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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Episode 7.4

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 7, Day 4.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!!

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Today's episode concludes the Hong-pin Loventure for our 7 remaining loveteams.

Among the Binondo teams, Team JaRla is in last place, but for them it's still a fight to the end as they arrive at LGA Fast Food, learn their script, and order a bowl of frog soup.

When the soup arrives, they act out their 'kilig-sena' and then try to sell a customer on the benefits of frog soup (low in cholesterol and high in natural fiber! LOL). However, the man makes a hasty escape.

In the meantime, Dominic and Andrea are riding in a tricycle on their way back to ABS-CBN. Dominic remarks that Andrea has been complaining, while Andrea says he's being mean and that he's supposed to love his partner.

In the video clip, we see them having lost their way somewhat.

In the meantime, Jill and Alwyn are now low on cash and have to beg for some money to get back to ABS-CBN.

Meanwhile, Paw and Mikel are now riding the train -- Paw says that it was hard and Mikel says that the clearance alone took about 20 minutes.

Jill and Alwyn finally collect enough money to take a taxi back to ABS-CBN and while on the taxi, they thank everyone who contributed money so that they can head for the pitstop.

Paw and Mikel get off the train and Paw charms the taxi driver into charging them only 30 pesos for the ride.

Both PawEl and JilWyn are in their respective cabs, and Paw asks the driver to take the fastest way there.


In Hong Kong, Pauleen and Gian are negotiating the price with the rickshaw driver. Pauleen finally gets the price down to 80 Hong Kong dollars, and they make their way to the bus terminal. They have to get on a bus to go to Victoria's Tram Terminal.

In the meantime, Mhyco and Hazel get on the ferry bound for Hong Kong Island, and we see Carlo and Vanessa just barely miss getting on the same ferry boat.

On the ferry, Hazel and Mhyco get a chance to rest and enjoy the wind, and a very tired Mhyco actually falls asleep.

When they dock, Hazel wakes him, and they look for the rickshaws.

Meanwhile, Carlo and Vanessa get on the ferry, and while onboard, they take a video of their ride.

While at the bus terminal, Pauleen and Gian befriend a Canadian Family on holiday, and they kindly pay for PauGi's bus fare to Victoria's peak.

Mhyco and Hazel finally ride on the rickshaw, and although they enjoy the ride, they both feel bad for the man who has to carry them. Mhyco pays the full fare and plus gives the man a tip.

Carlo negotiates the price to 70 Hong Kong dollars for CarVane's own rickshaw ride.

Soon, Pauleen and Gian are on their way to ride the tram to Victoria's peak, while Hazel and Mhyco are lining up at the bus, and Carlo and Vanessa are still at the bus terminal, looking for the ticket booth.


Back in ABS-CBN, Mr. Qpido is at the 13th floor roof deck waiting for the first loveteam to come. Paw and Mikel rush out of the elevator and run to pitstop.

Mr. Qpido tells greets them and says they the first team to arrive and win the right to portray the lead roles of Pinky and Raymond in the ultimate 'kilig-sena.' Paw says that they did their best and that since everyone was expecting them to arrive last, it gave them motivation to keep going on.

Jill and Alwyn meanwhile are still in the taxi, and Alwyn says to the camera that if Direk asks them to buy some candy, he still has 10 pesos left. They arrive at ABS-CBN, and are shown coming out of the elevator and arriving at the roofdeck in second place.

Mr. Qpido tells them that they will play supporting roles as Sir William and the wife of Sir William, the parents of Raymond. Jokingly, Alwyn tells Mikel to 'come to Dad.'

Meanwhile, back at LGA Fast Food, Carla and Janus are still trying to convince customers to take their frog soup. Carla challenges one customer to prove that he's man enough to eat the soup, while Janus is giving another guy a free massage as a form of encouragement.

Finally, one of them agrees, and a grateful Janus gives him a hug (and almost a kiss! LOL). They read the 6th and final clue, which instructs them to return to ABS-CBN.

Dominic and Andrea meanwhile are still a little lost as they try and make their way back. Low on cash, they resort to begging for money.

Janus makes arrangements with an FX driver to bring JaRla directly to ABS-CBN for 300 pesos (WOW!).

Dominic and Andrea are then shown getting off a jeep and walking towards ABS-CBN. Dominic in his interview says that the hardest part of the loventure was commuting because you always had to keep track of how much money you still have.

The part where they had to make noodles was actually not so bad. Dominic and Andrea are then shown arriving at the roofdeck, and Mr. Qpido tells them that they only have a bit role in the 'kilig-sena' as a sweet couple.

Janus and Carla are still back on the FX, and although both of them look exhausted, Janus still finds the energy to jokingly say that if he finds out there was cheating on this race, he will file a blotter with the council. LOL.

Finally, they arrive at ABS-CBN and rush up to the 13th floor, where they find the three other loveteams waiting with Direk Lauren.

