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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dominic Roco

Status on this show: Eliminated July 31, 2005 (Episode 11.0)

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From the ABS-CBN Website:

The taller and more reserved of the twins, DOMINIC ROCO has appeared in many ABS-CBN shows (with his brother, of course) and performs regularly in “MRS.”

A Harry Potter fanatic, Dominic loves to dance and play basketball. He likes girls who are athletic, smart and honest. For him, candlelight, lush roses and sweet music make up a perfect date.

Like his twin brother, Dominic aspires to reach what his father has reached, and even higher.


  • At 16/5/05 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ahh!!!!!! dom!!!!

  • At 23/5/05 11:47 PM, Anonymous cHanG said…

    d0miniC r0c0...

    hE's t0taLLy h0t!
    anG cUte nya! s0bra!

    minSan nGa naLiLit0 ako sa kaniLa ni feLix... per0 they're b0th cute!

  • At 24/5/05 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    love him and felix!!

    grabehhh! ang cute nla s pilot epi!! as in!! *kilig mode*

  • At 24/5/05 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey i really can't recognize kung cno mas cute sa inyo basta
    just keep up the good work
    Dom YOu roc-o

  • At 24/5/05 5:20 PM, Anonymous katie said…

    cute nyo pareho ni FELIX!!!!

  • At 24/5/05 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    first time i saw him in qpids and it hit me-- hes soooo hot! wish i'd find somebody like him..

  • At 24/5/05 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dominic Roco, i like this guy cause he's cute and handsome! [any will do. but for me it's BOTH!] well anyway.. i wish u a good career.. and you are h0o0o0ot!..

  • At 26/5/05 12:17 PM, Anonymous jasmine marie said…

    c dom is very cute, quiet, shy and yet fun...sana outgoing din kc i love the outdoors and we can share sumthing..hehehe
    yeah, ur ryt bloggers, he's totally hot and everything. but still not perfect...he leaves us wanting 4 more because he's totally quiet and all that.

    be romantic and gudluck on everything! : )

  • At 26/5/05 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i love dominic! mwah

  • At 26/5/05 6:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    dominic??WeLL obvious naman na cute sya noh!! pwede po bang makuha ang e mail add mo sa friendster?
    cute mo!!!!!goodluck na lang po

  • At 27/5/05 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i really can't recognize kung sino ang mas cute sa inyong dalawa.
    dom, basta galingan mo ha
    alam mo i really wish you to win kasi sobrang cute kayong twins.
    sana maging successful ka sa career mo. basta
    PAreho tayong harry potter fan!!!
    Just yan ang
    Always technique
    Pray para manalo
    I love you

  • At 27/5/05 5:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Killer SMile.
    Hiiiiiii hihihihh
    wla lang ang cute nyo kasi talaga sobra
    para kayong pinagbiyak na gwapo
    kamukha nyo ba si mr. bembol noong kabataan nya?
    basta be the best among the rest
    Ang gwapo nyo

  • At 27/5/05 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WEll ang mSaSAbi Ko LANG CUTE xA obvious namAN eh!! dom at felix gudluck sa Career nyo!!may GOdbless u alwayz!! pwede ba atung maging frendz??

  • At 27/5/05 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    uy hindi ko nalagay name ko by the way im jeasyle!! GOdbless ulit sa NYO!!

  • At 28/5/05 5:29 PM, Blogger _mArRa_ said…


    cUte niA s0bRa...

  • At 28/5/05 5:30 PM, Blogger _mArRa_ said…


    cUte nEa s0bra...

    un lnG..!

  • At 29/5/05 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    puro kayo cute! HOT naman para maiba!

  • At 29/5/05 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    puro kayo cute! HOT naman ok! para maiba tayo!

  • At 31/5/05 3:32 PM, Blogger kAsHiEcA said…

    Sana Dati ka pa naging artista,,
    ang pogi mo talaga,,
    parehas kayo ng kambal mo,,

    nung unang beses ko pinanood ung qpids, kilig na kilig ako,,
    lagi ko nga pinapanood ung qpids para makita kayong lahat,,

  • At 2/6/05 2:42 PM, Blogger Lamb said…

    dominic roco
    all i can say is ur my dream guy and fantasy boy : )

    kung pwede lang kta i MRS gnawa ko na dati pa kaya lang shy me eh

    sana one day ma meet kita and everything.. ap icture of us would be nice too...

    just good luck and stay happy!

  • At 3/6/05 1:47 AM, Blogger Sam said…

    Inic, Miss you :)

  • At 3/6/05 3:37 PM, Blogger ella said…

    ei.. open mo nman ung friendster account moh!

  • At 3/6/05 3:39 PM, Blogger ella said…

    ur so cute, di ako usually ngkakacrush sa celebrity..
    but wen i saw u, grabe i got attracted talaga!!

  • At 3/6/05 3:39 PM, Blogger ella said…

    i hope d lng kita sa tv makita...

