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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Episode 11.0

This is the episode summary for Qpids Episode 11.0 -- the 4th Heartbreak Sunday.

Detailed summary text courtesy of Angelica.


This week's episode opens at Studio 1 of ABS-CBN, where everyone has gathered for the 4th Heartbreak Sunday. Anne and Luis open the show, and Anne introduces the conclusion of the drama loventure "I Love You to Death".

I Love You To Death, Part 2

When Part 1 of the story ended, Hazel and Mhyco were alone together in a room, with Mhyco tied up in a chair and Hazel sitting nearby to keep an eye on him, just when the lights go out. She gets up to turn on an emergency lamp and brings it over to him.

Mhyco reveals to her that he has a friend that he hasn't met yet. He says that if he were to imagine what his friend would look like, she would be like Hazel. Just then, his cellphone beeps and he asks her to get it out of his pocket, as long as it is okay for her. He tells her she's being difficult, though she's really pretty.

Hazel gets up and retrieves his cellphone. He then asks her for another favor -- to please open the message and show it to him. She shows him the message and he mentions that "Bebe" is what they call each other in the text. Hazel looks away and begins to put it all together, as Mhyco continues to reveal that he and his textmate were supposed to meet today, but they had to change their plans because she had to work at a party. He says that he can't die yet because his textmate knows that he loves her as a friend, but in reality he feels a deeper love for her.

Hazel puts down the phone and goes to the side with the light, and begins to text on her phone. His phone beeps again, and she goes on to release him. He thanks her and reads his text message on his phone: "Bebe, nice to meet you."

He realizes that Hazel was the one who texted him, and he looks up at her. She smiles and says "Hi Bebe" to him. He stands and takes her hand to embrace her, and declares to her that he loves her, and that now he can die.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Dominic are climbing the stairs to find Carla and Janus. Andrea calls out for Carla while Dominic calls out for Janus.

She realizes that he is behind her, and together they start climbing the stairs. Andrea remarks that she's getting scared and is afraid that Janus and Carla might have already been taken by the murderers.

She suddenly realizes she was holding on to Dominic's arm and apologizes. She thanks him for his praise when she spoke on the microphone downstairs. He replies that he was really impressed by her actions, and that when it was their prom, he had wanted to invite her to be his partner. However, she was always busy studying. She remarks that she wasn't that bad.

Dominic then asks her if she's doing anything next Saturday, so that maybe he could visit her at her house. Andrea, a little surprised, asks if he is serious, and he replies yes. She smiles, and they continue upstairs. She realizes once again that she's already holding on to his arm, and then apologizes, and he assures her that it's okay, and she holds on to him again.

Paw enters a dark room and calls out "Bessie," looking for Carla.

Mikel follows behind, calling out to her. He enters the room with a candle, and just then, the lights all come back on. He tells Paw that the power is back, and the police are on their way, so everything will be okay now.

Paw replies that it's not, and she feels that they should just stop their relationship. Mikel tells her not to say that. She continues and explains that she doesn't want to hurt anyone, and Mikel tells her that he's never letting her go, especially because of everything that has happened.

It made him realize how much he loves her, and that no one has the right to make him change how he feels. Paw sobs quietly as Mikel holds her.

Janus and Carla enter the room, and there's an awkward moment as they catch sight of Paw and Mikel holding each other. Carla calls out to Paw; Paw goes over to her, saying that they have been looking for them.

Paw asks her if she's okay, and Carla says that she is, even though she feels really hurt because of what Paw and Mikel did. Carla says that she felt stupid betrayed, and hurt... but she has realized that even though it hurts now, it doesn't compare to the feeling of losing a best friend.

Carla goes on to say that Isabel is gone. She starts crying as she tells Paw that they shouldn't fight anymore. They embrace each other, and Carla says that Isabel wouldn't like it if they were crying. After a brief pause, Janus turns to Mikel and utters "Messie! You look messy!" and goes over to put his arms around Mikel.

Janus exaggerates his weeping and says that Lex is gone, as Mikel tries to comfort him as best as he could. Carla turns around and pokes Janus and tells him to cut it out. She chases him around the room a bit, and they all manage to share a laugh.

