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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Episode 12.0

This is the episode summary for the Qpids Week 12 episode, the 2nd Drama Loventure.

Detailed episode summary text courtesy of Angelica.

CF's Note: Screenshots will be delayed.


The episode begins at a church. It is a wedding and the entourage is walking in. Vanessa is there as a bridesmaid, and as she walks down the aisle, Carlo looks on from the pews.

In the background, Carla sings "When You Find Your Voice," as Janus sits beside her. Mhyco is an altar boy/sacristan serving the wedding. Jill and Alwyn sit in the audience as well, and a nervous Paw walks in to the Church. Mikel is the groom, waiting in front. As his bride-to-be walks down the aisle, Paw takes her seat in the pews. She looks on as the priest is about to begin the ceremony. As he starts to speak, Paw stands up and shouts that they have to stop the wedding.

PawEl, The Day Before

The scene flashes back to Paw and Mikel's encounter the day before the wedding. Mikel is at his bachelor's party with a few of his friends. Gian reassures him that the exotic dancer they got is beautiful, so he should just enjoy the party.

Mikel asks him what's going on, and Gian responds that it was Gian's idea to get her. She's going to come out the big gift box in the middle of the room, and that this surprise coming out of the box is one that Mikel will remember for the rest of his life. The night will be hot.

Meanwhile, Paw and her gay friend "Tyra" walk through the gate of the house. Paw is uneasy and asks "Tyra" to help her look for another job -- maybe there is something they can pawn, maybe she can work for Aling Bebang, or maybe she could work in the carnival.

"Tyra" tells her to get a reality check -- Paw has no more things left -- "the crows already turned white and she didn't even save anything" -- so there's no other alternative. All Paw has to do is dance [Tyra also remarks that his crush is there too .. haha] If they treat her badly, "Tyra" promises to take care of them.

Paw is still uneasy and "Tyra" reminds her that she has to do this for her Lola Ofel, so she can get her operation. Paw reluctantly agrees to push through with it, and "Tyra" texts Gian to tell them that he and Paw are coming inside. The boys at the party cheer, and take Mikel outside so Paw can get ready.

Gian ushers Paw in, and leads her into the box. Paw, dressed like an Arabian princess, takes off her jacket to reveal her sexy outfit. Gian asks "Tyra" if he's sure Paw is any good, and "Tyra" reassures him. Gian directs Paw to dance sexy and make it nice. Paw finally gets into the box and makes a quick silent prayer to God.

The boys bring Mikel back in, smiling and cheering. Mikel doesn't look too thrilled about what is about to happen. "Tyra" starts the music, and Paw breaks open from the box. Surrounded by boys, Paw awkwardly dances in the middle as they cheer. Mikel looks displeased and goes over to break up the circle. He holds on to Paw as she begins to sob quietly, and he scolds the boys for disrespecting her.

Gian replies that Mikel is overacting because this is all for free -- either Mikel is being too conservative, or maybe he just wants the dancer all to himself. Gian and the rest of the boys leave, remarking that Mikel can have Paw all to himself.

"Tyra" thanks Mikel, as tears are flowing from Paw's eyes. Mikel apologizes for the behavior of his friends, and Paw pulls down the veil covering her face. Shocked, Mikel recognizes her and says her name. Equally surprised, she looks up and says his name also. "Tyra" is also surprised and asks them if they know each other, and Paw faints.

"Tyra" sneaks off and leaves as Mikel brings Paw some water. She says to him that she truly doesn't really do this, but she just had to. She calls out to "Tyra", but he has already walked away. Mikel tells her that he believes her, and Paw responds that it's embarrassing that this is how they have to meet again.

He begins to say that it's been a while, but Paw says, how could she forget him, he was the 'senorito' of her and her grandmother in the province. She recalls how they used to be back then -- teasing each other, playing patintero -- and then she pauses. She's embarrassed to say, and Mikel asks if it's about the sances she used to bring from her grandmother. Paw then reveals that Mikel was her first kiss, but that was along time ago, when they were still kids.

