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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Episode 9.0

These are the Episode Highlights of Episode 9, the Bohol Loventure.


The episode opens with scenes from the 3rd Heartbreak Sunday, where Pauleen and Gian were eliminated from the show, and Jill and Alwyn became the strongest team and the winner of the immunity bear.

Luis via voiceover then introduces this week's episode: "This Sunday, out of town na loventure sa beautiful province of Bohol ang pagdadaanan ng loveteams."

The Arrival

We then see the loveteams arriving in Bohol by plane. They disembark and are handed the first clue, which Janus reads out loud: "Haller! Qpids Loveteams, pumunta sa Baclayon Church."

Luis (voiceover): Kailangang pumunta ng mga loveteams sa Baclayon Church, ang pinakamantandang simbahan sa Bohol. Duon nag-aantay ang surprise letter para sa kanila.


Starting Point

We see the loveteams arriving at the church, and Dominic picks up the clue and reads it: "Congratulations, loveteams. It's time to have fun sa panibagong loventure ninyo sa Bohol. But, there is a twist."

Luis (voiceover): Bonding session ang Bohol Loventure. Wala silang gagawin kundi mag-enjoy. Pero, bubuhol-buholin ang mga loveteams, so loveteams, it's time to switch partners!
  • Group A. Mikel, Carla, Andrea, and Mhyco
  • Group B. Jill, Carlo, Paw, and Dominic
  • Group C. Hazel and Janus, Vane, and Alwyn.
The loveteam partners then bid each other goodbye, and each group climbs into separate jeepneys that have been assigned to them for the day. Each group has their own Bohol Loventure, but all the clues are written in Bisaya! LOL.

Group A was assigned to proceed to the Punta Cruz Watch Tower. Upon arriving there, they have to climb the tower and have their photos taken.

Group B was assigned to proceed to the Sipatan Hanging Bridge and look for Mang Peping, the "Buko King of Bohol," whose claim to fame is his ability to shell a coconut with nothing more than his teeth.

Group C was assigned to proceed to a boat rental near the Tarsier Sanctuary, and Luis explains that the Tarsier is an endangered species that can only be found in Bohol province.


On the Road

With their instructions now translated and understood, the groups head off on their separate loventures.

In Group A, Carla, Mikel, Mhyco, and Andrea are all seated apart from each other on their jeepney, and hardly anyone is talking. Mhyco is busy with his cellphone, apparently sending text messages to Hazel.

Over at Group C, Hazel is reading out loud Mhyco's text message, where he's asking her to not go near the two guys (Alwyn and Janus) while he's far away from her. Janus jokingly says that Hazel has a "Mhyco force field" around her, which prevents anyone from getting near her. He demonstrates by pretending to move near her and getting bounced off by an invisible force field. LOL.

Luis: Kung past na yung issue ni Hazel and Janus, mukhang ganito rin kay Jill at Carlo.

Over at Group B, Jill says (for Carlo's benefit) that she hardly remembers the events at Subic. hehe!

We then see Group C arrive at the Tarsier Sanctuary, where they realize that they've misunderstood their clue (they were supposed to go on the boat ride first).

Luis (voiceover): Sila Carla and Mhyco naman, miss na miss na ang kanilang loveteams.

Carla: Walang nagpapatawa sa akin.

Mhyco (excitedly holding his cellphone up to the camera): Nagmiss call nanaman siya!! Miss call uli! Yehey!!


First Stops

Group B has now arrived at the Sipatan Hanging Bridge, where a man with a guitar serenades them with a song to welcome them.

Group A finally arrives at the Punta Cruz Watchtower, but it is raining hard when they get there, and Carla comments that the weather reflects their moods while they're separated from their loveteams, and that Bohol is not as beautiful as it could be.

They disembark from the jeep, and climb the watch tower. They take the required photos to complete the task, then receive their 2nd clue (written again in Bisaya). They now have to go to Laway, Bohol and look for Mang Roberto, who will take them crab-hunting.

Group B, in the meantime, has found Mang Peping, the Buko King, and are amazed as he demonstrates his coconut-shelling skills. Paw can't help but ask him: Kuya, ano ang toothpaste mo? LOL.

The pairs then pause to enjoy buko juice from the freshly shelled coconuts. When Carlo stops and says he feels nauseated, Jill offers to finish off the juice for him even though there's still a lot left. Carlo comes back and continues to drink the juice.

Group C has finally found someone who can translate their bisaya instructions, and she directs them to the tarsiers. The pairs have to have their photos taken with these rare, endangered animals.

Alwyn: Gusto ko magpicture kami ni Jill with the tarsier.

Vane: Okay lang yan, makikita mo naman siya mamaya eh.

After they've all finished their photo session, the group is gathered together at the entrance to the sanctuary, and Janus describes Carla's departure earlier: "Siya talaga, dire-diretso lang eh."

Hazel: Alam mo, baka nasa-sad lang yun, na hiniwalay kayo.

Vane: Oo nga... sad lang yun dahil hindi kayo magkasama.

Janus: Ah. Sad ba pag-ganun (he uses his fingers to push his face into a smile). Gaganun-ganun pa sa backpack (he hops around in pretend glee).

Hazel: Ano?! Alam mo, ayaw lang niya ipahalata.

Janus (in mock outrage): Oy, huwag ninyo akong iloko. 15 years old na ako, alam ko na! LOL

Then the conversation shifts....

Janus: Wala naman talaga kaming past ni Hazel eh. (He looks at her) Sabihin mo sa kanila. Wala tayong past.

Hazel (looking into the camera): Wala po kaming past.

Luis (voiceover): Ay! Dineny. Wala bang, for a change, mag-ko-confirm?

Janus (to Alwyn, in reference to Jill): Kayo na ba?!

Vane (to Alwyn): Kayo na ba?!

Alwyn (with a smile and pa-shy effect): Secret....

Hazel: Ba't hindi pa niya sinasabi? Tayo-tayo lang naman 'to....

Janus (while pointing to the camera): Oo, tayo-tayo lang 'to. Milyon-milyong tao lang naman ang nanunuod ng Qpids eh.

Vane: So.... ano? Ano?

Alwyn: Oo sige!

Vanessa and Hazel scream in excitement at Alwyn's confirmation. LOL.

Luis (voiceover): Uy... umamin!! Sina Carla and Mikel naman, mukhang apektado pa sa kanilang past tampuhan.

We see Mikel resting his head on his forearms at a corner table, sitting away from everyone else.

Carla: Nasa-sad siya na wala si Paw. Lahat naman kami sad eh. Tamo si Mhych. Sad ka Mhych?

Mhyco: Siyempre!

Luis (voiceover): Ano ba talaga ang rason ng dedmahan?

Carla: Parang sinasabi niya (Mikel) na hindi kami (JaRla) magaling umarte. Hindi naman namin sinasabi na perfect kami, pero tina-try namin. Naghihintay lang ako na mag-sorry siya sa amin ni Janus.

Luis (voiceover): Si Mikel naman, nagsasarili sa isang tabi. Pare! Huwag mong kimkimin 'yan.

