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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Episode 15.0

The Week 15 episode of Qpids is entitled, "Bunong Braso," and is the continuation of last week's Qpids drama-serye.

CF's Note: Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!!


The episode begins with a flashback to the childhood days of Alwyn, Mikel, Janus, Mhyco, and Paw, as they are seen again playing around Paw's family coffeeshop. Two of the boys are arm wrestling. Soon after, Paw steps up and decides to challenge Mikel to an arm wrestling match. While she arm wrestles with him, her aunt comes by and reprimands her, and the boys skip away, while Paw sits at the coffee shop.

Mikel speaks in a voiceover as the scene plays: "Sa buhay, kung sino ang mahusay siya ay tinitingala, at kung sino ang naduduwag, siya ay minamaliit. Hindi ko alam kung anong kape ang na-inom ni Paw noon at naisipin niya hamunin ako, pero hindi ka dapat matakot sa mga hamon na dumating. [audio is a bit fuzzy. will try to catch it again next time]"

The scene shifts to the present, to the interior of the Coffee King shop. Mikel is handing out flyers to Alwyn and Janus advertising the opening of the brand new "Coffee King." He asks them to hand out the flyers for the store's opening tomorrow. As Janus and Alwyn sit down to look at the flyers, Paw storms into Mikel's store and yells at him for having no shame in inviting her to the opening of his shop. Mikel asks what's the problem, and Paw responds that inviting her is equivalent to insulting her.

She then hands Janus and Alwyn the flyers for her coffeeshop, "Barako ni Manang." Alwyn reads the flyer out loud, and it reveals that Paw's coffee shop is offering a 10% discount. Mikel looks at the flyer and makes fun of Paw's drawing in the flyer.

He then challenges Paw's 10% discount by stepping it up with a 15% discount for his own coffee. Paw grabs her flyer and writes it up to a 20% discount. Janus scolds them both for acting like kids and tells them that they might end up going bankrupt if they keep doing this... they might as well give the coffee away for free! He tells them that he wants them both to make some money.

Mikel replies that he has better things to do. Annoyed, Paw walks out of the coffeeshop and Janus follows her out, and Mikel mocks Paw again behind her back and goes to the back room of his own coffeeshop.

The scene shifts to a poorer area of town where kids are outside shanties playing, and we see Alwyn bringing Mhyco back home to his house, only to find Mhyco's boss already there waiting for them. Mhyco's sister and baby brother are also there.

Mhyco's boss scolds him for taking one of the horses out of the stable, since it was against the rules. He says to Mhyco that he has no choice but to fire Mhyco, and Mhyco puts his arm around his boss and pleads with him to get his job back, but his boss doesn't give him a second chance.

Mhyco's sister asks him what they are going to do, because she also has expenses that she has to pay for school. Alwyn apologizes to Mhyco and tells him that it was really Hazel's fault, and that he's going to tell her about it. Mhyco says that it was really his fault for letting the horse out, and that it's really hard to get a job nowadays. He goes on to scratch his head with a piece of paper, and Alwyn takes it out of his hand. He presents the Coffee King flyer to Mhyco, saying this is the solution to your job hunting problems. Mhyco and Alwyn trade high-fives at the idea of Mhyco going to work there.

Meanwhile, Jill is at the rooftop of her building, hanging clothes up on a clothes line, while singing "Crazy for You." Hazel surprises her from behind, and Jill comments to her that she pretends to have a concert while her Mom and siblings are away.

She asks Hazel why she's here with her instead of enjoying "bonding time" with her mom and brother. Hazel says "yuck!" in disgust, and that it's better that there's no bonding time because her dad and Tita Pinky are in Manila, and only her mom is left at home. She doesn't feel like pretending to be nice. Jill thanks Hazel for not telling her secret to Alwyn. Turns out Jill's mom doesn't want her father to know that her mom is having a hard time. She says that if she ever sees her father from America, he'll help them and they won't have to hide anymore. Hazel says that it's nothing, but questions Jill as to why she cares about what Alwyn thinks, and accuses her of having a thing for him.

Jill replies that she still believes in what her Aling Pekwa fortold for her -- that she'll fall in love with a boy who's curly-haired, moreno, able to sing, and named Marc. Hazel says that she's such a weirdo and the two of them playfully go at it.


Later that day, Hazel returns home, and puts her feet up on the living room table, and starts reading a book. Just then, Alywn and their mom walk in giggling while looking at pictures. Their mom goes over to Hazel and asks her if she's hungry and says that she cooked spaghetti, knowing that it's Hazel's favorite.