Mikel goes off for a second and brings over a box from his closet. He places it on the table and opens it, taking out a woven black string bracelet. He asks Paw if she remembers it, and he reveals that Paw made it for him before he went to Manila. She told him back then to always wear it so he wouldn't forget her. So he kept it.

Paw quietly says he never wrote to her, and Mikel answers that his father had a lot of problems, and then he just found out that she moved. Paw says she knows he has a lot of friend in Manila, and she assumed that he had just forgotten about her... and also she is going through a lot with her grandmother, Lola Ofel, whilch is why she's doing all this. Paw vows to do everything to help her grandmother get better, because her grandmother suffers from an enlarged heart [which Paw stutters to identify the name of the disease] and needs an operation right away. Mikel puts his arm around her and pulls her close to comfort her. He assures her that he's there for her and that he'll help her out. She thanks him and says that she thought she was alone in the world, but her grandmother was right in saying that Mikel is good. They should have been together, but he left. Paw prayed that he would've come back. Mikel leans over and is about to kiss her.

The scene continues the next morning, and Paw had spent the night at Mikel's place. She wakes up from sleeping beside him, wearing his shirt. She gently takes his arm off her to not disturb him, and looks at him sweetly. She then looks at his baby picture and smiles. She walks over and curiously picks up Mikel's wedding invitation and opens it. She sees the names "Mikel" and "Erika" and reads the invitation. She looks upset as she puts the invitation down. She grabs her clothes and quietly leaves.

The scene flashes back to right before the wedding, and as Paw is about to enter the church, Carlo carries Vanessa and walks in, with Ahron beside him.

CarVane, The Day Before

The scene then flashes back to Carlo and Vanessa's encounter the day before the wedding. Ahron is wiping the front of a car, and Carlo stops him, telling Ahron that the car might get scratched and Carlo's boss with get mad.

Ahron says to Carlo that he wants to help him, his brother, because Carlo is so tired. Carlo responds that he'll take care of him, and he promised their mom that he wouldn't forget about him. He tells Ahron to relax and eat. Carlo reminds Ahron to sleep early because they have to drive to a wedding tomorrow, and Ahron has to just stay in the car. Ahron affirms, and pulls out a magazine as Carlo wipes down the car.

Ahron turns to a page with Vanessa's advertisement in it, and teases Carlo for buying another magazine with pictures of Vanessa. Ahron begins to sing "Instant Bounce," and remarks on how pretty she is, and that she and Carlo would look good together. Carla replies that pretty girls like Vanessa are of a different kind -- what if they had no food, could they feed her toyo? These girls only exist in dreams. Ahron tells him to wait and that he'll pray to God for a minute. Carlo tells him he's crazy, and directs him to eat siopao. Then, Carlo continues to look at her picture.

The next day, Carlo drives to the wedding and gets into a minor accident with Vanessa's van. Carlo and the driver of the van step out of the cars, and Carlo asks him how he's going to pay for the damage. The driver of Vanessa's van says that Carlo was the one driving too fast.

Carlo tells him to look at the van's damage, and as they get into an argument, Vanessa steps out of the van, asking whose fault it is. Ahron opens the car door to push Carlo into Vanessa, and asks if she's the girl in the commercial and starts to sing. Carlo covers his mouth to stop him, and Vanessa remarks that she's late. She apologizes that she doesn't have any cash, and tells Carlo to talk with the driver. Carlo smiles, and she hurries off. Carlo tells the driver that it's his fault and he'll call his boss. He calls out to Ahron, who has dissappeared.

In the church, Vanessa is touching up her makeup and Ahron sneaks up behind her. He apologizes for his brother and explains that he's trying to make more money. Vanessa smiles and compliments him on his cuteness. He thanks her and says he takes after his brother. She says he's a ladies' man too. She asks where his brother is, and Ahron replies that Carlo is taking care of the car.

Ahron continues and recounts his story to Vanessa -- his brother is a good man but he's afriad of losing his job because he's the only one providing for the both of them and they are orphans. Vanessa is impressed at Carlo's efforts to deal with a cruel world.