Mikel: I just have enough problems already at hand. It's already hard enough for me, tapos dadagdagan pa.

Luis (voiceover, while scenes of Carla and Mikel on the bus from Subic are shown): Ano ba guys? Diba dati kayong best of friends?

Mikel: Basta, wala na akong gustong maka-away. Peace na. Kahit war kayo sa akin, basta peace ako sa inyo.

Luis (voiceover, while we see Mhyco on the cellphone with his back turned to Andrea, who is seated at the other end of the table): Mhyco! Pansinin mo naman ang partner mong si Andrea.


Second Stops

We next see Group A back on the jeepney, and Carla is trying to read the clue in bisaya and she finally gives up and goes to ask the driver.

Mhyco, Mikel, and Andrea remain seated on the jeep looking sad and depressed... until Mhyco overhears what the driver is saying.

Mhyco: Alimango?! Huhuli tayo ng alimango?!

Luis (voiceover): Next Loventure location... ang alimanguhan sa may Barangay Agape. Ang Group B naman, nag-la-loventure parin sa Sipatan Hanging Bridge. Si Paw, nakahanap ng bagong loveteam! (We see Paw playing with a lemur that is hanging on a tree, and Carlo pauses to take a photo of the lemur with his camphone.)

Luis continues (voiceover): Tapos na sa kanilang first loventure ang Group B. Pero bago sila umalis, hinarana muna sila. (The scene shifts to a man with a guitar singing "I'll Never Go" as Paw sings along). Si Paw, may naalala! Itago nalang natin sa pangalang "Mikel".

Luis (voiceover): Ang Group C, tapos nang makipagsosyalan sa mga tarsiers.

Alwyn: Alas dose na.

Vane: Kaya mag-lunch muna tayo.

Janus: Launch? Ano i-lo-launch natin?

Luis (voiceover): Sa Loboc river, kailangang maghanap ang bawat loveteam ng pasahero sa banca, at kailangang kantahan nila ito ng "Si Felimon," isang popular na folk song sa Visayas. O loveteams! Rehearse na! Galingan niyo naman!

We see the four of them singing and rehearsing while the neighborhood kids have gathered outside the karinderia to watch them. LOL!

Luis (voiceover): Sikat na talaga ang mga Qpids loveteams! Pati sa Bohol, dinudumog!


Third Stops

Luis (voiceover): Papunta na ang tatlong grupo sa susunod nilang loventure. Kakayanin kaya nila ang pagsubok na 'to? Ngayon na memorize na nila Janus ang kanta, kailangan nilang maghanap ng mga pasahero na kakantahan nila habang nag-kru-cruise sa Loboc River. Makahanap naman kaya kayo?

We see Group C putting on lifevests and inviting people to join them on the cruise.

Luis (voiceover): Sina Paw at Carlo, parang nagkakamabutihan na habang papunta ang grupo nila sa Chocolate Hills.

We see Carlo, Jill, and Paw seated on one side of their jeepney, and Carlo is making loud animal calls. LOL.

Jill: Uy, ang sweet niyo ha! Kasama ako ni Carlo... huwag kayong ganyan! LOL.

Luis (voiceover): Pero ang grupo nila Carla, Mikel, Mhyco at Andrea, mukhang hindi parin nagba-bonding sa kanilang alimango-hunting.

We see Group A arrive and the pairs gingerly get on bancas to go crab-hunting.

Luis (voiceover): Try niyo kaya mag-usap, Carla at Mikel.

As the boat drifts along the river, the two of them are seated at opposite ends of the boat and are still not talking.

Carla: Janus, walang kabuhay-buhay ang mundo ko kapag wala ka!

We then see them pull crab traps out of the water.

Luis (voiceover): Sila Mhyco at Andrea naman, nagkaka-ilangan pa rin while waiting for their turn.

Next, Mhyco and Andrea have their turn in the banca. Mhyco doesn't go near Andrea or even try to help her get in the boat. We then see Andrea pull crab traps out of the water while Carla cheers her on from the shore.

When someone finally tells Mhyco to help Andrea, he stands up on the boat and helps her pull the crab traps out of the water.

Luis (voiceover): Iba talaga ang grupo nila ni Janus. Performance level to the max.

We see (and hear) Hazel and Vanessa singing "Si Felimon" at the top of their voices, complete with dance moves from Alwyn and Janus in the background. Janus is gyrating his hips and pretending to strip as the girls sing loudly. LOL.

Luis (voiceover): Tama na Janus, at baka masuka si Manang sa ginagawa mo.

We next see Janus and Hazel seated side by side on the banca, as it continues to move down the Loboc River.

Luis (voiceover): Naku! Mukhang nawawala na ang force field, Janus! Sumbong ko kayo kay Mhyco!

As the boat floats down the river, we see an old man sitting by the shore, waving at the banca. When Vanessa returns his wave, Janus pulls a practical joke on Vanessa.

Janus: Kinawayan mo na eh. Ayun o... tinitingnan ka na... Bahala ka! Pag-uwi mo, may tumutubo na sa likod. Kaya hindi namin kinawayan eh. (Vanessa really looks worried by now.) Kasi, pag kinawayan mo, isasama kayo sa mundo niya. (He looks at the other passengers on the boat with them and says) Diba?

Luis (voiceover) : Hala ka, Vane. Gagawin kang prinsesa... sa ilalim ng lupa!

Vanessa looks at Janus all worried, and finally he says: "Joke lang!!!" and gives her a hug.

Vanessa: Joke lang?!

Janus: Joke lang!! Iiyak na o...

Hazel (to camera): Hindi kami masyadong happy ni Vanessa, kasi hindi main sila (Mhyco and Carlo) kasama.

Vane (to Alwyn, still on the boat): Okay lang 'yan... one loventure nalang, then makikita na natin sila.

Luis (voiceover): Akala ko smooth sailing na ang cruise. Pero itong si Janus, kanina pa pala naaapektohan ng pagsasama nila ng kanyang dating nililigawan na si Hazel.

Janus: Siyempre nasaktan ako, kahit papaano... nag-invest ako ng emotions sa kanya (pointing to Hazel). Kinakanta nga namin kanina yung ano... yung "Eyes On Me." Diba, yun yung ano...

Luis (voiceover): Uy, naaalala nila ang kanilang theme song.

The scene shifts to the beautiful Chocolate Hills, which is the final stop of Group B.

Luis (voiceover): At last, dumating na rin ang Group B sa Chocolate Hills. Hanapin niyo na ang Wishing Well.

The group climbs up all 214 steps together, arm-in-arm, counting each step as they go. When they arrive at the top, they each take turns tossing a coin into the wishing well from a distance.

Jill: Wish ko, sana dire-diretso pa ang suwerte. (She tosses the coin and it goes straight into the well, much to her excitement. She then steps forward to ring the bell that is hanging above the well.)

Dominic and Carlo also take their turns but we do not hear what they wished for. We only see them ringing the bell afterwards.

Paw: Sana maging mas-strong pa ang bonding namin. (As she tosses the coin, Carlo jumps into the air to block it, but the coin goes past him and hits the bell before falling outside the well. Paw at first is dismayed, but then she says --) Buti nalang may spare! (She tosses the spare coin and this time it goes in. She then rings the bell).

