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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Love Princess: Isabel

Isabel Blaesi

Status on this show: Eliminated June 24, 2005 (Episode 5.5)

See also: Loveteam: Isabel and Felix

Fansite: --
Yahoogroup: http://www.isabel-blaesi.tk

From the ABS-CBN Website:

Love princess ISABEL BLAESI is a proud product of ABS-CBN’s Basic Acting and Dance Workshops. She has guested in “ASAP Fanatic,” and “Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis.”

This half-Swiss, half-Filipino charmer confesses that she’s a crybaby, is sensitive and obsessive-compulsive. She is afraid of ghosts, cockroaches and big dogs.

On her dream date, she would dance even without music and share a glass and a plate with her dream boy. Aside from having a fine love team partner, Isabel wishes to have her own “tiangge” of clothes.

Birthdate: April 1, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Motto: Love others the way you love yourself

Color: White, Blue
Fruit: Melon
Videogame: Crash Bandicoot
School Subject: Science
Singer/Band: Norah Jones
Song: The Way You Look Tonight
Book: Angels & Demons, Da Vinci Code
TV Show: Smallville
Movie: Constantine, 13 Going on 30, The Notebook
Actor: Keannu Reeves
Actress: Herself!

Hobbies/Sports: Reading, Watching DVDs, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball

3 Most Romantic Things a Guy Can Do for You: Isabel says…
1) Text me everytime to say “I love you”
2) Take care of me when I’m sick
3) Love me the way I am…


  • At 3/5/05 11:59 AM, Blogger aldrine said…

    hi! isabel.......wag ka lilipat sa gma7 di ka bagay don jan ka lng sa abs kc maganda ka! i love u.tke care always ha! u rockzzz!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 3/5/05 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HALLEUR Isabel, i'm ur ka schoolmate nga pala... gulat ako, layo na ng narating mo... from being a SCQ questor and now you are becoming a star... Goodluck sa career mo... i know u can do it to the top just pray and kapag your a big star na i hope hindi ka magbabago... hindi tayo close sa school pero lagi kitang nakikita and even if hindi tayo close i am happy for you as your schoolmate...

    goodluck and godbless

  • At 15/5/05 5:50 PM, Blogger Jijo said…

    Hi Isabel

    Do u know "friendship is the good thing in the World"

    U r my Special Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am ur cupid friend "hifriend".My actual name is "Jijo".

    Why did u go from the chat room without ask me...ok..ok..I can understand u.I am sure that u should become my best friend.Then wat about ur fashion and study??

    Please note my mail Id jijoemmanuel@yahoo.co.in or mr.jijo@gmail.com

    Please mail to me...ok.

  • At 15/5/05 11:18 PM, Blogger Jijo said…

    Hi Isabel....

    I am HiFriend from cupid

    How r u?? I like u as my friend.If u like to continue our friendship pleasemail to me,otherwise I don't sent mail to u

    my mail id is jijoemmanuel@yahoo.co.in

    Ur Friend

  • At 19/5/05 5:15 PM, Anonymous isabel said…

    touched naman ako =) thank you po sa inyo... malapit na po ang qpids,nood kayo ha?promise? =) God bless you all. Mwahmwahmwah! =)

  • At 26/5/05 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HI...isabel.....ang cute mo
    gud luck 2 u..


  • At 27/5/05 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Isabel!!! Ang Priti mo! Sana kayo na lang ni TJ Ramos o kaya ni John wayne Sace. Mas babagay ka kht sino sa knla kaysa kay FELIX ROCO, isip bata yun' hehehe... basta always try to be better, Be yourself & wag mag-inarte. STAY the way you are. SiSikat ka!!! Good Luck sayo! GOD BLESS!!!

  • At 27/5/05 6:11 PM, Anonymous April said…

    hello isabel....photogenic ka and ganda2 mo sa pic....goodluck sau>>

    hi mo naman ako....

  • At 28/5/05 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    crush tlga kita
    sana ikaw nag manalo
    ako pa la c eman napanood kita sa ever show niyo!!!!
    sana manalo ko
    bagay kayo ni gab para skin luv u!!!!

  • At 28/5/05 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sna mging magkaroon k ng soap. pede k dun kayo ni gab drillon, luv u isagab love team. iboto cla iasagab loveteam.
    sana manalo ka. ako pa c williard

  • At 29/5/05 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    isabel,tama ang choice mo!!!
    bagay talagah kayo ni felix rocco
    may kilig sainyo!trust me!hope kaung dalawa talagah sa huli!

  • At 31/5/05 1:20 PM, Blogger francis said…

    hi isabel,
    ang cute mo talaga lalo na pag naka-smaile ka. ang ganda mo sa pic nyo ni gabb, bagay kayo... ako nga pala c francis. hayaan mo pag time na para mag-vote kami for the ultimate love team, uubisin ko load ko kaka-vote sayo. cge take care, love u!!!

  • At 3/6/05 12:14 PM, Blogger francis said…

    hi isabel... cute mo talaga sana ikaw manalo luv u po...