Hazel responds coldly that she's not hungry, and that spaghetti isn't her favorite. She closes her book and picks up her things to go upstairs, and her mom asks her to join them. Hazel declines and responds that she's tired, and their mom tells her that she and Alwyn have been looking at Hazel's pictures while they were away in America. Their mom says that now is the perfect time to bond and be a family again. Hazel replies that a family doesn't leave each other, and that she doesn't want to bond with them.

Alwyn scolds her for talking to their mom like that, and asks her what happened to her. He tells her that if she has a grudge against them, they should talk it out -- and she shouldn't let other people be affected by her anger. He reveals to her that Mhyco lost his job because of her, and Mhyco is the main breadwinner of his family. He asks her what does she think will happen to them, and Hazel turns and walks away. Their mom tells Alwyn to leave her be.


Back at Mhyco's house, Mhyco apologizes to his sister, saying that he has no choice but to leave her with their baby brother, because he has to go to work. He promises her that when he comes back, she'll be able to go and play and he'll take care of their baby brother, Adol.

Just then, Hazel steps out of a car and walks towards Mhyco and his siblings. Mhyco looks afraid, and asks Hazel why she's there, saying he hopes she does not intend to hurt his family also. He tells her that if she really wants to box, he has a friend that he can take her to.

Hazel says she has come to apologize to him, and Mhyco replies that she must think that because he's poor, all he wants is money, since she's rich. He continues that he doesn't, and asks her how she knew where his house was -- she probably asked for it because she misses him and she wants to see him!

Hazel interjects and states that she only asked Alwyn for it after Alwyn made her feel bad and she came to apologize to him. She asks him what she can do to prove that she's really sorry, and Mhyco picks up his baby brother, hands the baby to Hazel, then tells his sister Sunny that she can go play now. He tells Hazel he'll accept her apology if she takes care of his baby brother. He kisses his baby brother on the head and leans in for a kiss from Hazel and she pulls away in reflex. Mhyco then tells her to "Enjoy!" then he walks off to work. Hazel and the baby look at each other, and they go inside the house.

Left with no choice, Hazel is stuck inside the house, trying tries her best to keep the baby happy. She looks panicked as the baby begins to cry, and she tries to give him a bottle to calm him down. She tries to make happy faces for him but the baby continues to cry. Frustrated and running out of ideas, Hazel looks around for what else she can do. She picks up the baby to try and calm it down and then lays him down for a diaper change. Hazel continues to try and make the baby happy and swings hin inside his carriage. With the baby finally calm, Hazel tiredly sits down and smiles.


That night, Carla stands in front of the brand new Coffee King and cuts the ribbon to officially open the store. Everyone claps, and at Mikel's invitation, they enter the shop. Outside the store, Alwyn spots Jill and greets her, and asks her why she left the debut so soon. Jill changes the subject by asking for Hazel, and Alwyn says he doesn't know where she is. He offers her to get coffee together while they wait for her but Jill declines, saying that she was only there to meet up with Hazel. She looks out for Hazel, just as Janus, Carla, and Marc join them.

Janus compliments Carla on her speech today, and she says cutting a ribbon isn't all that complicated. When Carla introduces her friend Marc from Manila to them, Jill immediately becomes interested when she hears his name and notices the curly hair and dark skin. Alwyn then introduces Jill to Carla and Marc.

As the evening progresses, Jill and Marc are sharing coffee when Jill mentions to him that she's a fashion design student. Marc is impressed, and Alwyn interrupts their conversation and offers Jill some Mocha Mix. Jill politely declines, saying she is already drinking coffee. She gives her coffee to Marc and takes the Mocha Mix.

Marc mentions that Carla is giving him a tour of the town tomorrow, and that he's going with her to a charity event. He then invites both Jill and Alwyn to come along. Jill happily accepts while Alwyn hesitates but later confirms. Marc says that he hopes Carla with bring Janus so he can get tips from him about his hair. Alwyn quietly replies that it's like armpit hair, and Jill scolds him and compliments Marc. Alwyn gets up to use the bathroom and accidentally spills his coffee on Marc. He quietly laughs and Jill tries to suppress her laughter. She helps Marc to the bathroom to clean up.

Janus joins Carla while she is at a table doing some paperwork. He asks her why she's doing work now, and Carla responds that she has an event tomorrow to attend to -- "Bulilit Day," an outreach day for children. She says that she's so fond of children because she herself is an only child, then asks Janus whether he likes children. Janus without thinking says that yes, he would like to have a child with her -- to which Carla's eyes open wide with surprise. He corrects himself and says that he meant to say he likes children too.

She tells him that Marc is coming along tomorrow, and invites Janus to come too -- the more the merrier! Janus happily accepts and says that she's strong -- err, "malakas" with him.