Ahron continues and reveals to her that everytime her commercial comes on, Carlo watches, and also that he has a lot of pictures of her in his room, and he's always talking to her pictures, and... just then Carlo comes in and scolds Ahron for leaving his side because Ahron could have been in danger, and he was being hard-headed.

Vanessa tries to intercede but Carlo says he knows what he's doing. Vanessa remarks that Carlo shouldn't give Ahron a hard times in front of people because he can think for himself. Carlo responds that Ahron is his brother and he knows how to discipline him. She says she thinks he's overreacting, and Carlo looks down to see that Ahron has disappeared once again. He blames Vanessa, and she asks why. They go out to look for him.

Outside the church, Carlo worriedly searches for Ahron, wondering if Ahron had gotten kidnapped, how could he possibly pay the ransom? Vanessa follows and tells him to think positive, and that all this happened because Carlo was fighting with her when Ahron was beside him. He remarks back that he was only saying what was right to him. She doesn't know the hardhsip they go through because everything she wants is just given to her. He was a construction worker, a driver -- just so he can provide for his brother. He promised his mom that he'd take car of him -- and this is how they separate.

Vanessa apologizes and explains that Ahron was the one who approached her and told her about how caring Carlo is, and how Ahron is so proud of him, and about her pictures. Carlo walks down the steps of the church and Vanessa trips as she tries to follow him. He helps her sit down on the steps, and massages her hurt ankle asking if she is okay. They smile and Ahron comes from behind, smiling and saying 'Success!' to his plan. He starts singing the jingle to Vanessa's commercial. Carlo is a bit annoyed and Vanessa smiles. He carries her up and Ahron sings happily behind as they head back into the Church.

The scene continues as Carlo puts Vanessa down. Jill is praying at the church, and as police officers pass beside her, she covers her face with a handkerchief. As she gets up, she runs into Alwyn. She asks him if he's going to turn her over to the police.

JilWyn, The Day Before

Then the scene flashes to Jill and Alwyn's encounter the day before the wedding. Jill has a veil over he head as she is parying to God. She doesn't want to do this, and she knows steaing is wrong, but she doesn't know how she'll get home to the province. She promises that as soon as she gets enough money, she'll stop stealing.

As she is about to get the wallet of the lady in front of her, Alwyn startles her because he won the lottery of 10 million pesos. He screams at everyone and hugs Jill, and unknown to him, she manages to steal the ticket from his pocket. He recognizes her but she covers her face and tries to leave. He asks for her name and she says "Gigi" and runs.

Alwyn continues to rejoice again and reaches into his pocket to get the ticket, but it's gone. He realizes "Gigi" stole it and runs after her. He catches her sitting outside the church as she kisses the winning ticket, and chases her around a tree. She trips and bumps her head on the ground. He grabs the ticket and walks away, but then turns around and walks back to help her up.

She puts ice on her head and asks him if he's going to take her down to the police station. Alwyn bitingly responds that she's too heavy to carry all the way down there. She sarcastically apologizes, and says that Alwyn must have enjoyed watching her fall. He replies that she wouldn't have slipped if she didn't steal his ticket, and asks if she's at all ashamed of what she's done.

Jill explains her story to Alwyn. She didn't intend to do this. She wanted to help her family so she came to Manila, but she was treated poorly by her boss. So, she escaped, but she had no money. She got involved with the wrong crowd, who taught her how to steal in the church. Alwyn says no wonder that he always saw her there, except he thought that she was praying a lot.

Jill replies that she still talks to God, and asks him why she has such misfortune. He parents are too old to continue working for their only child, their 16 year old daughter. Alwyn is surprised at her age, and Jill replies that her parents were both good at work and good in bed.

Alwyn then shares his story to her -- his sibling is in the hospital with dengue, so they need some money to pay for it. He says he'll pray that this won't happen again, and heads off to claim his prize. He replaces her melted ice with new ice for her bump, and teases her about how big it is. She asks him for his name, and he gives it to her. She tells him to take care as he heads off.