The group pauses to enjoy the view of the magnificent hills before finally leaving to meet up with everyone else.

Luis (voiceover): Oras na para mag-reunion ang mga loveteams sa kanilang final stop, ang Bohol Tropics Resort sa Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Everyone looks eager to get back and be reunited with their partners. We see Carlo and Vanessa exchange hugs at the resort lobby, as do Alwyn and Jill.



During the evening, the six remaining loveteams gathered together for a Bull Session, and everyone got a chance to clear the air and say whatever they wanted to say.

Luis (voiceover): Hindi inaasahan ng ating Top 6 loveteams ang final loventure nila sa Bohol -- ang magkaroon ng open talk para mailabas nila ang tunay nilang nararamdaman sa isa't.


Janus and Carla

Janus: Diba you always ask me the question, kahit pabiro na am I falling for you. Lagi kitang tinatawan. And this time, I just wanna tell you na sometimes I'm falling for you, and sometimes I'm not. Because mahirap yung situation natin. I know na may ibang laman ang puso mo. Alam naman natin kung sino yun, diba? And we all know it's Mikel.

Luis (voiceover): Personal choice ni Carla si Mikel bilang loveteam partner niya nuon. Pero ang pinili ni Mr. Qpido para sa kanya ay si Janus.

Janus: Meron ako nagiging feeling na parang sometimes, ewan ko kasi kung ano ang pinag-awayan ninyong dalawa, pero sometimes feeling ko nagiging instrument lang ako to make him jealous.

Anne (voiceover): Si Janus ang nanalo bilang ka-loveteam ni Carla. Pero sa puso ni Carla? Si Janus din kaya ang totoong wagi?

Janus: I can't make someone fall for me if she's falling for someone else.

Carla: I had a thing for Mikel in the past, but hindi kita ginagawang panakip-butas or object na ipagseselosan niya. No. I'm honestly really happy with you.

Janus: Because I'm Mr. Qpido's choice. Not your choice.

Carla: Of course not! Akala ko talaga wala kang interest sakin. Pinili ko si Mikel kasi pinili niya ako sa sayaw, pinili niya ako sa table. (she starts crying) Akala ko nga ako lang ang princess na maiiwan mag-isa sa table eh. Ang hindi ko maintindihan sa 'yo, sinasabi mo pangit ka. Ikaw lang ang nagsasabi nun. Galit ka ba sa akin dahil akala mo you're not good enough for me? Na I don't appreciate you and hindi mo kapantay si Mikel?

Janus: I'm not mad at you. Gusto ko lang talaga na masabi na talaga sayo kesa ma-ipon ko lang ng ma-ipon... then I'll get mad at you. Sabi ko nga sa 'yo diba... ang hirap mag-invest ng emotions sa isang tao na parang wala diyan. Pero hindi ko talaga pwedeng pigilan yung nararamdaman ko kasi hindi mo naman mapipigilan ang puso mo na eventually mahalin ang isang tao na lagi mong nakakasama.

Anne (voiceover, as we see Janus and a tearful Carla hug each other, with Janus also teary eyed): Awwww.... Sana matuluyan nang makalimutan ni Carla ang kanyang past with Mikel. Para growing strong na talaga sila ni Janus. (As they are hugging each other, Janus seems to say something to Carla, and she nods her head in response.)

Luis (voiceover, as we see Carla sitting back on the sidelines beside Paw, and Paw places her cheek on Carla's shoulder): Ang panahon nalang ang makapagsasabi niyan, Nips.


Janus and Hazel

Anne (voiceover): Sino kaya ang susunod na kakausapin ni Janus?

Janus: Hindi ko talaga mapigilan yung sarili ko na masaktan talaga dun sa pagtrato niyo sa akin.

Hazel (in her interview): Nilinawan naman ni Janus. Kasi nagustuhan ko rin siya dati, because he's funny. Tapos, for some reason, parang ... secret nalang yun.

Janus: Kahit papaano diba? Nag-invest ako ng emotions sa 'yo. Kung hindi man nag-work out yung sa atin, I just hope na hindi mo ako tini-treat na parang diring-diri ka sa akin.

Hazel: You know naman na nagustuhan kita. Kahit si Mhyco alam yun. Lagi kong sinasabi, I'm the type of person na seryoso. Hindi ako yung tao na walang problema. At ikaw yung nagpatawa sa akin. Pero, hanggang dun lang yun. Kung ano man yung naramdaman ko sa 'yo nuon, walang-wala yun sa happiness na nararamdaman ko kay Mhyco.

Janus: Gusto ko lang talaga kasi malinaw. Ano ba talaga... ano ba tayo? May past ba tayo? O wala?

Hazel: Oo... yeah. Lumapit ka sa akin and I gave something in return.

Anne (voiceover): Hay, Manzano! Nothing like being friends with your ex!

Luis (voiceover): Hmm! Parang tayo!

Anne (voiceover): Pero ang tanong... ngayon na inamin na nila sa lahat ang naging past nila, ma-aapektohan kaya ang kanilang mga loveteam partners?


Hazel and Mhyco

Luis (voiceover): Ang susunod na mag-ha-heart-to-heart talk, ang palaging away-bati na onscreen at offscreen couple na MhyZel.

Hazel: Hindi ko alam kung paano magsisimula. Pero, ang lagi kong nararamdaman pagkasama kita na hindi dadating ang araw na magkasama tayo na hindi ako iiyak. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang gusto mong palabasin dun... na iniiyakan ko ang isang Mhyco. (She starts crying). Kaya kita hinanap, kasi kailangan ko ng taong magpupunas sa luha ko... taong magsasabi sa akin na mahal ako.

Mhyco: Gusto kong mag-sorry sa lahat ng pagpapa-iyak ko sayo, kung ganun nga yun. Nuon, ako yung tipo na tao na mayabang, hindi marunong magmahal, hindi marunong umiyak. Pero nung na-realize ko na iba ka sa buhay ko, parang nagbago lahat. Pero ngayon, hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit mo ako laging pinagmumukhang tanga. (He looks frustrated and upset and starts crying.) Kahit na masakit, mahal na mahal pa rin kita! Alam mo ba na ikaw lang ang nakapag-paiyak sa akin sa harap ng 1-2-3-4-5-6! Anim na camera!

Hazel: Umiyak din naman ako ah!

Mhyco (as he hugs her): Ayoko nang naguguluhan.

Luis (voiceover): Sila Mhyzel talaga! Iba maglambingan.


Hazel and Jill

Luis (voiceover): Sino naman kaya ang tatawagin ni Hazel?

Hazel: Mabilis lang ang sasabihin ko dito. (She calls Jill)

Jill looks surprised as she gets up and goes to sit beside Hazel in the center.

Hazel: Ayoko lang na magtrabaho na meron akong tinatago something inside. Basta, ang gusto ko lang sabihin... nandito nga tayo sa competition, pero lahat tayo friends.