The sun has risen by the time the police finally arrive to question everyone about the mysterious deaths of Felix and Isabel. Everyone talks in unison as they try to explain their side of the story.

Another policeman enters the room and says that there are security cameras at the house. Carla belatedly remembers the cameras just then, and apologizes to everyone for not thinking of it sooner. Janus replies that if they only knew about it earlier then maybe they could have found out about what happened. Hazel jumps into the conversation to say that if they had known, then no one would be scared, and her "Bebe" wouldn't have gotten hurt, to which Carla says in surprise, "Bebe?"

The policeman informs everyone that the owner of the house is allowed to see the tape, but suggests that maybe the others would like to rest instead. Mikel says that they are all in this together, and Paw asserts that they won't stop until they find out what really happened to Felix and Isabel. Alwyn takes Jill's hand and says they will go too, and Hazel mentions that she will go also, because she can't leave her "Bebe." The loveteams go together to the police station to view the tape.

At the station, the policeman asks everyone if they are ready to view the tape. Janus confirms, and the police officer plays it.

The tape plays and Felix and Isabel are shown embracing by the poolside. Felix releases her, and walks to the pool rail. He tells her that this is not going to work, that they're still young, and that she will meet a lot of other guys in the world. They should just go back to the party and finish it, because he doesn't want to embarrass her.

Isabel to say that if he doesn't want to... and then she accidentally slips into the pool. As she is struggling in the water, Felix yells that he can't swim and yet he jumps into the pool after her.

We see the six pairs reacting as they watch the terrifying scenes play out on the tape. Felix tries his best to save Isabel but in the end they both drown. Then, the camera catches Vanessa as she discovers them and screams... and the rest is history.

The police inform the group that there is no need for a further investigation, but everyone still has to give a statement. The police says they will wait for them at the precinct. The group thanks them and watches as the two police officers leave, holding hands.

Mhyco asks the group's permission to leave, seeing as he had nothing to do with the deaths of Isabel and Felix. Mikel apologizes to Mhyco for the way they treated him earlier. Mhyco says that it's all good, because if it wasn't for this night and if he had not come to the house, he would have never met his "Bebe." Jill asks who "Bebe" is, and Andrea implies that it is Hazel.

Just before Mhyco leaves, however, he asks about the payment for the pizza. Janus angrily gets up from his chair and asks how Mhyco could be thinking of payment at a time like this... and just as everyone falls quiet, Janus says: "Joke lang... magkano nga ba?" Mhyco says that he too was just joking, and everyone laughs.

As they get up and prepare to leave, Vanessa and Janus both mention that they're all in this together. At Alwyn's suggestion, they all get together for a group hug!

In the epilogue, we learn that Carla is forgiven by her parents for using the resthouse for the party. She and Janus end up together and start a business selling beautifully appointed and expensive bathrooms. Vanessa invites Carlo to Norway on vacation, and the two of them don't bother to return from that trip. Dominic and Andrea graduate at the top of their class, as valedictorian and salutorian respectively... but it looks like Andrea just let Dominic win.

Jill and Alwyn broke up the next day... but made up again ten minutes later. After a year, Mikel proposes to Paw and the two of them marry and now run a large chocolate factory. Mhyco and Hazel marry a week later, and they now have two children, named BebeGirl and BebeBoy. LOL.


4th Heartbreak Sunday

CF's Note: Heartbreak eliminations screenshots are courtesy of Michelle S.

At the conclusion of I Love You To Death, we return to Studio 1 to the proceedings of the 4th Heartbreak Sunday, where Luis introduced the members of the Love Council for this week.

  • Multi-awarded actress, TV director, acting workshops expert, and soon to appear on ABS-CBN's upcoming teleserye Vietnam Rose, Ms. Gina Alajar

  • A popular teenstar during the 1980s, together with her loveteam partners Ramon Christopher and Anjo Yllana, and last seen on ABS-CBN's Spirits, Ms. Lotlot de Leon.

