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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Episode 8.0

These are the Episode Highlights for Week 8 -- which is also the 3rd Heartbreak Sunday.

Episode summary courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!!

CF's Note: Learn about the new Weekly Format of Qpids.


Today's episode is the 3rd Heartbreak Sunday elimination special, where another loveteam will be eliminated from the competition after the Hong-pin loventure.

The episode begins with Luis meeting up with a group of Qpids fans, each supporting his or her favorite loveteam. Luis asks them why they thinks their favorite is the strongest loveteam, and they give various reasons.

Luis then turns the floor over to Anne, who is backstage, where tensions are running high. She interviews Jill and Alwyn, and comments on how sweet they are together. Anne asks them how they would feel if, God forbid, they would be eliminated. Alwyn says that he is prepared, and Jill says no matter what, she's still happy because they were partners.

The show then formally opens with Blue Ketchup playing their hit song, while the 7 loveteams make their entrance into the studio amidst their screaming fans.

The fans place leis around their favorite loveteams, and hand them various gifts and tokens of appreciation. As the song number ends, the loveteams line up along the front of the stage and throw Qpids bears into the audience.

We then see a video that recaps the events of the 2nd Heartbreak Night, where a penalty was applied to the Paw and Mikel loveteam, causing them to lose their Top 3 status and leaving them as one of the two weakest teams with GabRel. Gabb and Karel were then eliminated.We also see Direk Lauren look for Karel backstage afterwards and give her some words of comfort.

Then, Luis and Anne introduce the members of this week's Love Council.
  • Manilyn Reynes: star and loveteam partner of Janno Gibbs
  • Wowie De Guzman: star and first loveteam partner of Judy Ann Santos
  • Mr. Qpido: Direk Lauren Dyogi

PauGi's 'kilig-sena' from Hong Kong is shown first.

Manilyn comments: Siguro, ano, konting... konting rapport pa. Kasi, halimbawa, like si Pau, parang nakikita ko sa kanya na may pwede pang i-labas sa acting na yon at medyo may hino-hold back so sana i-labas mo.

's 'kilig-sena' from Hong Kong is shown next.

Wowie comments: Actually, honestly, sa mga pairs mas kinikilig ako sa iyong dalawa kasi, watching the VTR, on and off cam -- parang may... something sa inyo, hindi ko alam... nakikilig ako sa scenes 'nyo.

CarVane's 'kilig-sena' from Hong Kong is then shown.

Direk Lauren comments: Vanessa, yung hindi mo pagiging comfortable sa Tagalog... binabawi sa pagiging comfortable kay Carlo. Huwag masyado komportable. Pinag-usupan na natin yan, diba?

PawEl's scene from Binondo is shown next. Luis and Anne ask them how they are feeling before the scene is shown. Paw says that she is happy because of everyone who showed up to support them, and of course she is also nervous. Mikel says that he is nervous also.

Wowie comments: Actually, maganda ang rapport ng dalawa. Duon sa scene na napanood ko, nakakilig sila. Kung i-re-rate ko from 1-10, nasa 8 kayo. Pero nakikita ko na kaya nyo pang itaas to 10. Pwede pa. At magpataba ka, Mikel.

JilWyn's scene from Binondo is shown next.

Direk Lauren comments: Jill, muhka ngang nakalimutan mo na si Carlo. Dahil nag-improve talaga ang tandem niyo ni Alwyn, and I hope you continue to improve on it. Tulad ng lagi kong sinasabi sa iba, hinay hinay lang kayo, kinakabahan ako, mga bata pa kayo. Pero congratulations sa na-improve niyo since last week.

Luis asks them how they feel about Direk Lauren's comments, and Jill says she is happy. Luis then asks her if it's true that she has forgotten about Carlo and she simply responds Yes. Alwyn says he is happy and that they will continue to work on it and improve.

Then, DomRea's scene is shown next.

Manilyn comments: Naaliw ako sa napanood ko -- ang cute-cute talaga... Actually, naalala ko ang kabataan ko [she giggles] so pagpatuloy niyo ang pagiging cute at saka sa acting talagang nag-iimprove, nakita namin.

Luis asks for their reaction and Andrea says that she's really happy and feels fulfilled because the love council saw their improvement. Dominic says he is happy too. Anne and Luis ask for a kiss and Dominic gives Andrea a quick peck on the cheek.