Luis (voiceover, while scenes from Heartbreak Night are shown): Sila Mhyzel ang nakakuha ng immunity bear nung 2nd Heartbreak Night. Pero inagaw nila ni JilWyn ang titulong ito just last week.

Hazel: Nagwo-work kami, nagwo-work din yung ibang loveteam, nagwo-work din kayo ni Alwyn. So sana, don't do something na ikakababa ng ibang loveteam. That's it. (She gets up and leaves before Jill can react)

Luis: Ano nga ba ang ginawa ni Jill na nakaka-apekto kay Hazel? Hmmm....


Mhyco and Andrea

Anne (voiceover): It's Mhyco's turn naman para makipag-ayos sa isang tao na nakasamaan niya ng loob.

Mhyco: Gusto kong mag-sorry sa lahat ng ginawa ko sa yo. Alam ko, na-realize ko na ngayon unfair akong tao, na mali yung mga pagtrato ko sa'yo. Hindi ko kayang magalit sa akin yung babaeng mahal ko, kahit na sabihin natin na trabaho lang. Eh, hindi ko kaya. Kaya sana, huwag mo nang aksayahin uli ang luha mo sa akin, kasi nakaka-konsyensya eh.

Luis (voiceover): Sino naman ang makakalimot sa love triangle nuon ni Hazel, Mhyco, at Andrea, kung saan nalito si Mhyco kung sino talaga ang mahal niya?

Anne (voiceover): Na-realize din niya later on na si Hazel naman talaga ang kanyang one and only. Pero paano na si Andrea?

Andrea: Alam ko naman na kung gaano mo kamahal si Hazel, tsaka alam ko yung pinagdaanan niyo, lalo na nung tatlo palang tayong pairs. Pero masyado naman sumosobra (she wipes tears). Hindi naman gagawan ng malisya if ever gagawin mo ng maayos eh. So, parang kanina, sinabi lang naman mag-bonding eh. Hindi naman magagalit si Hazel kung magba-bonding lang naman tayo. Wala naman tayong gagawin na masama. Parang, feeling ko nagmumukha akong tanga. Pero okay lang, naiintindihan ko naman eh.

Mhyco: Ano ka ba.... 'tol... (as he leans over and gives her a hug). Huwag ganyan.


Andrea and Dominic

Luis (voiceover): Ngayon na si Dominic na ang ka-loveteam ni Andrea, okay na kaya siya?

Dominic: Matagal na tayong magkasama. 5 months diba? Kaya kong sabihin na sa 5 months na yun, eto yung pinakamasaya sa buhay ko. In those 5 months, nagsisisi talaga ako sa mga nagawa ko. Minsan binabale wala kita. Pero I know na you don't deserve it. You don't deserve someone doing that to you. I want you to know that I'll always care for you.

Andrea: Hindi na ako umiiyak, hindi ako upset, kasi sobrang natutunan na kitang mahalin as a loveteam ko, as a partner ko.

Anne (voiceover): Mahal?! Bagong word yan para sa loveteam nila DomRea.


Carla and Mikel

Luis (voiceover): Susunod na mag-uusap, sila Carla and Mikel.

Anne (voiceover): Personal choice ni Carla si Mikel, pero si Janus ang napili as her final loveteam partner.

Luis (voiceover): Maraming intriga ang umikot sa dalawa. Magkagalit daw ito at nakita naman natin ito kanina sa Bohol Loventure.

Anne (voiceover): Once and for all, CarMikel, ano ba talaga nangyari sa inyong dalawa?

Mikel: Carla, you wanted to say something?

Carla: Ang kapal ng mukha mo! (She is crying as she talks) Unang una, I liked you... and you broke my heart. Bakit mo ako ginawang tanga?

Mikel: All I really wanted was ...?

Carla: Alam ko naman na mabuti kang tao, lahat naman tayo mabuti. Kaso lang... hindi ko talaga alam what I did to deserve this. Wala ka bang masasabi? Why are you so closed? What are you afraid of?

Mikel: Everyone. I promised myself I would never trust anyone else ever again. It's like... you love someone for three years... (He starts cyring) Sorry... I don't want to cry... Have you ever made tiyaga that much... for like three years. God, for three years! I trusted her and I told her everything about me, and I just don't want to end up like a mess. I didn't want to hurt your feelings or anything. I'm just trying to keep my own little world, because it's the only thing I have.

Carla: The best advice I can give you as a friend, is to start getting control of your life.

Mikel: Okay. (Carla holds out her hand, with her pinky finger extended and as they shake on it, he says) Deal.

Luis (voiceover): Kaya naman pala hirap itong si Mikel magtiwala... dahil nasaktan na siya before.

Anne (voiceover): Hay. Pero at least, nasabi na nila kung anong gusto nila, at sana, magka-ayos na sila for good.


Carlo and Vanessa

Luis (voiceover): CarVane naman ang magpupunta sa hotseat.

Anne (voiceover): Very vocal si Vanessa sa feelings nito para kay Carlo. May issue pa nga sila dati ni Jill dahil may love triangle sila.

Luis (voiceover): In the end, napunta si Carlo kay Vane. Pero, bakit parang hindi parin happy si Vane?

Carlo: Alam mo yung, ano, yung ayaw mong may nasasaktan? Hindi ko naman sinasadya yun eh. Hanggat maaari nga, ayoko yung manggagaling sa akin yung may nasasaktan. Kasi naaalala ko before nung nasa Subic pa tayo, sobrang okay eh... diba? Yung nahihiya ako kasi nasaktan kita... ayoko gawin yun eh pero (his voice breaks, and he puts on his sunglasses), pero ganun ang nangyari eh. Natatakot ako.

Vanessa: Alam mo, sa totoo lang, hindi lang kita maintindihan eh. Kasi diba nung nasa Subic tayo, sobrang naging close tayo diba, parati tayo nag-uusap sa phone, it's the first time I felt this way for someone in my life. Tapos, suddenly lang, nawala. You stopped calling me, tapos offcam hindi na tayo nag-uusap, di tulad ng before. Ako rin, naiinis ako sa sarili ko because I'm so open talaga, sinasabi ko talaga lahat ng nararamdaman ko (As she talks, Carlo is wiping his tears). Alam mo naman diba, na may gusto talaga ako sa 'yo. And sometimes sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na I want to hide what I feel, pero ang sakit talaga ng feeling na... alam ko na may iba kang babae.. Tapos ako naman... (she finally breaks down and cries)... Ang sakit lang... nasasaktan talaga ako kasi alam ko na ayaw mo talaga sakin ngayon, like you used to before. tapos pag nagtratrabaho tayo, ini-imagine ko nalang na... alam no yun, na, ini-isip ko nalang that this will work, okay lang yan. Pero masakit talaga... yun nga.

Carlo: Special ka naman sa akin eh. Kahit hindi ko pinapakita, kahit para akong bato. Ayoko lang na nasasaktan kita kahit hindi ko sinasadya. (He looks at her and then says) Sorry.

Vanessa: Okay lang yan... wala naman tayong magagawa.

She stands up and leaves. Carlo also gets up and goes to crouch down at the side rail along the dock. Janus goes to be with him.