  • Last but not least, a man who needs no introduction... Starmaker extraordinaire, Mr. Qpido, Direk Lauren Dyogi.

Each loveteam was asked to step forward to listen to what the Love Council has to say about their performance.

  • MhyZel.
    Alam mo, nung na panood ko kanina, yung unang unang tingin ni Mhyco kay Hazel nung kinulong sila sa kwarto, kinilig ako agad.. There was this certain look kay Mhyco na parang sabi ko, ano ba yun? bakit parang may ano, may chemistry, meron ng intensity of acting at chemistry.

  • JilWyn.
    : Naalala ko nung bata pa ako... Naks! I like how Alwyn looked at Jill, bago may brownout, magki-kiss na yata yung dalawa, pero hindi natuloy. I liked how he stared at Jill. Nakakilig.

  • PawEl.
    Direk Lauren
    : PawEl. "Instant PawEl" sabi nga ng fans. Ano lang, kailangan na lang ng koting fine tuning sa acting, lalo na kay Mikel.. Sa kilig, meron kayo talaga. Kailangan lang ihasa ang reactions, Mikel.

  • DomRea
    : Since nagkaroon kayo na isang maliit na eksena, next time, kapag ganoon pa rin ang eksena niyo, take that moment because that is your shining moment. on't waste any time.

  • JaRla.
    : Alam mo, kayong dalawa, you remind me of William [Martinez] and Maricel Soriano. Kasi very light, yung chemistry niyo is very good and the way you go with the comedy, like si Janus... tapos si Carla, nakakasabay. So maganda na... parang isang comediante at isang nag ta-taray.

  • CarVane.
    Direk Lauren
    : Nararamdaman ko, Carlo, parang inaalalayan mo masyado si Vanessa. Sa larangan ng pag-arte, parang ayaw mo umangat ka kasi gusto mong sabayan si Vanessa. To a point na sometimes masyado ka ng under-acting na hindi ko na nararamdaman. So Vanessa, you really have to work harder, you have to work double time so that you match up with Carlo.

Finally, it is time to award the immunity bear. Luis reminds everyone that the immunity bear is valid only for the present Heartbreak Sunday. Direk Lauren announces that the immunity bear this week is awarded to PawEl, and that PawEl will be the first loveteam to enter the Red Heart.

The remaining teams are sorted into Red Heart and Blue Heart, with these results:
  • JilWyn -- Ms. Lotlot says that they look good together but they still have to work on their acting chemistry and that they should watch out for each other. They go to the Blue Heart.

  • DomRea -- Ms. Gina says that she would rather have a different color than what is written down, and that she felt the 'kilig' in their small scene. She says they have potential in acting. They go to the Blue Heart.

  • MhyZel -- Direk Lauren says Hazel and Mhyco are getting prettier and more handsome, which indicates that they seem to be gaining confidence in their loveteam. He says that he hopes they don't become over-confident and continue to put the effort into it. They go to the Red Heart.

  • CarVane -- Ms. Lotlot informs them that they are in the Blue Heart again.

  • JaRla -- Ms. Gina tells says she thinks they will most likely be successful as a loveteam, because "may dating." She then tells them that they are in the Red Heart.

The three love teams in the blue heart were then given a chance to plead their case, and explain why they should be in the Red Heart.
  • DomRea
    Dominic -- Baguhan lang kami, tapos, we made it this far, we're both proud of it.
    Andrea -- Kasi, parang nafi-feel ako ang kilig, tapos every week napapansin na umaayos na kami, nakakataas na kami. I think may maganda dahil pataas kami each week kesa pababa every week. So habang tumatagal, okay pa rin... diba?

  • CarVane
    Vanessa -- Kung may problema kami, lagi kaming nag-uusap, so alam mo that we're working good together.
    Carlo -- Whatever happens, God's will naman e, so kung ano naman magiging decision ng tao, at ng decision ng love council, rerespetohin ko.