Last but not least, it is JarLa's turn. Luis asks Carla and Janus if they'd like to say anything before the scene is shown -- Carla thanked everyone who has been supporting them, and says being there is a dream come true. Janus says he is thankful to God for bringing them there, and he thanks everyone who supports them. We then see their kilig-sena.

Wowie comments: Janus, binata ka na talaga, ha... may mga ganun ka na. (laughs) Si Carla kasi, nakita ko ang VTR... medyo nahirapan siyang mag-Tagalog. Pero nung nagawa niya na, bumilib ako kasi na-pronounce niya ng maayos, at yun nga, kinilig ako talaga. May team work silang dalawa ni Janus eh, so natuwa ako, so para sakin maganda yung rapport nilang dalawa.


Then, the Love Council presents the immunity bear to the strongest loveteam of the week.

Mr Qpido: Mga loveteams, pagkatandaan niyo lang na matalino ang ating mga manunuod. Nararamdaman nila kung ano yung totoo at ano yung arte lang. Nararamdaman nila sa puso nila kung sino yung authentic at hindi umaarte lang for the camera. But, huwag niyong kalimutan na artista rin kayo, so may craft na kasama yun. Kailangan pinagbubuti rin ang pag-arte. As we go along, nakikita ko naman na nag-i-improve kayo. So continue enjoying this, at the same time, this is work. Just enjoy the whole thing.
Manilyn: Congratulations to this loveteam kasi nung pinapanuod namin kayo, hindi maalis sa aming mga labi ang aming mga ngiti.

The strongest loveteam of the week is JilWyn, and the hosts present the immunity bear to them.Since they are the strongest, they are also the first loveteam to move to the Red Heart.
Jill says that she didn't think it would be them, and Alwyn is happy and surprised also. Jill thanks her mom and dad and Alwyn's mom, and their fans.


Now that all of the kilig-senas have been aired, it is time to learn who gets to go to the Red Heart (safe) zone and who must go to the Blue Heart (danger) zone.

CarVane. Wowie tells them that they can see the effort -- but it's not enough yet. So, they go to the blue heart.

MhyZel. Manilyn says that she's sorry to have to be the one to tell them... that they're going to the Red Heart! (hehehe)

DomRea. Direk Lauren tells them that last week they were in the blue heart and asks where they think they should be this week. They say Red Heart, but Direk Lauren tells them that their heart is still Blue.

PauGi. Wowie asks their fans to shout their support for this loveteam... and says that unfortunately, it's not enough. PauGi has to go to the Blue Heart.

PawEl and JarLa are the last 2 loveteams left. Direk Lauren tells them that they both have the kilig-factor, but only 1 loveteam can go to the red heart. He reminds everyone about PawEl's penalty last week. He also says that Carla and Janus help each other, but that Carla still needs to improve. Direk then says: Ang unang mababanggit kong loveteam ang mapupunta sa red heart... at ang loveteam na 'yan ay... siyempre... ang JaRla!

So, PawEl goes to the blue heart. Alwyn and Janus jump for joy, and Janus jumps on Alwyn and gives him a hug, while Carla runs to Jill and the two girls hug each other.


Then it's time for the loveteams in the Blue Heart to learn their fate.

PauGi & DomRea. Luis and Anne ask each of them to say why they think they should be in the red heart.

Andrea: Last time, they told us that we were still weak with our connection... now they said that we improved. I thought about it and when we were put together as a loveteam, we improved quickly when we had to improve. I think that shows we are more worthy, because we're really focused and we're focused together.

Pauleen: We're really trying our best to communicate because we really need to, and when we went to Hong Kong we really bonded, we did our best and now we are more okay with our relationship.

Luis reveals that DomRea advances to the Red Heart, and asks PauGi steps back.

CarVane & PawEl
. Luis reveals that of these two loveteams, PawEl advances. Luis then walks over to Mikel and gives him chocolates -- saying that it's a gift from him and Anne. Anne says that the chocolates are all for him, so that he won't have to get a penalty.

and CarVane then move to the center of the stage, and it is revealed that they are the two weakest loveteams for this week. Luis and Anne ask the audience quiet for silence as the 2 loveteams give their final messages to each other.

Pauleen: Gian, ilang buwan na tayong magkasama, at kilala ko na ang totoong Gian Carlo. Sana, huwag ka magbago, just keep on praying and hold on.

