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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Episode 5.4

These are the Episode Highlights of Week 5 Day 4.

Many thanks to Angelica for sending in additional details for this entry.

Warning: Please do not go beyond this point if you have not yet watched this episode. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.


The episode was broadcast from Studio 1 of the ABS-CBN Compound.

Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go opened the show with their rendition of Dito Sa Puso Ko (the Qpids Theme Song), as Luis called each loveteam on stage (by loveteam number).

Each loveteam walked to the front, waved to the audience, then moved to the back of the stage, where a platform had been prepared for them.

After the song number, Luis appeared on stage and said that Anne could not join them for this episode because of work.

Luis also explained the concept of the Immunity Bear. This bear will be given to the loveteam that was determined by a special 'Love Council' to be the strongest that week. The couple that receives the immunity bear will be safe from elimination the following week, no matter how low their text/phone votes will be. The first couple to receive the immunity bear was Hazel and Mhyco.

Luis then announced that it was time to divide the 9 pairs into two groups. The 4 pairs that received the most votes will get to sit in the Red Heart area, where they would be safe from elimination. The remaining 5 pairs will have to stay in the Blue Heart area, which is the danger zone.

The couples were called forward and their standing was announced in this sequence:
  • Paw and Mikel -- Safe [red heart]
  • Pauleen and Gian -- Danger [blue heart]
  • Isabel and Felix -- Danger [blue heart]
  • Hazel and Mhyco -- Safe [red heart]
  • Carla and Janus -- Danger [blue heart]
  • Vanessa and Carlo -- Safe [red heart]
  • Jill and Alwyn -- Danger [blue heart]
Then the last 2 loveteams stepped forward, and Luis revealed:
  • Andrea and Dominic -- Safe [red heart]
  • Karel and Gabb -- Danger [blue heart]
The episode ended before the loveteam with the least number of votes was announced. We'll all have to tune in to Part 2 of Heartbreak Night to find out whose lovestory will be coming to an end.


Photos from our Qpids Field Reporter, Margaux.


  • At 23/6/05 8:05 PM, Blogger j0y said…

    tinamaAn talga ako s show na toh!! grbe!!! sana manalo ang favorite love team ko na si HAZEL and MHYCO,, sknla lng ako kinilig ng gni2!! goodLuck sknla sna cla ung manalo,,

  • At 23/6/05 9:01 PM, Blogger jenine said…

    haay. dko npnuod toh! syang! haha. mron pa nmang bukas. sna. :D

  • At 23/6/05 9:30 PM, Blogger kaylie said…




  • At 23/6/05 10:18 PM, Blogger di kita kilala said…

    i am just very very bothered that JARLA was at the bottom five....wassup with that?!

  • At 24/6/05 8:25 AM, Blogger bellana said…

    yessss!!!mhyco and hazel are still in! i hope they will win!good thing that they won as the strongest pair this elimination night!

  • At 24/6/05 8:49 AM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    ayy sana ma di maalis si pauleen and gian!! i really like dem both der so kyute sana di maalis !!! =[

  • At 24/6/05 9:01 AM, Blogger XuaGraM said…

    yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! la lang.. had so much fun yesterday eh

  • At 24/6/05 11:03 AM, Blogger nicole said…

    hay.... buti safe cla paw & mikel... gling-gling tlga.... go go go...gudluck sna kau manalo... sna til the end lgi kau s red heart....

  • At 24/6/05 11:05 AM, Blogger asher said…

    wow nman!!! safe cla paw & mikel.... gudluck....

  • At 24/6/05 1:01 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...!!!! safe sila Mhyco and Hazel...! hayyy, grabe kinikilig talaga ko sa dalwang ito hanggang ngayon... iba talaga ng datin nila... sagad hanggang buto...! Saludo ako sa inyong dalawa...!

    MhyZel forever...!

    you guys are d best...!

    keep it up...!

    mahal namin kayo...!

