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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Qpids Insider Trivia

Originally posted in the Qpids Thread at PinoyExchange.

What is a LOVEnture?
A LOVEnture is a challenge. It encompasses everything from the gross (ala Fear Factor), to the intellectual (like the puzzle mazes in Survivor), to the romantic (like the dates in The Bachelor or Joe Millionaire), to anything else you can think of!

The key thing about the LOVEntures concept is that it has to have a twist of some sort....

For example, in the first episode... The Tug of Love... yes, it's a bit childish when you think about it... but just see the contrast... we have a group of kids in a very formal soiree and then all of a sudden Anne asks everyone to take of their clothes...!

Also, with the slingshot... we wanted the Charmings to think that they'd be able to dance with the Princesses. BUT, the twist is, there's got to be an order or sequence when the Princes make their choice, so we brought in the SAWI to take care of the order. And as you know, their favorite was Janus... and the rest is history.

Other Trivia
In the pilot episode, when the charmings were asked to run towards the princess of their choice, here were the results (listed alphabetically):

ANDREA --- Janus and Marc B.
CARLA --- Felix and Mikel
HAZEL --- Mhyco and Jawe
ISABEL --- Timmy Boy and Aaron
JILL --- Carlo and Alwyn
KAREL --- Cholo and Marc A.
PAULEEN --- Gabb and Gian
PAW --- Michael and Dominic
VANE --- Marc C. and TJ

Filming for the soiree scene started at around 8pm. We ended at around 5am, which is why it was already daylight when some of the girls were being interviewed.


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