Gian: Pauleen, gingawa kong ang lahat para sa yo... sana huwag kang magbago, nandito pa rin ako para sa 'yo, kahit anong mangyari.

: I just want to say that, kahit anong mangyari, I will always be here for you. Salamat talaga sa lahat. I really enjoyed every moment na magkasama tayo, and sana talaga, kahit matanggal kami ngayon, we will still be friends.

Carlo: Kinakabahan ako... Alam ko na bago ka lang dito -- hindi lang sa showbiz, pati sa Philippines. Pero, kung kailangan mo ako, kung may problema ka, nandito lang ako. Alam ko na may nagsasabi na sinasabi ko na hindi tayo bagay o hindi kita gustong maka-loveteam, pero hindi totoo yun. Sa bawat ngiti, bawat luha natumutulo sa mata mo, sa bawat pawis na pinag-samahan natin dito sa qpids, grateful ako na ikaw ang kasama ko dito. I will always fight for you.

Before the Love Council reveals their verdict, Luis asks JaRla and PawEl what they would miss the most about the PauGi and CarVane, if one of them were to be eliminated.

Carla: Unang-una gusto kong sabihin sa kanila na kahit maaring magtapos yung loventure nila dito sa Qpids, hindi magtatapos ang friendship natin. (Her voice breaks and she starts crying) Bessie, alam mo mahal na mahal kita. Vanessa, napalapit ka na rin sakin. Basta magiging magkaibigan parin tayo hanggang sa huli.

Janus: Sana... kasi... bunso ko si Pauleen. Bunso ang tawag ko sa kanya ever since nakilala ko yan, before Qpids pa. Mamimiss ko siya ng sobra, kahit na magkalapit lang yung bahay namin sa Tandang Sora. Mami-miss ko yan. At kay Gian, pare, napalapit ka na rin sa grupo namin. Mami-miss ka rin namin. Astig ka. At kay Carlo and Vanessa... Carlo, yung banda natin, tuloy natin. Kay Vanessa... (he says something in pseudo-Norwegian).

Mikel: Mamimiss ko sa inyo... Carlo... chocolates... Pero -- you guys shouldn't think it's like your last day here. I mean, never give up, diba? Siguro may mga twists pa 'yan. Just think positive.

Paw: Kay Vanessa -- gusto ko lang sabihin sa kanya na, kahit iwan ka na ng lahat ng tao sa mundo, lagi lang kami ni beste venn natin. Alam ko na kahit minsan di tayo nagkakasundo alam ko na forever tayong beste venn. At kay Carlo, thank you kasi alam ko inaalagaan mo si Vanessa.

Luis and Anne turn the floor over to the Love Council for their decision. Mr. Qpido tells Vanessa that this isn't the first time she's been in this type of situation... that she's been eliminated before... and that he feels that she is getting stronger. So, CarVane's loventure will continue.

Pauleen and Gian are the 3rd loveteam to be eliminated from Qpids. Luis then asks them to take their traditional last dance as scenes from their various loventures flash on the screens.

They stop in the middle of the dance, overcome with emotion. Luis presents them with flowers and the rest of the remaining loveteams come over to comfort them.

Luis and Anne conclude the show and reveal that the next Loventure, which will air next sunday, will be in Bohol.


CF's Note: No official ranking was announced during this week's episode, so other than JilWyn and CarVane, we do not yet know the standing of the 6 remaining loveteams.


  • At 10/7/05 11:33 PM, Blogger Jeran said…

    Well, after watching this weeks episodes of Qpids, i started to like Jarla a lot more. Soo i'm really glad that they are in the red heart zone again along with my other 2 favourite teams.

    Go Jarla!
    Go Jillwyn!
    Go Mhyzel!

  • At 10/7/05 11:36 PM, Blogger mari said…

    awww Carvane one of the weakest teams!!?? come on carvane you can do better than that. they took their time during the race that's why?? i don't want them to get eliminated next week!! carvane work hard to get the immunity bear!!!

    go mhyzel!!!
    go pawel!!!
    go carvane!!!

  • At 11/7/05 5:11 AM, Blogger KimbErLiE said…

    Asking lang pero yung weekly format nung Qpids para rin ba sa mga TFC viewers yun?? Kung oo can I plz have the time??Kasi hindi ko tapanood after ASAP Fanatics nakita ko lang yung The Buzz afterwards.