  • JilWyn
    Alwyn -- Tama lang ang hatol sa amin ng love council, kung siguro may kulang kami, kung mabibigyan kami ng chance pa next week, pipilitin namin bumawi para sa lahat ng sumusuporta sa atin.
    Jill -- Para sa akin, kasi po ginagawa namin yung best namin, hindi kami nang-hahatak ng ibang loveteam pababa -- alam ni Hazel yun -- sana lang maayos na to tsaka mas mabutihan namin.

Then the love council announces that CarVane is now safe and can move to the Red Heart, and the two weakest loveteams of the week therefore are JilWyn and DomRea.

As in Qpids tradition, the two weakest loveteams get to exchange their last messages to each other, as well as present gifts they have for each other.

Dominic -- May binili ako para sa yo, necklace .. I got this necklace kasi if ever matangal tayo, i found the thing that you could wear closest to your heart. Kahit hindi tayo mag kasama, nandun pa rin ako sa puso mo. Kaya, huwag ka na umiyak.

Andrea -- Unang gusto ko ibigay ang locket na ito, nandun ang picture natin dalawa, para hindi mo ako nalimutan... at tsaka yung newspaper na ito, yung date May 3, 2005 -- kung kailan naging mag-kaloveteam tayo. Gusto ko na maging importantate ang date na 'to sa 'yo kasi sobrang importante ang date na yan sa akin.

Jill -- [she opens a gift box and there's nothing inside] Wala. Kasi hindi mo napansin na-ilagay ko dito [she reaches inside his pocket and pulls out a pendant] Cross yan, kasi kahit na matanggal tayo ngayon, masaya ako kasi nakilala kita ng mabuti, tapos, naging close natin sila Janus, okay lang naman sa akin.. okay lang. wag ka nang sad, ha? I'm here for you, e.

Alwyn -- Sa akin naman kasi.. lagi ko naalala na pag magkasama tayo naka-jacket ako, at palagi mong hinihiram sa akin kasi nilalamig ka. So pag wala ako, at wala kang jacket, at walang magyayakap sayo... binili kita ng isang jacket, simple lang yung jacket pero gusto kong malaman mo na para sa yo to, diretso mula sa puso ko. Gusto kong malaman mo na kahit matangal tayo tonight, gusto kong malaman mo na mahal kita.

Luis turns the floor over to the love council. Direk Lauren reminds the loveteams that even though they are eliminated it doesn't mean that this is the last time they'll be together as loveteams. The previous weeks on the show have proven that their loveteams are effective. However, this is a contest. Andrea bloomed in this show and Dominic grew from being shy in the beginning to being more 'kalog' like his brother Felix. Alwyn and Jill rediscovered their friendship; in their previous show together they didn't really notice it, and it seems that they're a real couple now.

Finally, Mr. Qpido reveals that DomRea is the 4th loveteam to be eliminated from the show. Jill and Alwyn join the four other loveteams at the Red Heart, and they are met and hugged by Carla and Janus.

Dominic and Andrea have their traditional last dance, as scenes of their loveteam's story flash across the overhead screen. At the end of their dance, the remaining 5 loveteams go to comfort them, as tears are flowing all around.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Episode 10.0

This is Episode 10 of Qpids, and features the Qpids Drama Loventure. The title of the drama special is "I Love You To Death." Although the cast members all retain their names, the entire episode is scripted.

Episode summary courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!!

Note to fans and fansites: Please make your own copies of these images if you intend to post them on your site or on message boards. A link back to this blog will also be appreciated. Thanks!


: Eto ang drama loventure ng final 6 loveteams. Ito ang magiging basihan ng love council para sa 4th Heartbreak Sunday sa susunod na linggo. Kaninong love story ang magtatapos? Malalaman ninyo next week. But for now, let the Loventure begin sa Qpids Presents... I Love You To Death.

The story begins with Isabel and Carla preparing the food for a surprise birthday party that Isabel is throwing for Felix. She asks Carla if this is the right thing to do, and she is nervous.

Carla reassures her and tells her that this what she is doing is really sweet; Isabel is showing how much she really loves Felix in front of her and the rest of their friends, which is the best gift Isabel could give. Isabel hopes that after this she and Felix will always be on good terms because they are always fighting.

