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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Create your own loveteam in 'Qpids'

Originally published on Manila Bulletin Online

CF's note: The show's new start date is May 9.

Create your own love team in `Qpids'
By Walden Sadiri

Here's a new show that movie and TV fans will surely love and take part in: "Qpids."

Airing on May 2, "Qpids" is a journey of nine young talented female showbiz personalities as they pick their perfect love team from 18 young men of ABS-CBN's Star Magic. Then after various challenges, the nine pairs will be trimmed to five until the most favorite love team emerges on its final night.

What's beautiful and exciting about the said show is that viewers will get a chance to interact and choose the best partner for each of the nine girls through SMS unlike in the past, when love teams were already formed and sort of pushed down their throats for their support.

The nine princesses are Pauleen Luna, Karel Marquez, Hazel Ann Mendoza, Jill Yulo, Paw Diaz, Vanessa Gomez, Carla Humphries Loren, Isabel Blaesi and Andrea Torres. And the roster of boys from which they'll choose their partner includes Carlo Aquino, John Wayne Sace, Mhyco Aquino, Mikel Campos, Alwyn Uytingco, Janus del Prado, TJ
Ramos, Aaron Concepcion, Marc Acueza, Marc Butler, Dominic Roco, Felix Roco, Michael Agassi, Cholo Barretto, Gian Carlos Castro, Timmy Boy Sta. Maria, Marc Cortez and Gabb Drilon.

Created by filmmaker Laurenti Dyogi, the show is intended to give exposure to the stable of stars of Star Magic.

"`Star Circle Quest' opened my eyes. I think the affinity of the artists with the viewers is dependent on the artists' background, how they answer questions, and how they are in real life. This is why `Qpids' has a reality component, to develop the much-needed bond between new talents and their future fans."

He believes that Star Magic has the best young talents in the country and envisioned "Qpids" as the venue to showcase the members' individual skills.

In choosing the final cast, Mr. Dyogi said that he had to audition most of Star Magic's talents. The final cast also had to seek the approval of Ms. Charo Santos-Concio and Mr. Johnny Manahan.

"We know for a fact that the fastest way para sumikat ang teen stars sa industriya natin is through love teams. This has been proven by the likes of John Lloyd-Bea, John-Heart, Judy Ann-Rico," he explained.

Being a reality TV contest, one of the concerns raised is the possibility that the contestants might really fall for one another and be real-life sweethearts.

"We really can't do anything about that. They are at the age which makes them aware of romance. I'm also a parent and I know the ingredients that makes a wholesome romance. We have to remember too that these are actors and actresses. I know their limits and this is their job."

He also points out that the show is not out to promote early courtship at all. It is an inevitable thing during the contest, but he assures everybody that he will steer them well during the said contest.

"I constantly tell them that we are building careers and we are giving them the right exposures. We assure you that when we present the nine princesses, they would be well-equipped, preconditioned and properly psyched to face these kind of challenges."

There is a catch though: In the whirlwind world of showbiz, the love teams in "Qpids" may get the best exposure but they still have to work hard for their careers. "Having a love team is still not an assurance of their showbiz success," he warns.

Director Laurenti Dyogi has been involved in a lot of youth-oriented shows for ABS-CBN such as "Gimik" and "Gmik" which also produced popular love teams. For him, discovering and developing young talents is his calling. He said he is more fulfilled when he sees his artists bloom and and grow. His latest successful love team experiment was John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo which is until now one of the hottest love teams on TV and in the movies!

Finally, Mr. Dyogi shares three criteria for a love team to succeed: First is physical chemistry (looking good together is a basic requirement), second is their talents should creatively match or complement each other, and the third is personal rapport as a pair.

"Qpids" will be hosted by Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano. But Toni Gonzaga, who just left "M.R.S." is scheduled to replace Anne after a few episodes. The latter is set to become very busy soon with "Kampanerang Kuba", her latest soap opera.



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