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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Qpids Cast on Showbiz #1

Note to fans and fansites: Please make your own copies of these images if you intend to post them on your site or on message boards. A link back to this blog will also be appreciated. Thanks!

Various Qpids cast members have been appearing on this week's episodes of Showbiz #1.

So far, the following people have appeared this week (accompanying screenshots appear in the same sequence, left-right, top-down):
  • May 16: Carla and Janus
  • May 17: Isabel and Gabb
  • May 18: Andrea, Mhyco, Jill, and Gian
  • May 19: Pauleen, Dominic, Felix, and Vanessa
  • May 20: Alwyn, Paw, Hazel, Karel, and Carlo


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