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Monday, June 27, 2005

Episode 6.1

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 6 Day 1.

Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!

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Today's episode begins with a recap of last week's Heartbreak Night. Luis hosts the show via voiceover, and the remaining 8 couples are shown entering a house to begin their next loventure.

They all sit together in a living room, waiting for instructions. Gabb says that he is nervous because they don't really know what they are going to do.

Then enters Mr. Qpido, Direk Laurenti Dyogi, along with his 'alipores' (JE Sison, Marc Cortez, Joseph Bitangcol, and Mike Agassi) to explain the rules for the next loventure. Dominic said he wondered why Marc Cortez was there because he's 'pasaway'... and that for a moment, he thought that he might be replaced.

Mr. Qpido explains that in this new LOVEnture, they will be asked to act out a scene from a romantic comedy. This new LOVEnture will test their strengths as actors and actresses because this loveteam search is not all about being 'lovey-dovey'.

Mr. Qpido goes on to say that the romantic comedy is mostly based on a script and acting, and is not as dependent on ad-libs since everything is in the script. Hazel in her interview says that she prefers to do drama, so she was a little nervous.

Mr. Qpido goes on to recap the new elimination criteria -- 50% of the decision comes from the Love Council and 50% of the decision is from text/PLDT votes, and that text/PLDT votes are a bad way to measure how good someone acts. The Love Council will award the immunity bear to the strongest team based on the acting LOVEnture, and that team will be safe even though their votes are really low.

Next, Mr. Qpido reveals that the 8 loveteams will be re-enacting scenes from Meteor Garden and Lovers in Paris. There are a choice of scripts and he presents a plate of rolled papers, which he throws into the air, and the Love Princesses have to pick at random. Each script has 4 parts, one pair will have the lead, while the other pair has the supporting roles. Direk Lauren also says that it is more favorable to get the lead role so that they will be able to showcase their talents. The twist is that 4 people in the group have to decide who gets what role among themselves.

He divides everyone into 4 groups (2 loveteams per group, one team from the red heart and another team from the blue heart), along with his male guests.
The groups are:
  • Paw & Mikel, Carla & Janus, with Mike Agassi
  • Jill & Alwyn, Carlo & Vanessa, with Marc Cortez
  • Mhyco & Hazel, Karel & Gabb, with Joseph Bitangcol
  • Pauleen & Gian, Dominic & Andrea, with JE Sison
3 groups pick Lovers in Paris, while one group picks Meteor Garden. The groups then separate and have 30 minutes to rehearse and decide their roles.


Carla, Janus, Paw, Mikel and Mike are in their room trying to decide who should play 'Carlo' because 'Carlo' is the lead and has a loveteam part. Mike suggests that Mikel play 'Carlo'. Carla says that she and Janus are more of a comedic tandem, while Paw and Mikel are more serious. Paw says that if Carla and Janus have the lead, then Carla and Janus would be overly noticed while she and Mikel would not. But, if she and Mikel have the lead, then Janus and Carla will still be be noticed. Janus asks Mikel if he wants to be the lead, and they very quickly agree on their respective roles.

Mikel, Paw, Carla, and Janus start rehearsing their parts, and everyone offers Mikel advice on how to portray 'Carlo.' They tell Mikel that 'Carlo' is serious-sweet, and he's like the real Carlo Aquino. Mikel seems to get annoyed, and Janus demonstrates and explains the line to Mikel.

Everyone says that Mikel was right for the role, and that he should try to focus on it. Everyone continues to advise Mikel on his role, and they point out that if one person looks bad, it makes the other partner look bad. Carla tells Mikel that everyone knows he can do it.


Meanwhile, Carlo, Vanessa, Jill, Alwyn, and Marc are deciding on their own roles. Carlo says that since they already went to the red heart, Jill and Alwyn should have the lead so they get a chance, because they were in danger before. Alwyn asks Carlo if it's really okay with him, and Carlo says yes, while Vanessa says it's not okay with her but she was joking. They joke with Marc, and he tries to talk a lot with Vanessa, and then he says in an aside that they [Carlo, Vanessa and Marc] would make a good love triangle, and that if they ever have a teleserye, to let him be in it with them. Vanessa says that she missed talking to Marc and that he was being funny, and that Carlo didn't really talk to her much during the rehearsal. Carlo says the opposite, and even reminds her that he gave her a seat at one point so she wouldn't get tired.

Marc continues to be 'pasaway' to their group, and Jill says for him to be serious or else they will get out. Alwyn seems nervous to be in an acting role again. They all rehearsd and then comment on each other's acting.