The next day, at the wedding, Jill is back at the church, praying again. She sees the police coming down the aisle, and hides her face. She gets up to leave, and as she gets up, she runs into Alwyn. She asks him if he's going to turn her over to the police. He replies no, and gives her an envelope.

She asks him what it is, and he tells her that it's money for her to go back home to the province. She sits down, and through her tears she tells him how important this money is to her, because she misses her family so much. Even though it's only a small part of the millions that he's won, it's equivalent to billions for her.

He tells her not to cry and gives her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. He reveals to her that in reality he only won 20,000 pesos, and she is surprised. He wasn't reading the right numbers in the newspaper. But, he did hit 5 right numbers so he got a consolation prize anyway. Jill doesn't want to accept the money but Alwyn says his sibling is out of the hospital and he still had money left over to give to her. Then Jill asks him, since the police aren't here for her, then who are they hear for?

Behind closed doors, Mhyco and Hazel peek out. He tells her to be quiet, because they might find them.

MhyZel, The Day Before

Then, the scene flashes back to Mhyco and Hazel's encounter the day before the wedding. Mhyco is the sacristan at the church, and he is cleaning the sacristy in the back of the church.

Hazel bursts into the sacristy and comes to him worried and crying. She urges him to leave with her, because her mom found out about their relationship from reading her diary. Mhyco worries also, and says that they're in trouble. Hazel continues and tells him that her mom knows about how they would meet here in the church, and that her mom wants to take her away to the United States.

Mhyco replies that they're still young, and maybe he can talk it out with her mom. She responds that her mom doesn't listen to her, so she's probably not going to listen to him either. Then, she pauses and asks him if he loves her. He asks her what kind of question is that, and says of course. Hazel then replies that then he won't let her mom separate them and affirms that they can make this work. He embraces her and through her tears she says that she doesn't want to go back home.

Later that night, Mhyco opens a can of soup for Hazel and him to eat. Hazel looks at it displeased, and says to him that she can't eat that. Mhyco tells her that whatever he has to deal with, she has to also. He spoons some of the soup onto some pandesal, and tells her to imagine that it is a delicious cheeseburger. He takes a bite out of the sandwich and remarks that it's delicious.

Then, he offers it to Hazel and directs her to try it. Hazel closes her eyes and repeats to herself that it's a cheeseburger and takes a bite out of it. Mhyco smiles and says that she was able to do it all along. She leans onto him and he puts his arm around her in comfort.

The next day, as Mhyco is sleeping on the floor and Hazel is sleeping on a mat, a fellow sacristan goes over and wakes up Mhyco because he overslept. The priest is looking for him because they have to start serving for the wedding. The sacristan also tells Hazel that her mom is outside with some police and they've been searching for her.

Mhyco tells Hazel that it's his chance to talk to her mom, and that maybe they can face her. Hazel's mom and the police enter, and pull them apart. As the police hold Mhyco back and Hazel's mom tries to pull her away, her mom says that Mhyco tried to kidnap her daughter. Hazel continues to yell and her mom slaps her to try and control her. Mhyco yells back to tell Hazel's mom not to hurt her daughter, and that he loves Hazel very much. His tears begin to fall as he says he loves her, and she loves him, and God taught them how to love. Hazel's mom snaps back that Mhyco is even using God's name for bad purposes, and that she won't let them be together.

Hazel breaks away from her mom and tells her mom that she's been controlling her life -- where she went to school, what kind of friends she had -- She loves Mhyco, but ever since her dad left her and her mom, her mom became too overprotective. Hazel says she knows what she's doing and questions her mom why she can't trust her.

Her mom replies to her amid tears that Hazel doesn't know how bad the world is, and she should go with her. Hazel resists again, and goes to hug Mhyco. Mhyco tells her to go with her mom. She says she can't and he reassures her that she can do it. As they embrace, Mhyco promises to her that if she ever has a problem, or if she needs someone to wipe her tears... to just turn around and he'll be right there, right behind her. Hazel's mom finally pulls her away and they go on to leave the church, and Mhyco sits down and cries.

