comments which are unrelated to the entry (for example: commenting about one loveteam on another loveteam's blogpage)
  • comments about a pairing that does not exist

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Fans and fansites are requested to make their own copy of the images on this blog if you intend to post them on message boards. Please give appropriate credit to the Qpids Blog by always including a link back to this blog whenever you post material that was originally made available here. Thanks!


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