Carlo (to Janus): Hindi ko naman sinasadya yan eh. Nangyari eh. (He says something more and Janus also says something, but it's too soft to be understood).

Vanessa gets up and joins them at the rail.

Carlo (to Vanessa): Hindi ko naman gustong mangyari yun eh.

Vanessa: Okay lang yan... basta good friends naman tayo eh... okay na yun sa akin.

Luis (voiceover): At yun ang importante Nipster, na by the end of the day, may kaibigan ka to comfort you when you're down.

Anne (voiceover): Of course, Manzano! Ikaw at ako nga eh, diba? Kahit hindi na tayo nagde-date or anything, super close parin tayo.

Luis (voiceover): Correct! Pero kasing super close kaya nitong susunod na mag-uusap? Sina JilWyn?


Alwyn and Jill

Anne (voiceover): Unang nagkakilala sa Sarah, the Teen Princess, and then dito sa Qpids. Vocal din si Jill na crush niya si Alwyn.

Alwyn: Sasabihin ko lang naman, apat na bagay lang. Una, sorry. Pangalawa, gusto kong malaman mo na nagsisisi ako. Pangatlo, salamat. Yung pang-apat mamaya na, okay?

Alwyn continues: Bakit sorry? Kasi hindi kita pinapansin, diba? Kahit na alam ko gusto mo lang makipagkaibigan, hindi kita pinapansin. Nagkita tayo sa Qpids, ganun pa rin, hindi pa rin kita pinapansin. Walang nagbago. Kaya ako nagsisisi, kasi may mga opportunities na pwede ko sanang gawin para mapatunayan ko sa yo na gusto kita maging kaloveteam, pero hindi ko ginawa, so dun ako nagsisisi. Pangatlo, salamat kasi kahit ganun ang ginawa ko sayo, naging mabait ka parin sa akin, tapos tumagal-tagal na... dun ko napansin na... dun ko nakita na yung talagang treasure sa loob mo, na isa kang mabuting tao, mabait, sweet... kaya yung pang-apat na sasabihin ko sa'yo... mahal na kita.

Jill: Simula nung nag-sacrifice ka, na alam kong sobrang hirap yan for you, parang, dun na ako nag-isip na simula ngayon, lahat nang ginawa mo sakin na hindi maganda, kakalimutan ko na yun. Tapos, inisip ko na mas mamahalin lang kita lalo. Love naman kita eh... (As Alwyn smiles, she says) Kinikilig ka?! (She laughs, and then the two of them exchange hugs).

Luis (voiceover): At, ang tanong ng bayan? Kayo na ba?!

Alwyn: Oo na...


As a montage of scenes from the Bull Session is aired, we hear:

Luis (voiceover): Tapos na ang Bohol session ng Qpids. Maraming issue ang napag-usapan.

Anne (voiceover): Siyempre Manzano, hindi naman inaasahan na magka-ayusan nalang lahat bigla diba? Kasi for those na nasaktan, healing really does take time.

We then see the 6 pairs back at the airport, boarding the flight out of Bohol.

Luis (voiceover): Ngayon na mas nakilala na nila ang isa't-isa, mas nagkakaintindihan na sila.

Anne (voiceover): Kakailanganin talaga nila yung bonding na yan, dahil next week, another Loventure awaits them... ang youth drama series kung saan magkakasubukan sa acting-an ang lahat.

Luis (voiceover): Eto ang magiging basehan ng acting love council for our 4th Heartbreak Sunday.

Anne (voiceover): Kaya sabay-sabay pa rin tayo makilig sa susunod na loventure sa show na punong-puno ng pag-ibig...

Luis and Anne (voiceover): Qpids! Dito ang Puso Niyo!


CF's Note: We saw a few scenes of Mikel and Paw talking, but their conversation was not aired.


  • At 17/7/05 5:19 PM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    bkit di pinakita ung kina paw and mikel? bitin tuloy...nkakaintriga ung kina jill and hazel... im so sad about wat happened to mikel before...sna he'll overcome n rin un...

  • At 17/7/05 5:21 PM, Blogger Jonahlyn said…

    How come hnd ipinakita ang one on one talk nila Paw at Mikel nako naman NAKAKAINIS yun lng naman ang hinintay ko ano ba.............Bakit hnd ninyo ipinakita...........NAKAKAINIS talaga

  • At 17/7/05 5:55 PM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    jonahlyn hi...we have the same sentiments about dat...ano kya reason nla for doing such.. un lng tlg hinintay ko tpos wla rin pla...

  • At 17/7/05 6:21 PM, Blogger junaphine said…

    alam nyo the best talaga cna mhyco at hazel...ur the best...bagay talaga kayo...sana kayo nalng forever wla nang iba...ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 17/7/05 6:52 PM, Blogger shine said…

    errrrrrrrr kinilig talaga ako sa dalawang to mhyzel sana totoo na yang nararamdaman nyo sa isat isa at sana hazel sasagutin mo na c mhyco kinilig talaga ako sa inyo as in char lang we love u mhyzel patuloy talaga akong susuporta sa inyo basta lagi kayong in para sa akin. i love u mhyzel....... :) wla nang ibang pinakamagaling at pinaka sweet para sa akin kundi kayo lang talaga ang the best for me! galing nyo idol.

  • At 17/7/05 7:01 PM, Blogger kai said…

    MHYZEL talaga ang panalo. kahit saan sila ang pinakanakakakilig. MHYZEL ang talagang best!

  • At 17/7/05 7:01 PM, Blogger shine said…

    errrrrrrrr kinilig talaga ako sa dalawang to! talagang napaka sweet kayo na talaga yung pinaka magaling pinaka the best para sa akin na iinlove na tuloy ako as in sweet nyo talaga sa harap man ng camera o hindi ma showbiz man o hindi hindi pa rin nawala ang pag ka sweet nyong dalawa kaya hanggang ngayun hindi ko ipagkakaila kayo parin ang idol ko sana totohanin nyo na yan we love u mhyzel :)

  • At 17/7/05 7:02 PM, Blogger kai said…

    nakakakilig ang MHYZEL. sana talaga sila ang manalo. they really deserve the title. kakaiba sila, hindi ko carry. talagang i'm gettin crazy na talaga over MHYZEL!

  • At 17/7/05 7:05 PM, Blogger kai said…

    hi shine! dont worry, malayo pa ang mrarating ng relationship ng MHYZEL natin. i know naman n mhyco is hazel only and hazel is for mhyco lang. they love each other db?! kakakilig, sobra! sila talaga ang talagang dapat idolohin kasi talagang hanep ang chemistry at talagang makikita mo ang sincerity. tinginan pa nga lang e nakaka0inlove na talaga. sila talaga ang number 1 sa puso ko at wala ng makakapalit nun.

  • At 17/7/05 7:08 PM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    kahit ano talaga ang mangyari, kahit madaming dumadating sa samahan ng mhyzel, at the end of the day, sila talaga ang para sa isa't isa. hnd mo talaga maikakaila na talagang mahal nila ang each other. kilig na kilig pa din ako hanggang ngayon sa dalawang ito at siguro hnd na matatanggal ang kakiligan na ito kasi nakakaloka talag sila!