  • At 11/7/05 9:22 AM, Blogger CF said…

    KimbErLiE, please check with TFC kasi I'm in the Philippines and I also don't know the schedule. Sorry po. :(

  • At 11/7/05 10:53 AM, Blogger kai said…

    MhyZel, galing-galing nyo! red heart na naman, keep it up guyz! kayo talaga ang the best!

    MhyZel ako forever!
    nakakakilig kayo sobra!

  • At 11/7/05 11:39 AM, Blogger CF said…

    I'm so happy that JaRla is in the red heart this week!! Woohoo!!! I love this pair so much it hurts! hehehe!

    Kaya lang it's sad that PauGi was eliminated. Naiyak talaga ako while listening to the messages of Carla and Paw. :(


  • At 11/7/05 11:42 AM, Blogger anne margaret said…

    for me one of my bet talaga is andrea and dominic.biro mo they new pero they can prove to tem selves na khit baguhan, they can act like ng mga kasama sa qpids...and they are really really cute love team.

  • At 11/7/05 11:54 AM, Blogger o2 said…

    thn god mhyzel is number 2
    even if they aren't got the
    immunity bear...go guys u 2
    can do it better than them...
    also pawel & jarla

  • At 11/7/05 11:58 AM, Blogger sweet_MhyZel said…

    sayang hindi cla MhyZel ang nakakuha ng immunity bear ngaun pero ok lang po un bawi nalang kau sa susunod guys,lam ko nmn na kaya nyo yan,ur my favorite talaga!!!kakakilig kau,MhyZel r 4ever....

  • At 11/7/05 12:15 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    MhyZel, i'm glad na number 2 kayo...! okie lang kung hnd kayo ung nakakuha nung immunity bear basta para sa akin kayo pa din ang number 1... saludo ako sa inyo... kiligness talaga kayo kasi kahit anong gawin nyo, off-screen and on-screen, nakakakilig...! walang halong plastikan, totohanan talaga... hayyyy... iba talaga ang dating pag totoong in-love... hayyy...


    i luv MhyZel so muchhhh...!!!

    go MhyZel go...!

    kayo ang the best...!

  • At 11/7/05 4:15 PM, Blogger lf said…

    go pawel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!galingan nyo pa sa loventure nyo para lagi kayong safe. sweet nyong dalawa at bagay talaga kayo!!!

  • At 11/7/05 4:29 PM, Blogger paw-mikel said…

    GO PAWEL! Nakakikilig loveteam nyo. Basta wag kayong bibitaw, remember race yan kaya galingan nyo lagi para manalo kayo! sweet nyong dalawa, kitang-kita na nagsusuportahan kayo. go! go! go!

  • At 11/7/05 4:57 PM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    woww galing talaga GO MHYZEL!
    aayy buti di na alis si domrea der so cuteeee!!

    go Mhyzel & DomRea !!!

    pero kakasad din kasi wala na si pauleen and GIAN!

  • At 11/7/05 9:29 PM, Blogger Carlo-Vanessa Blog said…

    Ang sweet talaga ni Carlo kay Vane, kahit papaano eh alaga nya talaga si Vane... at na-touch talaga ako sa sinabi nya kay Vane on the 3rd elims night. Nakakakilig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck sa nxt elims!!!!!!!!

  • At 11/7/05 9:40 PM, Blogger kaylie said…

    Go CarVan Loveteam!!!!

    Nakakakilig naman yun sinabi ni Carlo kay Vane...sobrang nakaka-in love ang feeling. I hope CarVane will work hard further, that Vane will get more stronger and stronger!!! Good luck sa CarVan loveteam!!!! And work hard para nman kau ang makakuha immunity bear sa nxt elims!!!

    Congrats nga pala sa JilWyn loveteam for being the strongest loveteam and getting the immunnity bear!!! I can that JilWyn is improving!!! And they both deserve it!!!!

  • At 11/7/05 10:26 PM, Blogger anonymous said…

    hello! basta ako ky mhyzel parin ako. para sakin alam ko cla parin ang number 1 sa puso namin.
    cge ok lng un kc ang lakas naman nyo samin e. cnicguro namin na mhyzel na ang mag mamayari ng bear itong linggong ito. kaya humanda na kau. pero ok lng un. malakas parin kau . kc lamang parin ang mhyzel dahil d pa cla nagiging blu heart. take note mhyzel palang ang d napupunta sa blue hart ang sarap ng filing kaya lamang parin ang mga idols namin ok.
    kaya mhyzel go mhyzel.....
    we believe you both na magaling talaga kau.
    kau lng ang number 1 sa amin....
    mhyzel mhyzel forever......