The scene continues on and we see Carla singing at the wedding, and Janus is there to provide the music.

JaRla, The Day Before

At the start of the episode, we see Carla singing at a wedding ceremony with Janus sitting beside her.

Then, the scene flashes back to Janus and Carla's encounter the day before the wedding. Carla is sitting outside a music studio with a fellow student. She asks the other student who she has for a teacher, and the girl replies that she is with Mr. Vinuya. Carla responds that she has Mr. del Prado, and she heard that he was the best teacher there.

The other student agrees, but mentions that Mr. del Prado has a mean personality. Carla replies that she doesn't care, as long as he can make her voice sound beautiful, so that she can prove her father wrong.

She clutches a piece of paper and the student asks her what it is, and Carla replies that it's her favorite song. Just then, Mr. del Prado appears at a doorway, wearing sunglasses, and he yells at a departing student that she should be practicing more because she's supposed to be singing for a wedding, not a wake! He then yells for his next student, Miss Carla Loren. Carla gets up and bids her fellow student goodbye as she goes in for her lesson. Another teacher comes out just then with a guitar for the other student.

Carla enters Mr. del Prado's studio, and remarks that it is an honor to be working with him. She introduces herself to him, and asks if she can shake his hand, and extends her own hand out to him. He pauses, then replies that he would shake her hand, except he doesn't know where it is. Yes, I'm blind, he says, as Carla belatedly realizes her mistake. He tells her to save the drama for an episode of 'Maalala Mo Kaya'. They're not here for drama, but to make music.

He says since it's their first meeting, he wants to hear her voice, so he directs her to sing any song. Carla nervously walks to one side of the room, and pulls out the piece of paper that she was holding. She quickly unfolds it and walks back to his side of the room and begins to sing, "When You Find Your Voice." At first she is a bit nervous, but after some time, she gains confidence and starts singing beautifully.

After a few lines, Mr. del Prado slaps the table and Carla suddenly stops. She nervously apologizes and asks if she sounded bad, just as he gets up from his chair. She asks him what's wrong and he tells Carla that he's not feeling well, and that she should come back later. Carla replies that she'll come back after lunch, and worriedly leaves the studio.

After she leaves, Janus uses his walking stick to find his way around the room, then sits on a chair. He takes off his sunglasses, and we see tears rolling down his face.

Later that day, Carla is eating lunch with a fellow student when Mr. del Prado walks up from behind, calling her name. She gets up too quickly, and accidentally bumps into him, spilling her food on his shirt. She nervously tries to wipe the food off, and he stops her by grabbing hold of her wrist. He tells her that it's okay; he'll just change his shirt.

He scolds her for being clumsy because all he wanted to say was she can go inside the studio after lunch. There is a pause as they both realize that he's still holding her wrist, and he quickly releases his hold when she pulls her hand away.

Carla heads into the studio as he goes to change his clothes. Sitting by herself, Carla begins to sing "When You Find Your Voice" again, but she has difficulty with a particularly high note and gets frustrated. She yells at herself, saying that her voice is worth nothing and that her father was right all along.

Just then, Mr. del Prado walks in, and says to her that her father must be deaf. She apologizes, and he asks her why she stopped singing, because she has a beautiful voice. She apologizes again, and he asks her why she's always apologizing.

After a little hesitation, she replies that when he yells at her it reminds her of her father. He is always berating her for wanting to pursue music when he thinks she should be studying law or medicine like her siblings. And so, she is always apologizing.

Mr. del Prado tells her that she shouldn't apologize for what she wants; how can she make her dad believe that she was meant to do this if she can't have faith in her own abilities.

He then asks her why she chose to sing, "When You Find Your Voice." She replies that it's because it's a song about finding her strength, her strength to tell her dad that singing is what she really wants. Mr. del Prado slowly reveals that his former girlfriend, Abby, had composed that song and dedicated it to him because he was always afraid to face his problems.

