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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Episode 5.3

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 5, Day 3.

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Anne and Luis open the show to introduce the 'Bear Kita' date of Carla and Janus. Luis says -- with Janus, always expect the unexpected. Anne says -- for sure, this will be comedic! Janus intends to be a one-man, deluxe, service-staff for Carla on this first date.

Luis says: Janus will definitely be able to make Carla laugh. E pag-paiyakin kaya, sino ang magaling diyan? Anne responds: Alam ko 'yan! Itago nalang natin sa pangalan na... Mikel Campos.

The episode starts with Janus standing on the roadside, flagging down a cab. He's all dressed up in a tux, wearing a backpack, and is carrying a strange assortment of items.

Meanwhile, Carla is at home watching TV and is surprised by the unexpected arrival of the Qpids camera crew. She is told that they're there to shoot a segment for Qpids Sunday Loventures (QSL). She greets the viewers, then shows everyone the bruises she has on her knees and legs from their Fanatic All-stars rehearsals. She also says she hurt her arm... but that Janus massaged it to make it better.

In the cab, Janus is anticipating the surprise that he'll be springing on Carla. He shows off the various items he's got with him for this date: air freshener, tissue, insect repellant, and his mahiwagang basket... the contents of which he will reveal later.

Back at home, the crew interview Carla's mom and brother about Janus. Mommy Tonette says Janus is a nice guy -- but she says she expects Carla to not be padalos-dalos. Kuya Alec says: "Behave.... have fun, but not too much."

In the cab, Janus shows off the bilao of kakanin that he has for Carla's family.

Finally, he arrives at Carla's home and nervously makes his way to the door. As he knocks, he calls out Carla's name.

Inside, Carla has apparently recognized Janus' voice, so she goes to open the door, and hides behind it as Janus picks up his many items from the floor and walks in, saying: "Wow, Haunted House. Bumukas mag-isa..."

With Carla hiding behind him, Janus enters the house and greets Carla's brother with: Voulez vous coucher avec moi? (LOL) He greets Carla's mom with a bit of pseudo-French before finally realizing that Carla is just standing behind him.

He then presents his bilao of kakanin to Carla's mom, then asks for her permission to take Carla out on their date.

He then unveils the contents of his backpack -- a very short red carpet. He throws flower petals on the carpet and invites Carla to walk on it.

Laughing, she steps on and when she reaches the end, he asks her to stop, then pulls the other end of the carpet around to the front so she can continue walking... until finally, they're in the cab. LOL.

Once they're on their way in the cab, Janus presents Carla with a Snickers chocolate bar. He says it's a bit melted but he got it because it reminded him of her. Carla is all smiles and reveals that she likes eating that candy bar during rehearsals.

As they continue on their way, Janus decides to get on the phone and call Mikel. When Mikel answers the phone, Janus tells Mikel that he and Carla are out on a date and that Carla wants to talk to him. He then hands the phone to her.

In his interview, Janus says he did it to make Carla happy. Also he admits: Gusto ko siyang (Mikel) inggitin eh. Gusto ko siya naman ang magselos. Back in the cab, Janus says he's willing to do whatever it takes to make Carla happy, even if it's having her talk to Mikel on his cellphone using up his load credits! (Awww).

Carla in her interview says: Naging honest naman ako kay Janus. It came to the point na malapit na akong mahulog kay Mikel. Pero it takes two to tango. Pinakita niya na mas karapat-dapat siya. Kung ikaw talaga ang gusto ng tao... hahabulin ka.

When they arrive in Marikina City, Janus prepares to unveil his next surprise while Carla uses the restroom. He has rented a large high-heeled-shoe-shaped vehicle (in bright pink, no less). He also had his red carpet unrolled with flower petals all over it.

Carla is surprised to see the giant shoe when she returns, but she gamely gets on board (sino ba naman ang nakakasakay ng sapatos?) and the two of them enjoy their afternoon parading around Marikina City together.

Janus in his interview says: "Nagulat ako na si Carla ay ganun pala ka cowboy -- hindi maarte, malambing, understanding, palabiro, and down-to-earth."

As night falls, they arrive at the Riverbanks Amusement Center, where they enjoy a ride on a paddle boat (which Janus didn't have to push!), a round on the bumpcarts, a few turns around the teacups, and a few songs at the karaoke bar.

Carla in her interview says the entire day was very memorable, including their walk across the bridge with other people around them.

Janus leads her to their next stop, a picnic dinner (with matching red carpet and flower petals). He presents her with a bouquet and a small cage with hamsters (?). During dinner, since they had agreed that they would seriously talk, Carla asked Janus about his father, Renato del Prado.

Janus reveals that he has not seen his father for quite some time. Wala akong sama ng loob sa erpat ko. Hindi naman kailangan iyakan ang lahat ng bagay. Mahirap mag-invest ng emotions sa isang tao na wala duon.