Just then, Mikel joins them at the table and says that running the shop is so tiring. Carla takes his hand and reassures him that he can do it, and Janus uneasily looks at their joined hands, feeling jealous.

Mikel gets up to present a new promotion at the shop offered by Mhyco and him -- if you buy one coffee, you get your choice of the second for free. Paw happens to walks by the shop with a determined look on her face. She and Mikel make eye contact and then she walks away.

Back at her shop, Paw is busy advertising to her patrons that if they get coffee, afterwards they can also get a free kiss! Mikel gets up and asks for another coffee, and Paw inquires him sternly about why he's here -- she says she thought he 'died' already from the bad taste of his coffee. Mikel presents her with a flyer for the "Acoustic Night" at the Coffee King that night.

She urges him to leave the store, but Mikel asks about the free kiss. Paw calls her aunts out, and tells them that there is someone who wants a kiss. They pull Mikel down and kiss him on both cheeks, much to his dismay.


The next day, Janus, Alwyn, Jill, Carla, and Marc are at the "Bulilit Day 2005." They hand out toys to the children and Janus joins the children crowding around Carla, reaching for the toys that she is handing out. At one point, he is almost swooning as he gets to hold her hand. hehe.

Later in the event, Carla reads a story to the children and Janus stares at her, mesmerized, but then when Carla notices, he just smiles and shrugs it off.

Nearby, Jill and Marc are drawing new fashion deigns for a dress and a fairy. Alwyn sits at another table, drawing a yellow cartoon monster. He goes over to present it to Jill but is embarrassed after he sees Marc's fairy drawing.

We also see Carla having her picture taken with all of the kids there and she also has a photo with Janus. She then gets the camera to take a picture of Janus and Marc together, and Janus tries to move away while Marc puts his arm around him. LOL.

As the event comes to an end, Jill is in a hurry to leave, saying that her mom might be looking for her. Alwyn jumps up and offers to escort her home, and she politely declines, and asks him to tell Marc goodbye for her. Disappointed, Alwyn draws a broken sign on the pink heart he drew on a piece of paper, and tosses it away.


The scene shifts to later that day, in front of Coffee King. Paw is about to come to blows with Mikel, but her aunts are holding her back.

Janus, Alwyn, Carla, and Marc come out, and Janus switches to his gay mode in front of Paw's aunts. He asks what is going on, and Mikel coolly replies that Paw came to the front of his shop so all his customers could watch her. Paw bursts out again and her aunts hold her back, and Mikel tells her that he has better things to do than fight with her. He invites everyone to the Acoustics Night at his shop at 8 PM.

Paw evens the score by announcing that there will be a special event at their coffeeshop too -- and her aunts declare that they will have a special comedy show with Janus as the host. Janus is taken by surprise, but goes along with the idea.

On the spur of the moment, Mikel then replies that Alwyn will be the singer at his Acoustics Night, and Alwyn is surprised also. Mikel then advises Alwyn to drink Salabat to make his voice sound better. He then wishes Paw and her aunts good luck, and walks back into the shop.

Paw then begs Janus to do the show for her, and Janus replies in a gay manner that he can't do it alone. Suddenly, a bug lands on Marc and he squeals like a little girl, much to everyone's surprise. Janus looks at Marc with new eyes, and informs Paw that he knows exactly who his partner should be for the night.


The scene shifts to the rooftop of Jill's building, where Hazel is pleading with Jill to sleep over at her house again, because Hazel is alone with her mom again. Jill says she thinks that Hazel's overreacting with her grudge against her mom and tells Hazel to give her mom a chance to make things right again. She continues to say that at least Hazel's mom came back -- her own father didn't even come back from America.

Hazel pleads with her again, and Jill finally relents, but tells Hazel she has to go with her to Paw's coffeeshop because Marc texted her about it. She excitedly explains to Hazel that she met Marc at the opening of the Coffee King, and she thinks that he is the one that she's destined to fall in love with. Hazel tells her that it's just a coincidence with what Aling Pekwa foretold to her.

Jill peers into Hazel's bag and pulls out cigarettes and tells her she understands those, but then she pulls out a baby bottle nipple from Hazel's bag, and asks her why Hazel has one. Hazel nervously replies that it probably just fell in her bag or something, and Jill responds that it's a coincidence also. Jill is about to toss it away, and Hazel stops her, saying that she could use it as a fashion accessory. Jill comments that Hazel's fashion sense is really weird, and gives her the baby bottle nipple back. Suddenly Jill thinks about Marc and swoons while saying his name over and over. She breaks out in to song and starts to serenade Hazel.