  • At 11/7/05 10:31 PM, Blogger anonymous said…

    go mhyzel go....
    alam ko kau parin ang malakas kc kau parin ang pinaka madaming nag cocoments sa inyo. ang laki nga ng lamang nyo e. ibig sabihin gud sign un. sa mga fans ng mhyzel mag comment tau. pakita natin marami talagang fans ang mga idols natin. go mhyzel. magcomment na tau para sa kanila.
    mhyzel forever...
    iba ang dating nila
    d plastic para may kakaibang dating clang nakakaadik talaga ang dalawang yan. alam nyo bang cla lng ang pinapanuod namin sa qpids. kung wala cla. d bali nalng ni silip d namin gagawin ok.
    kaya go mhyzel. kau ang number 1
    sa amin.
    mhyzel forever.

  • At 12/7/05 3:35 AM, Blogger jayni said…


  • At 12/7/05 10:13 AM, Blogger mhyzel_angel said…

    ang galing galing talaga nila mhyzel

  • At 12/7/05 11:36 AM, Blogger le said…

    PAWEL D BEST!!! sa next loventure nyo galingan nyo ha, be patient & lagi nyong suportahan ang isat-isa para makuha nyo ang immunity bear...go go go pawel! bagay na bagay kayong dalawa, ganda kc chemistry nyo e!

  • At 12/7/05 11:47 AM, Blogger shan said…

    buti na lang di natanggal ang PAWEL loveteam...kaya go go go kayo lagi pawEl sa loventure nyo. d BEST ata kayo at bagay pa!!!!

  • At 12/7/05 1:58 PM, Blogger yours truly said…

    PAWEL! yehey! in parin kyo.. no matter what, in kyo sa puso ko! yay!

    ang cute nila JARLA at JILWYN.

    as usual, kilig to the max cla

    DOMREA.. ok na ok na kyo.. :)

  • At 12/7/05 4:05 PM, Blogger dugong said…

    agree ako sa iyo anonymous kung sino kaman. 22o naman evry love venture madami talaga ang ngcocoments sa mhyzel. kahit i chec nyo lahat ng adventure halos lagpas kalahati ng comment sa mhyzel. at ung kalahati para sa lahat na kaya kakagulat talaga bakit d mhyzel nakakuha ng immunity bear.kung sa bagay 50 50 naman. pwedeng lamang parin sa txvote ang mhyzel.kc lahat kaming student dito sa lugar maka mhyzel at sa iba pang lugar super duper lakas nila dito alam nyo bang buka ng bibig dito ang mhyzel ang daming inlove dahil sa kanila.sobra as in ang dami nyong fans dito.talagang aabangan namin kau kahit saan pa kau makarating. kaya lng lungkot parin kami kc evry sunday nalng ang qpids bakit ganun.
    but anyway mhyzel parin kami forever.

  • At 12/7/05 4:28 PM, Blogger sweetheart said…

    i can feel it!!! they are going to win!!!! jillwyn... win win win!!!!! Love yooh guys!!!!!

  • At 12/7/05 4:36 PM, Blogger fans mhyzel said…

    wer an avid fans of mhyzel only. alam nyo talagang d rin kami makapaniwalang d mhyzel ang nakakuha ng imunity bear. hay naku ok lng un basta ang important is d pa cla napupunta sa blue hart. parang ayaw na naming manuod ng qpids. but anyway umaasa parin kami na cla ulit makakakuha ng imunity bear this wik. kasi talagang kina kampain namin cla e. i have a many many vote na. dami na ngang load ubos samin para lng cla manalo talagang titiisin namin ang gutom basta lng manguna cla ulit kakainis. bakit kc d pwedeng 100percent nalng ang tx vote. para sure na ang mga idols namin ang mananalo.kc alam namin sa lahat ng lugar cla ang number 1.talaga namang sa lahat po cla lng ang 22o. kc matatalino rin ang mga viewers d lng kau ang may aral meron din kami kaya alam din namin kung cno ang number 1 talaga. wag naman po kaung maoopend.kc sa internet palng kita na kung sino ang malakas.sa kanila talaga maraming ngkokoment so ibig sabihin marami silang taga hanga diba.so sana namn po maging fair ang laban ok.
    we love mhyzel so very much.
    ung mga mhyzel tama mag comment tau para sa mhyzel.
    lets comment and comment
    kasi sa tingin ko mhyzel d plastic.real na real talaga.
    wala pong halong biro napaka ganda nilang tingnan dalawa. sana lng wag na kaung mag aaway pero sa 22o lng kahit na ng aaway cla sweet parin ang cute nila talaga bakit ganun. wala clang katulad. d best talaga sila.sa tinginan palang hmmmmmm nakakakilig talaga.
    nakakalaglag panty kau....
    hayy kakainlove pagtatangol ko kau basta sa fair lng taung laban ok un ......