Carla then tells Isabel that she understands that it's Isabel's night, and asks her not to get mad, but she also has a big announcement to make. Carla tells them that lately, "he's" been really sweet to her lately, and she doesn't know why, but all the signs are there. Carla says she thinks she and Mikel are going to get back together, and Isabel and Vanessa embrace her in support.

Isabel says that it should be Carla's night as well as hers, because Carla helped so much in planning the party, especially in offering her resthouse to have it in. Carla thanks her and says she really wanted her approval.

Vanessa wonders whether she'll have a love life of her own, as she looks across to the living room, where Carlo is playing on his guitar. Carla tells her that it'll be soon.

The doorbell rings and they all get excited, thinking it might be Felix. Hazel goes to open the door and Alwyn comes in accompanied by Jill. He introduces himself as Felix's friend, and Hazel brings them over to the dining room, where Carla and Isabel are waiting.

Isabel says to Alwyn that she thought he was the only one coming. He tells her that his guest is always stuck to him and doesn't want to leave him alone. Jill hits him over the head, telling him that he has some nerve, and says that he was the one who was forcing her to come with him.

Jill then apologizes for her behavior and introduces herself to them. Alwyn tells them that Felix is coming with Janus, and then he asks where for Vanessa. Jealous, Jill makes a face at him.

The scene shifts to outside the house, where we see Paw and Mikel arriving together. Paw stops on the way in, and tells Mikel that she's nervous, because she's not sure how she's going to tell everyone that they're a couple now. She wonders what Isabel and Vanessa will say, and most especially what Carla might say.

Mikel replies -- what does she want, to stop how they feel for each other? She says that it's not like that, but rather that it's an understood rule that as someone's friend you're not supposed to go out with his or her ex. Mikel says that if they're really her friends they'll understand, and that he doesn't want to be pretending anymore. Paw says that she doesn't like this feeling, and Mikel reassures her that everything will be all right.

Inside the house, Carlo is still rehearsing with his guitar, and when Dominic leaves him for a moment, Vanessa grabs the opportunity to be with him. She goes and offers him a bite of norwegian salmon, her specialty, but he tells her he's allergic to it.

Vanessa nervously puts the salmon on top of one of his equipment. As Carlo strums away, she tells him that she's really impressed by guys who play guitar. He thanks her but tells her to take off the plate of salmon from the equipment because if it drops it could ruin it. Vanessa apologizes and takes the plate away.

She turns to him and says "ang cute mo talaga" in Norwegian by accident. Carlo turns around and she nervously laughs, and says that she said there was dirt in his hair. She tries to take it out and he tells her it's okay.

Jill and Alwyn walk over to Carlo, and Jill gives Carlo a kiss on the cheek. Carlo and Alwyn are surprised. A dissappointed Vanessa greets Jill and Alwyn, and then walks away. Alwyn gets up to help her, saying he might pass out from the air from the people who aren't talking to him.

Andrea marches down the stairs and sits in a chair, saying that she can't concentrate upstairs while she's trying to study for her exam. The maid (Hazel) tells her that it's a party, and asks her why she would bring her homework here. Andrea tells her 'Ate' that she has a really big exam tomorrow and doesn't know why her Ate Carla has to watch over her. This is the only place she could study that was far away from civilization.

She says she has a feeling about this house, because she was reading in the newspaper that there's a killer who just escaped from jail a few days ago, and they last saw him in this house.

Hazel is texting away throughout Andrea's whole story, and she tells her that her textmate 'Bebe' told her the same story. Andrea asks her who that is and she says that it's her textmate and she got the number from the television, and they call each other Bebe.

Dominic has been looking at Andrea the whole time while overhearing her conversation. He asks Hazel for some water so that she'll leave and he can sit with Andrea.

He sits and admires her while she reads her newspaper, but before long Hazel returns with his water. Andrea tells the Hazel to be careful about her textmate because she hears a lot of horror stories about textmates. Hazel leaves her, telling Andrea she has lots of things to do.

Andrea yells that the guitar is so loud in the house, and Dominic offers to lower the volume. She thanks him and he smiles. Andrea walks back to the stairs and Dominic follows behind and watches as she goes up. He cheers and everyone looks at him funny.