Later that evening, Paw and Janus are together in her coffee shop, preparing for their comedy show. Janus is dressed up in drag with heavy eye make-up.

Paw thanks Janus for helping out as she fixes his drag-queen wig. Janus prays that people won't throw tomatoes at him during the show, and that hopefully something will happen so that Carla won't show up --- and Carla walks in just as he is saying her name.

Carla excitedly hugs Paw and compliments Janus on his drag-queen beauty. She presents him with flowers as a thank-you gesture since he accompanied her yesterday at the Bulilit Day. She tells him that she's excited to see them perform, and a very embarrassed Janus calls out to Marc to ask him if he's ready. Marc opens the door and they all scream in shock. Janus manages to shout, "Perfection!" in a gay manner with a smile.

Outside, a crowd has gathered in front of the makeshift stage. Hazel and Jill join Paw, Carla, and TJ at the show, and TJ mentions to Paw that he really needs to leave. Paw asks him, why now, especially during the show? Just then, Paw's aunt gets up on the stage to introduce Janus and Marc.

TJ promises Paw he'll make it up to her and gets up to leave, just as Paw's aunt introduces "Janice" and "Marcuva." Janus and Marc come out in their flashy drag-queen glory, and begins their comedy show with gay humor. Hazel quietly asks Jill if Marc is turning out to be gay, and Jill looks at her puzzled.

Janus turns the stage over to Marc, and Marc attempts to make fun of a chubby man in the audience. He brings the man up on stage and the man punches Marc in the face. Carla's bodyguards get up and pull out their guns while they push the man away. Paw's aunts and Janus get up to help Marc, and the audience runs away in the ensuing melee.

Marc leans on Janus and thanks him for being his hero, and Paw's aunts come out with and ice-pack for Marc's bruises and take him to the hospital. Paw apologizes to everyone saying she just wasted their time. She suggests that they all go and attend Mikel's Acoustic Night instead. Janus tells her that they can't just leave her here after everything that happened, but Paw tells him to go because she wants to be alone.

Hazel and Jill bid everyone farewell and go on their way, and then Carla leaves with her bodyguards. Janus gets up but hesitates to leave, saying he'll stay and help her clean up, but he eventually leaves when Paw urges him to go.

At Coffee King, Alwyn is up on stage playing the guitar and singing "Crazy for You" just as Jill and Hazel enter. Jill stares, impressed, and Carla and Janus join Mikel. They inform him of the trouble the happened at Paw's coffeeshop, and Mikel excuses himself to leave.

Mhyco takes Hazel aside and thanks her for taking such good care of his baby brother. She opens her bag and gives him back the baby bottle hipple, and says to give it to her brother.

Mhyco leaves Hazel, and Alwyn goes up to her and Jill. He tells her that Mhyco mentioned to him what she did for him and his brother, and tells her that he knew his sweet sister was still there. He affectionately touches her face slightly and Hazel snaps back at Alwyn that Mhyco should prepare for round 3 because she told Mhyco not to tell anyone that she helped him. She storms off and takes Jill by the hand. As they are leaving Jill smiles and compliments Alwyn on his singing, and Alwyn thanks her and smiles back. Alwyn quietly celebrates and Jill looks back as they walk out the door.

Janus is standing alone at the top of the stairs, practicing what he will say to Carla to reveal to her that he's not gay. Carla surprises him from behind and asks him who he's talking to and he replies "Carlo," some random customer. She tells him that her ride is there, and asks if he wants to go with her home, but Janus declines and instead offers to just walk her to her car because he is going to stop by Paw's coffeeshop.

Janus mentions how good Alwyn was at singing and that it's good that Mikel's coffeeshop is doing well even though there was trouble at Paw's coffeeshop. Janus is about to say something more, but Carla begins to comment on how great Mikel is at business and mentions his many talents, including the fact that he's cute. She then tells Janus not to tell Mikel she said so or else his ego might get too big.

She then asks Janus what he was about to say, but Janus, feeling defeated and jealous, says it's nothing -- and that her car was already waiting outside. Carla mentions that it's a shame that Marc is returning to Manila so soon, because she thought that he and Janus would have made a good couple. Carla hurries off and bids Janus goodbye, and Janus looks hurt and doesn't respond.

Meanwhile Paw tries to call TJ, but he's not answering his cellphone. Mikel arrives at her coffeeshope and Paw looks at him digusted. She tells him that he won, but Mikel responds that he just came to see if everything's okay. Paw replies that he came to embarrass her, but Mikel denies it. He tells her he doesn't want to fight with her over business because it's stooping to a lower level. Paw says that it's probably a lower level for him because he doesn't understand, because to him this is just another business or job. She explains that this is her life, and if she ever lost it she doesn't know what she'd do. She doesn't want to do anything else. Tears stream down her her face and Mikel embraces her.