Carla responds that Abby must be really proud that her song is now so popular. He replies that she would have been, except that she could never know, because she's dead. His tears begin to fall as he reveals that he had lost his sight in the car accident that claimed Abby's life.

Ever since the accident, he has been angry at the world. Carla responds that he shouldn't be like that, and that Abby would have wanted him to be happy. He further reveals that he and Abby had been planning to get married this year. Carla reaches out and takes his hand as he continues to cry.


The episode ends with scenes from next week's episode, where we will learn how each of these five love stories will end.


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    Grabe galing ni Janus n Jarla.. wahhh naiyak ako kei Janus ah... sana cna Jillwyn din dapat drama.. pero oKei lang kc magaling din cla sana walang matanggal this week... Ayoko pang may mawala sa kanilang lahat ang gagaling kc nila.. may kani-kaniyang appeal ang bawat loveteam!!

  • At 11/8/05 3:28 AM, Blogger Jeran said…

    Wow, I liked Mhyzel's drama special a lot. This is where Hazel can specialize, but yet Mhyco can adapt to it. Its funny cause before its usually Mhyco that gave the look that the love council loves to see, but this time I think Hazel gave it, so well hopefully they're still safe. Even though i'm a Mhyzel fan, I think Immunity will go to Jarla because Janus exceeds in Comedy and this time around he did really well in drama, the total opposite of comedy and Carla lost that insecurity this time around with her tagalog, so thats a big improvement for their loveteam. The others were good, but these two teams where the ones i remember the best.

    GO Jarla! GO Mhyzel!

  • At 11/8/05 11:31 AM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    agree ako dyan i think jarla will get the immunity bear...but i really don't want no one to be remove from the final five at least they should have another week or something... I LOVE THE JILWYN...nakakatawa sya and masaya and kilig...pero i'm a fan of jarla too..and yeah they truly made it real good this loventure..

    GO JILWYN!!!!
    GO JARLA!!!!

  • At 11/8/05 5:48 PM, Blogger nicole said…

    hey hey hey!!!! ang gling nila PAWEL...... go guys... u deserve to win....gudluck!

  • At 11/8/05 8:26 PM, Blogger eve-mhyzel said…

    hello... graveh.. ung scene nila mhyzel nung nakawala c hazel sa mom niya tapos lumapit cya kay mhyco....wahhhhh....kilig.... parang teleserye.... i love MHYZEL MHYZEL MHYZEL!!!!!.....

  • At 12/8/05 12:49 AM, Blogger gigs said…

    hi well 4 us is mhyzel parin ang da best. at 4 us din sa tingin namin lahat dito sa aming lugar. imunity is 4 MHYZEL. kitang kita naman sa mga ginawa angat na angat ang mhyzel. kaya sa tingin namin sa MHYZEL mapupunta ang imunity bear. well kanya kanya namang opinyon yan. pero sa amin kc the best ang ginawa ng MHYZEL promise napaka galing nila. nagalingan talaga kami sa MHYZEL they really the best talaga.at patuloy pa kaming susuporta sa mhyzel.
    at humabol kami sa boto kanina . they really the best ung mga gusto pang bumoto.
    sa MHYZEL.........
    QPIDS 6 NAME,ADDRESS and send to 2366.

    gogogogogogogo MHYZEL........

