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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Episode 7.3

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 7, Day 3.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!

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Today's episode continues the Hong-pin adventure of the 7 loveteams. MhyZel sees PauGi running, and PauGi makes a dash to get to the market as MhyZel goes to the flower shop.

CarVane is kind of lost, and they try to look at the map and ask for to get to the flowershop. Carlo finally picks out flowers for Vanessa, and they head to the next part of the loventure.
PauGi hits the ladies' market, and Pauleen goes and buys something special for Gian. Pauleen buys Gian some Spiderman cards and the lady compliments Pauleen and says she is pretty. Then, they act out another 'kilig-sena' continuing the story of the two characters, William and Grace. Afterwards, they head to the Star Ferry Pier to go to Hong Kong Island.

Next, MhyZel arrives at the ladies' market. Hazel first sees some pet fishes and she buys 3 -- symbolizing 'i love you' -- as her special something for Mhyco. Then they act out their 'kilig-sena'. Mhyco says that they're the last and Hazel says no.
Finally, CarVane reaches the ladies' market and Vannessa picks out something special for Carlo.
PauGi reaches the subway and Pauleen asks around to find out where the Star Ferry Pier is.


PawEl are at LG Foods and they finally find someone to eat their frog soup. JillWyn walk and walk to the LG Foods and Paw spots them walking in. Paw asks the cook to hurry.

Meanwhile, DomRea starts making their noodles while JarLa begs for money on their way to the noodle shop. Dominic and Andrea act out their 'kilig-sena' as Raymond and Pinky.

Alwyn quickly convinces a guy to eat their frog soup and PawEl hurries to act their scene and feed the soup. JillWyn acts their scene at the same time while waiting for their soup.

PawEl's frog-soup customer is the first one to finish, and they hurry to get the last clue of the loventure. They have to hurry back to the 13th floor of the abs-cbn building where the director of the ultimate 'kilig-sena' [Mr. Qpido] is waiting for them.

The first team up there will win the lead role. Excited, Paw and Mikel head out to get back to abs-cbn. Jill and Alwyn's frog-soup customer finishes also and they follow behind PawEl.
JaRla start making their noodles and Janus jokingly makes it look like a cooking show. DomRea are still wandering and looking for the LG Fast Foods which is their next stop in this loventure. As Janus and Carla make the noodles and rehearse their 'kilig-sena,' Carla has a little trouble saying the lines.


Back in Hong Kong, MhyZel hurries down the subway to get to Star Ferry Pier while CarVane act out their 'kilig-sena' in the market.

PauGi soon board the ferry at the Star Ferry Pier. They head off to Hong Kong Side Central, and run into Pinay OFWs from Hong Kong. The 2 Pinays are starstruck, and one even asks Pauleen to talk to her niece on her cellphone.

MhyZel are on a subway, and Hazel asks if they are on the right train. Mhyco is getting tired. They walk all they way to the end and don't see the ferry.
PauGi get off the ferry and walks with the 2 Pinays they met. The next part of the loventure is to ride on a rickshaw. They talk with the person holding the rickshaw and try to negotiate the price down to 20 Hong Kong dollars.

When asked about the experience, Pauleen says she feels bad for the driver because he is old and they are 2 people but she admires him for managing to carry them both. When they get off, the rickshaw driver says that the price of the ride is 100 Hong Kong dollars, and Pauleen and Gian are shocked.


Back in Manila, Carla and Janus finally act out their kilig-sena. They finish making their noodles, get the instructions, and head off to the next part of the loventure. Janus comments that their rival loveteams all have super powers and get to all these places so fast. LOL.

In the meantime, Dominic and Andrea have arrived at LG Fast Foods, and tries to get someone to eat their soup.

Paw and Mikel beg for some money to supplement the P20.00 they have left. Jill and Alwyn look for a taxi and say they only have 60 pesos left. Jill suggests that they take a cab as far as P50 pesos can take them, and after that they can take a jeep.

As JaRla continues to make their way to LG Fast Foods, Dominic and Andrea have convinced someone to eat their soup, and they act out their 'kilig-sena.'

Paw and Mikel find a pedicab to drive them to take them to the train, and the pedicab owner agrees to give them a ride for free.
The episode ends with scenes from tomorrow's episode, where we get to see the finale of the loventure. Who will win the lead role? Stay tuned !


  • At 7/7/05 12:35 PM, Blogger kai said…

    wawa naman Mhyco, pagod na, pero i'm sure they can do it, basta magkasama sila ni Hazel. grabe, kiligness ang dalawang ito! and kahit hindi sila manalo, okie lang, i'm sure naman na hindi sila matatanggal. basta kahit anong mangyari, MhyZel pa rin ang d best for me!

  • At 7/7/05 12:37 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    grabe nakakaloka ang MhyZel...! kiligness talaga ng dalawang ito... ewan ko ba, basta lang makita ko na sila, buo na ang araw ko...! the best talaga sila...!

    handsdown for MhyZel...!
    you guyz rock...!

  • At 7/7/05 12:41 PM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    nakkakilig ang mhyzel. cla lang tlg ang kaabang-abang s qpids. ang sya sya ko kapag nakikita ko sila. ngyon lng tlg ako nging gnito s artsta. and talagang mhyzel lng ang hinangaan ko ng gnito.

    go MHYZEL go!
    go MHYZEL go!
    go MHYZEL go!

  • At 7/7/05 1:21 PM, Blogger gilxlo said…

    I hope that niether Jilwyn or Paugi get voted off this week!

  • At 7/7/05 4:39 PM, Blogger Catherine said…


  • At 8/7/05 1:33 AM, Blogger paw&mikelLvR said…

    two thumbs up for pawel...go go go!!!...wweeee.....ang sweet nilang dalawa sa isa't isa...at ang gwapo ni mikel...and ang ganda ni paw...grabe nakakakilig at nakyu-kyutan ako...
    2 da max

  • At 8/7/05 4:52 AM, Blogger daredevil said…

    Mas nakakakilig si Jarla....
    Cute nila 2. Comedy loveteam ang dating nila.

  • At 8/7/05 12:44 PM, Blogger mari said…

    aww sad ako kasi hindi nanalo si mhyzel and kasi last ang carvane pero happy ako kasi nanalo si PAWEL!!! yehey they can prove themselves again!!!


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