As the episode ends, Mikel says in a voice over:
"Tulad ng Bunong Braso, may mga laban talaga na kailan mong harapin mag-isa.."

The scene flashes to Jill and Hazel arriving at Hazel's house. They enter and Hazel's mom sweetly asks her how her night was, and Hazel sharply replies that it was boring. Jill smiles apologetically and they go up stairs. Hazel's mom looks away sadly.

Mikel: "pero minsan, nakakakuha ka ng lakas mula sa mga tao na nasa paligid mo..."

We see Carla leaving the Coffee King, just as Janus chases after her to reveal his feelings. But he is too late, and dejected, he stops and sits on the stairs. Before long, Alwyn and Mhyco join him on the steps to offer their support.

Jill and Hazel go into her room and Jill scolds her for talking back to her mom, and Hazel tells her not to get involved. Jill picks up a memory book and opens it. She sees a diploma and asks Hazel whose it is, and Hazel tells her to look. Jill opens it and sees the name, "Alwyn Marc Mendoza," and says "Marc" to herself and smiles.

Mikel: "...at sa mga pagkakataon na hindi mo inaasahan, mismo kalaban mo ay nagbibigay sayo ng lakas, para sa mga susunod ng laban."

The scene flashes to Paw and Mikel at her coffeeshop. The look at each other and lean in and Mikel kisses her softly. They pull away just as Mhyco, Janus, and Alwyn come inside.

Mhyco gives Paw a hug and wipes away a tear, and Alwyn and Janus ask her and Mikel if they are okay now. They nod, and Janus says for everyone to give a group hug. Paw replies "beste ven" and Janus and Alwyn think she say "Steven" and ask who is "Steven." They laugh and begin to sing a song about Paula, and everyone smiles.

They play around and give each other another group hug, as the episode ends.


  • At 29/8/05 4:44 PM, Blogger rahamaya said…

    ang galing talaga nila
    sana isa sa kanila ang manalo sa grand finals

  • At 29/8/05 4:50 PM, Blogger wimmie said…

    Hehehe kakatawa naman ung kina Jill selos c Alwyn ke Marc... kaloka ung damit nila Marc este Markova nd Janus este Janice. astig ni Alwyn kakakilig kumanta impressed me dun ah... hehehe

    Keep it up JILLWYN nd JARLA!!

  • At 29/8/05 5:19 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    OMG, ang galing galing ng MhyZel... grabe, hanggang ngayon kinikilig pa din ako sa mga scenes nila... hayyy, hnd pa rin ako nakakarecover sa kakiligin because of MhyZel... the best talaga...! kahit anong gawin nila, nakakakilig talaga sila...! hayyy, tinginan pa lang nila, nakakainlove na...

    MhyZel talaga ako forever...!


  • At 29/8/05 5:22 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    hayyy ang masasabi ko lng, bagay kay Mhyco ang maging daddy, tapos bagay din kay Hazel ang maging mommy, tapos, bagay sa kanilang dalawa ang maging parents... and last but not the least, bagay na bagay sa knilang dalawa ang maging mag-asawa... cguro ang ku-kyut ng mga magiging babies nila...
    pero of course, not yet now, soon, pag pareho na silang pwede... :D hayyy, sana talaga sila ang magkatuluyan... nakakakilig sila sobra...!

    MhyZel the BEST...!

  • At 29/8/05 6:14 PM, Blogger sky_blue239 said…

    w0w,,,tlagng sa una plng ay bgay na bgay cla alwyn at jill...ka2klig clang dlawa...9rabe as in b9ay na b9ay cla.... cla na nga blita ko...ma9-9f at ma9-bf na cla kya b9ay na b9ay cla...

    Da best tl9a ang JILWYN.............

  • At 29/8/05 10:00 PM, Blogger mhyzel_the best said…

    mhyzel the best talaga kayo..manalo...matalo ok lang..di naman lahat ng nananalo sumusikat...galingan nyo pa...we are always here to support u....MHYZEL the BEST

  • At 30/8/05 10:28 AM, Blogger cOoLet said…

    ei, guys.. gwabeh super kilig tlga k kna mhyzel... ang galing tlga nla.. my improvement n ky mhyco. nka2kilig tlga cla lalo n ung scene n pnaalagaan ni mhyco ung baby ky hazel, ung nlapit nya ung face nya ky hazel... hhmmm... super kiligsena un! go mhyzel! im sure kyo mna2lo.. we'll support u guys til d end! gudlak!