Hazel goes to open the front door once more. Paw and Mikel enter together, but Paw moves into the dining room first, and is greeted excitedly by the other girls.

Mikel follows them in. Carla remarks that it's good that Paw and Mikel's houses are near each other and Mikel was such a gentleman to pick her up.


Night falls and the party is in full swing when Mikel finally sees an opening to tell Carla about his new relationship, while a very worried Paw looks on.

Carla tells Mikel that they're really soulmates because she has something to tell him also. She then asks him to go first.

Outside the house, we see Hazel escorting Janus and Felix, and we learn that Felix isn't excited about coming to the rest house because his relationship with Isabel is currently in a rocky state.

Inside, Mikel is trying to find the right words, and when Carla notices Paw is nearby, she hugs Paw and tells Mikel he can say whatever he wants in front of Paw since Paw is her best friend.

Outside the house, Janus asks Felix why his mind is so confused, and Felix tells him that it's for real this time. Janus without thinking remarks that if Felix only knew that this was a surprise party that Isabel was throwing for him, and that Isabel had a bigger surprise planned for him.

Felix is surprised and asks what surprise party Janus is talking about. Janus tries to correct himself saying he meant "so nice to be with you" and then tells Felix not to say that he was the one who spoiled it for him.

He tells Felix to act surprised, and demonstrates the reaction that he should have. Hazel tells them they should go in now because everyone's been waiting for them for so long.

Janus asks her if he looks cute and she says he's ugly. Janus tells Felix that he's trying to look good because Carla is there.

Inside the house, Isabel excitedly interrupts Mikel to tell Carla that Felix has arrived, leaving Mikel with no choice but to wait for a later time to tell Carla about his relationship with Paw. The friends all gather together excitedly and kill the lights.

Everyone yells "Surprise!" as Janus and Felix enter, and everyone gathers around Felix to sing "Happy Birthday" while he is standing there looking not too happy.

The scene shifts to later in the night. Carlo finishes a song and Isabel steps up to the microphone, pulling Felix to stand beside her.

She thanks everyone because they have all played a part in their messy relationship, since they always fight and make up. Isabel continues and says what she truly wants now is him. Even though they always fight, and that he's childish at times, she forgives him because "bear kita".

Everyone says "awwww" and Felix says softly that he is the one at fault now. He scolds her and asks why she had to say that in front of everyone. Carla comes up and says that they shouldn't keep what they're saying to themselves and instead tell everyone. She points the microphone at Felix just as he shouts that he doesn't like Isabel anymore.

Everyone is shocked, and Carla goes to sit back down. Hurt, Isabel walks out of the house and Carla tells Felix to go follow her.

Janus (with his mouth full) steps up to the microphone and reminds everyone that this is a party and that they should be having fun. At his prompting, Dominic turns up the music.

Felix follows Isabel out to the pool and meets her at the other end. She asks him what is problem is and he says that it's her. He tells her that he's always making him like this [?]. He says that she can't accept him for who he really is. He goes on to say that she's always trying to change him, and she says that she's trying to change him for the better. He says back that he can change himself, and that she should force someone if they don't want to do it.

He says that she's controlling him [or "strangling him"], and this is always their problem. He's tired of it. Isabel tells him that she only does this because she loves him. Then she puts her hand on his cheek and gives him a hug.

Inside the house, Janus sees this as his chance to gain Carla's interest, as she is alone by the patio door, looking out at the pool. Janus dances around her, telling her to let them be. She walks away, saying that it feels wrong, but Janus says it's okay so they should go and party.

She walks away trying to avoid him, but he follows and continues to dance around her, trying to get her to dance with him.

Andrea storms down and turns off the music. She yells into the microphone that she can't study for her exam because everyone is so loud downstairs. Carla tries to grab the microphone from her but Andrea says that it's in the Philippine Constitution that people have the right to free speech, but they should be quiet because she's trying to study.

Dominic gets up and claps for her, saying that that was a line from a movie. Carla apologizes for her cousin's behavior, and tells them to go on with the party.