Carla (in her interview): Janus is the one who's there for me. Kagaya ng sinabi niya kanina, paano mo bibigyan ng pagmamahal ang taong wala sa tabi mo? Siya yung nandiyan eh.

Janus (in his interview): Feeling ko gusto niya pa rin si Mikel eh, kahit papaano. Ano ba ang meron ang payatot na yun at gustong-gusto siya ni Carla. Papayat din kaya ako!

During their after-dinner chat, Janus keeps telling Carla he thinks that she still likes Mikel. She tells him she doesn't know why he can't get it into his head that she's over Mikel, and that he's the one she wants to be with.

Janus then asks: "Kung liligawan kita, sasagutin mo ba ako?" Carla answers: "Ewan ko. Ligawan mo muna ako, kaya nga nanliligaw eh."

When Carla asks him how he feels about her, Janus answers: "Ba't naman gagawin ng isang lalaki sa isang babae ang lahat ng ginawa ko?"

Janus (in his interview): She's pretty, she's sweet. What more can I ask for? Basta okay siya. Tanggap niya ako. Tanggap ko rin siya. Okay na yun!

Carla (in her interview, while we see more scenes from their date): Love takes time. Mas totoo ang feeling pag step-by-step. Hindi mabilisan. Kung talagang special ang nararamdaman mo para sa tao, huwag mong i-madali....

Carla continues: Muntik na akong umiyak. Muntik na akong masaktan. Pero paano ako iiyak, kung ang kasama ko ay nagpapatawa sa akin?


  • At 23/6/05 12:34 AM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    awww.. kakatuwa nmn si janus.. aheheh pero ha sa totoo lang sweet sya kay carla.. infairness bagay din sila.. they can work things out ryte? kahit na ' expect the unexpected'kakatuwa silang dalawa !

  • At 23/6/05 2:10 AM, Blogger XuaGraM said…

    grabeeeeeeeeeeee,,,, ang gandaaaa kht sa blog ko lang nakita... grabeeeee touching cia :)

  • At 23/6/05 5:56 AM, Blogger SNPearls said…

    I love them together. Their relationship has comedy I mean lots comedy and little drama. Janus makes me laugh so much and they have such great chemistry together. I think they are made to be the next comedian couple on abs-cbn.

    O! I hope they win.

  • At 23/6/05 7:44 AM, Blogger angelica said…

    i loved their date ! yeeee! :) especially the big pink shoe. that was awesome. =) yeah ! they definitely did save the best for last ^_^

  • At 23/6/05 6:06 PM, Blogger Mae said…

    their date was so awesome. i was sadden to see janus get jealous when carla talked to mekel on the phone. but i think by the end of their date carla learned to like janus & really appreciated everything that he did for her on their date. he was so patient & sweet during their date. he also made me laugh while watching their date. i think it's true that we shouldn't waste our time on someone who doesn't want to waste their time on us and why cry for the person who doesn't like you when there is someone who likes you that will make you smile & laugh. their so exciting to watch cuz they make you smile.

  • At 23/6/05 7:03 PM, Blogger Che said…

    My all time fav date ng Qpids is Mhyco-Hazel but I like Janus and Carla's date,too. It was fun-packed talaga and I saw that Janus gave Carla everything on that date..biruin mo he called Mikel just so that he could make Carla smile...wow!!naman...kahit na he was jealous. I like their love team, too!

  • At 23/6/05 7:04 PM, Blogger erika said…

    eto fave love team ko! sweet talga ni janus.. :)

  • At 25/6/05 6:58 AM, Blogger gian said…

    fave love team ko sila..as in...suuper kilig yung date niLa..ung shoe ride niLA..kakatuwa and kilig din at da same tym!!! sana sial manalo..Janus and Carla..i'll support u til da end!!! grabe nato!!!!!!!! huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! grabeeee.....as innnn!!!!!

  • At 25/6/05 8:58 AM, Blogger ChArMs said…

    Ang masasabi ko lng ang gwapo nang kuya ni Carla supper...

  • At 25/6/05 1:03 PM, Blogger xXxnhIzeyxXx said…

    ei, graveH!..aNG gALIng nang nkaisip ng gaNItong blog..siNce it's my fiRst tym na nkapunTA d2..sa pAge na2..talagang namangha akoh!..sa ganda..and lots of interesting things...!!!..wheeww::++::++..JANUS & CARLA..i really like them both..may chemistry silang dalawa!..nakakatuwa silang dalawa!..about the efFOrt of janus..on their date..he's so good..and romantic..im pretty sure ge's gunna win the HEART of CARLA....go JANUS AND CARLA!!!.....::++::++::++::!....

    moRe poWers toOYu

  • At 25/6/05 3:20 PM, Blogger apple said…

    janus and carla...you guys look so funny together...keep it up guys!!!


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