  • At 30/8/05 11:46 AM, Blogger gurlluvu said…

    ang galing talaga nang pawel ...ang cute nila.........kahit anong role ni paw bagay sa kanya....
    go pawel..go pawellllllll
    sana kayo ang manalo......

  • At 30/8/05 12:01 PM, Blogger hazel_eyes said…

    yeeeeheyyyyyyy! i got it now!its my first time to post my comments....well,maka pag comments na ako for my fav.loveteam no other than MHYZELFOREVER.i love them so much. goodluck guys! and god bless!....:):):)

  • At 30/8/05 12:05 PM, Blogger hazel_eyes said…

    kung magaling ung iba mas maraming nagagalingan sa fav.namin na mhyzel 100%sure na sure and the will make it ryt!go go go go go mhyzel forever ur d best one among them all!goodluck!

  • At 30/8/05 12:10 PM, Blogger hazel_eyes said…

    if nakakatawa ung sa iba,eh nakakakilig naman kina mhyzel,lalo na ung scene when mhyco kiss d bb,and gusto din nya sanang maka kiss kay hazel.omg,naman super talaga ang dalawang yan nakakakilig foreva!gudlak to mhyzel
    GO GO GO GO GO GO GOT TO WIN GUYS!WE LOVE U!FRm ur avid fan here n canada.

  • At 30/8/05 12:21 PM, Blogger hazel_eyes said…

    we love mhyzel forever!.gudluck sa lahat ng ginagawa nyo, aalagaan nyo isat-isa,were here to support u all d way.til d end...god blesss!

  • At 30/8/05 4:17 PM, Blogger eve-mhyzel said…

    MHYZEL.... waahhhh... graveh... kilig tlga ung part na nanakawan ni mhyco c hazel ng kiss....waaahhh... ang cute nila...sobra!!!! natural na natural....
    champion tlga kyo sa puso ko!!!
    more kiligscenes for mhyzel....more more... i want more... adik tlga ko sa kanila....
    QPIDS 6 to 2366....vote vote vote...

  • At 30/8/05 4:18 PM, Blogger eve-mhyzel said…

    basta nandito lng me for you mhyzel... kahit ano mngyari!
    mhyco and hazel you are the best!!!
    you rock my world!!!

  • At 30/8/05 6:02 PM, Blogger jen said…

    hayyy grabe, nawindang ang mundo ko sa episode n ito! nakakakilig talaga angn MHYZEL, especially ung iki-kiss sana ni MHYCO si HAZEL, sayang hnd ntuloy! sobra talaga ako sa kakiligan sa kanilang dalawa. and another one is nung nagt-thnk you si MHYCO kay HAZEL and ung sinauli ni HAZEL ung chupon nung kafatid ni MHYCO, grabe ung tinginan nila dun, nakakawala ng ulirat!

    next to the highest level na talaga ang MHYZEL!
    go MHYZEL go! i'm really rooting for MHYZEL since the start!

  • At 30/8/05 6:02 PM, Blogger jen said…

    MHYZEL kayo ang pnaka nakakakilig, and kayo ang pinkamagaling! totoong totoo kayo umarte, as in, natural na natural!

  • At 30/8/05 6:05 PM, Blogger kai said…

    umpisa pa lng alam ko na MHYZEL talaga ang kaabang abang, ibang klase talaga sila! ASTIG talaga! tama nga kayo, talagang nakakawala sila ng ulirat, lalong lalo na kapag nagtitigan na sila! ang galing nila, i really wish na sila ang manalo! MHYZEL FOREVER!

  • At 30/8/05 7:53 PM, Blogger aziren said…

    kakakilig ung kissing scene nila paw at mikel... ang galing talaga nila.. go PAWEL.......

  • At 31/8/05 12:57 AM, Blogger sweetiemhyzel said…

    ang ganda ng mhyzel super tlga sila walang katulad khit si mhyco baguhan plang pero hndi na sila mapantayan sa kakiligan.kau ang wagi para sa amin.mhyzel d best forever and for life tlga.gudluck guys we love u mhyzel til d end.

  • At 31/8/05 1:01 AM, Blogger sweetiemhyzel said…

    mhyzel.to let u knw guys,win or lose ur no.1 parin sa lahat.hindi nman lahat ng nag win ay sisikat.and i knw nasa inyo talaga ang kasikatan compare sa iba dyan.kaya tlga kau ang number 1.mhyzel u rock guys.gudlak to both of u and take care u isat-isa we love u so much and we support u lagi naman.god blesss!