    M H Y Z E L

  • At 12/7/05 5:33 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Hi everyone! Request lang po...

    If you'd like to comment and show support for your favorite loveteam, can you please post it on the blogpage for your loveteam? Kasi that's what those pages are for eh.

    Let's try to keep comments here related to Episode 8.0. Thank you po!

  • At 13/7/05 7:20 AM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    basta ako kahit sino pa ang sabihin nilang top 1 or kahit sino pa ang bigyan nila ng immunity bear, MhyZel pa rin ang the best para sa akin... i really love them... nakakainspire talaga... and isa pa, deserving talaga sila kasi, they're real and talagang makikita mo na galing sa puso ang ginagawa nila...

  • At 13/7/05 9:07 AM, Blogger mhyzel_ang3l said…

    ang galing talaga nila mhyzel red heart again!!!! go mhyzel sayang lang hindi nyo nakuha ang immunity bear but ok lng un meron pa nmng nxt time dba. go MHYZEL!!!!!!

  • At 13/7/05 1:13 PM, Blogger cOoLet said…

    ay nko, bt kya ndi mhyzel ang nkakuha ng immunity bear??? hhmmm... prang d kc kpanipniwla un... s lhat nman ng luvteam tlgang cla ung super nka2kilig ah! haayyy, dbale bsta pra s mhyzel fans cla p dn ang # 1 bbwi nlng ult nxt tym... sna nman 22o ung 50 50... kc kta nman tlga n mhyzel dpt! mhyzel p rn ako wat ever hpans! go mhyzel!!! d best tlga cla!

  • At 14/7/05 1:59 PM, Blogger abbie said…

    hi cf...tnx 4 your info on blue ketchup...iv been looking for the artist/title for a long tym,kaht napanood ko ung episode 8 di ko nmn na-catch up ung name ng artist. bt thanks to u and ur cool blog,nakuha ko na rn. btw, the song title is "MOUNTAIN BIKE" if ud lyk a copy i can send u one (mp3 format) in ur email..tag me if evr gs2 mo ng copy ng song [bibang.blogdrive.com] :) tnx again.

  • At 14/7/05 3:48 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Hi abbie!! Happy to hear that this blog helped you!! And yes, I've tagged your blog, and would appreciate receiving a copy of the MP3. Thanks so much!

  • At 14/7/05 4:14 PM, Blogger abbie said…

    hi again CF...tnx 4 replying to my post :) nasend ko na ung song bt di ko kc sure kung ano email mo kya sinend ko na lng sa "carla_fans@yahoo.com" ehehe :") tel me kung di mo nrcv k? onga pla, i sent u na rn "dito sa puso ko" by josh santana & nikki gil, dunno kung meron ka na kya sinend ko na rn :)

  • At 14/7/05 5:04 PM, Blogger CF said…

    Got the MP3 files, Abbie! Thank you so much for sharing them! :D Appreciate it A LOT!! :D

  • At 14/7/05 7:18 PM, Blogger mari said…

    i miss qpids na!!!!!!!

  • At 17/7/05 9:56 AM, Blogger dugong said…


  • At 17/7/05 7:18 PM, Blogger kai said…

    MhyZel ang number whatever happens! sila pa rin ang deserving hanggang sa huli.

  • At 18/7/05 4:24 PM, Blogger kathrEEnah said…

    actualy 3 luvteamz ang bet ko eh..itz domrhea,jillwyn en carvane but wen jarla went 2 our skul hir in batangas state univ.,,,naloka na me kz ang pogi ni januz...as in..hes so cute tlga!!!kaya ngaun 4 n bet ko ,,heheheh....

  • At 21/7/05 8:31 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    MHYZEL ang Number 1, no matter what. pinkanakakakilig sila!


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