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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Qpids Sunday Loventures 3

In today's episode of Qpids Sunday Loventures, we saw:
  • behind-the-scenes footage of the Second Heartbreak Night
  • the actual ranking of the 8 loveteams this week
  • scenes from their Flores de Mayo procession (the Unseen LOVEnture)
  • a sneak preview into the coming week's episodes, where the loveteams will be going to China (Hong Kong and Chinatown in Binondo! LOL), and
  • the much-awaited explanation of the penalty applied on the PawEl loveteam.

The actual ranking of the 8 loveteams based 50% on text/PLDT votes and 50% on the Love Council's decision are:
  1. Hazel & Mhyco
  2. Carla & Janus
  3. Vanessa & Carlo
  4. Jill & Alwyn
  5. Andrea & Dominic
  6. Pauleen & Gian
The two weakest loveteams as of today are Paw&Mikel and Karel&Gabb. The 2nd loveteam to leave the show will be announced only in tomorrow's episode.

CF's Note: Paw & Mikel were originally ranked #2, but because of the penalty applied on the PawEl loveteam, all other team standings moved up.


The penalty that was applied on PawEl loveteam was also explained through a video of a cast meeting held on June 27, 2005.

The romantic comedy loventure episodes that were aired on Week 6 had apparently been filmed at someone's home, and the owners of the home had been out of the house while shooting was going on.

Based on Dominic's account, it was around 1pm when Mikel opened one of the refrigerators in the house, and helped himself to a bag of chocolates that were inside. He opened the bag and started distributing pieces to other members of the cast.

CF's Note: What follows is an incomplete transcript of the cast meeting. Sorry, I couldn't quite catch all of it.

Direk Lauren: So alam niyo na hindi sa atin yun? So anong tawag dun?

Dominic: Stealing.

Direk Lauren (to Dominic): At alam mo bang masmalala pa dun? Naalala mo nung gabi? Pinakain mo sakin yung chocolate na yun? Diba pinakain mo sakin?

Mikel: Basta Direk, ako ang nag-initiate. I feel responsible.

Direk Lauren: You should be. Anong iniisip ninyo, hindi ito makakarating sakin? Na may bag ng chocolate na lalabas dun na hindi mapapansin ng may-ari? ABS lang ang nandun at walang ibang pagbibintangan kundi ABS-CBN. You could have asked production kung gutom ka, pakakainin ka namin...

Mikel: Parang na-lost lang sa moment...

Direk Lauren: Lost in the moment? From 1pm until the evening?

Mikel: It was outright stupid...

Direk: Kung gusto ninyong maging artista, you have to know you have a responsibility. Bini-build up namin kayo as the next role models. And being hungry is not an excuse.

Mikel: Direk, I will take all the consequences for it... because I started it. If I hadn't started it, it wouldn't have happened. It's my responsibility. I'm ready to apologize and face the consequences.

Direk: Sana naisip ninyo na mga artista kayo. Hindi kayo ordinaryong kabataan. Ang laki ng responsibilidad. If you don't want that responsibility, then umalis kayo. Huwag kayong mag-artista.


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