In the next room, Vanessa is chatting with Hazel while she prepares a sandwich for Carlo, because there isn't much food left. Vanessa asks Hazel if she wants one, and Hazel says no. Vanessa says that Carlo can't eat fish, so he should have a sandwich.

She starts to bring it over to him in the living room, when she sees Jill sitting close to Carlo, looking at his guitar.

Vanessa walks back, dissappointed again, and Alwyn follows her back. Vanessa shoves the sandwich to him and walks outside. Alwyn sits and eats the sandwich.

In the living room, Janus is still trying to get Carla to dance with him, but she stalls him by giving him the microphone and asking him to sing.

Carla sees Mikel and Paw seated together and joins them. She recalls that before she and Mikel went out, Paw was the bridge that brought them together. Then Carla asks Mikel about what he was about to say to her before, and that she has a feeling about what he is going to say.

Paw worriedly asks if Carla knows now, and if it is okay with her, and Carla says that it is okay. She says Mikel has been nice to her recently, and that he wanted to come tonight. Mikel says that he thinks Carla doesn't understand, and Carla says not to be shy around Paw because they are best friends and Paw will be happy for her.

Outside, Vanessa is still upset and she sits down at a lounger at the poolside.

Inside, Mikel finally reveals that he and Paw have been a couple for two weeks now. Carla is visibly hurt and turns away. Paw tries to comfort Carla and says they didn't mean to do what they did and she knows that Carla might think that they are really bad friends to do this to her.

Carla pushes Paw away and returns to slap Mikel. She screams at him and says that he made her believe and he has no shame.

Outside, Vanessa has seen something in the pool and starts screaming.

Everyone hears her screams and rushes out to see what is wrong. Jill slaps Vanessa, trying to get her to calm down, but it's only when she's with Carlo that she is able to point to the pool.

The guys, led by Carlo, jump into the pool to pull out Isabel and Felix, who are both floating face down in the water.

They carry the two bodies into the living room and set them down side by side on the floor. Everyone gathers around the bodies, all shocked and upset.

Mikel tells them that they should just get out of there and Paw says that it's not a good idea because the killer might still be in the area. Jill says that maybe they should call their parents but Carla quickly says no, because Carla's parents didn't even know that she used the resthouse for the party. Mikel scolds her for thinking like that and Alwyn says that everyone should just relax. Jill opposes, saying that they can't because some people just died.

Outside, a figure in a black cape is seen approaching the front of the house, while Janus looks like he's getting sick and runs out.

The hooded figure enters the house, and pulls off his hood, and it is Mhyco. The boys all go to stop him from getting too far inside. Mhyco reveals that he is there to deliver pizza, but none of the people in the living room remember ordering it. Mhyco insists that he was asked to deliver it to 45 Qpido Street, but no one believes him.

Mhyco is drawn to Hazel while Hazel looks back at him. When he tries to go near her, the rest of the boys subdue him and take him into the next room, where Mikel says they should all tie him to a chair until they figure out what to do.

After they finish tying him up, they leave Hazel with him to stand guard.

In the living room, Jill calls the police and explains the situation to them. She then tells everyone the police are on their way so they should all stay here. Carlo and the rest of the boys come back and tell Carla that they left Hazel, to watch over the pizza guy. Carla scolds them for letting her do that, because Hazel is still in a state of shock. Mikel says that it's Hazel's job to watch over things.

Paw says that this shouldn't have happened, and Mikel goes to comfort her.

Carla is not able to take seeing them together so she leaves saying she'll go get towels. Janus is on the toilet doing his business when Carla bursts in, crying.

Janus passes gas and Carla hears. They see each other and scream. Carla says he has no shame and covers her face with a towel in reaction to the smell.

Janus apologizes and asks her for some toilet paper and for some water. Carla gives him what he needs while berating him for not closing the door.

Janus asks about what's going outside, and Carla says that a pizza guy came. Janus says that he was the one who ordered it, because he he has an "alaga" to take care of.

The pizza guy (Mhyco) tells Hazel to have pity on him and to release him. He says she's being difficult even though he's talking to her politely. He asks her if she's mute.

