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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Episode 1.2

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 1, Episode 2.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The show opens with a recap of the previous night's episode. We see scenes from the Tug of Love, the slingshot scenes, and scenes from the First Dance.

Then the focus returns to the stage where Luis and Anne are standing on either side of a large chest. Luis says -- now it's time for our Princesses to choose from among the Prince Charmings. But first...

Luis opens the chest to reveal 9 pink Qpids teddy bears inside. The Princesses step forward and each get one bear from the chest. That's when it is revealed that each bear has a number attached. And the number will determine which Princess gets to choose her Prince Charming first.

Each princess was asked to step forward, explain why she was choosing her Prince, and then reveal who he is. Here is the actual sequence:

Pauleen. I'm choosing him because he's mabait and I think it would be great if I got to know him better --> Gian.

Andrea. I'm choosing him because most of my friends think we look good as a couple. Even if we don't have yet a friendship and have not talked a lot, I'm sure if we work things out we will make a good career as a loveteam --> Marc B.

Hazel. I'm choosing him because I'm really comfortable with him. And I don't often get a chance to be with him, so I will grab this opportunity --> Mhyco.

Carla. I'll be giving this bear to someone who's not as fat as this bear. Actually, he's the opposite of this bear. I chose him because he makes me laugh. And I'm comfortable with him. And he knows my mom. And he already chose me because I'm tall and no one else is as tall as I am --> Mikel.

Karel. I wanted to choose someone I'm comfortable with. I have a lot of friends here whom I've worked with before. But since tonight I really enjoyed dancing with him, I will choose him --> Marc A.

Vanessa. I'm choosing him because he's mabait, cute, and sweet sa akin --> Marc C.

Jill. I'm choosing him because I think he's cute. And I want a guy who's quiet and great with a guitar. Carlo Aquino, you're my bear! --> Carlo.

At this point, the scene shifts to Paw and you can see she is disappointed to hear that Jill had chosen Carlo, because she had wanted to choose him also. Then it's now Paw's turn to choose.

Paw. We didn't really get a chance to get together or know each other. But I'm choosing him because I think we will get along very well --> TJ

The scene shifts to an interview of Jill, who says -- I spoke to Paw and I kept apologizing to her. I didn't know that she had wanted to pick Carlo also. But she said it was okay because in the end she was happy with her choice.

Isabel. The guy I'm choosing is someone I've not really talked with yet... puro alaska and asaran lang... But he's really funny and that's what I really like in a guy. So I choose --> Felix

The 9 couples that had just been formed gathered together on one side of the stage. And Luis turns to the 9 who were not chosen and tells them that for tonight, the story has ended for them.


On the Love Bus. The 9 pairs all get on a bus the next day and head off to an unknown location. While they're on the bus, we get a quick look at the couples and see whether or not there's any chemistry there.

The scene then changes to the 9 princes in Team B, who had not been picked by the Princesses the night before. They too are on board another vehicle and are shown arriving at Zoobic Safari, where they are greeted by Luis. Later, the 9 couples arrive and they are obviously surprised to see the 9 princes of Team B already there waiting for them. And it quickly becomes obvious to everyone that the losing princes were not yet out of the game, and the plot was about to take another twist.

Luis greets the 9 couples and says -- I'm sure you're wondering why you're all here. Your love princesses may have chosen you, but the question is -- are you really the best choice for them? Only one person can answer that question... and he's about to arrive.

Just as Luis finishes talking, we see a black jaguar arrive with the license plate "Mr.Qpido", and someone alights from the vehicle.

We then see scenes from tomorrow's episode, and it looks like they're going on a safari trip.


  • At 25/5/05 1:52 PM, Anonymous XuaGraM said…

    ayus parang nanood na den ako. ulit. heheheehhehehehe..... cf.. u forgot sumting :( yesterday-- andrea & TJ was in Sn1. :( to thank everyone hu watched the first episode!! :)

  • At 25/5/05 2:11 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Hi margz! Yes, thanks for the reminder! Didn't have time to post that update yet eh... plus the blog was down for a few hours due to a hardware problem, so the update got a bit delayed.

    Anyway, I'll add it later -- kuya joey was able to make screenshots of the Showbiz #1 episode, so I'll use that. :D

  • At 25/5/05 2:50 PM, Anonymous jenine said…

    ganda nung episode na yun! haha! bagay si JILL at CARLO. :D

  • At 25/5/05 3:42 PM, Anonymous sueellen said…

    Great job again sis!! prang n rin ako nanood too!! i havnt seen any epi coz absnow is not working but dont u wori guyz!! i have them on tape too!! jst been busy with school kaya ala p time to see it!!

    Thumbs up again sis Cf!! sipag mo talga!! i hope ur taking care of urself too!! i know u always sleep late now!! Well All i can say thanks for always updating us fans!! Dont u wori since im goin to be on vacation soon!! i will help u out wiht the scap!!

  • At 25/5/05 3:48 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Thanks for worrying about me, SueEllen! :D I'm definitely looking forward to having your help! Hopefully maayos na nila ang ABS-CBN Now.

    By the way, I know you'll want to see more details on Carla -- you can get that at the Carla Loren Fanblog. Whole episode summary kasi yung naka-post dito. Detailed summary for Carla naman ang nandun. hehehe!


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