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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Episode 1.4

This is the Qpids Episode Summary for Week 1, Episode 4.

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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this episode yet, do not go beyond this point! :D


The show opens with a recap of the previous night. We see the mysterious Mr. Qpido finally arrive and scenes from the first two batches who went on the tiger safari.

The Safari continues. Batch 3 then takes their turn on the tiger safari. Cast members for Batch 3 were: Jill, Paw, Andrea, Alwyn, Mikel, Timmy, Felix, Dominic, Marc C.

After the safari, Mr. Qpido had another task for the Princes and Princesses. They were led to another part of the zoo, where they were told that each princess will have a pictorial with two princes of Direk Lauren's choice. The results of the pictorial will help Direk Lauren narrow down his final choice for each princess.

Since the cast members were all used to the pictorial process, a small twist was introduced to make the activity more interesting. Each princess was asked to draw slips of paper from a bowl, and on the slips of paper was written the type of animal each princess had to pose with: an albino snake, a baby cayman crocodile, or an ostrich.

Snake Pictorial. The princesses who were to pose with the albino snake are:

Hazel, with partners Mike and Mhyco

Andrea, with partners Felix and Dominic

Isabel, with partners Marc B. and Gabb
Isabel's pictorial with Marc B. was not completed, so there was no final photo with him.

The other pictorial pairs (coming tomorrow) are:


The sneak peak into tomorrow's episode shows scenes from the other pictorials. Direk Lauren will also announce the prince that he has chosen for each princess.

The show ends with an interview with Ms. Elaine Cedillo, OIC for Promotions for Zoobic.

CF's Note: Today's episode was around 31 minutes long, including commercials. Anne again did not appear on-camera, although she continued to host the show through voiceovers.


  • At 27/5/05 8:33 AM, Blogger angelica said…

    i love your screencaps and episode recaps !

    they really catch me up ^_^

    and felix is cute ! ooh wee `;D

  • At 27/5/05 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    la lang!!! i juust waNna say gwapo mo JAWE!! cute moh po!!

  • At 27/5/05 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 28/5/05 2:00 AM, Anonymous debbie said…

    yah...i think...hazel and mhyco are so bagay...dey look gud 2gether....boto ako para sa kanila...sana cla na lng ang luvteam....


  • At 30/5/05 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    direk sana si mhyco ang piliin mo para kay hazel...bagay sila as in...sobrang sweet nila...parang sila na hehe!!! hazel ang ganda ganda mo!!!

  • At 16/6/05 7:32 AM, Blogger issa said…

    mikel campos is so cute as in!! yung mga fans din ni mikel if you want to chat to me and talk about mikel email me.. iceangel_wafa@yahoo.com..
    ang gwapo talaga ni mikel as in! i like qpids kasi ang galing ng show, kahit na nasa US ako ngayon, i still find ways to watch qpids and get the chance to see mikel, i've been crushing on mikel for years and years na ata!! ang guapo nya!! more power to mikel and the best of wishes! mwah!


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