  • At 31/8/05 1:09 AM, Blogger sweetiemhyzel said…

    MHYZEL, i'm so proud na magign fan nyo ako. coz MHYZEL talaga ako kahit anong mangyari. alam kong kaya nyo yan. ASTIG talaga kayo! MHYZEL FOREVER! mahal ko kau.4eva...

  • At 31/8/05 1:19 AM, Blogger sweetiemhyzel said…

    dis comng sunday im sure dami na nman kikiligin sa dlawa super handsdown ako sa kanilng dlawa guapo na guapa pa hayyyyy tlga.nkaikot lng isipan ko lgi sa dalwang ito.love ko u guys.tk cr.cz i cr.

  • At 31/8/05 1:20 AM, Blogger sweetiemhyzel said…



  • At 31/8/05 6:25 AM, Blogger angelica said…

    oh yeah well i like jarla so ha ! =) hehehe .. they've got that versatility going on. ^_^

  • At 31/8/05 9:09 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    graveh, hnd ko pa din makalimutan ang mga nangayri sa MHYZEL, last sunday. hnggng ngyon kinkilig p din ako. graveh talaga. ang gling nila, sagad hanggng buto ang kakiligan ko sa knila. hnd ko talaga makalimutan. hnd n talaga ako makapghintay sa mga susunod n mngyayari. ibng klase talag sila magpakilig. ASTIG!

  • At 31/8/05 9:12 AM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    MHYZEL, kahit wala kayong effort sa pagpapakilig, e kinikilig talaga ako sa inyo. tinginan nyo pa lang, nakakawala na ng katinuan. ibang klase talaga! MHYZEL, ASTIG! ang galing nyo talaga!

  • At 31/8/05 11:06 AM, Blogger michelle said…

    grabeeee ang galing talaga ng mhyzellll....nakakakilig ang bawat episode.

  • At 31/8/05 2:57 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    habang nakikita ko ang qpids loventure paganda ng paganda sya.. i must say there are alot of improvements sa story plot. As always I will say all my favorite parts of qpids sunday loventure.
    The First week of the series of loventure i find myself asking alot of question and more and more I am becoming more surprise on the acting ability of each person and the acting ability of the partners of qpids..i'm going to comment on all of them pero different comment box na lang kasi masyadong mahaba...sana naman po wag erase kasi po wala po tong insult...thank you...

    GO JILWYN!!!!!!
    GO JARLA!!!!!!!!

  • At 31/8/05 2:58 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    first comment kina Pawel...
    Comments for PAWEL....wow, talaga atang nag improve na ang acting ni mikel kuhang kuhang nya ang part nya na gusto nyang iportray.. na mayabang yet caring person. Although true he still have to work on his chemistry with Paw who is also really good in her acting she made me laugh on some scenes she had and felt sorri for her on others.. I like the Kissing scene part.. kasi suttle sya na of course the PAWEL fans will love kasi may kilig factor sya.. but of course the chemistry can not be perfected yet so keep it up..

  • At 31/8/05 2:58 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    second comment kina MHYZEL

    Comments for MHYZEL....from the beginning naman talaga there is no arguement na wala ang kilig nila.. there scenes together are improving, i like how they had a scene where mhyco gave his little sister to her to take care of to make it up to what she did tapos he was almost going to kiss her. Gusto ko yung part where Hazel was holding the tsupon and smiling at it while JIll was talking to her na nakikita mo na slowly she is starting to fall for mhyco. To tell you the truth their kilig factor never died, at times bumaba pero bumabalik naman sya. Chemistry nila is good yun nga lang improvements of course is always there so keep it up...

  • At 31/8/05 2:59 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    third comment kina JARLA....

    Comments for JARLA....lol...saan magsisimula, may pagka torpe si Janus that makes him look so cute. Meron naman pagka ganda ni Carla na pagtingin nya kay Janus ay matutuwa ka sa kanila..back to their acting ability...NO QUESTION ASK THAT JANUS CAN ACT....very well done through out everything.. Kilig yet slow pacing ang story nila nakakaliw...Entertaining si Janus nong naging si JANICE sya. kaloka...pero cute parin sya.. Si Carla naman nung pumunta sila sa coffee king when Alwyn was playing the guitar ang ganda ng titigan nila...kakilig.. I like the part where CARLA was trying to hook up Marc with Janus and Janus trying to tell Carla in his imagination that he's not gay.. pero laging wrong timing..Kilig most part was when Carla was reading to the kids and Janus was staring at her. Right now story nila is slow pacing but kilig pero of course sa acting nila seperately its good and together is better and of course like everyone needs improvements keep it up you can do it JARLA...