  • At 17/7/05 7:12 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    MhyZel, ASTIG...! grabe, wala akong masabi, sila talaga ang d best...! i'm really so glad na fan nila ako kasi alam ko na hindi talaga ako nagkamali ng iidolohin... i really love them and i really wouldn't waste my time sa kanila kung talagang alam ko na they dont deserve it... alam ko kasi na deserving silang manalo... at i know din deserving silang idolohin at mahalin... MhyZel gives me inspiration... grabe IDOL talaga...! ang lupit nyo...! MhyZEl, ASTIG...!

  • At 17/7/05 7:14 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    i'm happier now because of MhyZel... ano kaya ang life without MhyZel...? OMG, i can't imagine and i wouldn't imagine it kasi nakakalungkot talaga kung wala sila...! MhyZEl, i heart you so much...! i'll support you forever... kiligness kayo, sobra...!

  • At 18/7/05 1:50 AM, Blogger CF said…

    Hi aziren... please check out this blog's commenting policy. You're welcome to post your comments po. Hope that answers your question. :D

  • At 18/7/05 2:38 AM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    so what was the problem between hazel and jill..??????


    GOOOOOOO JILWYN.........!!!!!

  • At 18/7/05 2:54 AM, Blogger tSingkeet said…

    aaww... hindi ko naintndhan ung snabi ni carlo knna nung umiiyak xa.. wala pa din ung summary?

  • At 18/7/05 2:55 AM, Blogger tSingkeet said…

    next sunday ba ang 4th heartbreak nite?

  • At 18/7/05 10:24 AM, Blogger sherry said…

    ang sweet talaga ni mhyco ayaw nya na magalit sa kanya c hazel at cnsabi nya talaga ung 2nay nyang nararamdaman luv u MhyZel.

  • At 18/7/05 10:53 AM, Blogger ktisten said…

    I don't know whats the issue with Jill and Hazel cuz last time, in fanatic all star there was a sin that Jill kiss Hazel in chick while she was talking to the cammera about their dance, I thought when Jill did that ,I thought they're best friend but now it's weird. well most of u said that u didn't get to see PaWel's confesion doesn't suck cuz i wanted to see that too.:>:>:>:>

  • At 18/7/05 10:57 AM, Blogger grazy said…

    Hello! Mhyzel is THE BEST FOREVER...basta ako i still vote to them kse cla ang pinakagusto kung loveteam/pair sa QPIDS...GOOD LUCK to BOTH of YOU guys!!! GOD BLESS...


  • At 18/7/05 11:01 AM, Blogger ktisten said…

    I hope that Carla and Mikel really made up cuz I use to like them us a love team when qpids started.But I like PaWel too well i like them all it's just said that a pair has to go soon:< :< :<

  • At 18/7/05 12:07 PM, Blogger Jeran said…

    Wow, this episode had to be the most interesting to watch. Lol i guess its time for me to write about my favourite part about it.

    It intrigued me to see the Hazel and Jill part of the bull session. I didn't fully understand it, but parts of it i did understand. For those to say that Hazel was mad because of Jill winning immunity, I don't think that might be totally true. From what i remember from the episode, Hazel just said something happened between them both, and like us, the Qpids staff showed Jilwyn winning immunity, (which in my mind, makes people think that its because of that). In my opinion, I wouldn't think Hazel would get that worked up about losing immunity. Also like I said before Hazel never went into detail, I guess she did that in respect of Jill's feelings towards other people knowing about what had happened. Why Hazel brought this up? I dunno, I guess it was a session where they were allowed to bring things up, so that there were less tension between the cast members, but I guess this just brought more tension.

    All in all, I hope people won't think i'm just another Mhyzel defender, because Mhyzel is 50% of who i want to win, and the other equal 50% is Jilwyn. I just don't like it when people all of the sudden jump to conclusions, that Hazel was mad because of them losing immunity.(I don't know if she is or not, but its kind of mean to just say yes, she's hates Jill for beating them.)

    I appologize to CF if this does not belong here, and to those who see major mistakes in my err, long summary.

  • At 18/7/05 12:53 PM, Blogger Catherine said…

    Hi everyone, i guess all of us see qpids last sunday right? So i guess all of us must understand that it's not about the immunity bear itself... Cguro hazel has her reason whyd did she say that.... right? And jill i guess knew too what is it all about. Maybe hazel was just saying things which we don't really understand.... So people must not conclude unless it was confirmed.... Be open minded everyone, they have others stuff maybe....:)

  • At 18/7/05 1:33 PM, Blogger aziren said…

    hello to all PAWEL's fan... have you noticed nung nsa wishing well ung group nila paw,carlo,jillatdom? nung time n ni paw magwish, sbi nya sna mging strong p ung love team nila ni qpids nya... tpos nung hinagis n nya ung coin hinrang ni carlo! bkit kay? hehehe true kayang may gus2 c carlo kay paw... hehehe... ala nanoticed ko lng nman... pero PAWEL p rin ako..

  • At 18/7/05 2:11 PM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    AZIREN... hi..i noticed din un nung hinarang ni carlo ung pghagis ni paw ng coin kya nga dun tumama sa kampana...prng naasar pa ng c paw kc nga di na-shoot sa wishing well...pro mdyo ntuwa nman c paw nung cnbi n pwde pa uling mghagis...ibig sbhin paw really wanted n mas mging strong pa ung team up nla ni mikel... pro cympre mas mgnda if ung unang coin n hinagis nya, ung ang na-shoot sa well.. tpos nung nsa jeep cla, dba pinupunasan ni paw ung upuan tpos c carlo inaasar pa xa..

    if totoong may gus2 c carlo ky paw? ok lng pro prng ayko..kc beste venn ni paw c vane,at aykong mgkagulo cla dhl sa isng guy...

    naicp ko nga rin, nagwish c paw n mas mging strong pa ung bonding nla ni mikel, pro ung coin hindi na-shoot sa wishing well, may ibig sbhin kya un? sna wla nman... gusto ko tlgng mlaman kung ano ung cnbi nla paw and mikel sa isa't isa during the confrontation nla...kc aftr nung kina carla and mikel, gs2 kong mlaman kung anong reaction ni paw...too bad, di nla pinakita un... pro il support PAWEL kht anong mngyri...

    PAWEL for ETERNITY!!!!

  • At 18/7/05 2:21 PM, Blogger grasya said…

    Oh Im so touch talaga sa cnabi ni Hazel ky Janus na yung naramdaman nya noon ky Janus ay walang -wala sa naramdaman nyang happiness kay Mhyco! that was so touching. Kasi nanligaw daw si Janus noon ky Hazel. At parang I've seen sadness sa mga mata ni Janus when Hazel said that. Siguro like pa rin nya si Hazel...
    And between Jill and Hazel, na-sad ako kasi I think close sila, Bat parang may d sila pagkakaunawaan ngayo. D ko yun masyadong maintindihan. But I think d naman yun tungkol sa immunity bear diba! Kasi parang may sinabi dun si Hazel about sa ginawa ni Jill. Wag daw gumawa si Jill ng bagay na ikababagsak ng other luvteams. Sana magkaayos na sila, luv ko pa naman silang dalawa. I thought nga they were bestfrend base na din sa napapanood ko. I think kasi sila 2 and mas close sa other luvprincesses!!! Sana magkabati na kayo kung ano man ang inyung samaan...
    Goodluck sa lahat ng luvteams specially MHYZEL(my favorite among all) 2nd sina jilwyn...

