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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Episode 2.4

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 2, Day 4.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The show opens with a recap of the Race of Hearts results for the first set of charmings, and then shows the joust results for the second set.

Marc C. wins over Carlo in the joust, and races to the Jest Camp. Carlo waits out his five minute penalty, chooses a vehicle, and then is dismayed to realize that he had a very slow driver.

On the beach, host Luis is interviewing the girls about their preferences.

Vanessa: I like them both (Carlo and Marc C.), but most kinikilig ako when it comes to Carlo.

Isabel: Si Gabb, parang sincere. Pag mag-isa ako, tumatabi siya sa akin. Si Felix naman, makulit siya. Eh gustong-gusto ko sa lalaki yung makulit.

Hazel (talking about Mhyco): Magagalit ako kapag hindi siya nanalo sakin! (laughs)

Paw: Okay silang pareho, pero kung papipiliin niyo ako kung sino ang mas gusto kong makasama, kung sino ang gusto kong manalo... si TJ.

Of the four pairs of rivals, the first to arrive at the Jest Camp were Marc C., Mhyco, TJ, and Gabb.

It does not take long before Mhyco finds the flag marker, and reads the note: Sa gitna ng kawalan, kaya mo bang silbihan ang love princess mo? Patunayang maabilidad kayong mga prince charming sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng apoy. Hanapin ang master jungle guide para magpaturo at kumain ng... isang surprise treat!

TJ, Marc C., and Gabb soon find the flag marker as well.

Mhyco has learned well from his first race, and he asks the jungle guide to start his fire for him, knowing that he'll have to eat more frog legs. He says by this time, he's used to the taste.

Felix arrives at the Jest Camp and finds the master guide, but Gabb's persistence pays off, and he starts his fire first, despite Felix's constant heckling.

Mhyco is already eating his frogs by the time Dominic arrives, and before long, Mhyco finishes and is the first to leave Jest Camp to return to Nabasan beach for the final leg of the race.

TJ remains focused on the race, and is already working on his fire by the time a very exhausted Mikel retrieves the clue and finds the master guide.


As the show ends, we get a sneak peak into tomorrow's episode, where Carlo arrives at the camp, the princesses come for a visit, and hosts Anne and Luis tell us that the winners of this second Race of Hearts will soon be revealed.


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