  • At 31/8/05 2:59 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    fourth comment kina JILWYN...

    Lastly comments for my JILWYN....gosh....where do i start with this two...GANDANG KUMANTA NI JILL.....GALING MAG GUITAR NI ALWYN...these two grew from the beginning to a new start of the loventure...yes slow pacing parin ang story nila but there is kilig sa kanila parin. Maganda yung tinitigan ni Jill si Marc and then si Alwyn naman nakatitig kay Jill na nagseselos. Tapos yung part na pumunta sila with carla and janus and marc, nag dradrawing sina Jill and Marc tapos si Alwyn nag drawing pero ndi kasing ganda ng drawing nilang dalawa parang na left out sya...tapos sad kasi he had a broken heart because ignore to death si Jill.. pero nakakilig parin ang mga eksena na ito kasi ang titig ni Alwyn kay Jill...ganda..but ofcourse can't always just judge the stares rite?... LASTLY KILIG PART OF THE WHOLE THING WAS THE COFFEE KING WHERE ALWYN PLAYED HIS GUITAR AND SANG "CRAZY FOR YOU"...habang kinakanta nya yung song na yun nag titigan silang dalwa na parang sila lang ang nasa room na yon..dito sa episode na to nakikita mo ang selos ni Alwyn, ang tunay na pag ibig ni Jill, ang pag start of something more to come for the two...ano kaya yun..of course naman kahit paborito ko tong dalwang to...no one is perfect...kahit na the best yung chemistry nila para sa akin may improvements pa silang dapat gawin...so keep it up you guys are doing great... Go JILWYN!!!!!!!

  • At 31/8/05 3:12 PM, Blogger nica_nica said…

    Lastly overall preformance as a whole qpids team...sa episode na to nakita natin na ang tunay na pag ibig is sometimes just right infront of you ...that sometimes you are so bothered by anger that you don't see it (refering to Paw), bothered by heartache and your past (refering to Hazel), judging the outer mask they wear (refering to Carla) or ignoring who they really are (refering to Jill)..lahat sila ay may bag ibig na nasa harap nila...nakita rin natin dito ang pag lambot ng puso ni Hazel kay Mhyco, ang pag amin tuluyan ni Mikel kay Paw, ang pagka mascara ni Janus kay Carla na hindi nya matangal kahit ilan beses nya masabi sa sarili nya.... at...ang pag tuklas ni Jill sa katotohanan ng true love nya...
    ano kaya ang mangayari next week i can't wait...kilig nanaman next week until next time ulit...

    GO JILWYN!!!!!!!!
    GO JARLA!!!!!!!!

  • At 1/9/05 5:00 PM, Blogger mhyzel_the best said…

    I LOVE MHYZEL talaga...kakakilig talaga kayo...win or loose ayos lang yan...sikat na naman kayo..at may Gulong Ng Palad na kayo...

  • At 1/9/05 6:32 PM, Blogger ic_yoh said…

    ibang klase talaga ang MHYZEL, they dont need to put a lot effort para pakiligin tayo, tinginan p lng kasi nila, nakakawindang na! ibang klase talaga! '

    MHYZEL forever!

  • At 2/9/05 6:57 PM, Blogger lorraine said…

    hay naku!!!!!!

    im not a fan of mhyzel but i love mhyco
    ayoko ng mhyzel..
    kasi akin lang po si mhyco!! hehehe

    mahal na mahal kita mhyco
    i love JILLWYN



















  • At 3/9/05 11:08 PM, Blogger anonymous said…

    hi!MHYZEL ang galing nyo talaga i love you MHYZEL sana mag no.1 kayo sa text votes


    We love you talaga ang galing nyo bilib ako sa inyo

    god bless 2 the both of u

    MHYZEL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 5/9/05 9:30 PM, Blogger trixiee said…

    this epi is so0o kilig.. everything went well for the loveteams.. specially mhyzeh!! hehe.. lahat sila were given equal times to show themselves and wlang lamangan.. i loved the part when mhyco was about to kiss hael.. haha.. it was super kilg.. lagi kong tinitingnan ung clip nila nun{the clip was from http://mhyzel.tk}.. i s0o0o cant get over it!! sarap nla panoorin.. and i can suure that they are getting better everytime.. i hope they win.. well mga ANGELS diyan.. 'vote nman dyan o'!!{is that line familiar??} so type QPIDS 6 and send to 2366!!! go mhyzel!! lov yah!!

  • At 5/9/05 9:32 PM, Blogger trixiee said…

    sorry po!! the clip pla was from the mhyzel blog.. very sorry!!

    nway vote mhyzel!! QPIDS 6 to 2366!!


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