  • At 18/7/05 3:23 PM, Blogger yours truly said…

    uyy.. i'd love to have watched this episode. :)) confession.. i liked carlo for paw. hehe. pero basta if paw is happy, im happy.


  • At 18/7/05 3:43 PM, Blogger aziren said…

    sana nxt sunday ipakita ung one on one talk ni paw at mikel...

  • At 18/7/05 3:47 PM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    sna nsa dting sched prin ang qpids... at least we still can watch the behind the scenes of their loventures...especially dis bohol loventure and the bull session/ confrontation...exciting ung episode eh..ska im really waiting for this kind of episode...sna pg npili n ung final 3 loveteams, merong ulit ganito... but sa episode n to, mkikita tlg kung gaano ka-honest ung mga loveteams and it's also an opportunity to settle the misunderstandings...mhrap mkpggtrabho s kaaway mo lalo n sa mga artista...

    but the episode, parang bitin...

  • At 18/7/05 6:00 PM, Blogger mhyzel fanatic said…


  • At 18/7/05 6:58 PM, Blogger betsay said…

    ang ganda ng chemistry talaga ng idols namin. MHYZEL. ok na ok talaga kau sa amin. kau ang tinitilian namin sa qpids at kau ang inaabangan namin ok talaga kau. buti nalng at d ako nag sisi sa pinili kong love team..
    sana lng deserving din kau sa amin kc sa tingin naman namin ganda dating nyo sa tao e.
    basta mhyzel kilig tlaga.
    ang ganda kasi ng gnawa nila kahapon. abangan namin lagi ang mhyzel evry wik.
    support namin kau hanggang matapos qpids.

  • At 18/7/05 7:31 PM, Blogger nicole said…

    sa tingin ko sa lahat ng episode
    ang mhyzel ang mananalo.kc parang sila ang bumubuhay ng show. mhyzel palagi ang may tatak every episode diba. aminin.
    ang daming matutuwa pag mhyzel ang nag ultimate at bagay sa kanila.

    mhyzel ur the winner.....

  • At 18/7/05 7:38 PM, Blogger kits said…

    mhyco + hazel = mhyzel



  • At 19/7/05 1:02 AM, Blogger Daynuh said…

    my heart broke for Mikel and at the same time, I couldn't blame Carla for feeling that way... I CRIED DURING THEIR WHOLE SEGMENT.. (*kinda shallow but it's really heartbreaking... mababaw din naman ang luha ko,i admit so pls dont think and chaka!:(*)

    I've been through the same hurt as Carla did. And when ur on that position, u cant help but be accusasive at times when you talk to the person... (*nagulat ako sobra sa "ang kapal ng mukha mo..."*) But i feel that the contained anger and the sudden burst during the bull session only reflects how much SHE DOES LIKE MIKEL... Pls dont get me wrong I've loved CarMikel loveteam then but now it's way better she's with Janus and Mik's with Paw...

    Maybe it's just that Carla is a little hurt because Mikel didn't show much effort with her than with Paw: wherein he's so sweet towards Paw, holding hands, the physical contacts, the sweet talks... But I also can't blame Mikel 'coz during the earlier loventures, he didn't have that much chance! And given he really admitted his ADHD, and now after his confession he was hurt by a VERY STUPID GURL he pursued for 3 YEARS!!!, I guess he felt it'll be very best if he didn't pursue with Carla.

    'Coz I feel the thing with Carla almost went personal. That they'll be mixing work with their personal feelings. I think Mik is comfortable with Paw in a sense that Paw treats Mik like her ON SCREEN Baby Bear and Mik reciprocates because that's what the show is: to be On-Screen Loveteams. Maybe that's also one of the reasons why Carla is hurt. Mik admitted din naman that during the earlier shoots, he didn't pay too much attention on Paw, siguro hardly on anything with the concept of the show, at he just rode on with the flow, so probably including Carla...

    ....ouchie! sooo hurt for Mikel. He reminds me of someone very much looking and acting like him that I BADLY DON'T WANNA SEE CRY...

    The Jilwyn Pair makes me *kilig* too! When Alwyn was making-drama on Jill leaving to go back to the group with Carlo, and he suddenly called her back for a hug, I went totally *Awwwwwww! So Sweet!

    The Mhyzel tandem isn't bad. In fact they're real. TOO REAL... I dunno. I guess that's what makes the others so kilig, when it's realistic so, goodluck to them nalang. The Immunity bear issue siguro isn't Hazel's issue naman with Jill. bka there's more to it... i dont think it's shallow...

    ...i like Jilwyn nga lng beter than Mhyzel...

    Hurt din me kay Vanessa 'coz I think Carlo is really doing just professional work. I mean, yeah that's the show, you don't have to be emotionally attached to your partner and all pero medyo fabricated lang talaga siguro ang dating niya kay Vane kaya hurt siya. That's why Carlo also keeps on apologizing to her kasi he doesn't wanna do it and mean to hurt... huhuhuhuhu! super sad na me! they're all drama mode...

    DomRea kewl!! They're so fit for each other!

    whew! loooong post! na-miss ko na kasi posting about Qpids. School's so demanding I sometimes don't even catch the episodes!! kaya...


  • At 19/7/05 5:22 AM, Blogger angelica said…

    thanks soooo sooo much CF! =) wow i didn't realize how much i really missed. lol. now i'm all caught up! you're the greatest! =D

  • At 19/7/05 7:12 AM, Blogger c@m!LL3 @ng3L!c@ said…

    guys may tanong lng me... ano ba meaning ng "beste venn"?

  • At 19/7/05 9:32 AM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    im sad,...i dont want to see paw cry... and also mikel..alam kong na-hurt c paw... can't blame her..u know, kung keln xa nag-wish na mging strong pa cla ni mikel as a loveteam or as friends, ska nya mlalaman na ayw mgtwla ni mikel sa kht cno... but still, im hoping that they have settled their problems with each other.... il continue to support PAWEL no matter wat happens...

  • At 19/7/05 6:32 PM, Blogger jm said…

    khit itwist nyo pa sla mhyzel... hindi nkaaapek2 sa kanila.. dahil sa isp nla cla pring dalawa... d best tlaga ang mhyzel... lahat nga ng classma8 ko hands down daw kla mhyzel.... nkakaklig tlaga kyo mhyzel... pro sana hindi n kyo mg lq khit kailn. at sana kyo na ang mgka2luyan sa totoong buhay. gudlock MHYZEL.