Direk Lauren is smiling as he tells them they are the last team to arrive at the pitstop, and that as a result, they will be given a bit part in the kilig-sena as a "texting couple". They all share a laugh when Janus jokingly says it looks like the other teams never even left the building.

In their interview, Janus admits that they really lost their way and that as a result, they finished last. He expresses admiration for the other teams, especially Andrea and Dominic, who had apparently never commuted before.

Carla says she's glad they ended up not going to Hong Kong, and that she would prefer staying in Manila with Janus, because Hong Kong would not have been fun without him.

Janus responds with: "Awwww.... Manzano!" To which Carla laughingly replies: "Nipster!" LOL.


Back in Hong Kong, Pauleen sees a camera in the distance and for a moment gets scared because she thinks it's another loveteam. MhyZel and CarVane are in a race for second after Pauleen and Gian. Carlo sings a song to Vanessa while they are riding along. The 2 last loveteams are then shown getting on the tram to get to Victoria's Peak.

Finally, Pauleen and Gian reach Victoria's peak, and they realize they are the first loveteam because they don't see anyone else there. Next, Mhyco and Hazel arrive and they are the second loveteam to reach Victoria's peak. They give each other a hug and are happy to be second. Finally, Carlo and Vanessa reach the peak and are officially in third place.

As the episode winds down, we see a sequence of random scenes from the Hong-pin Loventure featuring all seven loveteams.

Right at the very end, both the Hong Kong and Binondo teams all do a little spoof of the "Instant Ayos" commercial of Rejoice Shampoo. LOL.


  • At 8/7/05 12:58 AM, Blogger paw&mikelLvR said…

    where is the heartbreak night thingy...like the whos safe and whos not...well anEwA's its ok

  • At 8/7/05 1:11 AM, Blogger CF said…

    paw&mikelLvR, Heartbreak Night will air on Sunday pa. The China Loventure is not yet over... it will go on until Friday.

  • At 8/7/05 1:24 AM, Blogger paw&mikelLvR said…

    thank you kasi hindi ko na read yung baba...so ngayon alam ko na thank you

  • At 8/7/05 4:21 AM, Blogger o2 said…

    i can't understand the schedule...can u please explain 2 me...when is the heartbreak nyt?thnx!!!

  • At 8/7/05 10:58 AM, Blogger Jonahlyn said…

    Im so happy talaga na ang team nila Pawel ang nanalo ksi last night i dream na natalo daw sila nina Jill at Alwyn thnk god dream lng yun go Pawel.....Sayang hnd nanalo sila Myzel at Carvane.......but hey keep supporting them guys.........

  • At 8/7/05 12:36 PM, Blogger cOoLet said…

    grabeh 4ever n yta tlga n nka2kilig ang mhyzel... haay, super bgay tlga cla... ok lng n 2nd lng cla dun s loventure s hongkong... atleast mdami nman cla kilig moments (pechayan) 2geder... MHYZEL FOREVER!!!

  • At 8/7/05 1:13 PM, Blogger CF said…

    o2, please read this for an explanation of the schedule: Click this link

  • At 8/7/05 1:33 PM, Blogger _pawel_carvane_ said…

    gling tlg nila paw and mikel!!!! kala ko tlg cla jillwyn mauuna e...buti nlng... im excited n ko s episode mmya.. gagayahin nla ung rejoice commercial... kwela tlg...

    sayang nman cla carvane...todo enjoy cla sa hongkong..prang wla s race...

  • At 8/7/05 1:33 PM, Blogger o2 said…

    thank you cf...

  • At 8/7/05 2:19 PM, Blogger kai said…

    grabe, kiligness to death pa rin talaga ang MhyZel, lalo n nung nagkiss sila pero nasa gitna ung orchids. and kahit hindi sila ung nanalo, for me, sila pa rin ang pinaka kiligness.


  • At 8/7/05 2:22 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    up for Mhyco and Hazel...! OMG... ang shweet shweet nila kanina... nakakaloka...! the best talaga ang MhyZel...! sana sila ang manalo sa Qpids...! hayyy...

  • At 8/7/05 2:23 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    i love MhyZel...!

  • At 8/7/05 11:58 PM, Blogger yours truly said…

    PAWEL!! hehe.. galing galing naman!

    keep it up the rest! galing nyo lahat. :))

  • At 9/7/05 6:26 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    ang galing ng mhyzel, kilig n kilig ako sobra. & khit 2nd lng sila, 4 sure mawi2ndang n nmn ako s kiligsena nila!

  • At 9/7/05 6:26 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    mhyzel ang orig! tunay n astig!

  • At 11/7/05 5:25 PM, Blogger paw-mikel said…

    ang galing ng pawel loveteam, nagsusuportahan silang dalawa. sweet at bagay na bagay pa...guapo't maganda!

  • At 13/7/05 9:06 AM, Blogger BOO said…

    I predict na ang MANANALO is either jILLwYN or dOMrEA.

  • At 14/7/05 1:52 AM, Blogger anne margaret said…

    i still love andrea and dominic.they are the best.new face and infact andrea looks like anne hattaway.shes cute


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