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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Loveteam: Karel and Gabb

Status on this show: Eliminated July 4, 2005 (Episode 7.1)

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  • At 11/6/05 7:28 AM, Blogger JapoyLuvzMe said…

    nyehehehehe....ako rin ang unang magpopost d2..lht dapat ako ang mauna!!!nyehehehe..ganda ganda ni karel..hnde xa dpat paiyakin nina jawe..she doesn't deserve that..she deserves a more better person este prince charming..and that's karel..khet d nya love princess c karel..he still treated her lyk her very own love princess isabel..much more tahn nga yata eh..tsaka..he was very happy nung maging luvteam sina isabel at felix..xe he knows na theres somthing more about them ..noh???

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  • At 12/6/05 12:29 PM, Blogger regie88 said…

    alam nio kau ang pinaka bagay sa lhat buti n lng kau ang nagkaloveteam bagay n bagay tlaga kau sobra as in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 12/6/05 12:30 PM, Blogger regie88 said…

    hi sa inu i hope kau ang manalo ok sana pagbutihan nio ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 17/6/05 5:04 AM, Blogger -' sapphire '- said…

    karelfanatic here.
    I'd vote a million times to ensure she wins.
    I'd like to see her star in her own film.
    Also, I hope she gets to tour the US soon.
    'Till then, we'll wait here patiently.

  • At 18/6/05 11:47 AM, Blogger ButterCup said…

    vote natin sila!!!!
    go karel n gabb!!!
    best loveteam ever!! hehehehe

  • At 29/6/05 7:51 AM, Blogger BOO said…

    KAREL doesn't need a lovematch show to be noticed. She's popular enough. Her showbiz career is as great as ever. She has an album, lots of singing gig, steady shows, and a million of fans around the world.

    If she has to do this show, then we'll support her. We're just wondering why she wasn't paired up with much better guy. She could do a lot better!

  • At 29/6/05 1:41 PM, Blogger kgqpidsfan said…

    Karel and Gabb u guys are doing great. Your a good pair. I know you can make it. You have chemistry, you support each other, you look good together. Hmmm, is there something going on between you guys? I don't mind actually, as long as its the two of you. Good Luck. I'm always here to support you.

    So guys, let's vote for GabRel!

  • At 15/7/05 3:32 PM, Blogger beauty said…

    hi gabbrel ang galing galing nyo tapos na out kau hayaan mo it's not the end of the world naman eh


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