  • At 19/7/05 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi CF! thanks talaga for posting the transcript ha! :) haaaaaay ang saya talaga ng qpids. :)

  • At 20/7/05 12:49 AM, Blogger CF said…

    Request lang po sa lahat. If there's a comment on this blog that you don't like, please don't respond to it. Send me an email or leave a comment here with the name of the person and I'll take care of it.

    Kasi nakakawalang-gana talaga mag-update dito kung magiging warzone lang ang blog.

    I don't spend HOURS for each episode summarizing and making screenshots just so people can argue here.

    Very simple lang naman ang commenting policy dito eh. Please read it before posting. Thank you.

  • At 20/7/05 4:57 AM, Blogger LC said…

    PAWEL! PAWEL! PAWEL! PAWEL!GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PAWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 20/7/05 11:01 AM, Blogger LEN said…

    sayang ndi ko cia npanood... but still love ko parin cna PAWEL!! GO PAWEL GO... galingan nyo pa... & 4 mikel sna ma overcome mo n ung problem mo...i'll pray 4 it! paw sna u'll always be there 4 mikel... i love you both! gudluck....

  • At 20/7/05 2:15 PM, Blogger jo said…

    go PAWEL!!!

  • At 20/7/05 3:14 PM, Blogger grasya said…


  • At 20/7/05 6:39 PM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    bagay na bagay tlga sila hazel and mhyco.
    GO MHYZEL!!!!

  • At 20/7/05 9:44 PM, Blogger taray said…

    hi to every body hir, when i read the episode last sunday nakakakilig naman ung mga lines ng
    MHYZEL,grabe at ang dami pala nilang fans kc dito sa blog binasa ko mula sa umpisa ang MHYZEL ang pinaka d best at pinaka maraming nakakapansin kaya sa kanila agad atension ko when i read at nabalitaan ko lng sa skul e talaga naman palang kagigiliwan sila e ang sarap yatang mainlove. kaya pala daming nilang fans eh curious lang kc ko bakit pangalan nila naririnig ko sa skul kaya pala d kc ko nanunuod ng qpids pero this time sa mga nabasa ko aabangan ko talaga ang QPIDS nx sunday. kc kahit ako mismo kinilig ako sa mga dinaanan ng MHYZEL. grabe ibang klaseng show. aabangan ko talaga nx sunday...at ngaun palang fans nako ng MHYZEL at they are both deserving sa mga dami ng fans nila kc po kahit sa palengke MHYZEL ang usapan dito at imagine may nag aaway pa.e nung magbabad ako sa internet talaga naman palang sila agad ang kagigiliwan ng mga tao. hay MHYZEL. promise from now on aabangan ko kau. fans nako ng MHYZEL....

    MHYZEL kakakilig talaga.

  • At 21/7/05 4:01 AM, Blogger gilxlo said…

    Just wondering...do u think people will still like Mhyzel if they break up or get into a huge fight? Just wondering?

  • At 21/7/05 6:30 AM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    c@m!ll3 @ng3l!c@..hi...

    beste venn is the norwegian term for bestfriend... that is why paw, marla and vane call each other as beste venn...

  • At 21/7/05 7:00 AM, Blogger LC said…

    hi!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for qpids this sunday:):):):):):):):):):):):>:>:>:>:>:>

  • At 21/7/05 5:56 PM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    im excited n rin s episode nla dis sunday..paw said they're in antipolo for the tping for sunday's episode.... i wish that all of them would be givn equal exposure in the next episode....


  • At 21/7/05 8:31 PM, Blogger jm said…

    hay naku!!!!!!! kahit anong mangyari MHYZEL is d best...... wla ng iba pang mkakatlo sa knila. bgay na bgay ung title s knila bcoz dey deserve it......... on cam or off cam panalo ang kaswitan nla MHYZEL. wla tlaga akong msbi....... im xur MHYZEL ang mannlo sa qpid.... WHY? bcoz dey really love each other... go MHYZEL......

    MHYZEL 4EVER!!!!



    GO MHYZEL!!!

  • At 22/7/05 2:56 AM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    can't wait till next week pag nag heavy drama sila... excited na ako.. it will be nice to see the true chemistry they have when it comes to heavy acting....

    Go JILWYN!!! Go JARLA!!!!

  • At 22/7/05 8:11 PM, Blogger sheng said…

    pls naman show nyo naman yung final episode maawa naman kyo pls kung pwede e-video nyo...kung sa gma nga nakakapanood kmi tru internet sa abs pa ka ya ...magpapatalo ba ang n0. 1 network...pls do my request i love qpids so much

  • At 22/7/05 8:30 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Sheng, question lang po... what do you mean by final episode? Kasi, hindi pa naman tapos ang Qpids eh.

    If you mean the Bohol Loventure episode, available for download ang lahat ng episodes ng Qpids sa ABS-CBN Now website. You just need to subscribe. I think subscription is US$4.95 per month.

    I hope nakatulong yung sagot ko.

  • At 22/7/05 9:16 PM, Blogger jm said…

    sana bumalik na kla MHYZEL ang immunity bear. kc sa knila nabbgay ung immunity bear. dey deserve it. un lng. i can't w8 for qpids dis coming sunday....
    go MHYZEL!!!!

  • At 23/7/05 8:46 AM, Blogger shawty said…


  • At 24/7/05 11:43 PM, Blogger edamickey12 said…

    I really like Alwyn and Jill
    and ofcourse Janus and Carla!!!
    Janus' humor really works for me!!!

  • At 25/7/05 7:23 PM, Blogger eve-mhyzel said…

    grabehhh galing tlga mhyzel...
    kahit anong role kahit anong gawin nila... they really shine!!!!
    mhyzel is d best for me!!!!
    di kelangan ng effort para magpakilig.... natural na natural... they are the greatest!

  • At 29/7/05 12:49 AM, Blogger My online diary said…


  • At 29/7/05 12:53 AM, Blogger CF said…

    Hi Zoe... wala pong pics ang Bull Session because not everyone spoke at the Bull Session (they didn't air Paw-Mikel).

    As much as possible kasi, I want to give equal screenshot exposure to all the loveteams eh.

    Since it's only in the first part that they all got equal airtime, yung first part lang ang may screenshots.

  • At 30/7/05 7:24 AM, Blogger kai said…

    ang MHYZEL talaga sagad sa buto ang nagagawa nilang pagpapakilig, simula pa lang talaga sila na ng gusto ko, nakakakilig kasi! the best sila, sana sila ang manalo. they deserve to win and they deserve each other!

  • At 30/7/05 7:27 AM, Blogger kai said…

    go MHYZEL go
    go MHYZEL go
    go MHYZEL go

    awwwww, nakaka-dala sila, lalo n when MHYCO starts crying kasi talagang you can see in his eyes na talagang mahal na mahal nya c HAZEL! and you can see din naman that HAZEL loves MHYCO so much. grabe, astig talaga! and sana hindi na sila magkahiwalay! i'll support them forever, kahit na anong mangyari!

  • At 30/7/05 7:28 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    ang mhyzel ang nakakakilig, sila talaga ng dapat hangaan kasi deserving sila!

  • At 30/7/05 7:28 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    nakakaloka ang mhyzel, un lng ang masasabi ko!


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