At the same time, Gabb, Karel, Mhyco, Hazel, and Joseph have assigned their own roles, but Karel has to leave because she has another acting job to go to. She says she was really scared of Direk Lauren to ask him if she could go because the Direk was saying that it was a hassle to plan around Karel's schedule. But Karel says she has no choice but to leave, and then she texted the Qpids staff because she thought they might think she's not taking the show seriously.

Mhyco also has to leave because he has a dance rehearsal, but he instead stayed... maybe because Joseph was flirting with Hazel. Mhyco says that Joseph's supposed to be his 'bestfriend', and even though it was in the script, he seemed to be getting more and more annoyed with the way Joseph was acting with Hazel.

Joseph continues to sidetrack his group and says that Karel is a pretty VJ... and Gabb says that Mhyco looks like he didn't want to leave because if he does, Joseph will be partnered with Hazel, and that Mhyco and Joseph fought a little bit... which Gabb thinks was Joseph's mission. Mhyco says this is where his and Joseph's best friendship ends as he pulls Hazel to sit closer to him. Mhyco says he's not jealous of Joseph, that Hazel to makes him strong, and that he wanted to stay to be with her, but in the end he had to leave because there was nothing he could do.


Meanwhile, Dominic, Andrea, Pauleen, Gian, and JE are still trying to decide who should play 'Vivian' in their Lovers in Paris scene, because both Pauleen and Andrea would like the opportunity to portray the role. Pauleen noted that Andrea is already in the red heart, and so she needs the role more. Andrea on the other hand, said she would like the opportunity to show people that she can act, because she had not done acting before.

The discussion continued for quite some time, so finally, Dominic asked JE for his opinion, and JE says that Andrea should get the lead to give her a chance to act, because Pauleen can deliver an award-winning performance for her supporting role. Pauleen agreed and said she will make the most out of her role. Finally, they rehearse.


The show ends with a sneak preview into the tomorrow's episode, where we get to see the groups performing.


  • At 28/6/05 3:24 AM, Blogger bhie-bhe koh said…

    ---BaGaY na BaGaY TaLaGa cna
    MHYZEL ako 4ever,ka-kakilig tlga
    SaNa KaYonG 2 aNg MaNaLo
    I wiLL suport The 2 oF u
    just keep loving each other
    thnx 4 suporting them

  • At 28/6/05 3:52 AM, Blogger gilxlo said…

    I love Jill and Alwyn (Jilwyn)! I know they arent gonna win but i want to see them go far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Question...i live in the states and i was wondering how i could get the mms wallpapers and the Dito sa puso ko ringtone thanks!

  • At 28/6/05 4:18 AM, Blogger bhie-bhe koh said…

    me 2 i don't knoe how could i get a ringtone,i live in US also...

  • At 28/6/05 6:57 AM, Blogger shawty said…

    OMG... i luv hazel en mycho grabe... u both look so cute together, but na iinis lng ako every time nag aaway kayo, but other dan dat i jus hope na maging kayo talaga kse ang cute nyo together grabe...

  • At 28/6/05 8:51 AM, Blogger mari said…

    aww nakakatawa si mhyco selos na selos kay seph at alam niya mahal na mahal siya ni hazel aww mhyco no need to be jellie mahal ka naman ni hazel. at si seoh meron siyang sandy (grrrrr. . . i hate that they are together hindi sila bagay!!! mas gusto ko seph mitch!!!!) anyway yea he shouldn't be jealous. pero he's kyutt when he's jealous lol. aww

  • At 28/6/05 9:27 AM, Blogger gilxlo said…

    I love Qpids!

    I cant wait to go home and watch Qpids (I have to tape it because i school)...wheeeeeee go Jill and Alwyn!

    Combat AIDS and global poverty and join the ONE campaign. www.one.org

  • At 28/6/05 2:59 PM, Blogger grasya said…

    Grabe!!!!!nagselos si Mhyco kay Joseph! Siguro sobrang love mo na si Hazel kaya natatakot kang maagaw siya ng iba! Pero alam mo naman na ikaw ang mahal ni Hazel. Kaya no more worries!!!!!!!OK!!!! Guys let support MHYZEL ha kasi may 50% na sa Love council. Ibebase din sa acting ability, medyo kinakabahan nga ako eh kasi di ko pa nakita nagact si Mhyco, for Hazel we know naman she's a good actress di ba!!! Sana makaya nila!!!AJA!!!!

  • At 28/6/05 3:41 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    grabe nakakakiliog ang MhyZel...! kahit saan d best talaga sila... hehe... nakakatawa naman c mhyco... pero mhyco dont worry i'm sure naman ikw ang love ni hazel kaya wag kana mag-jealous...

    grabe iba talaga kapag in-love...!

    MhyZel forever... best...!

  • At 28/6/05 5:27 PM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    kilig to da max nmn si MHYZEL!!!!
    i love u guyss!!!!


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