  • At 7/6/05 12:40 PM, Blogger charies said…

    lam nyo both of them r cute kya ok lng sakin at ang cute tlga nlng dalawa sobra sa na nga mag check na sila ng friendster nila kse tgal ko na silng inimvite eh pero dipa nila me ini aadd sa friendster nila sguro busy sila.. anyway ok lng basta cute parin sila pra sakin..

  • At 8/6/05 1:28 PM, Blogger pinkygurljiselle said…

    ahhh! dominiccc! youre so cute and charming tlaga! crush na crush kita! luv yah!

  • At 8/6/05 1:30 PM, Blogger pinkygurljiselle said…

    dominc roco... youre so cute and charming luv yah!

  • At 8/6/05 8:58 PM, Blogger babyphat08 said…

    oH mY GOD! i rEallY lUv tHis gUy., i mean soObRa. hopE yOu gUyz cOuld viSit DAVAO! plEase dO viSit!! lUv kO anG TWINS!!!!!!! woohoo.

  • At 8/6/05 9:08 PM, Blogger gian said…

    dominic is so CUTE!! i much prefer him kesa kay Felix.. pero luv ko sla both!! nakakakilig sya.. ang sweet pa nya kse di nya iniwan si Hazel!! ah.. i love him so much!!!

  • At 10/6/05 1:11 PM, Blogger Lamb said…

    loves it too! kaya nga much prefer nga c dominic...!!
    he's such a cutie!!

  • At 10/6/05 1:27 PM, Blogger Shuttlehux said…

    Ligawan mo n kaya c Hazel, kawawa lng cya kay Mhyco lagi n nyang cnasaktan.

  • At 10/6/05 11:42 PM, Blogger AnGeL said…

    hi dom!!!!!alm mo??? d ko alam kung anong meron kaung mgkapatd,,,kc,,, crush na crush ko kaung 2..promise!!!!!!!hope 2 c u soon!!!!!goodluck sa career!!!!galingan mo pa ha!!!!!but...!!! don't 4get to pray&thank god 4 what he have done to u!!!!gog bless&take care olweyzzz!!!! -_-gOd BlEsS-_- -_-AnGeL-_-

  • At 11/6/05 4:44 PM, Blogger doLLY aNNE said…

    hi., dominic ang gwapo nd cute mo tlaga bgay kau ni andrea dont worry i will vote u nd andrea., hehe,, hehe., alam crush kita., ahaha., god blessnd i will pray 4 u n sana manalo kau ni andrea...

  • At 11/6/05 9:44 PM, Blogger ruby14 said…

    hello dominic cute mo talaga keep up the good work and good luck sa career mo dont wory i olweiz pray na manalo kau nang partner mo im here to support u!!!...........

  • At 12/6/05 11:55 AM, Blogger Lamb said…

    na pasok siya!!
    sana ma sign mo shirt ko sa mall tour!! : )


  • At 18/6/05 4:41 PM, Blogger DeLLemaDz said…

    ayan c dominic!!! grabe crush na crush ko ito...lagi ko siyang inaabangan sa qpids....hay ano ba yan!!! buti nga nakapasok siya sa 9 loveteams eh...bagay cla ni andrea....ang cute niyong dalawa tingnan...sana mag-click loveteam niyo....lagi akong mag-su2pport sa inyo!!! pramiz!!!

    lavyah dominic & andrea!!!! mwaahhhzzzz!!!!

  • At 18/6/05 4:55 PM, Blogger Raj said…

    go on show you can be on top of all of them. we believe to the both of you. Go pluck guts inside you , forget about too much attitude. maybe sooner or later you'll win it. *_*

  • At 24/6/05 6:05 PM, Blogger faith said…

    i love you dominic roco!!
    tinamaan tlga aq sayo!!

    love tlga!!


  • At 27/6/05 3:49 PM, Blogger susan said…


    D O M I N I C

  • At 27/6/05 3:51 PM, Blogger susan said…


    mo talaga!!!!

  • At 28/6/05 1:13 PM, Blogger jenny said…

    ay si niCk!.....sana tandaan nyo p ako ni feliX nkasama k n kau last yr sa eastwood b un e basta un infairneS bait to

  • At 30/8/05 2:08 PM, Blogger runawayangel said…

    Hey everyone! Candymag.com is bringing you a Webchat with the Roco twins on Sept 2, 4pm. Just log-on to www.candymag.com on the day itself!

    Want to go on a date with Dom Roco? Text CANDY REG (name, address) & send to 2929.

  • At 21/9/05 9:14 PM, Blogger Lamb said…

    ei doms! love yah beary much!

    for me ur always IN and a winner!

    Take Care and Study Hard!

    Goodluck on everything!

  • At 1/10/05 5:15 PM, Blogger star said…

    dOmiNiC rOcO!!!!....

    he's hot, cute and he's the best!!!...
    hoe i wish u were my bf..hehehe...

    hot and cute naman din c felix!!!..

    you're both cute!!!..hehehe..


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