  • At 12/8/05 1:39 AM, Blogger apple said…

    hi' i saw the episode last sunday. hay super ganda ng lahat ng episode ang galing nilang lahat especially mhyzel hanga ako sa act nila... ang galing wala kaming masabi sa cting ng mhyzel nayan. u know what d po ako mahilig talaga sa artista. sumubok lng akong mgwatch kc that time po wla akong mapanuod so i decided to change the channel last sunday at when i watch qpids i see exactly the story of MHYZEL so il try to watch and parang naadict na ako sa panunuod at nakita ko ung arte nila ang galing actually naririnig ko na ang team up na MHYZEL sa kapit bahay namin at skul. kaya curious ako. kaya nung natiempuhan ko wow talaga palang nakakaadik ang dalawang yan. ang gagaling para silang may magic at even me namagic nila ako. para silang swerte . and swerte nga kc lahat ng nakakapanuod sa kanila talagang nagugustuhan sila . anu bang lucky charm ang dumikit sa dalawang yan na pag nakikita ng viewers e. ayaw ng tanggalin ang mata sa kanila. kc madalas kopo clang marinig even sa ibang lugar ung MHYZEL parati kong naririnig kaya. naging curious din ako. at from now on aabangan kopa sila sa sunday at sa kahit saang show, galing nila thers a certain na pag tiningnan sila magugustuhan po sila parang ang gaang nilang dalin sa tingin lng po namin. parang sila ang lucky charm. sila po ang lucky charm ng abscbn. promise po. dnt forget that words. lucky charm po yang mga batang yan.....
    sila na ang susunod promise.
    para sa bumuo sa loveteam nayan hay d po kau nagkamali. swerte sila......may kakambal silang swerte.....
    at magaling sila infairness.....

  • At 12/8/05 5:08 AM, Blogger ktisten said…

    Goooooooooooo JarLa
    Goooooooooooo PawEl
    Goooooooooooo JilWyn

  • At 12/8/05 6:33 AM, Blogger brandon said…

    carvane the best!!!!!!

  • At 12/8/05 11:00 AM, Blogger michelle said…

    nakakakilig talaga ang mhyzelllll.tinginan palang super nakakakilig na .take note ang MHYZEL lng and di pa nakakapunta sa blue heart,ibig sabihin,they
    both magaling..


  • At 12/8/05 3:59 PM, Blogger katrina said…

    hello, first time kong magpost ng comment, pero this comment is for my favorite love team, mhyzel....
    nakita ko kc tong blog nato ng qpids. at sa nabasa ko lahat mula ng ng start. ang daming comments ng mhyzel well sa tingin ko sila ang magiging wagi. tingnan nyo nalng sa mga comments at sa mga stand ng bawat team. or love team even dito pala sa internet sila parin ang nangunguna. kc khit saan ako mapadpad sa skul office or saang lugar sila ang nangunguna. well marami na kong nakitang katunayan na sila talaga ang magiging wagi. woooow super galing nila. im proud na inidolized ko sila. they both super galing.... at pati dun sa drama nila ang galing talaga.....
    kaya MHYZEL forever kami....
    gooooooo MHYZEL goooooooo.........

  • At 14/8/05 4:10 PM, Blogger kai said…

    ibang level na talaga ang MHYZEL! kahit anong pagawa sa kanila, nagagawa nila ng maayos at nakakakilig! talagang ibinubuhos ang lahat-lahat nila! ang galing talaga!

    MHYZEL number 1

  • At 20/8/05 10:43 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    grabe ang ganda ng nangyari kay mikel and paw!!! pero hindi ko na gus2han ung show!!! ung kina mikel and paw lang ung gus2 ko!!! astig kc clang dalawa!!!

    Go Mikel!!!
    Go Paw!!!
    Go Pawel!!!

    Both of you rock!!!


  • At 25/8/05 6:18 PM, Blogger rahamaya said…

    galing talaga nila MHYZEL........
    talagang MHYZEL.....4ever
    spell as in .....
    Y=yours truly
    Z=zuper amazing
    kaya laging tandaan

  • At 27/8/05 9:51 PM, Blogger jayceeuae said…

    i love PawEl tandem. bagay na bagay cla. nakakakilig. sana nga lang mabalik sa dating oras ung pagpapalabas ng qpids d2 sa UAE. kasi dati, napapanood namin. ngayon, hindi. sana mabalik sa dating timeslot. para mapanood ko naman ulit ang PawEl.

  • At 29/8/05 6:30 PM, Blogger sephmel said…

    galing talga ng MHYZEL:)

    go mhyzel go!!!!!!!!

  • At 29/8/05 6:30 PM, Blogger sephmel said…

    MHYZEL galing niyo talgang umarte..lalo na si mhyco na baguhan palang..

    congrats in advance sa GnP:)


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