  • At 24/6/05 1:57 PM, Blogger joisaa_ said…

    do u guyz have any videos for this >??? if u do paki lagay nmn d2 sa site i reallt want to see it kasi..

  • At 24/6/05 3:20 PM, Blogger prime_18 said…

    Mhyco love Hazel...!
    Hazel love Mhyco...!

    they're simply the BEST...!!!

  • At 24/6/05 6:02 PM, Blogger faith said…

    i love the chemistry of dominic and andrea!!

    they are so bgay tlga!! pramis!!!

    crush na crush ko tlga dom!!!

    love ya!!!

    go DOMREA!~!

  • At 24/6/05 6:41 PM, Blogger Che said…

    i'm soooo happy talaga na sila Mhyco and Hazel ay nasa red heart!!! at super happy when they received the 1st ever immunity bear!!! Mhyco and Hazel are forever my number one QPIDS love team because they're the real thing...because even with tampuan hindi sila nabuwag kaya "I wish na sila Mhyco and Hazel ang manalo sa QPIDS". Good luck Mhyco and Hazel!!!!

  • At 24/6/05 6:55 PM, Blogger Che said…

    i was a bit shocked na janus-carla love team is not one of the strong team..what happened??? i think that their love team is awesome..well hope hindi sila ma eliminate this week at least...but since i'm a MHYCO-HAZEL fan i'm soooo happy for them...keep it up!!! love you two!!! Napapa-woooow!!! ako sa love team niyo.

  • At 24/6/05 11:35 PM, Blogger anonymous said…

    hi to every one. napanuod ko ung elimination actually im a fans of mhyco and hazel. pero u know wat d naman ako kinabahan dun sa mga idol ko kc alam ko naman na cla ang magiging strongest u know wat unbelievable as in khit ako d makapaniwala. imagine lahat kaming high skul dto sa skul namin ay bumoto sa knila alam nyo bang cla ang pinag uusapan dto sa skul namin. grabe iba talaga cla. ang dami nilang fans super to the max. filing ko magiging super star talaga ang mga idol ko. ang ganda wer hapi talaga at nanalo cla at mataas pa boto. e panu ba naman nauubos ang baon namin maipambili lng ng load para bumoto sa kanila. pero meron ding mangilan ngilan na ang gusto cla gab and karel pero most tlaga ang mhycel untalaga dami nyong fans dito. at ang daming nainlove tuwa nga ung manliligaw ko cnagot ko dahil sobrang nakakainlove talaga cla. kaya pati mga guys dto sa skul namin nanunuod ng qpids ginagaya ung style at dialog ni mhyco grabe talaga.......

    hay anu man ang mangyari sana nx wik strongest parin ang mhycel.

    mhycel forever kami.

    godbless sa show. hmm dami naman nanunuod because of mhycel.

  • At 24/6/05 11:42 PM, Blogger anonymous said…

    okey na okey talaga ang mhycel.

    mhyzel forever.
    good luck to both of u.

    mhyco aabangan ng mga guys dito sa skul namin ung mga magaganda at kakaibang stilo ng pag ibig na lumalabas sa bibig mo. kc ibang klase ka talaga.
    san moba hinuhukay ung magagandang salita na lumalabas sa bibig mo grabe kakainlove.

    talagang lalag panty sau pag nag salita ka na. ibang iba ka talaga sa lahat. ur unique among the prince charming. ewan ko ba sau.
    nainlove na yata ako sau.



  • At 24/6/05 11:50 PM, Blogger gorgeous lady said…

    ang masasabi ko lng ok c mhyzel
    salamat at nag strongest ung mhyzel.

    galing ni mhyco magdala.
    swerte ni hazel c mhyco ang naging
    prince charming nya.

    cguro khit cno maging girl ni mhyco cla parin mapapansin . kc. galing mo bumoka bro. bilib ako sau.

    gusto ko lng ipa abot sau. cnagot nako ng nililigawan ko dahil ung mga dialog mo ang ginamit ko bro.
    salamat tikas mo sa chicks iba ka talaga bro.

    salamat bro.
    utang ko sau ito. love na love ko kc ung girl e...

    at bilang ganti. boboto ko ng 1thousand vote every day....

    ay parang d ko kaya un 500 vote nalang bro....

    salamat uli 1 million times....

    gogogogo.. asahan mo promise ko....

    salamat 1billion tyms talaga...

    mhyzel din ako.................