He continues and says that he is a good person, which is why he came inside the house, because he saw how sad her face was. He asks Hazel if she knows how to smile, and she turns away. He says he enjoys talking to her when his cellphone beeps. He moves to the side to try and get it and Hazel smiles, which leads him to smile.

He asks her if she could get his cellphone out since she won't let him loose. Hazel slowly walks over to him and pulls out the cellphone from his pocket.

In the living room, Alwyn says that maybe they should talk to the pizza guy while they're waiting because in the end the pizza guy might accuse them or something. Jill asks them why they tied the pizza guy up, acting like action stars, and Alwyn says that Mikel panicked. Alwyn cracks a joke at him and Mikel throws something at him.

Vanessa starts to break down and cry, and Alwyn tries to comfort her. Jill sees Alwyn's actions, and gets up to get some water and Alwyn follows her.

He surprises her and she slaps him, and he asks her what her problem is. She says that it's him and what he's doing.

Alwyn asks her if she's being jealous, and that she should be happy because her crush Carlo is there. Jill retorts saying that Alwyn's crush Vanessa is also there, and Alwyn replies by saying that he never said Vanessa was his crush.

As their faces get close, Jill says that the only thing left for Alwyn is for him to kiss Vanessa.

Then, the lights go out, and the pairs in the living room all get closer together.

In the rest room, the lights also go out and Carla jumps onto Janus, and he half-seriously tells her to go ahead and take advantage of his weakness. She recoils from him when she realizes just how close she is to him, and she smacks him. LOL.

Soon, there are candles lit everywhere, and Vanessa asks when the police will get there. Carlo says that as long they are all together they're safe. Andrea realizes that Carla's still gone, and she goes upstairs to look for her. Dominic gets up and quickly follows behind to go with her.

Paw tells Vanessa to stay as she gets up, and Mikel gets up to follow her and asks her what's wrong.

Paw says that this is wrong, that by pursuing their relationship, they hurt other people just so they could be happy. He asks if this is about Carla. Paw says that Isabel is gone and she doesn't want to lose another friend. Mikel says that he's just as scared if he loses Paw. She walks off and Mikel follows.

Janus asks what kind of day this is turning out to be -- is it Halloween and Friday the 13th rolled into one?! Carla bemoans the fact that she had to get stuck with him.

He jokingly says his feelings are hurt, and Carla tells him to stop, because not everything is meant to be a joke. Their friends just died and it's like he doesn't feel anything.

Janus says that she's not the only one who lost a friend, and he makes everything a joke because crying will not bring back their friends or change what has happened. Carla breaks down and leans her head on his shoulder. He pats her head to comfort her.

Vanessa walks over to the counter and cries, and Carlo follows behind her. He tries to comfort her, and says that something like this happened to him 5 years ago. His girlfriend died in a car accident. She tells him she's sorry, and he says he got over it and moved on.

Vanessa says that the same thing happened so fast to Felix and Isabel, and it's over already. She realizes how short life is and that God can just take it away.

She says to Carlo that if you love someone, you have to say it out loud. Carlo embraces her and she pulls away and says "I love you, Carlo" in Norwegian.

Carlo is confused and asks her what she says, and she realizes she said it out loud. She gets embarrassed and they laugh.


To Be Continued...

As the episode ends, we see scenes from next week's episode, which includes the arrival of the police, and more scenes from the 6 remaining loveteams.

Voiceover: Ano ba talaga ang nangyari kina Felix at Isabel? At kaninong love story na ang tuluyang magtatapos? Alamin kung sinong loveteam ang magpapa-alam next week, sa 4th Qpids Heartbreak Sunday, dito parin sa Qpids: Dito ang Puso Niyo.


CF's Note: For the first time since Qpids moved to this new timeslot, Qpids rated higher than its rival program.

Title ........ Mega Manila ........ Metro Manila ........ Suburbs
Qpids .................. 12.5 ................... 11.7 .................. 14.1
Opposite ............. 11.4 ................... 10.4 ................... 13.2

Congratulations to the cast and crew!