  • At 4/6/05 6:14 PM, Blogger drExLer03 said…

    hai isabel!! ang cute mu tLga... ka2tuwa face mu! hyaan mu i will vote 4 u!! maub0s man lht ng l0ad ng ibang ta0,, aq ndi mauubusan pra mab0t0 ka!! u ruLE!


  • At 5/6/05 1:49 PM, Blogger srek said…

    why do you all say po? shes not your lola shes a kid.

    and shes prettier in real life. and before she was an artista.

  • At 6/6/05 8:15 PM, Blogger krizia said…


    sobrang cute mo...idol din kta sna d ka magbabago stay pretty n laging nakasmile n sa prince charming nman k lng c felix pro khit knino pwde ka ipareho.TKE CARE n gudluck sa career mo

  • At 6/6/05 8:19 PM, Blogger krizia said…


    gus2 ko lng sbihin na ang ganda ganda mo lalo na pagnakangiti ka sna d ka magbgo lam mo nkita na kta sa abs b4 dpat nga lalapit ako pra magpapicture kso nahihiya ako sayo next time na lng k bsta stay pretty n laging nka SMILE=)tke care idol...

  • At 7/6/05 8:56 AM, Blogger JapoyLuvzMe said…

    guyz take tym 2 visit this fansite 4 isabel i found it yesterday.. www.isabel-blaesi.tk

  • At 7/6/05 7:06 PM, Blogger anonymous II said…

    good luck...
    my mom's really fond of watching you and your show Qpids (that she, at one point, even forgot to turn off the stove)...
    anyway, she also wishes you good luck. We really enjoy watching you and felix together. I think you'd be a superb match. keep up the good work.

    godspeed and good day.

  • At 20/6/05 10:16 AM, Blogger AmanomA said…

    I believe the fantasy
    Of what might be you and me, yeah
    Somehow i've known this moment
    Written across the stars in the sky
    Something like a miracle
    Whether it be real or make believe
    I cherish the emotion i never could feel
    How a love so divine has taken me over my mind

    Not a moment in time precious as this moment with you
    The love we have is more than a miracle
    Everyday of my life is carefully entwined with you
    You're more than a miracle

    You're takin' my heart away (to a wonderland)
    You hold me in your arms (ever so tenderly)
    I'll whisper words so true
    It's a thrill i can't deny
    How you touch me deep inside
    I feel your love every little way, every single day
    You're all i desire, that's why

    Not a moment in time (oh no) precious as this moment with you
    The love we have is more than a miracle (oh)
    Everyday of my life is carefully entwined with you
    You're more than a miracle

    And as the days go by, i'll show just how much i love you so
    You'll be here always in my heart
    Around your way is where i'll be
    Share my love so constantly
    Each time i smile is all because of you
    And you know it's true

    Not a moment in time precious as this moment with you
    The love we have is more than a miracle (oh)
    Everyday of my life (everyday) is carefully entwined with you
    You're more than a miracle

    Not a moment in time precious as this moment with you
    The love we have is more than a miracle
    Everyday of my life is carefully entwined with you
    You're more than a miracle

  • At 26/6/05 5:52 PM, Blogger gurL_nextdoor said…

    hi isabel! i know na na-eliminate na kayo ni felix nung friday i;m sorry for that! napaiyak nga rin ako kasi sa nangyari..pero kahit na na-out na kayo, andito pa kami mga fans mo na susup0rta para sau!! okay!

  • At 4/7/05 2:53 PM, Blogger jhenny said…

    hi isabel itzz me jhen ur addict fan of FEBELLE love team ang cute cute cute nyo tlaga ni papa felix pag pinapanood ko kyo kilig na kilig ako sa inyo khit na eliminate na kyo su2prthan kohh parin kyo as aloveteam..........love u!! add nyo nman me sa frndster jenny_paul_20@yahoo.com

  • At 30/11/05 4:42 PM, Blogger †princess† said…

    Hi Isabel... i've been following since then... but no luck... anyway, nice looks! well, you are beautiful, but i felt sorry when you were out and you were 1st to be out! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......................
    darn it... i wish i could se you sis, though my life here is a little bit rough than i thought... well, good luck to your career, don't let any guy get you! (if it's felix, fine...) sure, you are beautiful, but your toooooooo young to have a relationship ya know... but it's a persons choice, well, if you wanted to. but i'm not demanding that you should have one! but still, focus on your studies and your career. like what filipino say... ummm... what setence was that again?... oy yeah! "wag mong pansinin ang mga naninira sayo". well, that's all i know. good luck sis! i love you!

  • At 20/3/06 1:45 AM, Blogger Mcccoy said…

    hi! Isabel ...you're so gorgeous .. i like you so much . .

  • At 20/3/06 1:48 AM, Blogger Mcccoy said…

    do you have upcoming movie ?? When ??

  • At 20/3/06 1:53 AM, Blogger Mcccoy said…

    >ganda mo tlaga< , i hope ma-meet kta.. Do you have shows coming up ??? i hope meron pra mkita kta in-person-...SUPERGanda mo tlaga>>

  • At 20/3/06 1:57 AM, Blogger Mcccoy said…

    e2 no. ko 0928-303-4205 , sna maging txm8 tyo , i think imposible kc your busy in your career and school can you send some pictures of yours???..Goodluck and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS !!!!


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