  • At 24/6/05 11:52 PM, Blogger -24twentyfour24- said…

    ganda tlg ng qpids

  • At 25/6/05 12:03 AM, Blogger SNPearls said…

    I am so happy that Carla & Janus are safe. I saw today's episode and was so sad for the couple that got out. They did a nice song and they had a last dance. So emotional.

    Congrads to all the couple that are still in and good luck. Especially to my fave couple Carla & Janus. :)

  • At 25/6/05 2:10 AM, Blogger prime_18 said…


    grabe saludong saludo ako kina Mhyco and Hazel..!

    ang galing galing nyo...!

    nakakabilib kayo...!

    nakakinlove pa...!

    d best talaga sila...! and d strongest pa...!

    grabe iba talagang level...!

    madami talagang naloloka sa kanila...!

    MhyZel forever...!

  • At 25/6/05 2:17 AM, Blogger nora said…

    Congrats Carlo and Vanessa.
    Unfortunately your fans from States have no means of texting to vote for your team.

    I hope there will be points from your versatility and not merely popularity.

  • At 25/6/05 9:05 AM, Blogger Mae said…

    i watched this episode & i knew that Carlo & Vane would be safe. but i was also sadden to see the rest of the loveteams who were in danger to go home. but i'm so glad i hope carlo & vane are staying til the end because i adore their loveteam. they are so cute together & i think they would make a cute couple. good luck to the both of them & i hope their fans vote for them in order for them to win the loventure in qpids.

  • At 25/6/05 10:06 AM, Blogger Martha said…

    yahoo...!!! safe cna mhyco and hazel!! ang saya! kakakilig talaga cla. GO MHYCO and HAZEL!

  • At 25/6/05 12:11 PM, Blogger mari said…

    yehey si mhyco at hazel ang top luvteam at meron din silang immuntiy bear. happy din ako kasi ang dalawa ko pang fav sila mikel at paw at si vane at carlo nasa top 4 din!!! yehey ang saya saya ko nagyon

  • At 25/6/05 12:13 PM, Blogger Biach_19 said…

    YYYEEEESSS...i was so happy that my favorite loveteam was the strongest team...MYZHEL is the best..they're worth it...thanx to the management and to the abs-cbn kapamilya...i'm a certified viewer of your station...pls let my favorite lovetean win..guys thanx for voting them too..let's pray for their win...MYZHEL FOREVER




  • At 26/6/05 7:13 PM, Blogger anonymous said…



  • At 27/6/05 2:54 PM, Blogger grasya said…

    You guys rock our world!!! Kakakilig talaga sina MHYZEL!!!!!PROMISE!!!!!!!

  • At 27/6/05 8:05 PM, Blogger jo said…

    go paw and mikel! gud luck!

  • At 28/6/05 4:27 PM, Blogger iris_80 said…

    i wish i can vote,but sadly i cannot.but i just want you to know guys that i only watch QPIDS because of MHYZEL.we love them here in bahrain.thanx for having TFC here in bahrain.hindi ako nagsasawa sa panunuod kila hazel and mhyco.grabe but there so much bagay.im always excited to watch it every weekdays.i hope MHYZEL will win.love you guys.goodluck.

  • At 2/7/05 12:19 PM, Blogger DeLLemaDz said…

    ang galing...napasok c andrea and dominic...grabe!!! sabi ko na nga ba kaya niyo yan eh... basta do all your best...andito lang kami para suportahan kayo!!! mwaahhzzz..

    go domrea!!!

    labyah both!!!


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